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LG G5 Review

lg g5 review

After Samsung finally took design seriously in 2015 by incorporating copious amounts of glass and metal into phones like the Galaxy S6, they left LG as one of the last major phone companies to still produce all-plastic flagships. LG caught some flack for it with the launch of the G4, so for 2016, they introduced the G5 as their first all-metal phone.

Along with the metal body, LG managed to keep their popular removable battery feature while attempting to usher in an era of modularity through phones, by offering up modules that could potentially add-on functionality on the fly. The idea could mean big things in the future, but the G5 and its couple of modules are here now. In other words, we are going to judge them today. LG also went with a dual-camera setup to give its users more flexibility when taking photos, a move that may have led to a questionable design.

I’ll say this, though, you’ve got to give it up to LG in the risk department because they certainly took some this time around. Did they pay off? Let’s find out.

This is our LG G5 review. 

lg g5 review

The Good


LG did a pretty good job at ticking most of the boxes when it comes to specs on the G5. It has a 5.3-inch QHD IPS LCD display, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB internal storage with microSD slot for expansion (up to 2TB), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, removable 2800mAh battery with fast charging, dual rear cameras at 16MP and 8MP, front camera at 8MP, all-metal body, USB Type-C port, and Android 6.0.1 underneath LG’s newest skin.

Sure, the phone is missing water resistance and wireless charging, but not much else. This is certainly a modern flagship that should last you through a contract or payment plan up to two years. With future software updates helping get the most out of its internals, the G5 should only get better and better over time. The G5 may not have the best specs in the business, but they are good enough to compete.


Like the V10 before it, the G5 excels in the performance department. No, I’m not talking about benchmarks, since we don’t run benchmarks. I’m talking, in-hand, real-world performance – the G5 is a smooth operator.

This is one of those phones that swiftly glides anywhere you take it. The phone jumps in and out of apps, games, and streams video with the best of them. The performance of this phone is an area I haven’t had one second thought about or maybe better put, there hasn’t been one instance where I thought I needed a reboot or full app-close due to lag or stuttering. The only reboots this phone gets are from battery swaps when I need a fresh battery.

Thanks to all of that RAM (4GB) and the Snapdragon 820, LG has fine-tuned the G5 to be one of the more memorable phones to use because of how easily it is to get things done. As a phone reviewer, you can often tell almost immediately if a phone is going to have its issues (like the Nexus 5X), but I’m not worried about the future of the G5 at all.

If there was one area to nitpick, it would be with the camera launch. Some days, the double-tap-to-launch on the volume down button to open the camera works incredibly quickly, just like the quick launch on the Galaxy S7 does, but then others, it takes an extra couple of seconds to focus the first time before you can snap a photo. This isn’t a dealbreaker scenario, I just wish it was more consistent because when it’s working properly, it’s just as fast as Samsung’s implementation.

lg g5 review

Pricing and Availability

At many carriers the G5 is priced appropriately, which is roughly $50 lower than the Galaxy S7. I say “appropriately,” because it’s missing a couple of the S7’s features (water resistance and wireless charging) and also doesn’t have quite the polish of Samsung’s newest. Outside of the ridiculous pricing that AT&T has adopted in recent years, you could almost call the G5 “reasonable” compared to some flagships. If you buy this phone at US Cellular, without a contract, you are paying just $585. At Verizon, the G5 can be had for as little as $624. Not bad, right?

As for availability, the LG G5, like all major phones these days, can be purchased from all of the major carriers in a variety of colors today. AT&T, Sprint, and US Cellular are selling four different color variants (silver, titan, pink, and gold), while Verizon and T-Mobile are offering just two. Still, you have choice with the G5 and that’s worth something.

Removable Battery

LG has been pushing this removable battery thing as a major selling point for years, even as its competitors have run from the idea. I, for one, haven’t exactly given a sh*t about removable batteries for years and so I’ve never really looked at this as being a big deal. What I’m trying to say is that I have never made a phone buying decision based on whether or not I can swap a battery when needed. I care about design and cameras and software experiences and accessory options and fast charging before swapping.

With that said, it is an incredibly handy option if you do own a phone with removable batteries. In my time with the G5, I can’t help but admit how convenient it has been to simply swap out a low battery for a fresh, full one at the end of the work day to kill any thoughts on whether or not I’ll make it through the night. It has also freed me up from having to plug in a phone in the early evening when I need a quick top off. In fact, I haven’t really plugged the G5 into a charger in about a week because I constantly have a full, spare battery charged up and ready to go at all times.

lg g5 review

I can certainly understand why someone would want a removable battery. I’m envisioning the type of person who is hard on their phone, but doesn’t always have a charger ready. If you are that type of person, the G5 is probably for you, since it’s really the only flagship doing the removable battery thing these days.

Just keep in mind that popping the battery out from the phone takes some getting used to and is actually sort of scary. Once you pop the battery module out from the phone to swap batteries, LG tells you to pull the battery from the middle of the module towards the outside to get it separated (instructions). Every time I do it, because of the spine-tingling cracking or clicking noise that exudes from the process, I’m shocked that the little hooks that hold it in place haven’t broken. Seriously, it’s not a good situation and I’m worried that these batteries won’t hold up for years worth of swaps.

SD Card Slot

As has been the case for years, LG is once again including a microSD card slot. This time, they are bragging about 2TB expansion, even though 2TB cards don’t really exist. Still, you can toss in a 200GB or 128GB card and likely never need to worry about storage again.

Since the G5 only has 32GB of internal storage, you are going to want to invest in an SD card. After setting up my G5 with my 80 or so standard apps, I quickly cut that 32GB in half and was thankful to have an SD card on hand. And remember, that’s after setup, not after taking hundreds of photos over a year or two span. I know that cloud storage is all the rage these days, but a high-capacity SD card in your G5 will let you not have to worry so much about storage management.


On the G5, LG decided that this would be a good year to introduce a dual camera setup, a tech setup that hasn’t exactly had much success in the past. LG isn’t try to do post focusing gimmicks, though, they are instead hoping to give users the ability to shoot new angles and capture moments that no other camera can. Because they went with a traditional 16MP shooter alongside a wide-angle (135-degree) 8MP shooter, they certainly accomplished that. The LG G5 is capable of capturing some pretty cool photos, even if the wide angle shots are a bit low in the resolution department.

Before we get to the massive amount of samples, let’s talk about the camera software. Once again, LG is giving you all the controls you could want in a camera experience. You have ratio choices, full manual controls (ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, etc.), simple or auto modes, picture-in-picture modes, multi-view shooting with all three cameras, panorama modes, time-lapse and slow-mo features, and more. You could spend a heck of a lot of time in the G5’s camera just learning and tweaking and testing. For me, at least for this review, I stuck with auto, because that’s what most of you will likely shoot in.

g5 camera g5 camera-5 g5 camera-4 g5 camera-3 g5 camera-2

In my results, I would say that I came away mostly impressed with what the G5 could do. You can see a whole bunch of shots below, where I went from indoors and martinis to outdoors and pink flowers. I tried to capture low-light, good light, daylight, and even a night shot or two. The G5’s camera is somewhat flexible, but I wouldn’t say that it excels in low light. I don’t know why that is, but there is a comparison of low light at the bottom of this section to the Galaxy S7 and you can see that Samsung’s camera dominates the G5. In the rest of the comparison shots I took, though, especially the ones in daylight, my findings are that the cameras are pretty equal.

