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HTC to Make Two Nexus Smartphones in 2016, According to User on Weibo

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Stated in a post onto Weibo from a reported “often-reliable leakster,” it is rumored that HTC will partner with Google to create two Nexus smartphones for 2016, just as we saw last year with the LG-made Nexus 5X and Huawei-made Nexus 6P. However, instead of two separate OEMs making the two phones, it will be on HTC’s shoulders alone to deliver the goods.

According to the rumor, the HTC Nexus devices will feature different display sizes – one with a 5″ display and the other with a 5.5″ display. No other specs were listed, but we can safely assume any new Nexus smartphones will run the next version of Android, which has yet to be announced.

HTC is no stranger to the Nexus program, as they were the OEM to create the first Nexus device quite a few years ago. Most recently, HTC manufactured the Nexus 9 tablet, a device with mixed reviews.

January is pretty early to hear about Nexus rumors, but as big fans of the program, and even bigger fans of last year’s Nexus 6P, we are eager to see what Google might have cooking up for 2016. Speaking honestly, we sort of hoped Huawei would get another shot in 2016, but if Google is ready to switch it up yet again, we are genuinely curious if HTC can mount a comeback through the Nexus program.

If HTC is in fact to make two Nexus phones in 2016, does this news excite or disappoint you?

Via: Gadgetz ArenaWeibo
  • Nate

    Wish they would keep the Nexus 6(?) model at the 5.7″ screen size and not go smaller. The 5 is great for people who want a smaller phone, where the 5.7″ is great for wanting a larger phone. 0.5″ is not a very significant change compared to 0.7″ just my thoughts.

  • Jacob Hanson

    Here’s my checklist: 6p level of camera or better, SnapDragon 820, wireless charging, fingerprint reader, a nice 5.5″+ screen or slightly bigger, wireless 802.11AD and mu-mimo, and not iPhone thin sacrificing battery size, and somewhat decent looking is a plus. Did I miss anything else?

    • Jeffrey Fazal

      Quick charging via quick charge 2.0 charger and Micro USB Cable to test how much current it is consuming. Oh yeah this one: http://amzn.to/1PdysgD I am talking about with discount on this coupon ..code: 757E9PYD

  • Patrick Star

    Gimme at least a 5.7″ screen. Anything less is tiny.

  • Glich

    eh.. i buy every other nexus anyways..

  • Ronald Dockery

    I’m a little disappointed about this actually

  • chris pinkston

    Before the 6p this would have been exciting but now I don’t know. Almost rather Google let Huawei give us a revised 6p later this year with Sd820 , more ram and call it a day. HTC is capable though so I just hope they don’t screw up if given the shot. Huawei gave the Nexus line the build quality and camera it needed with best overall performance so far…Don’t let HTC take the line backwards in any way Google.

  • Domenick

    I’m still using my Nexus 4 🙂 but I love the build quality and I think HTC will bring that to Nexus. The newer ones
    look cheap to me because of the plastic, but I know they have good specs.

  • Heidi Chan

    Google u can save htc..
    I really regret switching to Sony.. I was a loyal customer for htc since 5 years and I’ll go back to htc.. I’ll probably wait for this nexus to upgrade my Z2

  • seattle tech

    The Nexus 6P is the iphone for android . The biggest difference is that it doesn’t look like an iphone. Now with HTC copying the iphone designs. Googles next nexus will look like the iphone. Good news for HTC.

  • Godzilla

    Not a fan of this decision.

  • George Salcedo

    Not sure HTC needs to make a nexus line, their phones have superior software compared to other flagships. They run smooth 99% of the time with hardly any lag, I can’t say that for many Samsung flagships.

  • s0uth

    Very excited! I hope they bring a premium 5 inch, front facing speakers and a dedicated audio chip! I can’t wait!

  • Google is going to save HTC!!

  • Alan Burnstine

    I have always liked HTC phones. I only switched to a Samsung this go-around because I was disappointed in the camera on my HTC One M8. If the Nexus device has a camera as quick and as good as the Galaxy S6, and a good fingerprint reader, I would certainly give them another chance.

