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HTC 10 Review

htc 10 review

With the HTC 10, I get the feeling that HTC is looking for a fresh start. They are coming off of years in a row of bad smartphones, but seem to have a renewed vision or outlook now that they are a VR company. That’s only part-joke there, by the way, because I really do get the feeling that this has become a VR company who also makes phones. Just look at the lack of a big splashy press event, commercials, or other promotion for the phone outside of handing it off to a bunch of tech blogs and tweeting about their findings. And that’s not a bad thing, because HTC probably needed their focus adjusted into something other than the tough-to-compete-in smartphone market, in order to get back to making good phones again. The HTC 10, without spoiling too much, is without a doubt a really good phone.

We’ll dive into all of the details below, but HTC, with the 10, has done almost all of the things we look for in a smartphone, right. They trimmed up the software experience, will probably deliver updates to it faster than anyone else, built a phone that looks and feels equally as good, included almost all of the top tier specs, and even managed to deliver a very solid camera experience.

Let’s get into it. This is our HTC 10 review. 

htc 10 review

The Good


The design of the HTC 10 isn’t new at all, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t very good. If you have followed the tale of HTC since the beginning of their switch to metal phones, then you should be able to see a lot of the One M7 in this phone. In fact, from the back, they look almost identical outside of the giant chamfer running around the 10’s outer edge.

Fans of all-metal phones will more than likely love what HTC has done here. In hand, you feel like you spent money on something substantial, something potentially worth hundreds of dollars, almost like you made an investment. It’s solid. There aren’t squishy or moving parts. There aren’t sharp edges. There aren’t sticky, cheap-feeling textures or primer applied to the back. What you have is a blasted, soft-touch metal with a finely machined chamfer, that not only looks premium, but aids in grip and is a constant reminder to you of the quality and time that HTC has introduced here. The glass on the front blends into the unibody metal. You get that modern, yet industrial feel, especially with the shine off of that chamfer that glistens with every slight angle. By all accounts, this is a very pretty phone.

htc 10 review

HTC even improved the button experience on the side of the phone for adjusting volume and locking or waking. Unlike last year’s One M9, you can actually tell which button you are pressing each time. While I wish the power button was above the volume, the texture added by HTC to it at least lets you quickly find the proper button when needed.

I’m not a huge fan of the button arrangement on the bottom chin, where HTC used a capacitive fingerprint reader that doubles as a home button, sandwiched between capacitive back and app switcher buttons. HTC did get the order of the buttons correct, but they are all so close to the bottom of the device that I often found I was tapping multiple times above the back button before adjusting my grip to get it to work. With that giant black area at the bottom of the phone, I would have liked to have seen HTC center all of the buttons vertically to make the ergonomics work better. This is a minor complaint, though, and probably something I could get used to over time.

Overall, the design of the HTC 10 is quite good, even if it doesn’t feel new. This is an evolutionary change from the original One M device, one that we wish would have come two years ago. Still, you can’t deny the craftsmanship here, which shows that HTC still can design a phone with the best of them. I would even go as far as to say that when it comes to an all-metal phone, HTC does ’em best.


I’m starting to feel like HTC is our new Motorola from a few years back – Google’s Motorola. Remember when Motorola ditched their Android skin and started giving us a “pure” Android experience with subtle enhancements on top, while updating devices faster than anyone else? That’s what HTC is doing these days. Man, is it refreshing and soooooo welcomed. After spending the past couple of months with the Galaxy S7 and G5, two phones that are filled to the brim with skins, bloatware, and other nonsensical garbage, this phone almost feels like it’s a bit boring or bare bones, only in a really, really good way.

HTC is still giving us their Sense skin on top of Android, but you can’t really tell for the most part unless you look at the lock screen, app drawer, and home screen settings. Sense is there, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not everywhere. The notification and quick tiles pull-down just looks like stock Android. The settings area, also pretty much just looks like stock Android, if not in a different order.

htc 10 sense htc 10 sense-2 htc 10 sense-3 htc 10 sense-4 htc 10 sense-5

Then you have HTC’s apps for making calls or sending text messages nestled into an app drawer that doesn’t have many other HTC apps. With this phone, HTC decided to lean things up by not including their own calendar and mail apps, because they know you can (and will) just use Google’s, which need to be pre-loaded on the phone anyway, thanks to Google’s Android agreement. So when you set up your phone, you don’t have to choose a calendar app or mail app – you just get to use the calendar and mail apps that are there.

HTC also built in a theme store and engine, so you can really customize the look like you can on most phones these days. HTC’s theme app is a bit better than others, though, because they let you choose a wallpaper to base your theme on, which then brings up icons or colors or system colors that match up nicely, giving you the ultimate custom skin. There are pre-loaded icon packs and wallpapers and themes as well, but creating something unique depending on a wallpaper is a nice touch.

htc 10 sense-6 htc 10 sense-7 htc 10 sense-8 htc 10 sense-9 htc 10 sense-10

Then you have the add-ons I mentioned above that make Sense still a worthwhile skin to not hate. I’m talking about the motion launch gestures from the lock screen, that let you get into the phone or camera, or just wake the phone, without having to touch a button. Even Blinkfeed could be a decent, dead-simple news reader or social media aggregator for some. And of course, we appreciate the power saver settings, some of the camera tricks like Zoe, ability to tweak display color profiles, and take advantage of Marshmallow’s adoptable storage, a setting that both LG and Samsung decided against.

If you have been on the hunt for a manufacturer who can take the place of Motorola and the “pure” Android experience, now that Lenovo has helped turn them into the manufacturer most likely to be avoided, HTC is a solid choice. Sense is lighter than ever, plus the slimdown of apps and unnecessary software add-ons has HTC in position to really win back the Android enthusiast crowd.

htc 10 review

HTC’s Update Track Record

With all of that software praise in mind, don’t rest yet, because we have even more coming. You know how important Android updates are, right? From the latest monthly security patches to the big releases, like Android Marshmallow and soon-to-be-released Android N, they all have their own levels of importance. Yet here we are a good 7 or 8 years into this whole Android thing and manufacturers are still terrible at updating phones in a timely manner. Well, outside of HTC. HTC has (if you can believe it) become somewhat of a bright spot in this never-ending saga to get updates to you in a hurry.

HTC was one of the quickest to get Marshmallow out to its newest devices, including those tied to carriers. With their last release, the One A9, they guaranteed updates within 15 days of Google releasing them to Nexus phones and have mostly kept up. They may not have made such a promise with the HTC 10, but the chances of them updating it quicker than most manufacturers is pretty high. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if the 10 is the first non-Nexus to get Android N when it goes stable later this year.

How is it that HTC can do all of this? For a couple of reasons. They have fewer phones than someone like Samsung, so they have less work to do to get updates out. They also seem to work closely with Google and more than likely have built Sense to be easily updatable at this point. And finally, if you buy “unlocked” phones from them, there isn’t carrier interference to deal with, so HTC can essentially update their devices whenever they want. Sure, they still sell carrier-tied phones and those won’t get updates as quickly, but HTC has also shown that it has improved on that process in recent years as well.

Want quick Android updates? Buy a Nexus or….I can’t believe I’m saying this…an HTC flagship.

htc 10 review


Thanks to the leaner Sense skin I just waxed poetic about, and its Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM, the HTC 10 is a smooth performer. Not that we weren’t expecting a 2016 flagship phone to be smooth and fast, but HTC has clearly done some work here to get the 10 as buttery as can be.

HTC is claiming to have improved the touch latency over the One M9 by 50% and app launch time by double. Those are two pretty important areas, since you want your smartphone to track your finger as quickly and accurately as possible, but you also want your apps to load in a hurry. I can’t say that I have necessarily noticed a difference in these areas over the Galaxy S7 or G5. However, the fact that HTC is still focusing on responsiveness and app loading shows you that they care about the little things in a smartphone experience that you may not notice until you go elsewhere.

Speakers and Audio

The HTC 10 has been “engineered for audiophiles,” according to their marketing materials. I, unfortunately for those who came here looking for a complete audio review of the 10, am not an audiophile. Here’s what I know. The HTC 10 is “certified” by Japan Audio Society for Hi-Res audio, includes a 24-bit DAC, and a high performance headset amplifier. I also know that with a pair of quality headphones plugged in, the sound produced here is pretty awesome. I’m not about to talk highs and lows and mids and soundstages and whatever else you audiophiles talk about, but I appreciate the ability to setup custom sound profiles and the really clean audio that pulsates my ears with a good pair of over-ears on. Listening to music on the 10 with headphones on is addicting – you’ll want more. Yeah, the headphone experience here is quite impressive, even to me, a guy who has yet to nerd-out on audio. Even I can give HTC a thumbs up here.

