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Buy a Galaxy and Samsung Will Pay Your Monthly Phone Payment Until 2016, Come From an iPhone and Get More

galaxy s6 edge+ nougat

Samsung, on a random Saturday morning, announced a new promotion to try and entice customers to make the switch to one of their flagship phones for 2015. The promo is also offering a special bonus to those who own an iPhone and are thinking about making the move to the good side of the Force. 

The promotion is this – make the switch to a Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, or Galaxy Note 5 on an installment plan through T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or US Cellular, and Samsung will cover the monthly cost of the phone until 2016. In other words, they will pay your monthly phone bill for the next 3 months. As a bonus for those coming from an iPhone, Samsung will also reward your intelligent decision with a $100 Google Play credit, to help get you all of your old apps from iOS.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.00.53 AM

The full details of the promotion can be found at this Samsung Promotions site. I suggest you head there, read the fine print about timing, how the claim works for your monthly phone costs, how you trade in your phone, etc.


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  • Misha Bear Lipkin

    So… Appearantly if you bought the phone before 9/25… you cannot get this deal… Man what a joke.

  • Total_telecom

    OEMs and carriers are taking advantage of consumers who really are not that tech savvy. Very few really understand the tech and its capabilities.

  • Total_telecom

    Give back removable battery and storage, until then Samsung is dead to me.

  • russ

    iPhone is for old folks. Don’t you people know?! Apple uses amassing screens in iPhones, but not the best ones. Note 5 is 4k, and octocore, and if u don’t know what that stuff is, stick with apple. Ignorance is bliss

  • Larinx

    Samsung really sucks. Like really.

  • Tomek G

    Will it work with new TMO Jump scheme?

  • Ari

    ScamScum is desperate. In 5 yrs they’ll be a niche player, at best, in smartphones.

  • Curtis Baker

    Interesting and confusing…So Samsung will pay my entire bill (Mobile service and installments) for 3 months? I will head over to the fine print..

    • Defenestratus

      No. They’ll pay your phone payment plan.


  • Faheem Lashari
  • Promo Grabber

    I preferred last year’s, “trade in your old phone and recieve $200 towards your new phone” deal. It let me buy my Note 4 outright for $100. That way, even if I cancel my contract, I still own my phone. This new deal results in the phone still being owned by the cell service provider until it is fully paid off.

  • Tyler Durden

    Returned my Note 5 for S6E+ and did that the 24th…I better be eligible

    • cdm283813

      I have a feeling you will be trading up again to the Nexus 6P.

      • Lenardo

        I assume you are being sarcastic. Most will be passing on the 6P with built in 810 hand warmer. Oh wait its an 810 v2.1, that means some of the warming was replaced with massive throttling.

  • editorinchimp

    “11 beautiful stars who have aged horribly”

    The advertising on this site isn’t just obtrusive. It’s appallingly offensive. “Sponsored links” of clickbait garbage are destroying the internet.

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      what about the celebrities who were arrested for horrible crimes one? ….the only that always has black men most notably Will Smith…..something he was never tried for due to him not commiting a crime and thus falsely solidifying in people’s minds that black men are dangerous.

      • WhineMuch?

        Well, if you look at the statistics…

  • Spruce Cycle

     > crapsung

    • Rob Thatcher


  • Sporttster

    If they had included a sd card in that Note 5 and lowered the price some, like closer to $600 and not a ridiculous $800+ I would have bought that phone instead of the Moto X Pure. As it is, the value of the X was just too good to pass up. That and the camera is finally good…..Sammy, you’re blowing it….

  • Godzilla

    Not enough to sway me, samsung. You still have that god awful touchwiz running on your phones. So no, I will gladly pay my phone bill and keep my brand new X that has a camera which rivals yours now. Thanks.

    • WAldenIV

      The G4 has the best camera around.

  • Plus

    My 6s plus is like my unlimited data… You’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. 3 months of payments won’t even cover the added depreciation, Sammy.

  • editorinchimp

    Samsung is just a low rent, laggy iPhone wannabe at this point since they’ve abandoned its main selling points over iPhones. Hardly the light side of the force.

  • HeatFan786

    Samsung is really desperate because Apple continues to beat them.

    • Ruffo

      Apple is beating everyone. Actually Samsung is doing better than the other Android phone manufacturers. It’s just when Apple went big screen it screwed Samsung the most.

      • cdm283813

        And you know; that’s how it should be. Phone against phone. Not those silly lawsuits.

        • J Redstone Esq

          Unless someone is infringing on a patent.

          • Total_telecom

            I’m so sick of patent squatters

  • HotelQuebec

    Took advantage of the Ultimate Test Drive offer which is better with $100 trade-in + $100 Google Play credit.