Below, I tried to show you the differences between the two cameras on the G5 in a handful of situations. What you will see are shots with the 16MP shooter followed by the same shot, from the same place with the 8MP wide-angle camera. Depending on the setting you are in, you can really do some fun things.

lg g5 camera samples-26

lg g5 camera samples-14 lg g5 camera samples lg g5 camera samples-11 lg g5 camera samples-12 lg g5 camera samples-13

lg g5 camera samples-7

lg g5 camera samples-21 lg g5 camera samples-22 lg g5 camera samples-32 lg g5 camera samples-33 lg g5 camera samples-4

lg g5 camera samples-19

lg g5 camera samples-28 lg g5 camera samples-29 lg g5 camera samples-30 lg g5 camera samples-31 lg g5 camera samples-5

And here are those low light comparisons I mentioned above. This was in my studio where I slowly opened a door and took three shots from the same position with the G5 and the S7. The S7 shots are impressive, to say the least, while the G5 struggled quite a bit in the darkest setting.

g5 low light g5 low light-2 g5 low light-3

LG G5 (above) vs. Galaxy S7 (below)

s7 low light s7 low light-2 s7 low light-3

Overall, I think the camera on the G5 is a winner. It’s fast most of the time and has all of the controls and features you could ask for in a modern smartphone to help you take pretty amazing photos, but then it has this really cool wide-angle camera for those moments where you want to shoot something a little different. Or maybe you just want to snap a photo that no one else in your group can.



The LG G5 is attempting to be the first consumer-ready modular phone. By being modular, it has the potential to expand functionality through hardware add-ons, which LG is doing by offering up a camera grip that doubles as a battery pack and through a B&O DAC for high-end audiophiles to get giddy over. The idea of a modular phone is pretty exciting, but I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that the LG G5 is nothing but a proof of concept at this stage in the modular game. LG is giving us a look at what the future of modularity could mean, only the G5’s current offerings aren’t compelling enough for me (or you, for that matter) to get excited about.

LG’s camera grip and DAC are two products that really aren’t for everyone. The camera grip doesn’t turn your smartphone into a point-and-shoot, since it doesn’t enhance the image sensors or processing or sharpness or any other thing outside of letting you press a physical button or spin a wheel to take a picture. The functionality there is super limited and seems to have a single meaningful use, which is giving the G5 extra battery life. As for the DAC, well, unless you are an audiophile who cares about the crispiest audio, you probably couldn’t care less about it.

With a modular phone, I want to see modules that actually enhance the images I take or that can add-on a powerful external speaker or secondary display or maybe even just give me better battery life without being a bulky camera grip. And that’s the thing with the G5 – we don’t know if any of this will come or if there will ever be new modules to use. At this time, LG is giving us a DAC and camera grip, but they aren’t saying if there are other modules in the pipeline to get really excited about.

For now, I think we should applaud LG for introducing a modular phone concept and hope that with the G6 we get the real goods.

lg g5 review


Since seeing the LG G5 in early leaks, then during a pre-briefing before the phone was made official, and then taking in the reaction to it in recent weeks, I have been pretty torn on the design. I don’t think it offends me, but it’s also not at the level of polish as Samsung’s latest or the Nexus 6P, or even the Moto X Pure Edition.

LG has done some nice things here, like use metals and move the volume rocker back to its proper side-rail location. The phone feels pretty great in hand too, at least in terms of size and roundedness. By no means is the G5 oversized or difficult to use with a single hand. It’s also not too rough around the edges, outside of where the button is to eject the bottom battery module. In the few weeks that I have used the pink, titan, and silver versions of the G5, I have never once thought, “Man, this is one ugly dude!” But I haven’t looked at the G5 and said, “What a beauty,” either.

Obviously, the dual camera hump on the backside isn’t exactly a shining moment of design innovation. You can do two cameras tastefully, just look at the new Huawei P9. There are ways to do humps better too, right, Nexus 6P? My guess is that LG will really re-work the camera area next year, if they even keep the dual sensor setup. But yeah, a rounded hump block in the middle of a phone’s rear that doesn’t blend at all into the phone’s body is not what any of us were looking for.

lg g5 review lg g5 review

And then you have the issue that LG has already vehemently denied and attempted to clear up, which is the semi-controversy that brewed over the phone’s thick coating of primer on the back cover. The phone is indeed made of metal, but the back cover, with all of that primer and paint atop the aluminum, feels like plastic. When you pick-up the Nexus 6P, you know right away that the phone is made of metal. You know the same with any of HTC’s flagships. You know it with the iPhone. With the G5, I think it’s safe to say that most, without knowing, would assume the phone is plastic. The frame of the phone is undeniably metal, but the backside, where your hand is constantly resting, doesn’t come off as premium or metallic. Is that a major fault? Eh, not really, it just doesn’t give off that ultra-premium feel we all seem to be looking for.

The G5’s new metal body and design probably could have used another round of polishing and tweaking. Most smartphone manufacturers are really settling in to their own high-end design languages at this point, and LG will get there before long, we just may be a year away from it. The G5, like with its modularity, is showing us that we aren’t quite there yet.

lg g5 review

Battery Life

Battery life on the LG G5 hasn’t been an issue for me. It may not have rockstar battery life, like the Exynos version of the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge or Droid Turbo 2, but it’ll be acceptable for most. And again, you can always swap out a dead battery for a fresh one later in the day if you are having battery troubles.

In my testing, I was typically seeing between 2-3 hours of screen on time and 13 or more hours of use before I was really looking for that fully charged battery to exchange with. So that’s waking up at 6AM and not needing a new battery or a top off until 7PM or 8PM at night. While I would rather go to bed without ever charging up, this is pretty typical usage for me and not really an area of concern.

g5 battery3 g5 battery2 g5 battery1

Thanks to that previously mentioned removable battery and the fact that the phone supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, you really shouldn’t have issues with battery on this phone. If you do drain one mid-day, toss in a new battery or find a charger. You can immediately (with a new battery) get yourself to 100% or at the very least, grab hours worth of use in just a few minutes by plugging your phone in.


The UX 5.0 skin that LG is pushing this time around is LG’s best, though that may not be saying much. LG has always struggled to produce a good looking and well-functioning software experience, but they did tone things down a bit this time around and I don’t think this year’s approach will offend you. Outside of the lack of an app drawer on the home screen (which should offend you), LG has lightened things up with a light grey and light teal theme, made the notification experience not such a frustrating experience, and as I mentioned in the performance section, has really come through in terms of how smooth the G5 runs with this software at the helm.

lg g5 software lg g5 software-5 lg g5 software-6 lg g5 software-7 lg g5 software-3

LG is also doing little to overdo the software feature set. To me, that’s actually a good thing. They took away their really poorly done multi window feature and either killed QSlide or hid it depending on the model, yet added in a truly convenient feature in Always-On Display. They kept shortcuts for launching into the camera or Capture+ and Knock Code and double-tap-to-wake, all of which are highly useful. They even let you fully customize the notification shade from having too many options to just the bare minimum.

Outside of that stuff, it’s really just a skinned version of Android, where LG is letting Android do most of the work without any added fluff. Sure, it’s no where near stock Android, but the overall experience is light enough, assuming you don’t mind the style that LG has given.

lg g5 software-10 lg g5 software-9 lg g5 software-4 lg g5 software-2 lg g5 software-8

About that no app drawer situation, though. I don’t want to harp on this too much, but LG went ahead and killed the app drawer on this phone and pretty quickly realized that it was a mistake to do so. Just before the phone launched, they released a video hinting at that changing in a software update later on down the road, but for now at least, the main LG home launcher does not have an app drawer. I recently wrote a piece telling you not to worry about it, because there are dozens of amazing launchers on Google Play that you should be using instead. Seriously, stop caring about LG’s home launcher and just go download another one. Did LG screw up? Yes. Is a launcher not having an app drawer a reason to skip the G5? Hell no. Just get one from Google Play that works for you.