As for the external speaker situation, I feel torn. I loved the dual front-facing stereo speaker systems that HTC used in the past and do not love the separated tweeter and woofer system they have here on the 10. That’s not me saying I don’t love having two speakers in a phone, it’s just that I don’t get the immersive experience when playing games or watching video like I do with a stereo setup. HTC’s speakers here are still better than what other 2016 flagships have put out, but that’s not saying much, since most gave us single bottom-firing tinny tin tins.

htc 10 review

SD Card Slot

Yep, there is a microSD card slot in the HTC 10, like there was in the HTC One M9 and there is in the Galaxy S7, LG G5, and Moto X Pure Edition. At this point, only Google is avoiding expandable storage. With the HTC 10, you get 32GB of internal space to use, so tossing in a microSD card is something you will want to do from day one. The phone technically supports up to 2TB cards, which don’t exist. Just go out a buy a 128GB card or 200GB card and call it a day. Make the investment today and take the card with you from phone to phone, since it’ll be tough to fill up that much storage. You can find 128GB cards for as little as $30 these days.

As an added bonus, HTC is allowing users to take advantage of Android Marshmallow’s adoptable storage feature. That means you can turn your SD card into an encrypted system-style bundle of storage to give you one one big block of storage to use, instead of the separated internal and external partitions you are used to. This has both benefits and drawbacks, so we aren’t going to recommend you do it unless you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Still, HTC is allowing this to happen, while Samsung and LG killed it, probably because they think they need to save you from yourself.

Uh Oh Protection

HTC’s Uh Oh Protection is one of those benefits you probably won’t appreciate until you need to use it, which is why it’s such a big deal. Protections, which are more than just warranties, are the types of features that you often don’t know you need until it’s too late. Thankfully, HTC includes Uh Oh Protection and all of its benefits for free when you purchase a phone through HTC.com. That’s right, from what we can tell, you only get Uh Oh Protection when you buy the HTC 10 through HTC’s site. It is what it is, I guess.

What is Uh Oh Protection? Within the first 12 months of owning the HTC 10, you can replace the phone for a broken screen or because of water damage for free, one time. HTC will send you a phone the next day if you are willing to place a $599 hold on your credit card, or you can send the damaged phone back without the hold and get your replacement within two days. They used to let you switch between carriers one time, as well, without cost, but that piece of Uh Oh Protection seems to have been killed off, unfortunately.

But look, the screen replacement and water damage protections are a big deal. I know that not everyone drops their phones and cracks screens or dunks them in oceans, but people do and it’s almost always at a time when we are lacking cash flow. With this protection, HTC is taking care of their customers in a way that almost no one else does.



The HTC 10 has the best camera we have seen in an HTC phone in years, if not ever. Normally, that would be something a company can brag about, but HTC has put so many terrible cameras in its phones for so many years in a row that it’s not exactly something to run around rah-rahing over. The 12MP “UltraPixel 2” camera with 1.55 micron pixels being used here is the same one that Google put in the Nexus 6P. That means this is a proven winner, since the 6P has one of our favorite cameras of all time. HTC’s implementation of it is also a step above, thanks to included optical image stabilization (OIS), which Google told us they didn’t need and were wrong about.

HTC gets a number of things right here, largely in part to their nicely designed camera software. You have your standard shutter and video capture buttons on the right side with shortcuts to gallery and selfie mode. On the left side, you have shortcuts to flash and HDR controls sandwiching a slideout menu that gets you into Pro, Zoe, and Panorama modes. You’ll find controls for Hyperlapse and Slow motion video modes too, along with settings that include grid application, switching storage to SD card, etc. The camera app is super clean and easily one of my favorites.

htc 10 camera htc 10 camera-5 htc 10 camera-4 htc 10 camera-3 htc 10 camera-2

As for the results, I’d have to say that the camera here is solid and can take a decent picture. The photos I took all seem to be muted in terms of color reproduction, which some would refer to as being more “natural.” I don’t know that I would lean that way, because I like the vibrant photos that come out of the Galaxy S7 and G5 over these often dull pictures from the 10. With that said, that’s a personal preference and I fully understand that your eye may prefer what the 10 can produce.

Outside of the dullness, the laser autofocus system here is hit or miss (and shows this obnoxious message all of the time). Sometimes it’s fast and other times it is far too slow. Sometimes the touch-to-focus makes sense and works on the first try, but then others it never seems to get out of being locked, causing you to miss your shot. The camera loading time isn’t great either, especially when you compare it to those other two phones I just mentioned. HTC included a double-swipe-down gesture on the lock screen that launches the camera, but it’s just not quick enough. In low-light, the camera is capable of capturing tons of light and a nice photo, assuming that object isn’t moving at all.

htc 10 review

Oh, I didn’t mention the front-facing camera and that’s because I never do in reviews. But, HTC put optical image stabilization (OIS) in it, which is supposedly a first for smartphones. Honestly, I don’t care. If you are a selfie machine, aka part of the downfall of society and Instagram, then maybe you do. The OIS should help your selfies be the bestest selfies ever, OK. Moving on.

Overall, the camera on the HTC 10 is solid, like I said above. It’s not my favorite camera in the current crop of flagships, but it’s not one that will cause you to question your purchase, should you decide to buy the 10. I think you will get plenty of good photos in many situations, plus HTC should be able to continually improve some of the areas I just complained about.

Below, you will find a handful of photos taken with the HTC 10. Many of these were featured in this post from a week ago. You will find full resolution files at that post as well.

htc 10 camera samples-sized-5

htc 10 camera samples-sized-9 htc 10 camera samples-sized-12 htc 10 camera samples-sized-18 htc 10 camera samples-sized-16 htc 10 camera samples-sized-23

htc 10 camera samples-sized-8

htc 10 camera samples-sized-21 htc 10 camera samples-sized-30 htc 10 camera samples-sized-31 htc 10 camera samples-sized-13 htc 10 camera samples-sized-19

htc 10 camera samples-sized-11

htc 10 camera samples-sized-27 htc 10 camera samples-sized-26 htc 10 camera samples-sized-25 htc 10 camera samples-sized-24

Battery Life

HTC is telling the world to expect 2-day battery life with the HTC 10. Haha..ha. No. That’s not happening today or tomorrow or two years from now when unicorn dust is found in the Lochness Monster’s vacation home in the Bermuda Triangle and scientists tie it to battery optimization. Does the HTC 10 have decent battery life? Yeah, it does. But come on, HTC, 2-day battery life?

htc 10 battery2 htc 10 battery3 htc 10 battery1

So here are my numbers. I’m averaging right around 14-16 hours on a single charge with around 3 hours of screen on time. That’s not bad at all! In fact, that’s better than both the Snapdragon 820-powered LG G5 and Galaxy S7. I’ve taken the HTC 10 on runs with GPS enabled, listened to music, let my son dominate some LEGO Duplo games, and even done my fair share of YouTube binging over the past couple of weeks and never have I really been worried about battery life. This phone is borderline being really good in battery life, but again, you can’t brag about 2-day battery life and not even get to the 36 hour mark.

As an added bonus, the HTC 10 has a USB Type-C port and supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0. Should you run into a situation during a day where you need to charge up in a hurry and get back to staring at your phone for 6 hours, you can do so in a short few minutes.


HTC has always been good about loading up their flagship phones with the newest specs available. With the HTC 10, they once again came through on most fronts by including a Snapdragon 820 processor, 12MP (1.55μm pixels) camera with OIS, 5MP front camera with OIS, 32GB storage with microSD support, 4GB RAM, 3000mAh battery, 5.2-inch Quad HD Super LCD 5 display, BoomSound speakers, USB Type-C port with Quick Charge 3.0, and Android 6.0 under their Sense skin.

The 10 isn’t ticking every box, though, because it’s missing any sort of water resistance. Well, it has an IP53 rating, which is basically nothing more than a warning to keep all water droplets away. It also doesn’t have wireless charging, if that’s something you care about, or one of the best displays in a flagship phone.