    • S Kepster


  • cdm283813

    I literally just got my wife an iPhone 6s like 4 hours ago. But she hates Android so I’m not winning that argument. But what’s really nice is that 12 months from now she can get the iPhone 7 (Verizon) and continue to make payments or I can sale it myself because Apple phones have decent resale value. Only reason Android can’t do the same is because the resale value sucks on our phones.
    That Nexus 5X better be super cheap and that Nexus 6P better be excellent. I smell trouble for Android in general. A new iPhone every year is enticing and I’m starting to feel jealous.

    • Samir A

      You’re weak. And your wife is fat.

    • Defenestratus

      As long as Google keeps targeting 3rd world “emerging economies” with android and android one, the iPhone will rein supreme. Google isn’t even trying anymore to compete with Apple. Its a pretty sad state of affairs.

      • pyro74boy .

        Wow are you like living the past? It’s not 2007 anymore and I want something called cold hard facts proving that Android is still not the dominant force in the smartphone space not your stupid biased opinion about it?l

        You are just one of the very many Apple crybabies who refuses to admit that Android is dominating regardless of the success of the new iPhone.

        I bet you’re one of those morons who is going to claim that market share numbers don’t matter when you’re over here Android still continues to grow and take a bigger lead over iOS and when you take into fact that many of these people are switching from iPhone to a high end Android phone this is a huge deal.

        You also know that regardless of how well last year’s iPhone sold Samsung at the beginning of this year still took the lead 4 the largest handset maker in the world that’s right they took over the lead and beat Apple at their own game so stop your nonsense immediately

    • pyro74boy .

      I’m getting so sick and tired of peoplr claiming that the resale value on Android phone suck this is simply not true. Sure if you buy a cheap Android phone don’t expect to get any money for if you try to resell it but if you’re like me who only buys high end phones you should have no problem whatsoever getting your money’s worth even if you try to resell the phone. I got $400 for a samsung galaxy note 2 on eBay that wasn’t even in the best shape. I’ve been reading so many miss reading things about Apple on an all things Android website called Droid Life. People please stop kissing Apple booty

      • imronburgundy

        You overpaid. Average price of 32 gb Note 4 on Ebay is $350 refurbished. Compared to 64 gb 6 Plus (no 32 gb) at $550 average. So, according to Ebay economics, resale value is definitely better for these comparable phones, but I’m sure it’s the same across the board.

        • pyro74boy .

          I think you’re confused I didn’t buy a note 2 for that price I sold a note 2 for that price not the same thing. Recently I did this by the way.

          The beauty of eBay is that you don’t have to be annoyed by low ball offers and people telling you that your item is worth less than what you truly know it is with the use of reserve auction. With a reserve auction the bidding can end with the winner of the auction being one penny below reserve price and the winning bidder still won’t get the item unless they’re willing to pay nothing less than reserve price. I’m very honest when listing things on ebay or craigslist if there’s any defects with the product I list them in the item description.

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        You mad bro? 😂😂😂

        • pyro74boy .

          What is it that I’m supposed to be mad about?

          Your screen name and a picture of Apple next to it is a dead giveaway that your just a butthurt Apple fanboy.

          I have no idea why iPhone an fan is even on a website called Droid Life? Why don’t you go to the Apple blogs where I’m sure your kind will agree with you in everything that you claim? LOL

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Yeah you mad 😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not mad about anything lol

  • Eikast

    How’s Samsung phones the good side? Samsung is a horrible phone manufacturer. If you’re into Android there are far better alternatives than Samsung. You can’t really give Apple crap and let Samsung slide. They make horrible phones and from what I hear, their phones still suffer from that horrible memory bug. Plus anything that Apple does, Samsung follows in suit. Sure, Apple made larger phones and after years made a stylus for their iPad Pro. But year after year Samsung takes after Apple. Hell, their new design phones look identical to the iPhone (button of the phone) design.

    The last Android phone that I used for a month or so was the HTC One M8 and that was a pretty good Android device. HTC Sense was a joy to use and it didn’t slow down the phone at all. It’s design was unique and it didn’t try to be Apple.

    • jagema

      Not sure if trollbait? Samsung phones are FAR from horrible. This year with the S6, Samsung introduced the world’s best display in a smartphone period. The fastest processor in the industry, best fingerprint scanner in the android share, UFS 2.0 storage, premium build quality, the best smartphone camera optics, fast charging, … They actually have the largest and fastest RAM modules in the industry as well, which are unfortunately hindered by the software. I don’t own a Samsung device, I have a Nexus 6, and I am not biased. The truth is, Samsung’s issue lies in their software, but going as far as saying that their phones are “horrible” is at best, a hyperbole.

