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Android Pay Rewards “Tap 10” Could Land You a Free Chromecast, Songs on Google Play Music

android pay

Google launched a new promo this morning for Android Pay that could land you a bunch of free stuff, including songs on Google Play Music and a Chromecast.

The promo is called “Tap 10” and involves paying for items with Android Pay, hence the “Tap” portion of the name. The idea is pretty simple – the more you tap and pay, the more free stuff you get. If you tap and pay once, you get to pick a free song from Google Play music. At your 2nd tap, you get another. Same thing at your 6th tap. If you continue to tap and pay for the next month and hit the 10 mark, Google will give you a free Chromecast. Yes, a free Chromecast dongle.

The Chromecast will be redeemed via promo code on the Google Store, in case you were wondering.

The promo is open now and runs through February 29, so you have some time to put in that Android Pay work. The rest of the terms and conditions can be found here.

On a side note, we aren’t yet seeing this promo in our Android Pay app. I’d imagine this is a part of the update that is rolling out this week, so if you get it, feel free to open Android Pay and see. If you don’t normally use Android Pay and are now considering it just to receive a free Chromecast, you might want to wait until you see the promo show up in the Android Pay app. According to a reader who sent us the info, the Android Pay Rewards is showing up as a card in your list of cards that when tapped, brings up the UI you can see in the screenshots below with details on the promotion.

Now, get to tapping!

android pay free chromecast android pay free chromecast-3 android pay free chromecast-2

Cheers Jonny D, Josh, and Jeff!
  • Darris Mouser

    What did I miss here? I read this article back when it came out and I never received anything regarding this. I went ahead and paid for everything out of my android pay but still never received any sort of notification.

  • zack logan


    I followed all the directions, I made the required amount of purchases, yet when I inquired about my free chromcast, Google told me that I was not one of those currently selected to participate in that promotion..

    that was the entire reason I signed up for the stupid Android Pay!

    Please tell your readers

  • Anthony Harper

    I just tried to redeem my ten taps for a Chromecast and was told I had been selected to get music instead. I don’t listen to very much music. I called them. It is a bait and switch. Beware.

  • m-p{3}

    🇨🇦: 😢

  • engemasa

    The good parts of my conversation with Support:

    me 9:24 AM

    So a system is randomly selecting people to have access to this promo?

    Sandra G 9:24 AM

    That’s right.

    me 9:24 AM

    What are the qualifications for this system to be selected?

    Sandra G 9:25 AM

    You just have to use your Android Pay.

    Easy peasy!

    me 9:25 AM

    …Doesn’t sound very fair, in my opinion

    Sandra G 9:25 AM

    Why is that?

    me 9:25 AM

    what makes someone more qualified than someone else?

    Sandra G 9:27 AM

    It’s not a matter of qualification, Scott. It’s just a random selection.

    Some people are selected this time and some are not. Just random.

    me 9:27 AM

    “6 of 1, 1/2 a dozen of the other”

    That’s a matter of semantics.

    Sandra G 9:28 AM

    It’s like spinning a wheel of fortune.

    Some spins are wins, some are not.

    me 9:30 AM

    Wheel of fortune is a matter of force applied on a wheel with a central axis and knowing how much resistance is going to be applied on the wheel.

    That comes down to humans not being 100% consistent with the force applied on the while and not know the variable of resistance.

    If those two variables were know and consistent then a person could get exactly what they wanted every tie


    Sandra G 9:30 AM

    I can send you some information on the promo, including a link to the Terms and Conditions, if you like.

    me 9:30 AM

    …Not a very good metaphore

    ….I already have that link

    In fact I sent that link to you in the beginning of our conversation

    Sandra G 9:31 AM

    So you did. Cool. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    me 9:32 AM

    Yeah… make it so I can participate in the Tap-10 promotion

    point 2 on the ToC page of the Tap 10


    The Offer is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) states of the United States (“U.S.”) and the District of Columbia (“D.C.”) (excluding Guam, Puerto Rico and all other U.S. and foreign territories and possessions) who are currently physically located and residing therein, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the date of participation, and who are current App users who have registered payment information in the App on their Android Device. Participants must also have either a valid social security number and/or a valid U.S. personal tax identification number.

    I live in Michigan

    I’m 33 years old

    I have the Android Pay set up

    a valid social security number

    Sandra G 9:32 AM

    And per that paragraph you are eligible to participate.

    No question.

    me 9:33 AM

    Point 3

    How to Participate

    To participate, individuals must first have set up the App on their compatible Android device and then opened the App to view the Offer’s welcome screen. To set up the App, which is free, go to https://play.google.com/store and follow the instructions to add the App by completing all requested information and registering a valid credit or debit card (“App Account Information”). Thereafter, participants who Tap to pay for a purchase at a contactless terminal at an Android Pay merchant may be eligible for a Reward.