Like the G5, HTC is close here to putting it all in a phone, but it fails in some of the areas that Samsung still managed to cover and top the charts with. Some of these aren’t deal-breaker type of omissions and normally we wouldn’t even ding HTC for leaving them out, that is unless you start looking at the 10’s $700 price and realize that Samsung did it all and then some for cheaper.


On the HTC 10, HTC used a 5.2-inch Quad HD Super LCD 5 display. The display is quite a bit better than what LG used in the G5, but overall, not as good as what Samsung put in the Galaxy S7. I’m starting to think that AMOLED panels are lapping LCD panels at this point. I know there are arguments for using one over the other, but outside of saving a few bucks, I don’t know that you will ever convince me that LCD displays are a better choice than AMOLEDs these days.

With the HTC 10’s display, you will find pretty accurate colors out of the box, along with options for tweaking the display to better appeal to your particular eye. They include both Vivid and sRGB modes, plus sliders inside of each mode to make the display “warmer” or “colder.” I really appreciate settings like these, because I often don’t like the way displays are tuned by manufacturers and like to get them setup for me.

htc 10 display-5

htc 10 display-1 htc 10 display-4

Where the HTC 10 display loses points is in brightness, viewing angles, and outdoor viewing with sunlight present. The brightness and viewing angle issues (if you can call them that) can be seen above. The panel here just doesn’t get quite bright enough when compared to Samsung’s display and starts turning a brownish color when you get away from looking at it straight on. But really, the biggest issue here are the HTC 10’s struggles in sunlight. Like the G5, this LCD panel is not good at all in outdoor settings where the sun is involved. I once again took the HTC 10 out for a photoshoot with the S7 in-hand and found that I was squinting and tilting to see the 10, yet the S7 was as clear as ever.

HTC wins points for color accuracy and customizability with the 10’s LCD panel, but loses some for those issues I just mentioned. It’s a decent Quad display.

The Not-so-Good

No Water Resistance

The day before I picked up my HTC 10 review unit, I was enjoying a beer in a New York City bar while watching NBA basketball and just so happened to spill said beer across the counter. My Galaxy S7 was sitting next to it and got soaked in hop heaven. Just after the waitress handed me some paper towels to help clean up my mess, she grabbed my phone and started trying to dry it off first, probably because she thought it needed saving. I told her to stop, because the phone was water resistant and that also meant “beer resistant.” Fast forward 24 hours to when the HTC 10 replaced my S7 and that same beer being spilled would have been a disaster.

It wasn’t until I picked up this year’s Samsung flagship that I realized I don’t want to live without IP67 or IP68 resistance in a phone ever again. Since dropping it for G5 and HTC 10 review periods, it’s now an area I worry about and don’t want to. I now have to think about keeping phones like the HTC 10 away from dinner prep in the kitchen, the baths my son takes, ultra wet days here in the northwest, and beer.

I know that HTC isn’t the only one to have left out water resistance and they have their Uh Oh Protection, but they should be dinged for passing on it, just like LG was.

htc 10 review


I know that HTC isn’t a company who can charge $350 for its flagship phone and survive by squeezing out pennies in profit off of each device. They aren’t Xiaomi or OnePlus. But at $700, I honestly think they have priced themselves out of consideration for most people. As I mentioned above in the “Specs” section, this phone costs more than both the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7, two phones that arguably offer much more stuff. Sure, HTC was/is handing out a $100 discount to $599, but they should have started pricing there from the beginning, instead of trying to trick customers into thinking they were now getting a special deal.

There is a pretty good chance that their few carrier partners – like Verizon – will offer the phone at less than $700 and introduce monthly payment options to help make the cost more reasonable. But again, the Galaxy S7 is sitting at around the same price with more features and has a greater brand recognition over HTC. It just feels like HTC missed an opportunity once again to show that their phone is great and affordable.


Speaking of carriers, HTC is going to have a tough time selling many of these phones without the help of AT&T. As of today, the only carrier partners in the US for the HTC 10 are Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. That means the #2 wireless carrier in this country, a country that HTC desperately needs to do well in, passed on the 10. We don’t know why, but unless something changes between now and the early May launch, your only option for using the 10 on AT&T is by purchasing the $700 unlocked version through HTC’s website.

Outside of the lack of carrier support, we should also point out that the launch of the 10 seems a bit slow and confusing, similarly to LG’s launch of the G5. HTC announced the 10 on April 12 and said it would be out at some point in May. They won’t tell us a specific date, but now Verizon is announcing to the world that its customers will be the first to get it. So not only are we missing AT&T in this equation, Verizon seems to have worked out some sort of exclusive over T-Mobile and Sprint to deliver the phone first. Does that mean weeks before those other two or days? We don’t know. What we do know is that the 10 isn’t off to a great start in terms of pricing and availability.

Other Notes

  • Call quality: Like with the G5 and S7, I’ve placed and received a handful of calls on the 10 and had no issues. 2016 phones make and take calls. They also sound just fine. Shocker.
  • No wireless charging: HTC probably could have worked out some trickery with Qualcomm to include wireless charging in the HTC 10, but didn’t and that’s no surprise. Their all-metal flagships never include wireless charging and so none of us should have expected it here. HTC seems to be on the same page as Google over wireless charging these days, which means they aren’t including it because they think fast wired charging is a better option.
  • Fast charging: Like the G5, the HTC 10 has fast charging and fully supports Qualcomm’s new Quick Charge 3.0 tech through its USB Type-C port. Fast charging is awesome, but you knew that already.
  • Fingerprint sensor: If I were to rank fingerprint sensors from this year’s flagships, HTC would probably tie LG for 2nd best, behind only Samsung and the Galaxy S7. The fingerprint sensor is of the capacitive type, so you only need to rest your finger on it in order for the phone to read and then unlock. It’s fast, but not mind-blowingly fast. It rarely errors and almost always reads, it’s just not ultra quick to do so.


First look and tour

Tips and tricks

vs. Galaxy S7 and G5

First 10 things to do


htc 10 review

htc 10 review htc 10 review htc 10 review htc 10 review htc 10 review

The Verdict

HTC has created a really, really nice smartphone in the HTC 10. It’s well designed, certainly well made, features a trimmed down software experience that we should all appreciate and beg other manufacturers to emulate, has solid battery life, and even takes pictures in most situations that you’ll be satisfied with. Outside of not having water resistance and an affordable price, this is one of those phones you should consider buying if you are in the market right now.

Is the HTC 10 the best phone you can buy today? In my opinion, it falls just short of what Samsung has created with the Galaxy S7, but is a leap above the LG G5. If you buy an HTC 10, I think you will love it. I think you will love the software approach and I know you will love it when Android N and other major software updates arrive on your phone before your friends’ Galaxy phones.

Good job, HTC.

  • eBay Seller

    The audio on the One M8 HK makes it a great phone for me.

    The 24 bit DAC and headphone amp will make this one a no-brainer for many music lovers that value faithful reproduction. With the LG
    B&O module not being supported in the U.S., there really isn’t anything like it currently offered. And being able to read the upcoming 256 gig SD’s will mean being able to store almost half my FLAC music without having to change cards!

    I’d sure like to know why the FF speakers didn’t make it into the 10 though. They are GREAT! Will reserve judgment on the new speakers till my local Sprint store has one on demo though.

    Anyone else feel this way?

  • asterion

    This phone heats up the moment you play videos, be it on YouTube or Skype calling—audio is not the best too, although I am not an iPhone fan, however side by side comparison and you will notice iphone 6 easily beats HTC10. It’s camera photo quality is also not the best, nor is its call quality. The only thumbs up is its build, and ergonomics. Have others experienced phone heating issues with this model?

  • Aaron

    hey, @kellex… considering m10 after this review. just mentioned placement of side buttons. are they samsung/iphone clicky? nexus 6p clicky? mushy?

  • ibolito

    if this phone had “Samsung” branding on the front and the back instead of “HTC” it would already dominate the market with pre-orders only.

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  • Rod

    “There aren’t sticky, cheap-feeling textures or primer applied to the back.”

    I see what you did there.

  • neural_physics

    Amazing phone and I want one, but there isn’t a good reason to buy it over the Galaxy S7. If anybody is going to buy a phone in 2016, it should be the Galaxy S7. I seriously recommend it. It just does everything right, and considerably better than the competition in important areas, like photography, battery life and display quality.