In the end, the software on the G5 isn’t really an issue. LG isn’t doing anything here to change the game, but they also aren’t doing anything overly offensive. It’s a skin, and while we’d prefer stock Android or the approach that Motorola takes, you’ll be fine with what LG has given you here.

The Not-so-Good


The 5.3-inch QHD IPS Quantum LCD display on the G5 is pretty average, if not borderline not-so-good. In the quick comparison to other flagships below you can really see just how washed out it makes everything with the brightness cranked up. Just look at the Droid Life pink in the tab bar compared to any of the other three phones. On the G5, it’s not even close to the pink we’re looking for and is instead a paler version. It also carries this odd green tint on top of whites, so much so that I feel like it’s tricking my eye into seeing browns in the other displays. And it’s like this on all of the G5 units I have on hand, which includes AT&T, T-Mobile, and pre-production units.

lg g5 comparison-2 copy

lg g5 comparison-3 copy lg g5 comparison-4 copy

Unlike some phones, the G5 doesn’t include any other display modes (at least that I could find), so you can’t exactly tweak the colors or contrast or any other setting in order to get a better picture out of it. That’s too bad, since the display and its quality tends to be one of the most important aspects to a phone.

In bright outdoor lighting, the G5’s display is pretty tough to see as well and really struggles. During a recent photoshoot outing in the surprisingly-sunny Portland area, I took both Galaxy S7 and G5 out for comparison shots, and that’s when I realized how bad the G5 is in sunlight. The Galaxy S7’s display came through crisp and clear when snapping pictures, while the G5 forced me to squint to see what I was shooting, making it difficult to know if the shots were framed correctly or if the pictures were any good.

Maybe LG can fine-tune this a bit with software updates. As of right now, though, the display here isn’t even as good as the lower-end LCD that Motorola put in the Moto X Pure Edition.

No Water Resistance

I’m not one to fault most manufacturers for not including water resistance, but with the Galaxy S7 keeping its beautiful design from the S6 and now featuring IP68 resistance without compromise, I feel like all phones should feature some form of protection from the elements. I don’t need them all to be as resistant as Samsung’s new devices, but let’s at least throw in some splash resistance (like Motorola has done).

Water resistance is one of those features you don’t know you need until it’s too late. It’s also one of those features that gives you a sense of extra security, even though you may never need to use it. After coming from the Galaxy S7, I now feel a bit naked or vulnerable every time I get near water with the G5, and that means multiple times per week (if not days), thanks to baths for my son, doing dishes, or because the weather is getting better and the outdoor opportunities have increased.

Maybe next year will be the year. Maybe LG needed one year to first introduce a metal body and then next year they’ll find a way to weatherproof. But as I said in the opening, we’re judging this phone now, not based on what LG might do.

lg g5 review

Other Notes

  • Call quality: I’ve placed and received a handful of calls on the G5 and had no issues. Plus, with carriers now upping their voice services, like T-Mobile’s Enhanced Voice Services, the G5 really shines in this department.
  • No wireless charging: I don’t like it that LG didn’t include wireless charging in the G5, but it’s not something I’m going to stress about knowing that I have fast charging and the option to swap batteries. They probably left it out due to the fact that they went with an all-metal design. Not only that, but LG has never really been a big wireless charging-focused smartphone maker, outside of a couple of its Verizon models.
  • Fast charging: Yep, the G5 has fast charging and fully supports Qualcomm’s new Quick Charge 3.0 tech. It’s actually one of the first to do so.
  • Fingerprint sensor: The fingerprint sensor on the G5 is a solid fingerprint sensor. It works in a capacitive like sense, which means you don’t have to press a button in order to use it. All you need to do to unlock with the fingerprint sensor is pick up your phone and set your finger atop the power button. It’s not quite the best fingerprint sensor I have used (that title probably goes to the Nexus 6P), but it’s damn close.
  • Bottom speaker: The single bottom-firing speaker on the G5 isn’t great, just like the singe bottom-firing speaker on the Galaxy S7 isn’t great, but this is what you are stuck with. Phones, to me, aren’t supposed to be audio machines that can rival Bluetooth speakers. However, once you use a phone with dual speakers, accepting the G5 or S7’s single speaker into your life is a tough pill to swallow.
  • IR blaster: Hey, the G5 has an IR blaster! I’ve never used it, but our comment threads have made it clear that a number of you do and were pissed that Samsung took IR blasters out of their new phones. So, IR blaster fans, the G5 has one!




First 10 Things to Do

vs. Galaxy S7


lg g5 review

lg g5 review lg g5 review lg g5 review lg g5 review lg g5 review

The Verdict

The LG G5 is a really good phone, overall, just not the best phone at the moment. LG is introducing some interesting ideas with it, like modules and dual cameras, but the module status at the moment is pretty weak and uninteresting, while the dual camera setup creates some new use cases at the sacrifice of an appealing design. Maybe in a year LG will dial all of that in, improve the camera design or setup, and offer modules that more of us can get behind.

Would I buy the LG G5 today? If the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge didn’t exist, I’d consider it, but since those two are here (and have been here), I don’t know that the G5 would really even be on my radar. The G5 doesn’t best either of those phones in any situation, outside of timely potential future software updates and having a removable battery. If those two things are must-haves, then the G5 could be for you.

Buy the LG G5AT&T | Verizon | T-Mobile | Sprint | US Cellular

  • S Kamel

    Well, my LG G4 H815 just had a motherboard failure, and, though allegedly the EU doesn’t allow a refusal for a rooted phone, I am told by Handtec–which I now regard as a criminal enterprise–that, “in their experience”–LG doesn’t consider a phone under warranty if it has been rooted.

    That’s 700 USD or thereabouts tossed out for a failure within 1 year.

    That’s Handtec, who knew that I would be unlocking the bootloader and who confirmed my “warranty,” that now has shown itself to be dishonest.

    SO, here’s the moral: do you want to root a phone? Get a Nexus, where rooting doesn’t void the warranty. And, don’t trust Handtec, even though this company has been recommended on XDA. In addition, LG is a garbage manufacturer. The Nexus 5 I had its GPS die. As it was a Nexus, it was replaced. That’s 2/2 LG phones dying within 1 year.

  • Daniel Moshee

    Is it true that the B&O DAC isn’t compatible with US variant?

  • Person Dude

    The removable battery, IR blaster, dual cameras, and unlocked version that will work with Verizon are VERY intriguing since no other phones offer all of those features in one package. However, unfortunately it seems like the G5 is too much of an unfinished product for me to consider buying… what a shame.

    Also, I heard a rumor that using a different launcher disables the fingerprint scanner. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

    • Will Wilkerson

      Not true on the fingerprint scanner rumor. Using nova and fingerprint unlock.

  • Jenniferaobinson3

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  • common sense

    Lcd screens are such poop

  • SamsaraGuru

    I like the sounds of it overall especially the removable battery. I flat out refuse to buy a phone without that feature. My philosophy is buy quality that will last, whether a phone, shoes or a car that have the features I desire and which will keep me happy for the indefinite future and not necessitate buying a new one before I get tired of it or there actually are advances that are demonstratably new and useful enough to bother with seriously considering. I really don’t care about whether my phone is sexy so other people will know it ans assume I may be too!