  • Jack Smith

    Please Google create a Nexus phone optimized for VR. Then either include or offer at a reasonable price a VR headset made for the Nexus phone. There are Android phones with over 800 ppi/4k which would be perfect. The biggest problem is latency and that is why I would love if Google created two modes for the next Nexus phone. In the VR mode most things would be turned off and it would be optimized for low latency.

  • wrkerr

    I do hope they stick with two phones for 2016, though I hope the difference between them is mostly screen size, not performance/quality. With a size difference of only 0.5″, I would expect the difference again to be largely in specs and build quality, which would be disappointing. I would rather see a relatively premium phone at ~5″, and then another relatively premium phone closer to 6″. Please though, just keep the camera a priority.

    While I don’t give much credence to these leaks (it’s just too early), it would be great to see HTC finally produce something like this, but with different branding of course.

  • Defenestratus

    Looks like the era of great nexus cameras was short-lived 😛

  • epps720

    Maybe this isn’t so terrible, while I never owned it people (I believe Kellen included) loved the M8 GPE. Aside from the terrible camera that is

  • Lee W.

    Looks like I have to skip a Nexus generation. Hmm, wonder if the 6P will keep me going until late 2017.

  • Trysta

    It might be too little too late for HTC but I think this is a good idea that they should have done sooner.

    Even if the Nexus phones are not good sellers they get the entire industry talking about you. Look what it did for LG and Huawei.

    If this rumor is true it also bodes well for those that wanted a 5p instead of a 5x. I can’t imagine that HTC is going to design two radically different phones for Google and i bet Google will want to repeat the success of a premium Nexus.

  • Mech_Engr_09


  • yankeesusa

    Just imagine, an htc nexus with 820 and in my dreams the mst technology built in like the one in the samsung phones used for samsung pay. That would be awesome.

  • BeerOnTap

    5.5″? So we go from 5.9″, to 5.7″ and now even smaller? 5.7″ is my limit. I don’t want any smaller.

    • I have never heard the “I wont go smaller” argument before but I guess once you get used to it there is no going back…

      • Defenestratus

        My 6P is already too small. The Nexus 6 was a perfect size. Never going back to a tiny small phone. It’s just nonsensical.

    • Orion

      I’m with you on that. I still have my Nexus 6 and there’s no way I’m going down to 5.5 lol. 5.7 is the smallest I’ll go. It’s a good thing this is just a rumor anyway.

  • nee

    i dont want both the nexuses to be made by the same oem…u know just to have a buffer if one nexus is not good enough i could buy the other one.

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  • LionStone

    Yes baby, let’s do this! Bring it on!

  • jon

    im right with good ole pinocio

  • Noel

    Wooohoooo….talk about excitement, i am spraying excitement all over the place. I have been waiting for this since the N1. I hope HTC doesn’t blow it,,,this is the one ticket they really need to bring them back from the brink. I stress make this a battery centric device…give us the first 4000+mAh battery Nexus phone. Oh and for you HTC…don’t even think of any black bar or huge bezels on this one.

  • RichHomieGuan

    if the next smaller 5″ nexus; regardless of OEM, can be as nice of quality as the hardware on the OnePlus X then I’m definitely sold… don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my 6P but the size really does get a bit troublesome on you as time goes on, especially when you’re at the gym

    • s0uth

      Exactly why I ditched the note 3. Cuz of the gym and got a m8 😉

  • Jeremy Buro

    Htc make the new nexus phones u say? Well that’s that, Google might as well ask apple go make the nexus at this point(would be better than htc)

  • drcaveman

    As long as it doesn’t have absurdly gigantic bezels

  • Boomdizzle

    Honestly I loved my m8 and TBH that and the m7 brought a lot of today’s standards that everyone applauds (great sounding front facing speakers, premium materials for the build.) HTC’s problem is that they rode that train for 3 straight years instead of coming up with the next design feature that would set them apart. Maybe this is what they need to get back on track by focusing solely on hardware and not screwing around with Sense (which honestly is probably the least offensive OEM skin and has always been snappy, but does lack features that TW has) since it’ll be running stock android.