    • Derek

      Reasons to buy HTC 10 over the S7:
      1. Amazing audio quality from the audio jack / earbuds. (Samsung is not even close.)
      2. Seamless, refined, gorgeous all metal body. (Samsung is all glass, fragile and a fingerprint magnet.)
      3. USB-C port allows for faster charging, future prepared hardware and allows for headphones that require USB-C port.
      4. HTC 1 year guaranteed full replacement of the phone.
      5. Smoother, faster, cleaner and minimal UI.
      6. OIS in the front facing camera!
      7. SD card slot that supports turning your SD card into native storage so you can make it a real storage extension to your phone.
      8. Cleaner, smooth and seamless glass front. (Samsung’s is chopped up, bottom chin is metal and the rest is glass, not seamless)
      9. Front facing speaker + bottom sub woofer = better sound performance from internal speakers.
      10. Less expensive when you factor in the $100 discount…perhaps even before the discount.

      There you go, in my opinion, why the HTC 10 is better bang for your $$$.

      Oh yeah and one more…

      11. HTC 10’s fingerprint reader does not need to be “clicked”. Just one simple touch and you are in. Fast and wonderful.

      • neural_physics

        7. The s7 allows this too. Simple ADB command enables it.
        8. The whole front of the s7 is a single sheet of glass…
        Fair points, and I do love those things you listed about the 10, but I will single handedly trade every one of them for the s7’s superior display, battery life (s7 edge) and camera. No question.

        • Derek

          Different strokes for different folks.
          They both deserve credit where credit is due. And in my opinion both are king of the hill.
          Just have to decide which on floats your boat more than the other. 🙂

          • neural_physics

            agreed they’re best of the best, but the note 6 is going to top both of them. for me the biggest reason to get the s7, or rather the s7 edge, is the bigger screen. 5.2″ is too small. I wish there was a phablet version of the HTC 10.

          • Falcon

            Note 6 is in its own category. You can compare it to any phone out there for now

          • Derek

            Agreed. Phablets or “Samsung Notes”, always have bigger batteries and such because they are bigger phones.

            I would say compare Phablets with Phablets. Flag Ship Smart Phones with Flag Ship Smart Phones.

    • redbar0n11

      Except for when in a year, Samsung’s software turns to a solid piece of Jank.

      • neural_physics

        doubtful, the note 5 and s6 are running well on marshmallow

  • william wagner

    S7 edge SOT is Average is between 5 to7 hours, so that’s 6 hrs of SOT easy.

  • Angela Cervantes

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  • ROB

    Too much money for lacking too many features… Like the size but still concerned about battery life.. As usual they are close but not quite

  • AngryBadger

    Well, was going to try this phone out if the MM update janked my Note 5… but it did not (Note 4 went jank city after its OS update). I may still try it, but I think I’ll hold out for Note 6 probably.

  • fourthstooge

    What everyone seems to forget is that a successful successor device needs to have all the great technology available in the market that can be packaged together. The reason the M9 didn’t do well is because it ran hot initially, the camera was poor, and had no Image Stabilization, and it did NOT have a biometric reader of some type that is needed for future secure commerce transactions.

    Note though that any company that removes a great feature like front-facing (FF) STEREO speakers from an existing product on its next iteration has engineers with mush for brains. This HTC 10 will be another weak seller, like its predecessor. Even Samsung brought back a microSD slot on the Galaxy S7, after removing it. There are NO good reasons to change the orientation of FF stereo speakers. Right? One keeps improving, not removing good stuff. Time will soon tell us how mushy those brains are. The Galaxy S7 Edge is the way to go till some company can create a follow up flagship device with FF stereo speakers that offer full frequency of sound through both left and right sides, which will likely be the next Nexus later this year.

    Think about it. Why improve the display so greatly and NOT do the same for the audio component, for those times when using only the mobile device in your hand?

    If smartphone users think that FF stereo speakers should not be part of their multi-media experience when using the device, then they should ask themselves, “would they buy a TV without stereo speakers – like it was in the 70s – great mono sound?” If you added speakers to your TV, would you face the speakers towards your couch, or would you face them to the side or back walls? If the smartphone plays back HD video, then the smartphone should play back stereo sound. It just makes sense. Of course, both large and small multi-media smart devices should also have jacks for earplugs or headphones when privacy is required. This just makes sense too. Right?

    I watch youTube videos on my M9. I hold up my phone and watch different types of clips with it, while I’m lying down. Those FF stereo speakers make a huge difference. I can watch John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) clips in HD, and the stereo sound is awesome. My next portable computer (which will just happen to make phone calls as well) MUST have stereo sound (without accessories), and if HTC does not offer it in a few years, then I’ll be buying someone else’s smart multimedia personal assistant device.

    Boomsound is just some hardware and software inside the device (and more importantly it’s a marketing term). It has nothing to do with where sound exits the device. In my opinion, the engineers had it right, when they designed the exits so that the direction of the sound waves moved forward and hit your face, and a strong pleasing stereo effect was achieved by having the sound exit from both sides of the screen when you held it in landscape mode, as if you were watching a small LED flat screen TV.

    LightStruk stated: I have a One M8, and I bought it specifically for the loud, front-facing, stereo speakers. I use those speakers every day! I can watch videos without cupping my hand around the bottom bezel like you have to with an iPhone, and the stereo separation is obvious. I can turn my phone around and show some friends what I’m watching, and they don’t have to alternate between pointing the speaker at their ear and watching the video. I put it on my kitchen counter and listen to podcasts as I cook. I turn on music and sit it on the table while playing with my toddler. The sound that comes out is actually tolerable!

    So, I believe Stereo FF speakers are just as necessary as a high performance colour display.

    • BOB Dudek

      Agree to a point.. I’ll have to reserve judgements until I test (hear) drive an ACTUAL retail device at a VZW Store…

    • David Martrano

      The m9 is what the 10 should have been. That’s why their sales will be in the toilet bowl once again. A year behind and a dollar short & overpriced!!!!

  • BOB Dudek

    Very well-thought-out concise and cogent..

    I appreciate the time you put into this I’ll be picking up a 10-when Verizon finally comes with one..
    .. thanks again for your very well presented review.. You hit on all the important points…
    BTW, I will steal your Bermuda triangle riff.

  • Venugopal Reddy Petluru

    Is it dual sim or not

    • Derek

      No it is not.

  • jihad

    this is available on amazon for 800+$ thats crazy …

  • Rosa Hodgson

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  • jihad

    htc im so disappointed … im going to buy it anyway

  • Johnny Dwyer

    How can you read a review and take it seriously when it’s from a FANBOY? I could care less what this Clown said whether it was good or bad. He starts off by saying, You get the idea that HTC is trying to look for a fresh start after YEARS IN A ROW OF BAD PHONE’S. Are you kidding, this is what he gets paid to do. Because if now all we do is judge a phone on the credentials of its camera. Then before now, HTC has produced the VERY BEST SMARTPHONES 2 OUT OF THE LAST 3 YEARS. HTC again has revolutionized the way we see a smartphone today, just as they did with the original EVO before that. I knew for years this world was made up of fanboy’s and what he or she likes I like to, but it’s even more ridiculous than I thought. Now you are paying people to actually write reviews filled with nonsense and falsehoods. Besides the camera’s, there wasn’t a better device on the market the years the M7 and M8 were introduced.

  • Qbancelli

    Capacitive buttons? No.

    Keep it moving HTC.

  • Larry Whorley

    I get a chuckle when reviewers talk about how a screen looks when viewed at different angles – to the side, below the screen, etc… I don’t know of a single person that puts their phone on a desk and then moves their chair to the left or right or move backwards to look at the screen. I personally don’t give a damn about viewing angles and neither should anyone else. HTC is aware of some of the problems with the camera and will have updates to take of those problems. I often wonder when a reviewer uses a “review” phone that doesn’t have all of the updates, are they comparing that phone with other phones that have been updated? Probably so.
    Anyway,my 10 is on pre-order from HTC. I’ve had the Sensation, M7 and M8. Yes, I’m a fan boy.

    • Person Dude

      Agreed! In fact, bad viewing angles are good in one way: they make it harder for people around you to see what you’re doing on your phone haha.

  • droidbeat

    Excellent review! AT&T availability? It’s probably better to get the unlocked version. Price? Plenty of $100 discounts, and the QC 3.0 charger comes in the box. I do want 64GB internal, though. I suspect the camera software is going to be updating quickly between now and launch. Could be worthy of a 2nd look in a couple of weeks. Oh, that premium build! I’ll be like Gollum and “My Precious.” Thanks for the great review!