    Waterproof would be nice. The two camera feature I think is excellent and should be kept. The fact that the display is not good in bright light and shifts green is not excellent. I hope that LG is listening, which if they are calling reviewers would seem to indicate and fixes these admittedly smallish oversights.

    Bottom line, if I needed a new phone now I would seriously consider it and if not it then he V10. Samsung and all the other it’s our way with no removable battery or else – guys can take their pretty just waiting to die on time, planned obsolescence objects and keep ’em all.

    Keep up the good work LG. When the next iteration debuts, I will relieve you of one of them.

    • Person Dude

      If the whole non-removable planned obsolescence thing bothers you, just buy a new battery from Amazon/Ebay for your phone when it starts to die and take it to a repair shop, or take the phone apart and replace it yourself. Sure, it might cost a bit more or be more of a hassle, but batteries usually last 1.5-2 years before they start going downhill and you only have to do it then. Plus, the benefits of internal batteries (longer battery life, bigger battery in the same space, battery more protected from the elements, sleeker design) are enough to make it worthwhile. This is especially true for the most common phones like Galaxys and iPhones, as all repair shops will know how to fix those quickly and cheaply. Because of his I’ll take my big non-removable battery that nets me 5-6 hours of SOT over a tiny removable one like the G5’s that can only get 3 hours SOT any day, especially since you can still juice up any phone on the go using a portable battery bank

      I used to think the same way as you about removable batteries, but I quickly realized that like it or not they are becoming obsolete, and there are too many good phones out there to miss out on just because of one feature. Don’t be stubborn and refuse to buy anything just because of that one feature you don’t like, no matter how much it’s important to you. You’ll adapt to whatever you buy in time.

      • SamsaraGuru

        Thank you for taking the time to write that very nice explanation. I appreciate it. Your points are good ones. I have red though that certain phones based on teardown reviews are almost impossible to take apart. All things being equal, perhaps by the next iteration of the LG phone they will have a better battery as well as have fixed the color shift and contrast in bright light screen problems.

        If I can get what I want and not have to pay extra for a tear down it would be preferable to me. I am not a high maintenance type of person and have never liked material objects or people who are! lol

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    That’s funny how some journalist report great outdoor visibility and others are saying it’s bad. I personally have the phone and it’s one of the better outdoor viewing experiences I’ve had. I get regularly four hours of screen on time over 15 hours of moderate usage. The screen calibration may not be calibrated perfectly, but it doesn’t look bad at all. I’ve been using the phone for the past 8 days.

    • Will Wilkerson

      Prob something to do with autobrightness. I’ve noticed it’s very active on this phone (for the better in my usage).

      • SamsaraGuru

        Can’t you turn it off?

        • Will Wilkerson

          Yeah, you can manually set the brightness setting. I personally like the way that it’s a little more active in the auto-brightness management

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            It actually allows for a much brighter display in auto

    • Rod

      That’s really weak battery performance there, huh

      • Replicant Jason Booth

        Over 15 hours of usage though. It’s got a smaller battery and the display probably isn’t as power efficient as the amoled display tech.

  • G5

    Good news for you guys this is my last post. I am so sick of defending this thing that it’s making me tired. I can not for the life of me understand where all the hate is coming from. I’m one of those nuts that buys EVERY new phone that comes out. Well not every phone but all the good ones. I pay full retail(that’s how much i love phones). This G5 is bar none the best i have ever owned. I don’t even want another one right now and that is never the case. Even if Verizon had a good nexus without the stupid chin on one and the other being too small i still would keep my G5. I don’t nit pick on the things like not being waterproof and stuff. Yes that’s nice but doesn’t change a phone decision for me. I’m more of a “all around” type person. Can’t understand why people call this ugly. I think it looks cool. The size is awesome(i hate 5.3 phones ). This is one of the ONLY companies using android soft keys. Their skin is customizable and can be made To look almost 100% stock. Screen is beautiful to me. And the all the “not so good” things i think are “not so bad” at all. But hey maybe it’s just me.What does a guy that spends about 3K on phones a year know. And i’m not a LG lover either. I love the phone i have that is the best out there(to me). Could care less what the brand. But i have never seen such bias towards a phone this good in my life. It’s kind of like I-phone people not liking anything but the I-phone. Please don’t tell me that’s what become of us android enthusiast. Please!!!!! How about things like “this phone is awesome but i like the S7 a little better”. Instead of “this thing is gross and sucks”. Funny thing is i hate the S7. You want to talk about ugly. They have looked the same for the past ten years. And that ugly home button just won’t go. But i don’t go on every S7 comment section and tell the people that do like it that they are morons!!!! No, i keep it to myself and laugh inside.

    • Will Wilkerson

      Lol, I’m kinda surprised too- it’s a really great phone- removable batt, IR blaster, QC 3.0 and USB C. Got the last few flagships (S7E, 6P, Note 5, Turbo 2) and like this one the best. S7E is an amazing phone, but I was less than impressed with its battery performance given its size and non-removability. At least the G5 has a removable option, that so far I’ve yet to use.

    • SamsaraGuru

      Thank you. Good to see a refreshingly phrased and cogent counterpoint. Helps lend some real world balance, though I do feel that this reviewer was working hard to be fair. I agree with you beauty that is only skin deep don’t make no never mind in my mind. Performance, durability – and a removable battery – and well thought out, innovative features like the two focal length lenses, etc are what catch my eye and will hold my fancy!

    • Rod

      G5 will flop.

      Deal with it.

    • Rod

      “I’m one of those nuts that buys EVERY new phone that comes out. Well not every phone but all the good ones.”

      I’m confused as to why you’ve bought the LG G5.

      • G5

        I said Last Post. Which means leave me alone so I don’t have to reply to Android killers like you!!! I don’t care if it flops. Everyones loose. But keep buying your hard buttoned, big home, ugly buttoned Samdung which is basically a Android IPhone and all the rest will disappear. Because they will realize all as u guys want is iPhone clones. Just like eliminating the app drawer. Thats because of people like you!! Don’t you realize that!!! All you samdung lovers are the problem. Thank God for us others left. You will destroy Android as we know it. Be proud. Good work.

        You ‘deal with it” jackass

        • Rod

          I don’t know what I dislike more, iOS or Samsung software.

          So I don’t really get your point.

  • Kyle Miller

    I love this phone (so far) The only gripe I have is with the battery life. It drains quickly, even when I’m not using it. I desperately am waiting on my free battery and charging cradle from LG.

    • common sense

      Thats a pretty big gripe and one i wont accept after the nexus 5

  • Rod

    I think this device will be a huge flop.

  • bogy25

    “Before we get to the massive amount of samples, let’s talk about the camera software….” you still can;t disable the shutter sound – I have to mute the phone entirely so I can;t take pictures of girls without them knowing damn it!

  • Russ McClung

    That screen tone is horrendous. Why does LG think that having a blue tinted screen is acceptable? They boast the Quantum IPS as being close to RGB standards, but true RGB standards have whites appearing close to 6500k. This is well over 8000k.