    No where does it state that I may not be able to participate

    no where does it state that a “system” may or may not randomly select me

    Sandra G 9:35 AM

    You are eligible to participate in the promo, Scott. Participation does not guarantee selection.

    me 9:38 AM




    the action of taking part in something.

    I cannot participate

    You have a system of selected which is not stated in your ToC (Terms and Conditions) anywhere

    *system of selection

    So from the stand point of a participant, this is not fair

    since those “rules” of the promotion are not statred


    Sandra G 9:42 AM

    The Terms and Conditions say “Thereafter, participants who Tap to pay for a purchase at a contactless terminal at an Android Pay merchant may be eligible for a Reward.”

  • HS A

    Here’s my explanation: I ever been doing crazy amount of research of trying to figure this thing out and doing my best to answer questions mostly in person since most people ask me.

    1.) Not everyone is guaranteed a chrome cast.
    2.) Not everyone will get the offer to participate

    3.) I believe that the rewards is just a testing phase as of right now so not everyone gets to do it.

    My experience:
    I actually deleted the android pay app back in November and got a direct notification and email from android about the offer.

    Upon opening the email, you should literally be directly told what the program is and what you’re expected to win upon the 10th tap. Some that get the offer wins free songs and that’s about it. Others would receive the chrome cast that shows availability on the 10th tap.

    It’s very simple for the process of simply paying with your phone. For me I hardly used the app before the offer was given out. So I’m assuming it’s a testing process with a reward incentive for those that don’t use it. It could also be for those with a specific bank such as Chase or PNC.

    In the end if you’re lucky to receive the offer, you have till Feb 29th and you are to receive it through a coupon code as mentioned in the terms and conditions.

    Here’s my setup for taps
    1st tap) free song
    4th tap) free song
    7th tap) free song
    10th tap) Chromecast

    Sorry about constantly using this as replies rather than making one complete post. Hope this helps

  • I’ve still got version 1.2.111627672…um, where’s my update so I can participate too?

    • HS A

      I’m starting to think it’s right now under the testing process before making it public.

      Like a select amount are chosen to test it out. The deal works and this is real I can promiss you that. I myself already won it. Try looking for this email through gmail. (This email is mine and it told me that I was chosen to win the chromecast)

      • any possibility of sharing the APK you have of the Android Pay app? or do you think that wouldn’t matter b/c it’s driven by account or gmail address.

        • HS A

          Already tried that with one of my friends. It didn’t work. I also think it wouldn’t matter anyways. I only redownloaded the app after being notified directly so I think it’s driven by account.

    • HS A

      Sorry forgot to add it

  • HS A

    From what I’ve been hearing, only a selected are offered to take on getting the chromecast. I myself am one of them, according to the gmail. I’ve been using Android pay (Google wallet) for 1.5 years.

    Can’t be having an old Gmail since I had mine for a good while.

    Here’s what mine says

    1st Tap: 1 song
    4th Tap: 1 song
    7th Tap: 1 song
    10th Tap: Chromecast code

  • engemasa

    Is anyone else still waiting for the new updated for the AndroidPay application? I’m still on 3.9 but I don’t see this promotion.

  • EliBook

    For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Chromecast by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

  • Natty Bee

    So…I had this rewards thing in my Android Pay app until I added a payment method and started making purchases. Now it’s not there, though I have used Android Pay several times and actually find it quite convenient

  • Shawn Custer

    meh…. Don’t really need another chromecast and I don’t have android pay setup anymore. I got a new phone then realized I would have to jump through all the hoops again to set it up, so not all that interested anymore. I’m even debating on wether to just uninstall it.

  • Greg Mapes

    Still don’t see this in my Android Pay app and I updated it days ago. Getting annoyed with staged rollout BS from Google.

    • HS A

      Only a small select are chosen. Trust me I know.

  • Jason

    If only any of my credit cards were accepted by android pay

  • Ricardo Reyes

    I would use android pay if my card was supported. Every time I try to upload my card it says it’s unable and I must contact my bank. I try at least 1x a week. My bank says it’s more than likely Google and AA haven’t reached an agreement.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Kindve glad I got the best buy $20 promo for my wife and I. I’ll just go get my other Chromecast on Monday. BTW the card hasn’t shown up for me either. Maybe after my best but credits are gone….. Lol

  • gpzbc

    Weird. Still nothing here.