  • The Doctor

    Meh. No water resistance plus the LCD screen and the lack of wireless charging just doesn’t do it for me.

    My favorite part of the review: “Honestly, I don’t care. If you are a selfie machine, aka part of the downfall of society and Instagram, then maybe you do.”

    • Derek

      Why does anyone “need” wireless charging? In my opinion it makes no sense. You still have to plug in the wireless dock so you can plop your phone down on it to charge and then you are limited to just that one location to charge if you don’t have your cable with you. That is silly.

      • The Doctor

        What you find silly isn’t silly for other people.

        I don’t want to have to open flaps on my phone cases and fiddle with making sure the cables line up and everything else. Once you plug in the wireless charging dock, that’s it. All you need to do is set the phone on the charger and not worry about it.

  • deskjob

    Great review Kellen! I think you’re spot on for the most part. You got me really excited with your experience with the HTC 10’s headphone performance. I wish there’s stereo speakers too. And more robust water resistance. But hey, these sound like prime examples of iterative improvements for next year’s 11, right? Just think, three speakers setup WITH IP68. As George Takei would say, OH MY…

    I do agree price isn’t ideal. But if I can get an unlocked bootloader with a very active XDA scene with the HTC 10, I don’t mind paying a little extra, especially being on Verizon. Speaking of which, you didn’t mention anything about the unlocked version working on Verizon. So it’s a no go? 🙁

  • mosdefmike

    I bet the gap Kellen pointed out between the capacitive buttons and the screen is for the Verizon logo. Verizon prob paid HTC big money for some real estate on the front.

    • Fred

      I really wish that was centered or put closer to the screen. But I think after using the G2, G3, G4 as my daily drivers, I will be buying the HTC 10 over the G5

  • Boomdizzle

    I still kind of really want a silver S7E, but when the price drops on the 10 I might have to look at it. Still happy with my N6 for the time being though, so no rush.

  • AvalancheRyder

    Is the S7 really beer resistant? I thought it was only rated so be resistant to fresh water. And other liquids such as soda etc could have negative effects because the acid corrosive. Even if beer isn’t one of them, saying water resistant means beer resistant may lead people to think it’s resistant to all liquids, which it definitely isn’t. Assuming these other liquids could cause damage, what’s the best course of action in case of a spill? Should it be rinsed with fresh water to wash out anything that could be potentially corrosive?

  • blairh

    It should be $600 at retail.

    Right now you can get a funky looking Pure Moto X 32 GB for $300. That seems like a much better choice IMO.

    More impressive than the G5 but will have serious trouble competing with the S7 series.

  • Another con: The USB Type-C port is non-compliant. It’s impossible for USB Type-C to support Qualcomm QuickCharge without breaking USB Type-C specs.

    • PC_Tool

      Non compliant doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

      There is no possible way to get both and “be compliant”; which should in no way imply it doesn’t do both very well.

      Non-compliance is only a bad thing if it breaks something user-facing.

  • shelooga

    so this ip67 crap lately… and maybe I’ve completely overlooked this feature… Ive spilt too many thing on my nexus’s (6), droids, and thunderbolt. shower used, a few sink drops during tooth brushing, etc. never had a problem. would spilling a beer on any modern phone actually cause immediate damage? Im also that guy that rides door/topless in a Jeep in the snow and I break screens like it’s one of my jobs

  • chris_johns

    I wish the front didnt look so iphonish

  • Masri87

    So should I get it?

    • BOB Dudek

      Take it for a testy run when VZW sells them.. Just don’t go near the Bermuda triangle… 🙂

  • Grayson

    Meet me at the altar in your white dress

    • LePurpleHipster


  • sinfoman

    “HTC is still giving us their Sense skin on top of Android, but you can’t really tell for the most part unless you look at the lock screen, app drawer, and home screen settings.” — so, basically everywhere one typically looks at their phone??

    • aleubalton

      You can change the app drawer and home screen with a launcher app like Nova… and there’s a lot of apps for changing the lock screen also.

      • sinfoman

        I use Nova Prime. My point there was the author made the argument that the sense skin was visible, but only on the lock screen, app drawer and home scree, which is about 80% of the places you look at on your phone, so it actually IS kind of visible.

  • Joseph Marks

    So the 10’s LCD screen is not as bright. How does it compare to the brightness of the M8? The M8 is usable in the sun, but needs to be at 100%. Is it any brighter than the M8 screen?

    • aleubalton

      It’s a good LCD display. Probably the best LCD display out there… but AMOLED displays have come much better overall, proving that they’re not always oversaturated, and that they can be calibrated just as good, and even better than any LCD.

      • Joseph Marks

        Yes but it should be as bright as the M8/M9 screens. They are bright enough and can be turned down lower at night than amoled screen.

        • aleubalton

          Yeah, most likely it’s a bright screen. But most of this review is biased by the comparation with the S7. The S7 has this great screen that has no equal…
          So yes… this phone has a great screen, but if the S7 is a 10, this is more like an 8 or a 9…

    • BOB Dudek

      At a 100%.my M8 is very good in bright s sun.. At the expense of the battery….m8 is a hard device to knock

  • aleubalton

    S7 vs HTC 10:
    Design: S7 = 10 (both have great build quality, but design is otherwise subjective)
    Price: S7 = 10
    Display: S7 > 10
    Camera: S7 > 10
    Audio: S7 < 10
    Software: S7 < 10
    Battery life. S7 = 10 (maybe slightly better on the 10)
    Fast charging: S7 10

    • aleubalton

      Now, talking more subjectively, I tend to prefer the metallic build (having to sacrifice wireless charging), and the good audio quality (sacrificing waterproofing).

    • barondebxl

      How is the software objectively better on the HTC 10? It’s a serious question. Also about fast charging, the S7 takes 88 min from 0-100 while the 10 takes 100 min. Not very objective, you cant just Base it in 2.0 vs 3.0

      • ConCal

        “How is the software objectively better on the HTC 10?”

        • barondebxl

          You missed the objective part. A gif is not being objective.

          • ConCal

            You can’t get more objective than touchwiz.

          • barondebxl

            In other words you cant make a case objectively for the 10 software being better. Otherwise you would have made your case already. Cheers

          • ConCal

            Relax bro, just having some fun.

          • barondebxl

            I’m not agitated, I wanna have a fruitful discussion but you’re not helping.

          • ConCal

            My b

          • barondebxl

            So seriously now let’s discuss this. You think the HTC 10 is better in software. Cool. How exactly? Remember the keyword “objectively”.

          • Rob nuttz


          • kurolife

            memory management, slow downs and lags especially on the snapdragon version. bloatware everywhere, sometimes you have 3 versions of basically the same app, but the worst in my opinion, are the small annoyances that keeps adding on a speaking example would be when you set your app drawer arrangement from A to Z for example, and the second you install new apps, or sometimes just in case of version update, thoses apps do not rearrange in alphabetical order.

          • barondebxl

            OK. You mentioned memory management, there’s no issue with that anymore. I have the exynos S7 and it performs better than the G5 In memory management. Slow down and lags….I have had my S7 for 4 weeks now and it has not slowed down one bit. Furthermore, watch every review of the S7 and no one is complaining about lag or slow downs. You can’t argue from a 2013 perspective, we are talking about the S7 specifically. A-Z thing is a good point but it isn’t the biggest issue one can have on their devices. Now can you tell me about the HTC 10? How is it in memory management, app opening speed, heat during game play, standby time…any software issues? Can you compare it to touchwiz and give both pros and construction objectively?

          • kurolife

            The memory management issue is really obvious on the snapdragon version (I’m pretty sure I specified the version in my initial comment) which is what available in most western countries proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=233f0ewFWGk
            I’m not arguing from a 2013 perspective( the S6 had horrible memory management) I’ve got the S7E SD for 15 days before returning it, there are definitly some slowdowns, from example when I go from homescreen to flipboard and vice versa and it happens in many other case scenarios.