    • Ismail Akram

      LG displays was never good and I’ve found first time not when using G4 but when I had V10.. that time I had Nexus 6p, Moto X too and 6p had best experience when consuming multimedia then Moto X and v10 I didn’t like colors on it how they appears.. Moto X and 6p have different screen technologies but same movie looks close in colors on both and on v10 like entirely different colors BTW movie was The Martians 😉

    • Rod
  • jek4

    “After Samsung finally took design seriously in 2015 by incorporating copious amounts of glass and metal into phones like the Galaxy S6…” You should have followed that up with “despite that very few Galaxy owners were demanding metal”. That same switch to metal resulted in lackluster reception and sales of the Galaxy S6. I’m a current Galaxy S5 owner, and have been a Galaxy owner for years. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the G5 to come out. As long as the phone is durable (like my plastic S5 and S3 were), then I couldn’t care less if it were made out of plastic. So long, Samsung. Hello, LG.

  • Roger K.

    G2 » G3 owner here. I was hoping to upgrade to the G5, but doesn’t look like it’s on the mark. It hurts to see that screen in the line up, but nothing software can’t fix (i hope). Since this seems to be a new “platform” for LG, I’m pretty interested in the G6. It should be pretty fly…

    … like a G6

  • Larinx

    honest question. Do people really carry around spare batteries? Seems like such a dorky thing to do haha. I like the idea of a removable battery just because of the ability to power off the phone without having to figure out what buttons to press etc. if it gets frozen (I always forget on my S6 Edge). But I don’t think I’ve ever once seen a person pop their battery out and put another one in…

  • James27

    I feel like the G5 has been completely overshadowed by the S7 and S7 Edge. Those modules are irrelevant for most consumers. Nothing else really sticks out. I expect this phone will not do so well considering it’s competing price-wise directly with the S7/S7 Edge.

    • Ismail Akram

      actually it looks like it might do worst than G4 cuz when G4 came it had so much positive.. I never owned LG phones but G4 was my first and V10 second but I’m not inclined for G5 at least at the moment. more excited about HTC 10. I had S7 edge it was best phone I’ve ever owned which I didn’t like.. partly I had Nexus 6p along with S7 that’s why.. Camera on S7 was better but I liked pictures of Nexus 6p better cuz they had more detail and you can even zoom them 😉 no over sharpening.. Display is one area where S7 was superior. I ran movies side by side and screen flickers on 6p in black scene but S7 edge handled it so well. in UI smoothness and performance Nexus 6p was better.. S7 edge do gets hot when charging especially but for most part stayed cool but yes occasional heat up. I’m software guy so only reason I prefer 6p over S7 is software though I like Sense even better. but for normal user if ask me for recommendation it would be S7 edge, not 6p not HTC 10 or G5 but only S7/S7 edge.

      • James27

        Why do you have so many phones?

        • Ismail Akram

          Not all at the same time. What left with me is Nexus 6p and moto x now. I sold my s7 edge about 5 days ago and I sold my iPhone 6s about month ago I guess. Had a baby so needed money ;). Now eager for HTC 10 though

          • James27

            Why? You already have 2 phones. Why do you need more than one phone at a time?

          • Ismail Akram

            They are not my need. I hardly need a single smartphone. They are all just my want. So I just want to try every phone from major OEM especially flagship phones.

          • James27

            Seems like a waste of time and money.

          • Ismail Akram

            for you yes it is. for me its way of getting happy and excited. not sure what your hobby is I’m sure that would be waste of time too maybe money as well. 😉

          • James27

            It’s a weird hobby to have. You are buying all these phones that aren’t all that much different from each other.

          • Ismail Akram

            Everything is weird in this world except what you want or like what other do is more weird cuz thatis not normal for you.

          • James27

            But why would you partake in this if you are strapped for cash?

          • Ismail Akram

            This is my cash deposit.

    • Rod
  • Nigel Elton

    Comprehensive review right there. Job well done!

  • neural_physics

    Amazing review. I agree almost 100%. I love that it has an unlocked bootloader and a ir blaster but that’s about it. I really wasn’t even considering it tbh. The s7 edge just destroys it.

  • LeVvE

    I can’t stand the name of all the LG apps, did they forget what space is?

  • calvin35

    LG’s displays have been complete crap for years. They routinely calibrate the white point on their displays to around 8000K and, unlike Samsung, they do not provide the user any alternative.

  • T4rd

    I kinda wish you would have tested or elaborated on the QC 3.0 on the phone. I’d like to see how it compares to QC 2.0 in real-world use (not just based on claims that Qualcomm makes). Can you add that or make a separate article about it?

  • cdm283813

    “Hey, the G5 has an IR blaster! I’ve never used it, but our comment threads have made it clear that a number of you do and were pissed that Samsung took IR blasters out of their new phones. So, IR blaster fans, the G5 has one!”

    I wish someone could explain to me why Samsung brought the IR blaster back a few years ago only to kill it again? Granted; I never used that Peel app but I did download an excellent IR blaster app which was used on a daily basis.

    • illregal

      Because they wanted to copy HTC. HTC brought it back, they copied. That’s typically how it works.

    • Justin W

      Which app was this?

    • common sense

      They brought it back and im sure they had feedback of x amount of users using it and determined it wasnt useful to continue putting in their newer phones

  • Markelous

    Loving my G5. Just waiting for some root to do my usual tweaks.

  • Mike

    Finally, an unbiased, fair G5 review. Thanks! Anyone know what phones have knock screens? Is it only the G series, and is it included on the 5?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I believe so. HTC does double tap.

      • Mike


  • Chris Batson

    I just got the G5 as my work phone (replaced Note5). I have the 6P as my personal. G5 is a good phone but doesn’t stack up to either of the other phones. Miss my note5 after a couple of days with the G5.

  • seattle tech

    Nice detailed review. LG talking about 2TB sd cards is an advantage. The microsd card reader is faster than ones in other phones like the S7. In my experience LG’s build quality is suspect at times.

  • trwb

    Remeber when HTC and LG made good phones? All we have is Samsung now.

    • krubby

      I would say and Motorola and Nexus

      • cdm283813

        Motorola is releasing their phones way to late. By the time it drops it makes more sense to get a Nexus. And their losing possible sales to the iPhone.
        There was a time when I enjoyed waiting for Motorola but ever since the Droid Bionic fiasco I’ve never been able to come back. That Droid OG and Droid X magic has left the building. The 2013 Moto X was good but I never owned it.

        • krubby

          I currently am using the Droid Turbo 2. For my needs it suits it quite well. At the time I purchased the Nexus 6p was not out I think, and I didn’t like the battery life and no SD slot of the Samsung Galaxy s6.

          I love the Moto actions and hover to turn on display. Plus the Moto voice. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a phone good for someone.

          May not be for u, and if I s getting a phone today I think it would be the s7 or s7 edge, but that doesn’t mean the Turbo ,2 or Pure x are not good phones imo

        • Ismail Akram

          Is there any rumored feature that next nexus will have? last year it was USB type C. what next now? beside spec upgrade.

      • Ismail Akram

        Motorola not anymore.. maybe this year maybe. last year Moto X was slow, animation or Ui was stutters.. beside display is LCD(which is great) but AMOLED looks better IMO..

        • illregal

          FYI, every phone last year stuttered and was slow thanks to qualcomm. It wasn’t limited to moto. They were actually better off using the 808 over the 810. And I’d put last years moto x pe display up against even the s7 as being better overall.

          • Ismail Akram

            If you say every phone with SD808 stutters I would agree with you. but I’m glad Google didn’t made stupid mistake to choose SD808 for Nexus 6p over SD810. SD810 was best decision made by Google for nexus 6p (Exynos I think was out of question for nexus at that time).. in my experience all phone I used in 2015 Nexus 6p was best over all experience I’ve got.. speed smoothness quickness sound good display(great goes to samsung) premium different are all things I got from Nexus 6p. and I had a lot of 2015 phones including M9 or G4, V10 or even S6, s6 edge, Note 5 and S6 edge+, also I’ve still Moto X pure and yes One A9.. but what satisfied me most was 6p, One A9 would be great for me too. if only it had powerful SoC like SD652.