      • Sporttster

        Agreed. My Note 3 is still and dang good phone. The camera is basically why I’m upgrading to the Moto X Pure. The rest of the phone is still very capable after two years of owning it. I don’t agree with what they did this time with the Note 5 removing the sd and non removeable batt and that high high price. That’s why I’m going Moto X. The value is just too dang good to pass up…

        • jagema

          A colleague of mine has a Note 3 and truth be told, it seemed a tad slowed down by TouchWiz. Still a “dang good phone” though! SD cards went away because of the new UFS 2.0 (basically super fast flash storage) not being compatible with SD cards – something rumored to be fixed by next year’s iteration. Removable batteries? While the curved glass back may have something to do with that, I really didn’t expect that to disappear– especially from the Note line. Reading today’s Nexus 6P’s 3450 battery at 5.7 inches, it made me wonder why Samsung didn’t do the exact same! Let us know how that Pure camera rolls btw!

        • Total_telecom

          Note 3 was the best device Samsung made. Hands down

      • Матт Реякіпѕ

        It really depends on what you define as best in a smartphone. Most Android users who choose a flagship Android phone over an iPhone do so because of the specs and being able to add memory and change batteries. Samsung removed the ability to add storage and remove the battery in the S6. It also only comes with 1 GB more RAM than the iPhone 6s does. There are plenty of Android phones out there with more RAM and still have removable storage and removable battery that are also cheaper than the S6. Samsung wants to be the Apple of Android. Trying to maximize profit by offering less than the competition at a higher cost.

        • jagema

          My definition of best is what is, through exhaustive testing (ie anandtech), objectively best hardware. I think it’s safe to say that nowadays it’s hard to come up with the name of a phone with a removable battery any longer. You are right about the 1GB more, actually, but that’s compared to a phone that’s not even out yet, and has slower RAM (by the way, the Note 5 has 4GB DDR4). If Samsung wants to be the Apple of Android, that’s fine by me: Apple didn’t get to where it is today by offering trash devices. I think that they will have to lower their retail prices though, judging by the market’s trend.

      • vzwuser76

        Yes, their hardware is good, but in my experience it doesn’t last. And that’s the experience I’ve had with all of their products, not just their mobile devices. I will say that when they’re new, they’re great, but after a year with my S3, I threw in the towel and washed my hands of them. The only phone I’ve owned with more issues was the Thunderbolt.

        • jagema

          Yeah, I feel you. I think the same could be said of just about any consumer electronics though. Planned obsolence, perhaps? Since the S3 there have been major improvements to Android’s way of dealing with flash storage rewrites though. That means that, before, filling up your device would slow it down even if you cleared it up afterwards. And thankfully Touchwiz has been slimming down by the looks of it.

          • vzwuser76

            That’s great if that’s the case, but that’s only one of a few gripes I had with mine. When I first got the S3, I thought it was the greatest thing ever, but like I’ve said I had more trouble with that phone than almost any other device I’ve owned. I have family members who have Samsung devices yet, one of them is on their third S5, each with different issues. I know there are people who have these devices and have literally no issues with them, but I’ve never had that luck with any Samsung product. Bad luck I guess.

          • DaManFitty

            I know i’m late to the party but you are comparing a S3 to an S6, S6E and S6+E and a Note 5?? The newer devices are leaps and bounds better than the S3…So your point is invalid…If IF Samsung phones are so bad then why are they the top selling device on the Android platform??? I use to like Stock Android ….But the consistent problems are mediocre battery life, below average camera and crappy displays….There’s not an android device that’s better than Samsung. The only gripe I have with the newer versions is that they should have kept, at least, one of the most standout options(ie Removable Battery, Micro SD card and IR Blaster)….Stock Android is for people who like Rooting their phones and getting faster updates….But the majority of Android users buy Samsung….In the Area in which I live I either see an Samsung device or an Iphone device with sprinklings of other devices now and then…..

          • vzwuser76

            And the S3 was leaps and bounds better than what came before it, so what? I haven’t had luck with anything I’ve ever owned from Samsung, most of it craps out just after the warranty expires.

            Why are they the top selling Android platform? Part of it was due to the fact that they were the first Android OEM to get one model, ironically the S3, available cross carrier. Being able to go to any carrier and see the same model made a big difference in people’s minds back then, “every carrier has it so it must be good.” It also helps that they throw every spec they can think of inside them, because who doesn’t like more specs? And lastly because they follow Apple in terms of marketing the crap out of their products.

            So your reasons that I should go with Samsung is that the majority of people use them? What kind of reasoning is that? In actuality, the majority of people use iPhone, if we’re talking individual models and companies and not just OS vs OS, so then we should all use iPhone. I use what I use because it serves my needs best, I don’t care what everyone else uses. They don’t have the same needs I do, and I don’t have the same needs as they do. You pick what works best for you, not get it because everyone else did.