            I don’t have the 10 so I can’t answer your questions without making assumption (preordering, getting it first week of may), but considering I had the M7 M8 and I have the M9 right now (I’ve had the S6E+ and S7E at some point) I can tell you for sure, the software and memory management is much, much better than their Samsung counterpart, So I can assume the 10 is going to be only better. and according to reviews and comparisons it is, no heat what so even, standby time is superb and zero software issues, not to mention the much faster updates according to the last 3 years update record, but I’ll get to answer all your questions, once i receive the phones and had to time to test properly

          • barondebxl

            Good points. I’m using the Exynos S7 so I can’t really speak from the snapdragon perspective but my S7 is freaking zippy as he’ll, very fluid and apps open in a blink of an eye. Not to mention that I get killer battery life. Apps stay in memory, even if you open 4 heavy games like GTA and need for Speed plus other apps. From what I see on the HTC 10, the only software part that I prefer on htc is blink feed, I love that thing. Besides that I don’t see any advantages of sense over this new touchwiz. Touchwiz offers better multitasking, the Samsung browser is very fast and smooth and let’s you log in to Websites with your fingerprint which is insanely useful, you do get always on display, uike on the HTC 10, you can customise the grid on the home screen and use the space of that high resolution display, you’re limited to rows of 4 on sense and it leaves lots of wasted space, the Samsung theme store is richer than HTC’S offering. And touchwiz has much more features throughout the interface (that can be turned off if needed be). I hon3stlt don’t see how sense is better personally from an objective stand point. Again I’m using the Exynos is version which is speedy so the argument ca b there be made against it. Here is a video that I would highly recommend you watching so you can understand what I mean by speedy and great memory management. It’s in German but it’s still cool to watch:


          • MicroNix

            What really surprises me is just how bad the G5 display is compared to the rest. Some things just don’t change. Its the one thing I hate most about my G3.

          • cryosx

            If only the bogo deal was for the international version… You guys get root and everything. Damn American carriers.

          • barondebxl

            I live in the US

          • cryosx

            Just saying I’d jump on the international version over the US version all things equal. Getting an extra $800 phone free was hard to not jump on.

          • Aaron McCullough

            How does Touchwiz offer better multi tasking? Please explain if you’re giving an objective analysis.
            The bottom line is that the quality of a user interface is completely subjective.
            I have used the Samsung Galaxy line since they entered the market (have personally owned all but the S2, S6, and S7), and my experience with TouchWiz is that it is an obtrusive, laggy, non-intuitive piece of crap.
            I have used a third party launcher on all the Galaxy phones I’ve owned for that reason.
            Admittedly, I have very little experience with the newest iteration, but unless it’s much better than the version installed on the S5, it’s junk, in my opinion.

          • barondebxl

            It’s leaps and bounds better than the S5. How can we discuss when your opinion is based on a 2 year old device? All you gotta do is watch any Galaxy s 7 review and not be biased. As far as multitasking, Samsung has always been the best at that. You need to know what multitasking is, it’s doing many tasks at the same time. So using multi window is multitasking cause I can watch a YouTube video while browsing the Web. That’s objective. You cannot do that on an HTC 10. The S5 has better multitasking capabilities than the HTC 10 because it has those features.

          • Aaron McCullough

            I have been shopping for a new phone, and consequently have read and watched a large number of reviews on the S7, the G5, and the 10. Nearly every review knocks the S7 user interface for occasional lag that isn’t experienced on the other two devices, as well as being packed with redundant apps and bloatware.
            As for multitasking, I’m well aware of what it means, and have used the multiwindow feature on the S5, which is not specific to TouchWiz, by the way (it is a feature of vanilla Android that any third party launcher and many free third party apps offer), and gives you the option to have two apps (versus) one running in the same window, which I found completely useless.
            If that’s your thing, more power to you.
            I will test the S7 and the other two devices I mentioned and decide for myself.

          • barondebxl

            I’m afraid you’re completely wrong. Multi window is something that is coming to Android N this summer/fall but has been available on Samsung devices since the galaxy note 2 4 years ago…The question isn’t Wether you find it useless or not, you asked me to objectively show you how TouchWiz has better multitasking capabilities than sense and I clearly showed it to you. Whether you wanna dismiss that or not that’s your choice but the fact remains nevertheless. If you can give me an objective example of sense having better multitasking than TouchWiz then I’m listening.

            It seems that you may be watching different reviews than the majority out there because not only people highly praise the S7, but most reviewers have it has the best smartphone of 2016 thus far. Like I said the information is out there, you just need to do a little research.

          • Aaron McCullough

            First, you are correct in saying Samsung was the first to introduce multi window support on the Note 2 and S3, but any developer has the capability of doing so, and since Samsung introduced it, many third party apps are available for free download that give Sense or any other user interface multi windows.
            So yes, TouchWiz offers it natively, and Sense doesn’t, but when you can download a free app that gives you that option in 30 seconds, it’s irrelevant, which is probably why Sense doesn’t bother to include it.

            Secondly, I have read reviews by CNET, Engadget, AnAndTech, and many more, and while most agree the S7 is the best overall phone, they also agree the user interface is the least appealing part of the package for the reasons I stated in my previous comment. Just because a phone receives a great review (even Phone of the Year awards), doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

            As I stated from the beginning, a choice of phone, particularly the user interface, is based on personal preference and the specific uses the individual has in mind for the device.

            Samsung’s inclusion of a feature Sense omits doesn’t mean that UI is “better” or “worse”, especially if that feature is useless to the prospective buyer.

            If anything, I would be biased in favor of Samsung, as I’ve been using the Galaxy line of devices since their release, and obviously like the overall experience (the S3 and S5 in particular are excellent phones), as well as owning a number of other Samsung products (and don’t own any HTC or LG equipment).

            It seems to me you may be the one having a problem with objectivity.

          • barondebxl

            There are so many wrong things that you’re saying once again I don’t know where to start but I’ll do my best.

            You are answering points that I didn’t raise. You said that just because Samsung decided to implement a feature and HTC didn’t doesn’t make TouchWiz better….that’s true but who said otherwise? Who said that touchwiz is better based on that? Your initial question was how can I objectively show you that TouchWiz has better multitasking capabilities. I showed you. All those 3rd party options came later as a result of Samsung implementing it in the first place. I’m still answering your question about multitasking here cause everything else you said is subjective and I do not discuss that. Take the galaxy note 5 for example, it is a multitasking powerhouse. Anyone who knows smartphones and are familiar with them will tell you that there isn’t any better multitasking smartphone out there to this day. That’s not me saying TouchWiz is better, that’s not me defending Samsung, that’s not me praising Samsung, it’s just an absolute fact.

            So you read the Cnets and the Anand techs and all that…great. All subjective when it comes to the user interface. I for one prefer TouchWiz over sense because of all the features added. Subjective opinion. Just like when you said in your first post that TouchWiz ” is an obtrusive laggy piece of crap”. The only person that has been objective here is me because I gave you an example. Multi window is one example out of many others. But how can you know about them since you have an idea of TouchWiz from 2 years ago? I don’t think it is objective and fair for me to dismiss the nexus 6P because the nexus 5 had bad battery life. Just saying

        • Tyler Durden

          Fast and lag free here. Dark theme too. No N needed.

          • David Martrano

            If the ten is fast & lag free why isn’t ATT carrying it???

    • Cakefish

      There’s a difference in battery life between Snapdragon and Exynos so that factors in if you live outside the USA.

    • Tyler Durden

      S7Edge kills the 10 in battery

      • aleubalton

        S7edge yes, S7 nope. I compared the S7 and the 10, not the S7edge and the 10.

        • Tyler Durden

          Everybody needs to forget about the S7 and worry about the vastly superior S7 edge. Unless you have tiny baby hands I guess

          • MicroNix

            I’m going to have to agree with you on this one. The S7 Edge vs HTC 10 isn’t even competition.

          • David Martrano

            Finally someone with a brain.I agree with your choice. No wireless & an Ip rating of 53m. 700.00 how about 499.00 and sell a ton of them!!!!!

  • Charbel Habchi

    2 days is not for letting ur kid play and u upload YouTube and u watched porn whatever dude plz be realistic
    just say as 3 h on screen with 3000 mah battery and 14 hrs standby it more zn good … be more realistic man

    and about the fingerprint unlike the plastique Samsung Htc made a touch fingerprint sure u have to press it to unlock your phone , but samsung its the classic button u have to press it to wake the phone and zn unlock it ….

    and about the wireless charging man u have to choose between plastique or aluminium because u can’t use ur wireless charge over an aluminium phone chassis

    • TC Infantino

      Holy crap. Learn spelling, grammar, punctuation, and use some capitalization at the beginning of sentences. My head hurts from trying to understand what you wrote.

  • Tony G.