            P.S: did I forgot to mentioned I also had iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus.. BTW I’m software engineering if you wondering what I do.

      • trwb

        Nexus is cool unless you don’t want all the Google bloatware on your phone. I know most Android fans don’t care but there is some Google stuff you can’t disable on a Nexus that you can on other phones.

  • markwebb

    Yes this phone misses the mark. The galaxy 7s edge and nexus 6P are the better phones. I’m finished wth LG.


    Battery is what broke the sale for me. Loved my G3 and G4, but I couldn’t do it this time. After my wife having the S6 with the same size battery(roughly), I wont gamble on it. Made the jump and got the S7E. Its different for me because of the buttons, but so far so good. The battery is insane. Totally love it.

  • pyro74boy .

    I think LG is just one or two phones away from hitting the big time. The G5 looks like it’s just missing a few important features and need some software tweaks. I bet next year’s G6 LG will hit the hammer right on the nail and it will be a total and complete take off for LG as one of the phone that will be at the very least as good as anything that Samsung offers. The Real Enemy here is Apple not any of the Android Manufacturers

    • Rod

      It it survives..

  • trixnkix637

    Does it come with a fast charger out of the box or do you have to purchase a Quick Charge 3.0 capable charger?

    • Dominick White

      From what I saw from u boxing videos /hands on, it doesn’t come with quick charger.

      • Will Wilkerson

        I have one, it comes with a 3.0 QC charger

    • Zack

      Yes it comes with one.

  • NeilOMalley

    Please persist in placing phones in precarious places. I thoroughly enjoy it.

  • duke69111

    You might add to your review that the app drawer can be installed from lg’s smartworld or by just installing the app that was released the other day.

    • Matthew Merrick

      You mean by installing another launcher? He did mention that.

  • Shawn Spring

    A soundproof studio? Kellen is hardcore! I guess this is your business though right?

  • The Doctor

    2-3 hours SoT sounds terrible. I’ve been getting over 5 hours SoT on my S7 edge. Sure, the battery can be changed on the G5, but who wants to mess around with that, especially if you’re using a Lifeproof or Otterbox case?

    I agree with this review. At almost the price of the S7/S7 edge, people would be better off getting one of those over the G5.

    • Mojor Izin

      so much this! why would i want to carry a second battery in my jeans? why would i want to pry it out of my case to change it? if i wanted that, i’d still be using my gnex. removeable battery is like an insurance policy, it’s nice to have that safety net every once in a while, but it isn’t a reason to buy a phone wihout a decent battery. i still don’t understand why all phones don’t have at least 3900mah. a few mm of thinness? that’s iphone superficial thinking level. a few mm is OK, a whole extra battery is not OK.

      • jek4

        I don’t carry a second battery around with me everywhere I go. I typically just keep one in my work vehicle. I only carry it with me if I know it’s going to be a long day out with heavy usage where I will be away from my car for an extended period of time. Carrying a small battery, the size of a thick credit card, is WAY easier than carrying around a portable charger AND making sure I have the power cord AND having to keep all of it plugged together while I’m walking around. And changing out the battery (including taking off my case and putting my case back on) takes….14 seconds (I just timed myself). That’s hardly an inconvenience for an instant 100% charge.

        • Mojor Izin

          those are fair points, and I do think we should have that option and choice, I just know for me it didn’t work well. usually when i was going to be away from a charger, i had to keep the extra batteries on my person. if i was gonna be in the car, i’d have access to charging…well in the car. also, rebooting alone takes much longer than 14 seconds. taking off a case does too. also I have a metal slug in my case for magnetic car stand, and it’s positioned just right and i wouldn’t want to have to preposition it every time. it’s just better for me to have a nice battery pre-installed, since in practice changing out batteries for me was way too much hassle so i never did it.

    • Bob

      Remember that Kelen never experiences good battery life…on any phone he tests

    • Will Wilkerson

      Well, with the S7 Edge going for $792 and the G5 going for $624 on Verizon, I wouldn’t say that it’s ALMOST the same (your battery comparison was with the S7 Edge). I’ve owned both phones and the G5 has a surprisingly good battery- I get 3-4 hrs SoT so far. On the S7 Edge with similar usage I was getting around 5-6hrs SoT. Between the G5 having QC 3.0 (vs S7 Edge only having 2.0) and a removable battery (better to have the option, not necessary to use everyday) I think the G5 is better for battery heavy users.

      • The Doctor

        I remain skeptical on your supposed battery life on the G5. It only has a 2800 mAh battery plus a QHD display. There’s no way it gets two more hours SoT battery life than the S6 last year.

        And for those who use cases, the G5 would be a pain in the ass. Why would anyone want to stop what they’re doing to swap out a battery when they’re using a Lifeproof or Otterbox Defender case? You ever try to remove a Lifeproof case on a daily basis? I wouldn’t want to.

        • Will Wilkerson

          I’ve never used a lifeproof case- way too bulky. I am using an Obliq case on my G5 (similar to spigen or other basic cases) and it’s pretty easy to take off, though I haven’t really had to since the G5 battery gets me though the day; it’s nice to have that “insurance” of an extra battery to pop in though (which also doubles as a plug-in battery pack if I don’t feel like taking off the case).
          As far as my SoT, not that hard to believe- I can post a screenshot of my SoT usage later today when I’ve drained it some. it’s also running marshmallow and doze does well with it. Unrelated to SoT – battery dropped from 100 – 96% overnight ~9.5 hours idle. but my point is- in everyday usage the G5 seems to manage its smaller battery much better than the S7E manages its bigger battery.

          • Will Wilkerson

            This is where I’m at so far this morning

          • The Doctor

            I used nothing but Lifeproof cases, up until I got my S7 edge, which doesn’t need one. The G5 has a Lifeproof case and I’d hate to be a power user on a G5 who uses a Lifeproof case.

          • Will Wilkerson

            I mean, I’d hate to use a lifeproof case period. That being said- even with the G5’s admittedly small battery- you won’t need to take off the case unless you forget to charge your phone or have an extra heavy day and want to be instantly at 100% again. I’m just saying the stock battery on this thing, with no modifications/root/etc is actually pretty decent. I’ve been running a youtube video, on auto-brightness, on LTE/wifi mix, since I commented earlier. Here’s what I’ve got so far (yes, it’s a more ideal battery draining situation than everyday usage, but it’s still a valid data point):

          • Will Wilkerson

            Photo didn’t go through on the last post

  • duke69111

    That battery life is atrocious. My two year old LG G3 on lollipop gets me 20 – 22 hours total and 3.5 to 4 hours of screen on time. Thats a big difference.

    I’m not really a fan of Samsung, no real reason outside of their physical buttons, but I may have to consider it this go around.

    • Zack

      Having gone from the G3 to the G5 the battery life is much better. I couldn’t get through a full day on the G3, I can on the G5.

      • PoisonApple31

        That’s surprising to me. When I had my G3, I had no problems getting through a full day – usually get around 1.25 days on a charge.

  • jrbmed08

    To me, the fingerprint scanner on the back, no capacitive/home buttons (and especially not in the backwards Samsung order), absence of Touchwiz, and removable battery make up for the shortcomings compared to the S7. Personal preference of course. I can see this being a great option for people who wanted the Nexus 6P but didn’t want a huge phone.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      People who wanted a 6p wanted Stock Android.