  • Here is an excerpt from the AP Tap Rules

    From: “https://www.android.com/pay/tap-10-rewards/terms-and-conditions/” – Under # 5 General Conditions – half way down.

    “Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual found to be tampering with the participation process or the operation of the Offer, to be acting in violation of the Terms and Conditions, or to be acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person. Any person attempting to defraud or tamper with the Offer will be prosecuted and is not eligible for a Reward. In the event the Sponsor detects fraudulent participation, said participant engaging in fraud will be charged back the amount of any Reward(s) to his/her Google Account. In case of a dispute over the identity of a participant who submitted a Tap, the authorized account holder of the email address affiliated with the App account will be deemed the participant. The “authorized account holder” is deemed the natural person who is assigned to an App account using an email address that has been assigned by an internet access provider, service provider, or other online organization that is responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address. Said owner must comply with these Terms and Conditions, be the person who completed the act of Tapping, and, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, may be required to provide proof of ownership of the email account”

  • jim

    Samsung pay gave me a $100.00, just to put it on my phone, works everywhere first time every time, so I’ll stick with it

  • My Story:

    I bought two Original Google (OG) Chrome Cast (CC) 2013 & 2014
    1st on day 1 and the 2nd Anniversary
    Motorola Droid Turbo1 (BN64) STOCK (NO SU/ROOT)
    – NO Fingerprint Scanner.
    – Android Pay (AP): NEVER ever used
    – Google Wallet User: Twice to buy both OG CC from the Google Play Store (GPS) under my account/gmail

    Wife has no CC in her name, rarely casts anyway (A/V & Entertainment is this Nerd Man’s responsibility)
    Samsung Galaxy Five (SG5) STOCK (NO SU/ROOT)
    – Fingerprint Scanner
    – Android Pay (AP): NEVER ever used – Configured today
    – Google Wallet User: NEVER ever used – Configured

    Both phones are on the same Verizon Wireless Account (under my Name).

    We share our TD Bank checking account,
    We each have our own personalized Debit/Credit Cards
    We have different Legal Last_Names and Charge Card Numbers

    Right after I added her DEBIT/CREDIT card to AP
    1. It immediately verified her info and CARD with TD Bank
    2. The AP Loyalty Card appeared.

    Wifey potentially can be rewarded:
    +3 free songs and
    + One GPS code valued at $35
    ++ Good only towards the purchase of a CC2
    Must be redeemed before 3/29/2016 (I think).

    I am out, I tried and No DICE: Maybe it is only one per household.

    I tried removing a card, adding a new card, removing an old card, re-adding that old card, uninstalling the app, re-installing the app.

    *NO BULLYING. (period) – THEN I READ THE RULES and Little Bunny Fu-Fu is hopping back down the trail and into the forest.
    Gonna wait patiently for WIFEY to stop at McDonald’s everyday perhaps twice a day for food for this winter’s hibernation.

    I recommend reading the rules, they were very specific about what one can and can not do to remain qualified to earn a reward.
    * I think there is language in there that pertains to being kind to your fellow human
    If “THEY” suspect fraud or perceive questionable techniques, tactics or treatment, etc. – “reserve the right to…” sanction the alleged protagonist
    If “THEY” prove fraud or gain evidence of questionable techniques, tactics or treatment, etc. – “give them the right to pursue for collections”

    That’s our story,
    Hope it helps!
    Good Luck!

  • Snowbo13

    free chromecast for paying for stuff 10 times…. easy

  • Jeffrey Hernandez

    be nice if Chase bank would get on the damn bandwagon

  • Joey Wollenburg

    I just installed android pay and don’t see a rewards section. Any help on this?

    • HS A

      You have to be chosen from what I’ve been hearing from my friends. Lucky me, I was the chosen and won it.

  • Erick Wright

    I still don’t see anything in the promo maybe because I use the app so much and I haven’t used my free Best Buy $20 gift card yet

  • 萨夫 侯赛因

    US only.. Why the **** can’t I use Android Pay in the UK. There’s literally no excuse.. Almost every retailer has now got a NFC pay point, I see iPhone users pulling their phones out often to pay.

  • Sporttster

    MXPE with unlocked BL and root…no go for me….

  • EngineerGunter

    OnePlus 2 owners are shaking their fists so hard right now! Happy with my OnePlus One, though Android pay hates Cyanogenmod… Can’t win ’em all, I guess…

  • Maxx_75

    I used to use it all the time but it since has stopped working at Haggens and when I tried to use it at Best Buy they authorized the card 3x and I ended up with about $1000 hold on my card for 4 days while they figured it out. I still had to pay with another physical card.

    So after a few bad runs I have stopped using it for awhile.