    Interesting………”the Galaxy S7 and G5, two phones that are filled to the brim with skins, bloatware, and other nonsensical garbage…”

  • calculatorwatch

    This review seems a little inconsistent. I you’re gonna create separate sections for price and water resistance in the bad category, how come those issues also drag the specs section down into “Somewhere-in-the-Middle” territory?

    Overall solid review and I’m really impressed by this phone. Just saying it seems a little weird.

  • Eric

    After a disappointing 2015 release cycle for HTC, they did a great job with the HTC 10. A bit disappointed with the pricing, but with HTC rumored to be making the next Nexus, 2016 is looking to be a nice year for HTC.

  • aleubalton

    This is a great phone. The only issue I can see here is the pricing. If they could offer a phone like this for 400-500 bucks, it would be a success. They just cannot compete in the same league as the S7 with a sub-par screen and camera. I don’t think waterproofing is really an issue, it’s more like a gimmick… I have NEVER, NEVER damaged a phone with water. NEVER. And I don’t think I ever will. So if they can cut costs by not including water resistance, I’m okay with that. If I have to decide between good audio quality and water resistance, I will go with the good audio quality without a doubt. And if I have to decide between a fragile glass build and a robust metallic build, I will go with the metallic one.
    The problem here is the same we had with the OG Moto X. It was a great phone in a lot of ways, but the price was the same as the S4, which had better specs, screen and camera for the same price.
    So, overall good job with this phone HTC. Hope you realize the pricing is wrong here and reduce it soon.

    • epps720

      You can’t say waterproofing is a gimmick, maybe something you don’t care for but it’s far from a gimmick.

      • aleubalton

        It’s a gimmick if they sell it like a ground-breaking feature and you will probably never use it in your life…

        • epps720

          It’s not a gimmick it serves a real purpose as Kellen pointed out in the article. Under your rationale having a warranty is a gimmick, a vast majority of people will never use it… so why have it.

          • aleubalton

            Having a warranty would be a gimmick if they sold it like an added bonus. You don’t have to pay for the warranty, but (indirectly) you have to pay for waterproofing in your phone. Plus, as I said before, I prefer good audio quality over waterproofing. No doubt about that.

          • sinfoman

            If you think you don’t have to pay for a warranty, you’re fooling yourself.

          • aleubalton

            Warranties are and should be free. Extended warranties are different, but that’s not what we were talking about.

          • sinfoman

            My point there was that warranties are INCLUDED in the price you pay for the item. I wasn’t talking about extended warranties at all. #TANSTAAFL

          • epps720

            – Then to your point HTC’s Uh-oh warranty policy is a gimmick.
            – Whether you realize it or not you “indirectly” pay for every feature on every product you buy.
            – Not really, price of the S7 Edge (with waterproofing) is about the same price as the S6 Edge even though it did not have waterproofing and is a smaller device with a much smaller battery..

          • aleubalton

            – Yes, to me HTC’s Uh-oh IS a gimmick.
            – Yes, you pay for every feature, that’s why I call gimmicks all the features I think are useless (at least for me).
            – Making a phone waterproof increases its costs. So, potentially, they could sell an S7 Edge with no waterproof for 10-20 bucks less than the one with waterproof, and still get the same profit.

      • BOB Dudek

        Unless you take selfies under water

      • David Martrano

        I agree I won’t spend 700 on a phone without waterproofing & wireless. The only thing is stupid people will. I think the ten is a good phone but not at it’s price point. Apple & Sammy offer a little more!!!!

    • John

      That’s good for you but what about the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who did?

      • aleubalton

        They should have been more careful 🙂

      • BOB Dudek

        Keep a box of Uncle Ben’s and a hair dryer.

    • BOB Dudek

      A couple of years ago, dropped my HTC Rezound in a mud puddles getting out my truck.. took it inside pulled the battery and had it sitting in a bowl of rice for 2 days pulled it out..replaced said battery.. Performed fine.

      Sealed batteries.. I know are problematic

  • Godzilla

    Probably the best phone HTC ever put out, but I agree that at 700 bucks they are insane. I wouldnt consider it for that reason alone.

    • kurolife

      600 not 700; there is a 100 promo code if you get it from HTC

    • Tyler Durden

      Best phone still isn’t better than the rest unfortunately.

      • T4rd
      • HeatFan786

        Depends who you ask. iPhone 6S/6S Plus A9 processor is considered the best single core benchmarked processor to date. That’s considered really important to the core functions of a phone. Some people want all in one package, which means that the S7/S7 Edge is the best. Others like the pure Nexus experience, meaning the 6P is the best device. It’s all relative.

      • David Foggia

        Shut up tyler

    • HeatFan786

      Wait a couple of months. Their One series value drops pretty decently.

      • Rosa Hodgson

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      • Angela Cervantes

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  • Stabby McKnifington

    I can’t wait to buy it in 4 months when it’s 399.

    • aleubalton

      Good phone, at the wrong price… what a shame 🙁

    • Grayson

      Doesn’t HTC keep their phones priced pretty high for the entire year after release? I don’t think you will see below $499 until the HTC 11 is out.

      • kurolife


    • lsh99

      They’re still selling the M9 for $499. A9 isn’t even below $400 yet.

      • steve30x

        you beat to me to it. I was like 399 after 4 months, yeah right lol. Would be nice, but that’s not happening till sometime early next year……maybe

        • Me

          Not even then. Try when the 12 comes out

          • steve30x

            Now that I think about it you’re right. Guess stabby is on a tight cheap budget

      • HeatFan786

        I saw the M9 drop to $250 brand new through Best Buy once, I believe it was a clearance for AT&T branded devices.

    • john

      Best bet on black Friday and Nov/Dec shopping season to get an insane deal

    • BOB Dudek

      Duh.. That’s a no brainer

  • Andrew Webb

    I really don’t get so many of the reviews for this phone start with ‘They are coming off of years in a row of bad smartphones’ or similar sentiments when whilst they may have had the odd flaw the m8, m9 and even the A9 were all decent phones the m8 in particular being a really good phone! the Iphones (4&5) and Samsungs (s3/4/5 and even the 6) all had thier flaws too but they don’t seem to get anywhere near as much stick as the HTC’s!

    • Noremacam

      I loved my m8. I secretly wish they’d cram an HTC10 in an M7 body. I loved the size and shape of the m7. It just felt great in the hand.

  • ConCal

    Glad they got rid of the front logo.

    • jabarri2

      lol the only thing no one else has mentioned and I feel the same

  • Art Holguin

    I must be the only one that likes the lg v10 more than any of these phones.

    • chris_johns


    • Grayson


  • disastrousrainbow

    Kellex, between the 10 and the S7 Edge which do you think is better to hold and finagle with? Also, how drastic is the external speaker performance compared to Samsung’s latest?

  • Shawn Spring

    A buddy and I were talking about this…if you’d told me 6 months ago that HTC would have made a better phone than LG, I would have said you were crazy. Now….HTC has come along way from the M9 for sure.

    • SeanPlunk

      Your buddy sounds like a smart guy.

      • Shawn Spring

        He’s a cool guy but doesn’t really know the first thing about tech though.

    • c3vzn

      I mean it’s only been one year (last year) where the LG flagship was universally praised as being better than the HTC equivalent. That’s pretty much because HTC managed to make the M9 worse than the M8.

      Sensation > Optimus 2X

      One X > Optimus G

      One M7 > G2

      One M8 >= G3

      G4 > One M9

      • Shawn Spring

        I’d disagree on the M7 and M8 scores…the G2 was slightly ahead in most reviews, based on % screen to body ratio, battery life, camera quality, and ease of rooting/ROMing – the G3 was superior to the M8 in almost every way, including it containing the first QHD display. And the M9 was and remains a disaster for HTC (though the G4 isn’t a huge leap forward) – for my money, I’d have taken any of the G series device over their HTC counterparts, and I came VERY close to owning an M7 myself, and have a friend who did purchase one. I was glad I waited and got the G2 instead.

        • c3vzn

          You can believe that the LGs were better but reviews had HTC ahead until the M9. Look at the average critic scores on gdgt (review aggregator). The M7 especially was phone of the year for many websites.

          M7: 8.7 avg, G2: 8.1 avg.

          M8: 8.9 avg, G3: 8.6 avg.