      • jrbmed08

        True, but since there is no perfect phone for everyone, there are always compromises. Depends on what your personal dealbreakers are. I want stock Android too, but the sizes of both the 6P and even 5X are dealbreakers for me, so I went with Sony. If I had to choose between the current Nexus phones, S7, and G5, I’d pick the G5 due to the reasons I posted above (no touchwiz/capacitive/home buttons, swappable battery, fingerprint scanner on back, smaller than 6P, performance should be better than 5X).

    • IgotGAME

      To me… The screen of the G5 would make me avoid it. Those colors, viewing angles, and terrible usability outdoors would be deal breakers for me.

      • jrbmed08

        Yeah the screen is a disappointment, but I personally haven’t cared much about phone screens (besides size). I had the 2013 and 2014 Moto X and the screen was considered a weakness, but it didn’t bother me on either device.

      • neural_physics

        Same. The single biggest reason for me to consider the s7 edge was the screen. In fact, if it was flip-flopped and the G5 had the s7 edge’s screen and vice versa, I’d get the G5 instead. Luckily, that isn’t the case. Dodged a bullet there.

      • cdm283813

        The screen is the number one reason for picking a phone in this price range. It was one of the reasons why I picked the Note 4 over the Nexus 6 back in the day. It’s the primary thing you see and use on a smartphone.
        Granted I bought a Nexus 6 a year later but it was $200.

    • neural_physics

      The flip flopped capacitive keys bother people? Seriously!? There are far more important things to worry about, like the flimsy modular port on the g5. I switched from a One M8 with software keys to the s7 edge and I couldn’t give two cracker jacks about the placement of the keys. In fact I’m getting used to it and almost prefer it, as the back key is closer to my thumb on the s7.

      • jrbmed08

        They bother some people including me. I suppose it’s not that hard to get used to it, but Samsung is the only manufacturer that does it this way, and I wish they would just get with the program. Apparently I’m not the only one: http://www.droid-life.com/2016/03/07/things-i-hate-about-the-galaxy-s7/

        It’s one of several reasons why I personally don’t chose Samsung phones. Touchwiz and price are the others. I won’t spend $650 on any phone when there are other great options for $500 or less.

        • neural_physics

          Touchwiz isn’t that bad. Honestly I might even prefer it over sense 6 on my m8. It looks pretty good imo and even better with this stock marshmallow theme I’ve got going on. Plus the amount of features are incredible and I genuinely find a use in most of them.

        • neural_physics

          P.S if you are right handed like me, then you might learn to prefer the back button on the right. After using the one m8 with its software keys, it’s much easier to reach the back button on right closest to your thumb, rather than stretching across to the bottom left of the phone. It just makes more sense imo.

          • jrbmed08

            The biggest problem is that it’s actually too easy to hit the right-sided back button with my palm as my thumb is reaching for the top of the screen. If I accidentally hit the recents button, it’s not a big deal, but accidentally hitting the back button can be unfortunate.

            I hear that Touchwiz has improved as you mention (the last time I used it was on a Galaxy S3), but I still prefer stock for being simple, streamlined, and easy to use. There are a few additions I think stock should adopt from other UIs (we’re long overdue for a multi-way power menu for all devices and and multi-window for larger devices), but Xposed does a good job of adding in the stuff I want without a lot of extra bloat.

            Of course the G5 will have LG’s UI, not stock, but I don’t dislike it as much as I dislike Touchwiz.

          • neural_physics

            I’ve never had that happen to me, if I do hit something reaching for the top of the screen it is something on the screen itself, not the capacitive keys.
            And people tend to hate LG’s UI more over Touchwiz, I’ve noticed.

  • paul_cus

    And the door opens a crack for HTC…

  • Cnote11

    Thanks for the thorough review. This is as I suspected it would be – just not quite as good as the S7. Now I just have to decide if I want to bother waiting for an M10 review – my guess is that will also not be at the S7’s level, and maybe not even at the G5’s level. The only two hesitations I have about the S7 are that I keep my phones for a long time (3-ish years) so I will almost certainly being paying someone to put a new battery in the S7 at some point if I get it, and I really like the capacitive finger print reader on the back.

    • Grayson

      I don’t think the HTC 10 will match Samsung, but I have a feeling HTC is going to turn things around this year and at least produce something better than the G5.

    • Nez Alarcon

      not quite as good as s7? lol…(read again pls) only for design and water resistance but for performance and other things, it out shine the s7. ^_^

    • Replicant Jason Booth

      Just save yourself the expense of paying someone to do and buy a G5 lol Every critic that I’ve come across as something jarringly different to say about the device… It’s pretty crazy.

  • CarRamRod79

    Did LG improve its theme system from the G4? Mainly is it as good as Samsungs theme system.

    • Haven’t messed with their themes all that much actually. They bury it all in the SmartWorld app, and the AT&T model I used for a while doesn’t even have it.

      • JimBob_SF

        It may upset carriers, but 99% of my phone buying decision is bootloader / root ability. That would be one section that I’d love to see

        Before I get lit up, I may be answering my own question. The guru devs usually need time, but reviews for the S7 were pretty clear on how locked down it was.

  • ASV505

    Happy with my bending 6P purchase still. Was a fan of LG since the G2 but the G4 lost me. Huawei didn’t win me over but Google has.

    • Ismail Akram

      I has s7 edge for almost 20days, after 1st week I put my SIM back in Nexus 6p and started to use S7 edge less and less. S7 looked great but in reality for me S7 edge display was only thing I liked most other maybe design. but for me performance is top priority and in that Nexus 6p wins for me.

      • cdm283813

        That’s how I feel with my iPhone 6S compared to my S7. Safari hands down is the fastest mobile Web experience I’ve used. I never have complaints in the speed department with that phone. I’ve been downloading Web browsers on my S7 because Chrome feels laggy and even chrome on the iPhone feels better. I downloaded the Samsung browser which is faster than chrome but it’s still not as smooth as Safari.
        I’m using “Next browser” and so far so good. I wish Google would optimize Chrome a little better because Next browser does not work in dual screen mode. Every thing else with the S7 has been a joy and I still prefer it to the iPhone 6S.

  • f4bles

    Is there any info when is the G5 software coming to G4?

    • Matthew Merrick

      Maybe never

  • Eric

    Last month, I was ready to jump on the B&H unlocked model, but it just has just fallen off my radar at this point. I never expected I’d be saying this, but now I am a bit interested in seeing what HTC has to offer.

    • Matthew Merrick

      It’s freaky to say, but I think HTC is actually going to best lg this year.

      • neural_physics

        HTC is totally going to rape the g5
        and that makes me happy tbh HTC needs a comeback, even if it’s not the comeback I’m looking for

        • Jason

          this reminded me of parks and rec. *nsfw?


        • Jenniferaobinson3

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        • SamsaraGuru

          If they don’t do something really good it will likely be the end of HTC. HTC has made so so many missteps and false moves in terms of anticipating the market, they can’t afford another so so product.

          • neural_physics

            I think the 10 will be good but considering the s7 edge is a thing, I seriously doubt it will best it in any area besides software / performance

      • Tyler Durden

        Won’t be hard to best LG. Won’t come close to the S7 Edge which is the perfect phone

        • Ismail Akram

          Yes HTC 10 won’t best S7 edge. but if had bigger version with bigger battery (wish AMOLED display) then it could.