  • Daniel Mazzella

    I’m afraid that this is an incentive for people that don’t frequently use Android Pay, and for us users that actually do use it will not get the promotion.

    I use Android Pay at least once a week, and I haven’t received any notification regarding Tap 10 yet :/

    • mmajeski06

      Same. I use it 2-3 times a week. GF averages 2-3 a month. She got the promo. I didn’t. Oh well, we can share the Chromecast haha.

      • Daniel Mazzella

        Haha exactly. Time to talk the wife into installing Android Pay on her Edge and getting her to use it when she goes to Whole Foods.

    • Sir_Brizz

      I have used it a handful of times, no promo.

    • Daniel Mazzella

      Had my wife register and her 10th tap promo was just another free song :/

    • gpzbc

      I’ve never used it and I still don’t have the promo.

  • mmajeski06

    Arbitrary roll out? I don’t see the promo in my Android Pay. GF opens it on her phone (same version) and gets the promo immediately

  • master94

    These deals are great. So far I’ve spent less than $10 on Android pay but already got a Android toy thingy and $20 best buy gift card. Chromecast here I come.


    So does it have to be at a participating vendor store, or can i use it at work on tap and pay vending machines and get credit??

  • Armaan Modi

    Come on Sundar!Make Google do something for Indians as well! Enough of these US ONLY gifts!

  • Cowboydroid

    Maybe if it actually worked all the time, I’d use it. Half the time it doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t even register at the scanner. Never had that problem with Google Wallet.

  • litobirdy

    what version of the app do you need. no pop up for me when I opened the app About app is 1.2.111627672

  • JT3

    Free songs kind of sucks for us All-Access users. I wish it had been movie rental or something instead.

    • I still get them. What if one day I stop paying? 😉

    • CHRIS42060

      There are also some songs not available on All-Access so there is that.

    • michael arazan

      But if you own the songs, you can download them to your device, all access doesn’t do that

      • Actually, All Access lets you pin songs to your device, which is the same thing as downloading. It works great for trips without data coverage or for downloading songs you want over WiFi rather than streaming them over a limited data plan. It also comes with YouTube Red.

      • dev*

        You can download anything you want in All Access, and play offline, I use it all the time. You can even download the “radio stations” (it picks a selection and downloads a few hours worth) which I love for travel. I think the DRM has an expiration date if you are offline for a very long period of time though I’m not sure what that is.

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Still nothing here, could it be that none of my cards are officially supported? I know this cause I went to set up my wife with her cards on her account and none of them we accepted.

  • Well, on my 10th tap I get a free Chromecast. Walgreens here I come!

  • Allyn K C

    From the promo rules: “This Offer may offer and provide varying levels of extra incentives (“Rewards”) or no Reward at all to participants who use the Android Pay application (“App”) to pay for a bona fide purchase (each such use, a “Tap”). ”

    This phrasing seems odd … is it just saying that not all taps will result in a reward … or is it saying that the promo rewards can vary by participant, and some may not get any rewards?


    • UKTK8

      Might as well uninstall the app at this point then. I have no incentive to use it at the handful of locations that supports Android Pay. NFC payment will die off before it catches on at this point.

      • Allyn K C

        I already use it several times per week (my card is supported, and a couple places I go for lunch use NFC readers) … but I understand your point.

        Between limited card support and limited roll-out of compatible readers, there’s a steep obstacle to consumer use. Plus for those who lack a fingerprint reader, the required unlock can be a nuisance that would limit use of it further.

        • UKTK8

          I’m sure promo’s like this “encourages” people to use it at those limited business but why not just offer it to everyone? I’m assuming they are doing this to get more people to use it, so why limit yourself?

  • UKTK8

    Is anyone seeing a free chromecast on their 10th tap? Most people commenting here only see a free song with the 10th tap. Just wondering..

    • ProvoAggie

      Mine is showing the free Chromecast.

    • Mine shows a free Chromecast

    • JB_Gator

      Mine also just shows a free song.

  • Tyler

    Got this pop-up when I opened the app.

  • asdasds

    Gotta love my local credit union Altra Federal Credit Union (which is pretty large) and Chase still do not work with this. Google needed this ready at the time Apple Pay was ready. Now everyone is trying to get in on it and its a clusterfuck of rejections from banks/credit unions

    • UKTK8

      Apple Pay is what Google Wallet should have been. Instead, they sat on their laurels and got passed up by the competition. Now they are trying to play catch up and consumers are left with this clusterf@#$^

      • Defenestratus

        Don’t really think thats the case.