          • DaManFitty

            Ummmm, first you need to learn how to read and comprehend….I didn’t say you should buy a Samsung device…..What I said was, “but you are comparing a S3 to an S6, S6+, S6+E and Note 5??”…..Nowhere in that comment did I suggest, imply or try to persuade you to get a Samsung device…..”And the S3 was leaps and bounds better than what came before it??? “so what?”??? You just proved my point!(SMH)….. Oh and you are wrong about that….The S3 wasn’t the first Samsung model(Know the facts!!!)…..Do your research….

            Marketing like Apple?? All of the major phone manufacturers market their phones…Yes Samsung has the money like Apple so Yes, they can market it like Apple…But the Note line wasn’t anything like Apple……

          • vzwuser76

            Take some of your own advice. I didn’t say that the S3 was Samsung’s first device, which should be pretty obvious with the three in the model number. I said it was the first model available cross carrier. That means it is the same model across all carriers. The original Galaxy S was not the same model available on all carriers. Each model for each of the four carriers were different from each other and had different names on each carrier. IIRC the T-Mobile version didn’t even have a camera flash. On top of that there was an international model different from the carrier models. The S2 wasn’t available on Verizon. So the S3 was the first model available cross carrier without any changes made to them other than the bands they supported. And the international model on differed by using a Samsung CPU rather than the US models which used a Snapdragon CPU.

            When I said the S3 was better than what came before it, the point was that even though it was better than previous models, it still had many issues, at least in my case, but I’ve seen people saying the same things on the forums. The devices may perform better, but I’m talking about how they hold up over time, not just about initial performance.

            Saying that most people buy something means it’s the best isn’t necessarily correct. There are plenty of situations where the best seller isn’t the best product. And I don’t root or ROM, but I like stock Android because it performs better in day to day use without a need for higher end hardware. The fact that people are still talking about lag on a device with a quad core CPU and ddr4 memory is ridiculous. If it was once in awhile I could understand it. But when reviewers and users mention it in their experiences with it, that means they need to address it. As far as saying you were trying to get me to go with Samsung, when you’re saying everyone else has one because it’s the best, doesn’t that imply that if you’re not into rooting that Samsung is the clear choice, since that’s what everyone else is doing?

            Another thing I should’ve mentioned as far as reasons why Samsung is doing better than other OEMs is that they established from the get go a clear brand, the Galaxy. They were the first Android OEM to do so across the board. There isn’t a Samsung phone that doesn’t carry the Galaxy moniker, except for a few lesser models and their one Droid model. Otherwise the Galaxy name is on everything, which makes if more identifiable to people who aren’t as well versed in tech matters. Motorola had the Droid line early on, but that was limited to Verizon, and only recently came out with a global name, the Moto series. LG around that same time put out their G2 and kept consistent with it. They had the Optimus line, but most of their stuff was carrier exclusive models each with their own brand that was limited to specific carriers. HTC had the EVO on Sprint, but didn’t start trying to unify their line until the original One series a couple years after the first Galaxy phone. And in that way they’re also following (as are others now) Apple. From the jump there’s only one phone they sell, the iPhone. There isn’t a phone made by Apple that doesn’t have the iPhone name on it, and that is easier for the masses to get behind that if the changed the name every year or for every carrier.

          • DaManFitty

            WHAT???? I’m not even sure how to respond to you because you are all over the place. One thing is True….Samsung has sold more phones then all of the Android phones sold combined. That’s a Fact!!! Second, once again I did not tell you nor suggested you should buy a Samsung device. Droid Life’s fan base is mostly “Stock Android”. I used to be a stock android fanboy but got tired of the mediocre battery life, less than average camera and the not so good viewing angles(got better, but still). I use to own a Galaxy Nexus…used to have horrible battery life, camera and you couldn’t see it in direct sunlight. Samsung phones are the best overall smartphones in the Android market…That’s a Fact!!! Sure rooting personalizes it for you but who has the better camera/Video…..Samsung(Overall across All platforms)….There is no phone that can compare to the Note line….It is a “True” Phablet…All the others are copies..Including the Apple Iphone 6/6s….They’re just big for the sake of being big….

            The last paragraph of your novel, once again, proves my point(Samsung being the Android class leader). I’m all about the Android platform but truth be told Samsung is King right now until another phone manufacturer unseats them.

          • vzwuser76

            You’re the one who started the novel wiritng, I’m just replying to each point.

            Your first point Samsung has sold more than any other OEM is a fact, I never disputed that. Your second, that they are overall best Android devices, is a matter of opinion. Yes they have the specs, but like I said, for all their high end hardware, Touchwiz is their undoing. When they still have lag doing simple things, that’s just sad.