    Nexus phones are usually about the hardware since the vanilla android experience is just about exactly the same on every phone, and I wouldn’t put it past HTC to be able to deliver on that. They changed the game with the One m7, who’s to say they couldn’t again? Even everyone practically wrote off Samsung after the GS5 and look how they responded.

    Personally I’m excited. I’m kind of assuming I’ll be ready to move on from my N6 by the time these would release, so I am kind of pumped to hear this.

    • TylerChappell

      Look at how Samsung responded? You mean with an iPhone clone that lost waterproofing, a removable battery as well as battery capacity, and no microSD slot so users would have to pay a premium for additional storage? How’d that work out for them? Oh, that’s right. Sales tanked and the phone’s price plummeted in the first few months.

  • ADI

    what! why htc now? huawei is making good nexus device. I will prefer huawei made nexus 2016 or no nexus till huawei makes another.

  • rj-b

    Was actually hoping Google would manufacture its own. Pixel Nexus…??

  • Cole Cawtuh

    Excites, no black bar plz

  • George264

    Hit us with a M8 Unibody, Nexus 6P Camera and Fingerprint Sensor, Next Gen Samsung AMOLED, Smaller BoomSound on full glass front. Take my money ASAP.

    • ROB

      And wireless charging

  • Antonio Stephens

    First question you have to ask yourself is, how much light bleed on the display can you put up with.

    Nexus 9 probs

    • LionStone

      Really? You’re gonna compare a tablet build to a mobile?

      • TylerChappell

        Why should there be a difference? It’s apples to apples when comparing tablet and phone build quality.

        • LionStone

          Because I’ve yet to see a bad mobile build yet, from the ones I’ve had anyway

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    It’s almost déjà vu. Hoping that Google buys HTC and gets back into manufacturing. Maybe they could and start using HTC to build all Nexus and Pixel products. It’s small enough.

  • Daishi

    Not interested…

  • DainLaguna

    I actually feel like this is a good thing. No one took lg seriously again until the optimus g/nexus 4…maybe htc has the same in store for them.

    aside from the camera, the m9 was a great device. nice, good looking software that stayed fast, micro sd support, fantastic build, great speakers.

    all that, plus a google spec’d camera sounds like a compelling device, imo

  • Ilya Kolodiychik

    At 5.5″, I’m listening. If the Nexus 6P was 5.5″ instead of 5.7″, I’d have considered it. 5.5″ is my limit. I have smaller hands for a dude, lol, and sometimes even struggle with my G4.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      seriously .2 inches is a deciding factor for you? regardless of in hard feel, bezel size and grip of the phone? seems kind of dumb to rule out a phone purely based on screen size.

      • Ilya Kolodiychik

        Considering that I already struggle getting to the top left corner (such as to go back in some apps, etc.) with one hand using my thumb on my G4 which is 5.5″, yes…it’s a legitimate concern for people like me. Perfect size would be 5.3″ or so.

  • Nexus

    I hope not! HTC can’t even make there own phones good! There camera’s are probably the worst on the market! I will probably be keeping my 6p for 2 years, which is fine cause it’s badass all around!

  • JT3

    Somehow, I just don’t buy this. Last year at this time, maybe, but I think, if anything, 2015 taught Google the benefits of having two separate vendors provide their simultaneous takes on the Nexus line. The prior year, people positively screamed for a new 5″ Nexus. Going into the latter half of 2015, the odds would have strongly favored (what became) the 5X as being the break-out Nexus, but Huawei did such a fantastic job on the 6P, that it very quickly eclipsed the 5X, and became not just the favored Nexus, but the favored *PHONE* of 2015 for a lot of people (including tech journalists). If anything, Google would be smart to continue that trend, having multiple manufacturers involved, increasing the likelihood that at least one of them will make an outstanding Nexus device. In short, I can certainly see HTC being favored to make a Nexus phone next year, maybe a tablet as well, but certainly not two phones.

    • Orion

      Exactly! No way Google is going to have HTC make two phones. One maybe. But two? No way. Weren’t there rumors of Huawei making a Nexus phone again this year? These are just rumors. It’s too early to tell. Nothing is concrete.

  • netanil


    Worst. Cameras. Ever.

    That’ll be The Death of Nexus and therefore The Death of Android.