        Most of my Apple fellow people don’t even know about Apple Pay. I know my wife can’t use it because the fingerprint scanner on his 6S doesn’t work!

      • Sir_Brizz

        They weren’t passed up at all. Plus I know plenty of places that have dropped NFC payments because of the expanded support for some reason.

        Apple Pay implements a financial industry standard that Google switched over to as well. Other than that they are the same thing.

    • Shane Shahamat

      You can add any debit/credit card to it. My local bank is not participating either, but I added my debit card to Android pay and use it with no problems.

      • Andrew Hime

        I try adding my credit union debit card every few days and it doesn’t work. Worked fine with Wallet. Someone above mentioned adding the Wallet debit card and now I’m finally in.

  • Rich Robinson

    Root therefore no Android Pay

    • DanSan

      somebody mentioned it earlier, if you do systemless root AP works

    • JSo

      Stock Android and Systemless root. Android Pay works.

  • Hunter Hubers

    This sucks. My tenth tap just gets me another song. Why?

    • Shane Johnson

      Me too smh. I want a new chromecast

      • Puck85

        Just wondering, would either of you happen to already have a chromecast? could Google know that you’re already using a product in this category, and therefore sees less purpose in offering you a chromecast?

        • EliG

          I thought maybe you were on to something, because I’m not seeing it and I used to have a Chromecast. But then my buddy who has a Chromecast and uses it regularly, had it showing up on his Nexus 5 (which the NFC is broke) but on his Nexus 9 it isn’t there on Android Pay.

    • duke69111

      Same here. 10 taps gets you three free songs. No chomecast.

  • vwbeetlvr

    My 10th tap is only good for a song, not a chromecast.

  • Shane Johnson

    I only have the option to win 1 song on the first tap 1 song on the fifth tap and 1 song on the tenth tap. No chromecast. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • UKTK8

      Must be the luck of the draw. I don’t even see anything about rewards in my updated app.

      • Jason Habecker

        got of the phone with Google they are randomly selecting users for the promotion so not everyone will get an opportunity to receive this

      • Erick Wright

        No luck me neither I guess I’ve used it too much already

    • vwbeetlvr

      Same here. I bought a 2013 and 2015 chromecast day 1 and this is how they repay me.

      • Shane Johnson

        I have another device. I’m gonna see if I set it up on there if it will be different.

      • Defenestratus

        Google has absolutely NO concept of consumer loyalty whatsoever.

        Just look at the fact that they regularly give iOS users additional features above and beyond Android users.

        I’d bought every nexus since the first one, and ordered my Nexus 6 on launch day with 1 day shipping, but it shipped a day after everyone elses’ so I got it the same day as everyone who just paid for regular ground shipping. There’s $25 gone.

        Don’t ever expect Google to throw you a bone because you’ve stuck with them through thick and thin.

        • besuretodrinkyourovaltine

          You sound bitter. Real bitter.

        • FknTwizted

          Wow! I only expect quality equipment and service. Apparently mommy and daddy didn’t spank u enough.

        • bleached


      • mike

        LOL I’ve gotten so many free movies and more Google Play cash then it cost me to buy me 2 Chromecasts. Thanks for nothing Google!

        • Sir_Brizz

          I haven’t got any of those freaking promos…

    • JRomeo

      maybe only 1 tap per day allowed.

      • HS A

        Nope, I used it at a Mcdonalds consecutively in 5 min intervals

        • JRomeo

          then how did Shane win a song on the 10th tap? instead of a chromecast? I dont understand.

          • HS A

            I suggest you look at my comment post about that. I sorta explain it. It’s somewhere in this post.

            Every deal has a catch. Not everyone are chosen to win the chromecast. That’s the catch

    • kansasorpat

      From the terms: “All Taps must be at least five (5) minutes apart to be eligible in this Offer.”


      I know what you mean and mine shows the same thing. It shows 1 free sing on the 1st, 5th and 10th tap. I think the people’s below didn’t understand what you wrote, but I did because I just checked mine. I haven’t purchased anything, I just opened the 10 tap card in pay and mine didn’t show a Chromecast on the 10th tap. Sux because I don’t need the songs, so I won’t use it

      • The War Doctor

        This is not a rewards program for those of that use Android pay often, it is to get new people signed up to start using it. I went and checked my Android Pay app and it didn’t show the Tap 10 rewards card but when I switched to my other Gmail account (that I had never used for Android Pay) it popped up. You need to open a new Gmail account and link you phone to it then open the Android Pay app and switch to the newly opened Gmail account before the Tap 10 promo will show up…

    • exit88

      Me too.