            You keep bringing up rooting, when I’ve said I don’t root, but still prefer stock as it is lighter and runs more efficiently than heavily skin devices with hardware being equal. The Galaxy Nexus is a poor example. Look at the devices that came out that year that were comparable. All the 1st Gen LTE devices were crap, they ate batteries like mad, and none of the cameras from any Android that year were much better than any other one.

            Yes they are the Android class leader, by doing what Apple has been doing from the start and setting up a single recognizable brand.

            You seem to be taking this rather personally. I mean seriously, this much hostility because I don’t agree that while Samsung is selling the most, that they are the best? It’s called personal preference and opinion. You love them, great, have fun. I don’t agree, which is why I don’t give them my business anymore, simple as that.

        • Donte Rogers

          U admitted having a thunderbolt. That’s admitting to having a Storm

          • vzwuser76

            Hindsight is 20/20. I only had the phone for the 14 day period, but that was enough to know it was a pile.

      • AbbyZFresh

        You’re completely delusional, the only thing Samsung is lacking is their TouchWiz optimizations, but they’re slowly improving on that from the passt 2 years.

        Everything else from Samsung, from RAM, camera, hardware, fingerprint scanner, Exynos chip, and fast charging time, all blow past the other Android manufacturers.

        • jagema

          Pretty sure that wasn’t meant as a reply to my comment? 🙂

        • SlashSnake

          Must be you haven’t heard of the new SONY phones yet.

    • Michael Harrison

      It really is kinda of a lateral move. Samsung really has become the Apple of the Android world (and I’m not even talking about design stealing, from either side.) The way they run their business now, it’s really no different. Plenty of sheeple on both camps.

  • Chris

    Everything I see says you have to trade in an iPhone?

    • cdm283813

      Not a good deal if you have to trade the phone in. Verizon just gave me $200 for a 16GB iPhone 5 and I used it to pay my October bill.

      • Total_telecom

        16gb 5s is bringing $250-$350 on swappa. Depending on condition

    • nate

      Look at the official terms. There’s two separate offers: one for buying a Samsung and an additional offer if you also trade in an eligible iPhone. You give your carrier your iPhone, and prove that you did this, and Sammy will give you $100 Google play credit. You don’t have to do the iPhone part

  • trwb

    Got a $100 gift card from best buy when I bought the G4 full price. Better deal imo.

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      G4 FTW =)

  • LewisSD

    Ill Jump on this! I wonder if it works for switching from an S6 to the Note5

  • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

    And not on AT&T? Lol

    • CoreRooted

      Yeah, exactly my reaction… Although it was more along the lines of “screw you AT&T!!!”

  • DC_Guy

    A random Saturday morning? Riiiigghht. Just so happens to be the day after the launch of the newest iPhone. Poor Samsung. Can’t wait to see S-Touch introduced on the S7 in January.

    • Larinx

      It will be called 3S Touch

      • Vendela Anderson

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      • pyro74boy .

        3d touch is a gimmick.

        I remember back in the day when pushing on a phones touch screen too hard or too rough could actually break the touch screen depending on the type of screen you are using. I wonder if Apple did this deliberately so people can break their phone.

        • Duffman


          • pyro74boy .

            Yes I troll the troll lol

    • pyro74boy .

      First of all where is this proof that Samsung phones don’t sell anymore just because of the new latest iPhone? I expect Apple to have a very strong and of the year just like they always do but I see absolutely no evidence that as well as the new iPhone sell that Samsung phones are no longer selling. You also might be interested in knowing that as well as last year’s iPhone sold within the first week after the holidays Samsung still became the number one manufacturer in terms of overall handsets sold and this was before the new Samsung s6 came out or was even announced for that matter. Lol

      You are also going to cry because you do realize that the bigger phone design Samsung started not Apple the iPhone 6 plus is a direct copy Samsung Note line of phones and anyone would be a fool to even try to argue this valid point of mine. Wow samsung also was making smart watches before Apple even started to design one. Lol why is it that I continue to run into more people like you on a website called Droid Life? Lol

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        “the bigger phone design Samsuung started”

        Actually, they didn’t: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_Streak

        • pyro74boy .

          I know it’s going to be almost impossible to convince a person with the screen name droid doesn’t _2 that there wrong about anything that they post lol

          The fact remains that no matter how much you try to twist and turn things around this was Samsung’s design not Apples and I know you’re going to cry yourself to sleep this evening and every other night afterwards but other manufacturers got the larger phone design idea from Samsung and if you truly actually think they didn’t then someone is extremely butthurt in in major denial. Lol

          How’s that job at Apple treating you Mr Cook? I bet it’s great to bring home such a healthy salary. Lol

          • kevinkee

            Samsung real competitors are not Apple but lower price Android phones. Samsung sales have been dropping for third consecutive years now, despite still being number one, their growth is negative. Android is everywhere, why pay premium price while you can get the same experiences with cheaper price from HTC, Sony, LG. Apple does not have this problem since they have their own unique OS.