        • Kent

          Em, have you SEEN pictures taken with the S7E? It’s very beautiful, yes. It has great battery life, yes. The screen is great! BUT THE CAMERA! OMG… I have one, this is the second, and camera is fast, but quality is NOTHING like reality and NOTHING special. Look at these pictures compared to a more than 1 year old phone that costs 330€, the LG G4. Took them yesterday. S7E is def a great phone, but NOT in the camera department unless it’s low light photography you’re into. Otherwise, everything looks bad and washed out and unrealistic.

    • cdm283813

      I thought of HTC but from what I saw there’s nothing special about the leaks. I’ve been hearing about the camera and that’s not the primary reason why I upgrade. I still think it’s a mistake for HTC to do a home button and ditch the front speakers; that was their trademark for the last 3 years.

      • illregal

        Why do people still think they’ve ditched the speakers.. They’ve teased the audio multiple times.. Still stereo speakers. and “best boomsound yet” Also, that button, isn’t a button. It doesn’t push. It’ll be capacitive, just like the screen.

      • Ismail Akram

        Actually there is nothing special about S7 also its just better version of S6 for most part. only thing HTC will be lacking would be IP68 but if HTC have stereo speakers then IP68 will be equalled by that sound.

        • mtz

          It’s the best overall package in a phone. What are you looking for in a device for it to be something “special”

          • Ismail Akram

            Something we have not seen before. Yes s7 is best phone I agree. I just not sold on its camera, UI and little bit of performance which are actually pretty good but I don’t like them. For those things I like Nexus better and I am in list for HTC 10 now.

          • Kent

            I have the S7E coming from a G4, and I can tell you that the S7E has nothing special that isn’t the build quality. The edge screens are a total gimmick, and are really useless and actually do worse than good since when you hold it and try and touch something with one hand on the opposite side of the screen it touches other stuff.
            Battery life is AWESOME
            Screen is BEAUTIFUL
            Build quality is TOP
            Software is MEH
            Design is MEH
            Speakers are total crap, I have them at 100% always and they’re still not very loud 🙁 – but that’s the price you pay for waterproofing something…
            Camera is not good compared to my G4. I posted a few pictures above in another comment, the G4 kicks Samsungs ass in the camera department unless its low light. 330€ phone vs 800€ phone …
            I am going to get the G5 and see how it compares to my S7 E and G4. The one that works best for me and my life style is the one that will stay 🙂 But the camera on the S7E is VERY disappointing and that’s what is most important to me – a good shooter and the G4 does it, and the S7E doesn’t, ironically…

          • mtz

            To each his own, g4 camera was great, lg’s software is the worst. I purchased the 7E @ lauch for $842 after tax. Si CE I used to work for T-Mobile I was able to purchase a G5 for $260. So Thursday I returned my edge. Having used the G5 for three days now I’m prepared to give the phone away and repurchase the Edge. Fit and finish, screen ,software and I never had any issues with the Edge screen and don’t consider it a gimmick. G5 IMO is half baked, terrible finish, terrible software. If you want to take wide angle photos then it’s great, that’s about it.

          • Kent

            Damn, that sucks. I have my G5 on pre order, but of course it can always go back, but hopefully it won’t disappoint. I really feel like the S7 E is bleh, nothing to write home about except for build quality. In fact, I feel camera quality is very bad 🙁 .. that alone is enough for me to return it since my older G4 does a better job in 99% of the shots.
            But of course, I’ll form my own opinion and get the G5 hopefully in the next 2 weeks from Amazon, and if I don’t like it I have 30 days to return it! Same with the S7 E. I’m very much enjoying the superb battery life!

    • The G5 is for someone who prioritize having a removable battery or you buy one at a discounted rate. HTC hasn’t made a phone that has an excellent camera and rarely discounted. So you’re up to choose: S7 = excellent everything but software G5: removable battery but shotty software and get’s discounted after a few months M10: probably shotty camera and rarely discounted. They you have the Nexus line.

  • Jeff Miller

    Agree with the review.

    I have the S7, bought the G5 to try. Quickly returned it and was happy to go back to the S7.

    Just not on par with Samsung this year.

    Seemed like an unfinished product.

    • Does feel a bit unfinished. I’m sure LG doesn’t want to hear this, but I’m excited to see what they do next year.

      • Erik Tyler

        My problem is the horrible fit and finish. The two cameras on the back are fine with me and I like the wide angle option. I’m also fine with the “paint” finish. But the overall quality control is really bad. Even the front panel that has LG’s logo is horribly fitted (and it’s something you constantly see). I actually really like the phone, but finding one that’s built to 2016 quality standards seems like an impossible mission.

        • eriklee

          Yup, I tried it out in-store and there are unneeded seams everywhere, plastic pretending to be metal, gaps between the module and display, and even some antenna lines you can feel under the paint.

      • Mike

        Or with V20!

        • Nancy Jansen

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          • Mike

            *sigh* Nancy, you’re a c**t.

        • JasonWhite

          Very much looking forward to the V20! Or V11? Whatever they will call it. Hopefully they release late summer.

      • eriklee

        Androidpolice’s review pointed out a lot of the same problems, and they got an angry email from LG (and possibly no more review units for a while).

        • The Doctor

          Seriously? LG sent them a nasty email? It’s the responsibility and the job of the website to review phones fairly, whether LG likes it or not. Android Police had a fair and honest review of the LG G5. LG should be glad anyone would buy this prototype.

          • eriklee

            The reviewer said LG’s spokesperson accused him of breaking their trust and a bunch of other ridiculous things. Same thing happened when Androidpolice mildly criticized OnePlus’s marketing — they got cut off.

            I’m proud of Androidcentral for having some integrity. Vlad Savov (from The Verge) also didn’t like the phone, but his written review had a weirdly positive spin and contradictory statements (it’s a greaaat phone, but just not competitive). Then he ended the video review with “LG’s first attempt is a failure.”

          • Replicant Jason Booth

            Yeah! It makes no sense

          • The Doctor

            So reviewers have to appease the phone manufacturers? That’s some serious BS right there.

        • Adil Tajgeer

          if this is true then i’m done with LG entirely

          • Kent

            They are no different than any other company, you know that right? Apple does the same thing. If anyone doesn’t like their product they aren’t allowed to publish negative things. HTC would do the same. I review some things and I get a letter in almost every box that says that I’m free to review it, but if I find a problem or something very negative I have to first speak to the company before publishing anything or else I get cut off. This is fine, I understand. Droid Life, AP, and every other youtuber hardly ever pays for their own devices, they get review devices – so they get to use a device for 3-6 months for free, and the company asks them to give them a “fair review”, its how they keep getting phone after phone after phone in the mail. If they paid for each device, do you really think they’d be able to stay in business? Lol.

        • Slaughter

          Serious question, you have a source for that statement ? Can’t find anything about it on the lg g5 review from AP…

          • eriklee

            David Ruddock mentioned it briefly in their podcast after the review was published.

          • Slaughter


  • mcdonsco

    “outside of timely potential future software updates”

    Still impressed Samsung actually beat Google to the punch for the April security update. Maybe a change in that regard is coming to Samsung too??

    Of course, niether of my tab s2’s have seen a recent update though, with mm no where in sight :-/ (though they are both at least on the March security update).

    • Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 😛

      • X-47B


        Also, not all updates are created equal. Classic case of Android 4.2
        Still to this date, I never found anything interesting or remotely useful in 4.2. Also Android N bringing multiwindow which already exists for Samsung. So you can see that not all updates are equally important.

    • michael arazan

      A great pitcher who strikes out at bat 90% of the time but gets a home run once a season doesn’t make him a Pinch Hitter