          • Bonniemduncan1

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        • Adrian Dworak

          There’s no way G2 or G3 were better than HTC’s. G3 was better camera wise – yes. I’ve been using M8 since it came out and it never stuck, it works exactly the same as it was in the beggining. When I took my mom’s G3 I felt like i moved to a phone with a snapdragon 4xx series. It’s like 2 times slower, has stutters and the interface is really not so clear and there’s no applications on it when my m8 has lots, so sorry but it’s just a no-no.

          • Shawn Spring

            I’m not sure personal experience is an objective measure of better in terms of the device. I’ve owned a G3 as well and it was blazing, especially after the Marshmallow update. Butter smooth and would be the fastest device I’ve ever used until the 6P. The M8 owners I know had nothing but complaints about Sense and how laggy their devices were. Everyone uses their phones differently, which can have an inherent impact on performance, and their basis for comparison.

          • neural_physics

            Nothing but complaints about sense and how laggy their devices were? Sorry, but that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The M8 was universally praised as being the fastest android phone out in 2014. I can’t name one phone that is faster. To this day, it still destroys anything you throw at it.

          • MicroNix


        • neural_physics

          Nope the M8 was better than the G3 IMHO. The build was way better and back then boomsound actually meant something. Battery life was crazy better, too.

      • dazed1


        G2 destroyed anything on the market 2013-2014.

        • NexusPhan

          G2 is still one of my favorite phones of all time. I still look back at it in my desk drawer and consider using it full time again. What a fantastic phone.

      • Me

        Nah the G2 was the best phone LG made until the V10

    • HeatFan786

      Anything is possible. Huawei can release a better phone than the S7/S7 Edge and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest even though the S7/S7 Edge seems like the best phone out right now imo.

  • cdm283813

    I think we won’t have another top Android phone until Note 6 or Nexus comes out. It’s going to be a long 5 to 6 months.

    • Andy

      Sony Xperia Performance should be a great phone that is coming out in a couple of months

      • cdm283813

        Sony is dead to me. If you can’t release compatible phones on the largest US carrier you will never have a chance at beating Samsung. At least you can buy a unlocked HTC 10 and it will work on AT&T.
        Sony is a joke.

        • Andy

          From their talk they are going to actually push the phone in the US this time. Keep in mind that they have never really tried in the US market. Everywhere they are popular is GSM so why put a lot of resources into a CDMA phone? Sony generally puts out great hardware but it tends to be expensive in the US. If they are able to bring the price in line it should be a really good phone. Don’t hate on a company because they have chosen not to jump into a market where they were unsure of making a profit.

      • Tyler Durden

        If only it had a bigger battery and not so low res screen. Yes, in a world of QHD, 1080p is low.

    • glimmerman76

      4 months if you go by the note 5

  • bogy25

    Is this phone still around? Geesh!

  • disastrousrainbow

    Finally this review is out. Haha. Now it’s Decision 2016 time. It’s either the 10 or the S7 Edge. *sigh* Life’s tough…

    • epps720

      I originally pre-ordered the H10, cancelled it earlier this week and purchased the international S7E. I had the M7 and really enjoyed most things about it so was excited for the H10 but when I thought about it, the two biggest features for me are camera and battery life and from all reviews S7E has the leg up on both of those.

      • Me

        Yeah the s7 is still the king of cameras.

        • illregal

          Not if you like realistic photos.

      • MJ

        I hope you bought that S7 international version from a place that offers a warranty as I hate to have a $700 device that didn’t have one. The unlocked HTC 10 is nice that you get the warranty direct from them AND free replacement protection.

        • epps720

          I admit that is a fantastic feature that HTC has there.

    • aleubalton

      The decision is quite easy actually. S7 has better screen while HTC has better audio and cleaner software. You decide based on what you value most 🙂

    • Grayson

      Life’s good…

      This comment brought to you by… LG. Life’s good.

  • HTC is doing crazy trade ins for the 10 right now. My 2 year old N6 got an appraisal for $200, same with an old S4. That can be used with the code so it’s $399 if you’ve got an extra phone layin around.

    • Please link me

    • Me

      Only $190 for my s6. I’ll pass

    • Svengalis


      • It’s just their preorder site. If you sign up for news/promos you get an email for trade in. So far the 3 phones I tried were $200. Dont know why the S6 for the other guy was $190 but it’s “up to” $200 so I wouldn’t bother with devices like an S6 that would get way more on Swappa or eBay.

  • f

    Shame about screen and battery not living up to claims (but everybodys usage is different)

    • disastrousrainbow

      This. I’ve read multiple reviews where some have stated they got four to four and half hours of screen on time over “a days” use. That Kellex, notorious for bad battery life, is getting 3-ish leads me to believe this phone’s battery is on the higher end of good and most of us would probably get better…

  • MichaelFranz

    Nice review…..now we need a deep camera comparison between N6P, S7, G5, HTC 10, and iPhone 6s if available

  • Allyn K C

    Off topic – which app is generating the house icon on the notification area of the display?

    I’m guessing it’s a location aware app of some sort (maybe also using NFC or bluetooth events)? If so, I’m curious which one you use? The one I used to use has become a bit unstable, so shopping for a new one. For my needs, Tasker is overkill, so wanting something simpler for setup.

    • Nest telling me that my cameras are picking up something. And it’s probably me walking from office to studio through garage, since I have a Dropcam in the garage. 🙂

  • So, I shouldn’t feel any buyer’s remorse with my S7 edge, right?

    • Nope, S7 Edge still probably the best phone available. HTC 10 is also a really good phone though.

      • Samsung has really made sure they had the best. But I am still impressed with what HTC did with the 10. I’m glad they could finally build a really good phone.

  • n900mixalot

    Thorough! Except for that “[t]hey trimmed up the software experience, will probably deliver updates to it faster than anyone else …” Not faster than Google hunny. My final verdict, save money and just GET A NEXUS until HTC shows us something interesting. A smaller version of a Nexus 6P that costs MORE? You can just buy a Nexus and invest what you save in HTC.

    • Obviously Google is always going to be faster. 😛

      • n900mixalot

        =] haha, I just wanted to make sure you were ALL the way thorough. #yassssKellenyasssss

      • Harold Goldner

        I disagree; my test HTC 10 has performed consistently faster than my Nexus.

        • epps720

          He’s referring to how quickly a Nexus gets updates not the speed of the actual phone.

      • Tyler Durden

        Google is last to multi window 😉

  • rebretz000

    I assume you had the unlocked version for AT&T and T-Mobile?
    Does it come with Facebook, FB Messenger, and Instagram preinstalled? Any other bloatware?

    • I do have the unlocked and I honestly don’t remember, but I don’t think they are pre-installed.

      • Harold Goldner

        Pre-installed software varies by carrier, but my recollection is that Instagram and FB Messenger are NOT bundled with the device. I honestly can’t remember whether my device came with FB or I added it. No doubt Sprint and Verizon will put “some” proprietary software on their respective versions; they always do. However, Marshmallow allows you to disable the app.

  • Miguel

    Excellent review, consistent with others, is not the best phone out but not far, good job HTC, it’a about time you got it right.

    • Charbel Habchi

      omg buy an iphone plz

      • TC Infantino

        There’s no reason to get nasty. Telling someone to buy an iPhone is a shooting offense in some countries.

        • Charbel Habchi

          well , i m just mocking 🙂

          • TC Infantino

            LOL I was joking too.

  • John Sand

    Any word on it overheating like the m9?

    • Have had zero heat issues.

    • Noremacam

      Also overheating was somewhat overblown because a firmware update limited the processor when it went above a certain temperature. So it was more of a performance issue than it ever was a heat issue. Even then, it was only during long periods of 100% cpu usage(like benchmarks), so it’s not even a consistent performance issue either.

    • Derek

      Yes! I have had mine for 6 days now and it is overheating.
      The heat really kicks in when you are using wi-fi + streaming a movie via Netflix or playing games longer than 10 minutes.
      Mine got hot enough to where the app I was using became unresponsive.

      I have had other problems with the HTC 10 too:
      – Overheating.
      – Camera is showing lag between shots of up to 2 seconds.
      – The screen sometimes will not auto rotate.
      – Laser Auto Focus constantly pops up a block error that makes the camera inoperable.
      – Audio and video stutters when the volume is at it highest setting and anything is running in the background.

      I got my phone in Taiwan on the 16th of April. It went on sale here in Taiwan on the 14th. So I have one of the phones from the first retail batch. I am sending it back to be replaced.