          • pyro74boy .

            You’re looking at only parts of it where I’m looking at the full picture year-over-year Android is still dominating and still hold the title with well over half of the market so Apple still has a ton of catching up to do before they can even give the Android operating system a true run for its money. I expect Apple to have a very strong end to this year just like they always have and I would be lying to myself if I said that they’re not competition because competition is good for everyone I’m not denying it. However Apple is not in as much control as many people seem to think they are. I’ve talked to more than a handful of people that were at one time by heart iPhone users and they swear by it every single day but then after using in experiencing a phone like the Galaxy Note they said that they wish the iPhone could perform the same way as my phone dead I’m quoting them not me.

            I was very disappointed today when I tuned in a Google event streaming it live only to hear the commentators bring up Apple basically every other sentence if I wanted to know about Apple I would watch an Apple Keynote today was about the Google Nexus event and yet all the commentators wanted to do was kiss apples booty for almost the entire program it was so bad I just turned off Ustream and moved on with my day.

          • kevinkee

            I agree, but we are discussing about Samsung phones, not the whole Android lines.

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m talking about all Android phones together as one entity. When were talking about Android vs iOS we are talking about Android as a whole not just one manufacturer. At least that’s what I was getting at.

          • kevinkee

            I refer to your initial post, which I believe you weren’t talking about “Android phones together” but “First of all where is this proof that Samsung phones don’t sell anymore just because of the new latest iPhone?”.

          • pyro74boy .

            I think you confusing me with someone else because I’m team Android all the way.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Android is “dominating”?? Dominating what exactly? Profits? Nope. App Store revenue? Nope. Developer interest? Nope. There is not a single meaningful advantage that “Android” derives from its market share “domination” other than to be able to say, “we sell more cheap, unprofitable, throwaway junk than you do”. Which is why Samsung is so desperate that they have resorted to bribing people with this hilarious promotion. Yeah they sell a whole lot of phones, but the phones that they REALLY want to sell (flagships) are being avoided like the plague, which is why their profits have continued to drop for 7 straight quarters. So while you fandroid doofuses are screaming “market share! market share!”, Apple is crying all the way to the bank with 92% of the industry profits 😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Looks like someone is drinking their Apple Kool Aid this morning. Android has been dominating for years regardless of what you think or say. I still have no idea why an apple clown has found their way to an all things Android website? year over yeat market share growth proves my point. What about the point in fact that more people prefer Android phones versus the iPhone this is not something I’m claiming this is a fact that with a survey done with both people using Android and iOS devices found that the majority of the people preferred to switch from an iPhone to a phone running Android and said after the experience with Android that they never wanted to use the iPhone ever again I’m calling them not me. So the fact that Android has the lead and owns well over half of the market in the smartphone world already goes against you and your prophetic part of your argument against me you clown.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Again…dominating WHAT??? A bunch of race-to-the-bottom, fake iPhone peddlers selling their junk at or below cost making ZERO profits…yeah, Apple is REALLY threatened by that. What you Fandroid retards fail to understand is that achieving market share is the easy part. All you have to do is price it low enough, or give it away for free, and the bottom feeders will come running. The real challenge is being able to achieve both high volume sales AND high profit margins, and only Apple has been able to acheive that, evidenced by the fact that Android’s ONLY profitable vendor, Samsung, has been losing money for 7 straight quarters. Yet another clueless Fandroid with absolutely NO business sense; priceless 😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Are you blind Apple zombie? Android has been dominating in just about every category. Why is it that you completely dismiss everything I say? Someone like you doesn’t want to talk about smartphone market share because it goes against you in this part of the argument so you’re going to completely dismiss the fact that Android phones well over of a smartphone market worldwide and keep in mind that many of these people are switching from an iPhone to an Android device. There was a poll taken by people who use the Apple iPhone and also users of Android devices this fact alone proved that more people were switching to Android from iOS not the other way around also the same people were die hard users of the iPhone and then after a week or less with their Android phone and I’m quoting them they said that they would never ever buy anything from Apple ever again. Why is it that people like you feel the need to come on in all things website about Android? You’re wasting your time fan troll. I also expected Apple to have a very strong ending to this year just like they always do with the iPhone however does this mean that the sales of Android phones have gone down unfortunately for you troll the sales of Android devices is also not dying down. My best advice to someone like you is to post your nonsense crap on one of the Apple iPhone blogs where I’m sure your kind will agree with you lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            If I’m wasting my time, why do you keep responding?? Hey don’t get mad at me because you prefer an iPhony over the real thing. And guess what? I’ll post wherever I want to; just because YOU are so insecure and can’t handle a difference of opinion is not my problem, Fandroid. Now go download another virus protection app for your iPhony; you’re gonna need it 😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .


            You keep on trying to claim that I’m avoiding the question When I have quoted IDC when they said that Android has dominated the market I’m quoting them not myself. Lol

            So Android things aren’t the real thing? Funny everyone I know who is using the iPhone has told me after using my android phone that they wish that there iPhone could do all the amazing things that my Android device can do and please remember I’m quoting them not myself once again.

            You were the one who replied to me with your nonsense false statements so you can start right now by not replying back to me.

          • pyro74boy .


            Good morning fanboy check this link out this is going to make you cry lol

            Samsung made a huge increase in q3 of this year a $79.8 increase the company called Samsung has already made over 3 trillion dollars that’s right trillion with a T. This definitely goes against you claiming that Samsung is losing money.

            Eat dirt roll.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            The semiconductor division posted a healthy growth, with the unit projected to earn 3.5 trillion won ($3 billion) at a year-on-year increase of 54 percent. With smartphones sales flagging, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth.


          • pyro74boy .

            Are you really that stupid?

            I guess you are for the simple fact that my point was that Samsung is over 79% ahead In overall profits as a company regardless of how they did it the company is still making money regardless of holiday did it profits are profits and they are ahead big time compared to the same exact time last year and that makes someone like you cry themselves to sleep every single night because its profits regardless of how they did it and they are still picking apples but at the end of the day and I try someone like you crazy

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            So…Apple competes with Samsung in SMARTPHONES, not SEMICONDUCTORS. Do you really think Apple cares how many SEMICONDUCTORS Samsung sells??? Are you that desperate to try and score points by bringing up points that have nothing to do with smatphones??? Just admit that you thought you saw and opportunity to score points and now you look like a fool. YOU were the one who said “Samsung smartphone sales are up 79%”, proving that you simply read the HEADLINE, not the ARTICLE, because if you had read the article you would have known that their recent profit had nothing to do with smartphones…

            Please keep the ignorance coming…sooooo hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            What ignorance?

            The article clearly states that Samsung as a company made over 79% profit compare to the same exact time. Last year. My point was that you want all of your way to claim that Samsung was losing money when they’ve actually have made over 79% profit therefore proving that your resources are invalid and outdated for the simple fact that my link is much more up-to-date than yours. Lol

            How can you even begin to be so stupid and narrow minded to even have the nerve to reply to me claiming that Samsung lost money when indeed they are over 79% ahead of the same exact time last year? At this point your argument couldn’t be any weaker because my point was and still is that they are making money not how they made it Mr Tim Cook

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Actually that wasn’t your point…this was your point, and I quote (from you):

            “You obviously are blind. Lol sales of Samsung smartphones has gone up over 79% compared this same time last year so please do your homework because you just got schooled lol”

            Your point in posting that link was to try and prove that Samsung SMARTPHONE SALES were responsible for their first profitable quarter in 2 years, PROVING that you didn’t read the article. It was only when I pointed out that it was their SEMICONDUCTOR sales that was responsible for their recent profits that you changed your tune to this:

            “my point was that Samsung is over 79% ahead In overall profits as a company regardless of how they did it”

            Again, Apple couldn’t care less about how much money Samsung makes from semiconductors, because Apple doesn’t COMPETE with them in that market. You can’t LOSE a game that you are not even PLAYING in, oh ignorant one.

            Boy this is too easy 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Wow I’m not denying anything I said or even how I said it little child.

            Samsung as a company made over 79% profit and if you don’t think that their handsets had anything to do with their success then you’re dumber than even I thought. Lol

            I love it when someone like yourself has absolutely nothing at all intelligent to add to the conversation especially when they know they have their back up against the wall and then they try to use the tactic of trying to use someone’s own words against them and still gets owned. Lol I’m not going to give you the satisfaction because I’m not denying anything I said or even how I said it.

            The fact remains that my link is much more up-to-date than yours as it was posted less than 1 week ago and you’re going to sit here and claim that Samsung is losing money when in all actuality they’re not. You have absolutely no leg to stand on little child

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Actually, their handsets DIDNT have anything to do with it:

            “”The semiconductor division posted a healthy growth, with the unit projected to earn 3.5 trillion won ($3 billion) at a year-on-year increase of 54 percent. With SMARTPHONE SALES FLAGGING, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth.”