    • The War Doctor

      This is not a rewards program for those of that use Android pay often, it is to get new people signed up to start using it. I went and checked my Android Pay app and it didn’t show the Tap 10 rewards card but when I switched to my other Gmail account (that I had never used for Android Pay) it popped up. You need to open a new Gmail account and link you phone to it then open the Android Pay app and switch to the newly opened Gmail account before the Tap 10 promo will show up..

      • EliG

        Yeah I just tried that, and no go. :'(

        • The War Doctor

          Hummm… Well maybe it has to be a Gmail account that has been made for a while but not in active use for Android Pay. Both of my gmail accounts are years old. I created the second Gmail account when I got my first Android phone because I had forgotten that I had one already, nor did I remember the password. I ended up remembering the password but I continued to use the second account for Android because at the time the only way to change a primary Gmail account was to factory reset and I did not want to go through the hassle. So when I heard about the Tap 10 the first thing I did was check Android Pay on my phone only to be disappointed not to see the promo. To be honest I use Android pay quite often when I stop in to McDonalds, so that’s probably why it wasn’t included in the Tap 10 promo. But then I had a thought and I switched the Gmail account from the primary account that I used for Android to the other and then the card popped up… I just got my Chrome Cast yesterday via Fed-ex…

          • EliG

            Yeah, that’s what I did. One of my other Google accounts had a card attached to it. So I tried another that didn’t and no go.

          • The War Doctor

            Well that sucks… It worked for me, but then again I may have been an exception…

          • HS A

            I can agree with your statement a bit for I can confirm your claim. Here’s how they’ll put your rewards count.
            1st tap: free song
            4th tap: free song
            7th tap: free song
            10th tap: chromecast

            Here’s what it looks like once completed. (I bought a game at gamestop to get the last one btw). Don’t know how to use a chromecast, but I can conform that the reward works and may be selected to new users. Yay!!!

  • Cael

    Don’t see it in my Android Pay. bummer

  • Francisco Peña

    my bank isn’t accepting, but my amex is. so I guess I will need to get 10 candy bars over the course of a week at walgreens.

    • CHRIS42060

      I buy energy drink every night I work in a bar and Walgreens….. 10 days and I got a Chromecast lol

      • BeerOnTap

        Energy Drinks are so bad for your heart.

        • Alex

          So are the ladies.

        • CHRIS42060

          Yea……. Gotta die of something though.

      • Jose Romero

        You already got it? Didn’t the promotion start at most 3 days ago?

        • The transactions only need to be 5 minutes apart, so technically you can get it in a single day I guess.

          • Jose Romero

            But I was wondering how he already got the Chromecast since he said it took ten days but at the time of writing the promotion was only live for no more than 3 days.

    • JRomeo

      you could always add your Google Wallet debit card to the Android Pay app.

      • Andrew Hime

        THANK YOU! Wish I’d thought of that on my own. Was able to use my credit union debit card before, but not on Android Pay…

  • K P

    Wish I could use Android Pay.Has never worked for me.

  • soccerburn55

    The struggle

    • CHRIS42060

      I am literally going to use Android Pay 10 times, get a Chromecast and have no television without one to put it on haha.

      • Cherieawilson

        1❝my neighbor’s mate is getting 98$. HOURLY on the internet❞….

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    • Cherieawilson1

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  • Daddo0711

    Gah! I WANT to use this but we don’t have an account with any of the supported banks or cards (No Chase Bank? Really?)

    • Indianajonze

      i have chase bank and it works fine

  • person

    Challenge accepted

  • soccerburn55

    The struggle is real.

  • Anthony

    It would be great if Google would get off their ass an work with major banks such as Chase and get Android Pay supported. I am forced to use Samsung Pay since Android Pay is not supported. How did Samsung beat Google to the punch? C’mon.

    • UKTK8

      I imagine google can only do so much. Especially when Chase is trying to launch their own NFC payment app.

      I wish I had the capability to use Samsung Pay. They are beating Android Pay because of the ability to use it virtually anywhere a credit card can be used. I find myself wishing Android Pay had that same capability instead of a handful of places while all the other retailers won’t be switching to NFC pads any time soon.

    • Cael

      Chase is waiting for Chase Pay to fail before they flip the switch on Android Pay /s

    • papi

      Chase is a major investor of apple

    • Sir_Brizz

      My local credit union supports it, this is all Chase’s fault.

  • Seth

    I have the update and see the offer. Except on mine it says I get to pick another song on my 10th tap. :-/

    • UKTK8

      Where did you find it?

      • Seth

        Went into Android Pay and it’s listed with my other cards. The card looks like that green Tap 10 logo that’s in the post.

        • UKTK8

          Yeah, definitely not seeing it. 🙁

          • Seth

            Keep checking your updates in the play store. My Android Pay just updated a day or two ago

          • UKTK8

            I got updated a few days ago. I’m on version 1.2.111627672


          • Seth

            Same actually. 1.2.111627672

          • The War Doctor

            This is not a rewards program for those of that use Android pay often, it is to get new people signed up to start using it. I went and checked my Android Pay app and it didn’t show the Tap 10 rewards card but when I switched to my other Gmail account (that I had never used for Android Pay) it popped up. You need to open a new Gmail account and link you phone to it then open the Android Pay app and switch to the newly opened Gmail account before the Tap 10 promo will show up.

    • Daniel Garcia

      What version do you have? I have 1.2.111627672

      • Seth

        Same. 1.2.111627672

        • The War Doctor

          This is not a rewards program for those of that use Android pay often, it is to get new people signed up to start using it. I went and checked my Android Pay app and it didn’t show the Tap 10 rewards card but when I switched to my other Gmail account (that I had never used for Android Pay) it popped up. You need to open a new Gmail account and link you phone to it then open the Android Pay app and switch to the newly opened Gmail account before the Tap 10 promo will show up….

    • Caleb Shahamat

      Mine says the same thing. 10th tap i get a free song. So im not sure on the free chromecast deal.

  • DanSan

    i’d love to use it and get the free chromecast but doesnt help me since im rooted.

    • adbFreedom

      Depends what you need root for… I am using chainfires systemless root so I can have custom kernel tweaks (leankernel) and modified build.prop for tethering and dpi and I am still able to use Android Pay

      • DanSan

        did not realize this. im still on 6.0 on my N6 using franco kernel so i could root. I’d definitely switch to systemless, dont even need the kernel. just want it for adblock and titanium really.

        I’ll have to look into this. is it just flash superuser file in recovery and done?

  • Aaron Batt

    My bank STILL doesn’t support Samsung OR Android Pay! Curse you small local bank!

    • Skrewee Lewee

      You and me both. Dammit.

    • CHRIS42060

      If you add any credit/debit card into the app it will allow you to use it through tap and pay. My bank is not officially “supported” but I still use the account for tap and pay all the time.

  • Killa

    Run to Walgreens……put 10 things in my cart…..go to register and pay for each one individually using Android Pay……WINNING? (still allowed to say that right?) 😛

    • EC8CH

      taps need to be a least 5 minutes apart…

  • BoFiS

    Now if only Android Pay actually worked instead of claiming my phone isn’t running android…which it is >:o I’m really upset with them since I used to love using Google Wallet to tap and pay for stuff, and haven’t been able to since Pay launched…

    • JSo

      Custom ROM I’m assuming?

      • glimmerman76

        or one + one

  • Xious

    I’d be all about Android Pay if Barclay would get their act together. My CC worked just fine in Google Wallet but quit working with Android Pay. Sense = none!

    • glimmerman76

      Barclay is working on there own payment system…..

    • Adil Tajgeer

      it’s pretty annoying. the only cards i’ve added into android pay are my bofa cards.

    • UKTK8

      Looks like they launched it in their own app… http://www.engadget.com/2016/01/15/barclaycard-android-nfc-payments/

      • Xious

        That app only applies to the UK. The Barclay app for the US doesn’t have that functionality. I wonder if they plan to add it to the US version or go with Android Pay?

    • I use my BarclayRewards credit card via Android Pay at my local grocery store and Walgreens all the time. And I get the double points rewards too.

      • Xious

        How did you add it? Every time I try to add my Priceline Rewards card, it says my bank doesn’t support Android Pay.

  • UKTK8

    I got the update to Android Pay but don’t see anything about rewards in the app itself. Do I need to do anything to set this up??

    • Daniel Garcia

      Same here. Got the recent update but I see nothing about offers.

      • Adil Tajgeer

        maybe there is another update coming. i think the last update was a couple days ago

    • Allyn K C

      Same here – I’m wondering if there’s another update coming, or if Google needs to send a message out to the app to activate the offer?

      • UKTK8

        I’m on version 1.2.111627672

        • Allyn K C

          That’s the same version number I’m seeing in my App Manager.

          • jhardy93

            That is the same version I see and I just downloaded it today when I heard about this promotion. I guess I will keep watching the app and see if the card ever shows up, because I do not have the tap 10 reward card yet either.

    • CHRIS42060

      The terms and conditions says “To participate, individuals must first have set up the App on their compatible Android device and then opened the App to view the Offer’s welcome screen.” I have the same version as you but when I load the Google Play on my computer it shorts a January 13, 2016 update so that might be what we need.

    • HS A

      I would agree that it’s a chance of luck. For me I was notidied via email. Here is what it looks like in my email.

      Nothing to do with Gmail age, nor update, I believe it’s just a matter of who gets it and who doesn’t.

  • Guest

    Wait so I pay 10 times and get a Chromecast????

    • Pretty much.

      • Adil Tajgeer

        time to find a bunch of cheap stuff at the wallgreens

        • Guest

          That’s what I’m doing!

          • Adil Tajgeer

            10 packs of gum!

          • glimmerman76

            remember the taps have to be 5 minutes apart….

          • Adil Tajgeer

            oo good to know!

            the wallgreens near me is on my way home from work. i can spread out my purchases over a couple weeks

          • Guest

            Thank you! Saved me right there.

          • alarson83

            So stop at a place that takes android pay on the way to/from work for a week. Done.

          • EC8CH

            I’ve got a pop machine at work with a credit card reader with tap to pay… dis gun be easy

          • Champion1229

            Some of those vending machines charge an extra $0.50 to a $1.00 when you use the card reader.

          • EC8CH

            not this one… thanks for having my back though bro *fistbump*

  • I’m sorry Google but with Samsung Pay on my phone I have no reason to use Android Pay except for storing my Library, GNC, & LA Fitness cards but as soon as Samsung includes this feature in Pay your app will be on the disabled list.

    • Col_Angus
    • glimmerman76

      I will still tap and pay with google for a free chromecast. I used my nexus 6 for 1 payment to get the free bestbuy gift card then went back to the edge plus. Its a no brainer.

      • Adil Tajgeer


      • Tim P

        enjoying the lagfest Touchwiz?

        • glimmerman76

          You really need to get a new line….. I have a nexus 6p and still like the edge plus over it since it has samsung pay. once you add nova launcher its like touchwiz is not even on the phone.

          • Tim P

            nope, touchwiz is still running in the background causing terrible ram mismanagement and will make the phone lag when you do serious multi-tasking..

          • glimmerman76

            Yet I have yet to see it….. I have had up to 10 apps open never a problem. Then again your claiming ram mismanagement when its actually aggressive ram management on the s6 series and note 5. If you have 10 to 12 apps open the last app in the list may have to reload

          • Dario Sanchez

            I just bought a nexus 6p, my edge plus was beautiful but no matter how much tweaks I did with nova and the theme store, the notification shade(wifi connection), dialer, settings and other stuff still reminded me I had touchwiz, so its currently sitting in a drawer. Just wish it had front facing speakers and ran stock Google.

          • glimmerman76

            I get that but I’m running a custom theme on mine so I dont see it like you do.

          • JB_Gator

            I too have a Nexus 6P, but I’m confused by Samsung Pay (I realize it only runs on Samsung phones, hear me out…). I guess my question is, why does it exist? Why didn’t Samsung just use Android Pay since it runs Android on its phones? Honest questions here, I just don’t understand what could be different/better about an app that just makes it so you can tap to pay with your phone.

          • glimmerman76

            Samsung owns the patent to MST. They bought looppay and its in a the 2015 Samsung flagships. I can pay almost anywhere as it has MST and nfc. Other android phones can use MST.

          • JB_Gator

            Ok, just looked up MST and it makes a little more sense now. I didn’t know that was a thing, but sounds very useful – not even sure why anyone would use NFC (unless, as I assume, Samsung is hoarding the rights to it for this reason).
            But did you mean that other android phones CAN or CAN’T use MST? Because if they can, then Android Pay should update with that compatibility as well.

          • glimmerman76

            Can’t use it. That’s why Samsung pay is only on there phones.

    • Tim P

      lol, won’t touch the lagfest Touchwiz..

    • So what you’re saying is you are a lifetime Samsung customer? I like Google services because they are more universal across different devices. Samsung is working more and more to lock people into their products until they believe their user base is big enough to switch to Tizen without losing too many customers.

  • litobirdy

    Oh this will be really easy to get with my local shop rite

  • Eric

    My kingdom for “systemless” Xposed

  • If only I could use it with Xposed and other system tweaks.

    • BobButtons

      Root > Android Pay. Supposedly there’s a systemless root for my phone that allows it to work but haven’t given it a go. I don’t patron many places that support it anyway.

      • Systemless root does work if you delete a few files under /su, but once you load up Xposed or make some other system changes it fails.

      • Raven

        Our company’s vending machines have NFC payment now, but alas Android Pay does not seem to work with them. If they got that working, I could easily be to 10 taps in 2 weeks or less. Time to figure out who to nag.