            Reading is fundamental, fandroid 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Crying to me won’t change the fact that Samsung has managed to make over 79% profit compared to the same exact time last year so stop this nonsense at once don’t hit the reply button again you’re embarrassing yourself more and more the more you reply to me and sent you reply to me first you can do us all a favor by just leaving Droid Life we won’t miss you lol

            I bet you thought I was going to deny what I said even after you quoted me saying it lol I’m not going to give you that satisfaction you’re just in major denial you little butthurt troll. Please stop this nonsense at once you are just making a bigger fool out of yourself every time you hit the reply button I have an up-to-date article your article is outdated this by itself proves that I’m right and that you’re wrong stop this insanity

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            You’re too proud and stupid to deny what you said because you don’t realize that you’ve been caught talking out of both sides of your mouth. You try to put on this brave face but the truth is that you’ve asked me about 10 times to leave this site because you’re tired of getting owned and you wish I’d just go away 😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Oh my god your last comment was by far your best one yet I must give you credit because you basically described yourself right down to a tee.

            I don’t just sit here for the hell of it and totally embarrassed myself like you have been from the very beginning ever since you attempted to call me out in the first place you have absolutely no leg to stand on whatsoever and you’re still shooting off your mouth like no tomorrow.

            And now you’re just embarrassing yourself to even higher heights and even I thought possible. You would just be much better off at this point by simply not saying anything at all but nope you just continue to make a bigger fool out of yourself and that’s totally and completely okay and fine with me because the people reading the comments know who’s right and who’s wrong and the best part of all is that the link that I posted is less than a week old and the links that you keep on posting are completely invalid an outdated because mine is the most recent link that all by itself prove who is truly right in his stupid pathetic argument of ours.

            You Apple troll with the screen name and I quote droid doesn’t_2 with the Apple logo on the left hand side have been beaten and you’re still on here crying to me over the fact that you lost this argument from the beginning.

            I haven’t denied anything and all you do is just dig yourself a bigger hole each and every time you reply.

            I must thank you because this is just pure entertainment for me and the more you reply making a total and complete idiot out of yourself the more I laugh so go ahead make my day keep on replying back to me we can go on and on as long as you would like. Lol

          • pyro74boy .

            Last time I checked the demand for Samsung devices was so high that they were Selling them faster than they could make them. Someone like you is also unaware of the fact iPhones sold last year that shortly after the holiday season 2014 that a report came out proving that at the beginning of this year Samsung still took over the lead beating even Apple at the coming the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of units sold. Lol so this would go against your stupid 7years statement proving once again that you have not done your homework and come on a website called Droid Life and continue to be a major pest

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “Last time I checked the demand for Samsung devices was so high that they were Selling them faster than they could make them. ”

            Samsung will discount Galaxy S6 phones after launch sales disappoint:

            Fandroid ignorance on display for the world to see 😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Speaking of ignorance someone with the screen name DroidDoesn’t_2 with a picture of Apple’s logo on the left hand side trying to post on an all things Android website called Droid Life definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Lol

            So you really want to have a link war? You tried this before and just got embarrassed hardcore doing it. Lol

            Facts prove that at the beginning of this year Samsung was still the largest manufacturer in the world in terms of units sold making your link completely invalid and not true. Lol

            I still have no idea for the life of me why people like you continue to exist on an all things Android website? If you’re expecting me to join the dark side of the Apple cult then you’re completely wasting your time moron.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Let me help you, oh ignorant one. Samsung sells a lot of phones; as you keep clinging to (ignorantly), they are the number one smartphone vendor by volume. But guess what? The majority of that volume is made up of the cheap, bargain, little-to-no-profit variety. The phones that they really WANT to sell, you know, the high-end flagships like the S6 and the Note 5, the ones that actually MAKE MONEY, are the ones that are performing poorly in the marketplace. If you sell lemonade at .10 cents per cup and sell 10 cups, you’ve made $1. If I sell lemonade at .25 cents per cup and sell 6 cups, I’ve made $1.50. You may have sold more cups (no surprise; cheap always outsells premium), but at the end of the day, Who made more MONEY? You do realize that MAKING MONEY is the reason why people go into business, right? Maybe you don’t; why is why you Fabdroid dummies are always yelling “market share! market share!” 😂😂😂 hilarious

          • pyro74boy .

            What you refuse to understand and even accept is the fact that when people go out to buy a smartphone they have a choice between an Android phone and an iPhone and every single time they choose Android device over the iPhone this will affect market share so keep telling yourself that market share doesn’t matter it matters a huge deal especially when many of these people were former iPhone users.

            So keep telling yourself that market share doesn’t matter and cry yourself back to sleep because like it or not this is a huge deal and what I’m talking about market share I’m not just talking about Samsung I’m talking about all of the phones that run Android.

            Samsung isn’t like they used to be they don’t come out with a new phone every other day so your argument isn’t even valid anymore it may have been valid like maybe 3 or 4 years ago but they are having so much success with their current device lineup that they don’t need to come out with a new phone every other day

          • pyro74boy .


            The latest report proves that Samsungs sales are up well over 79% from this same time last year moron

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Boy you just keep the ignorance coming dont you? Reading is fundamental. First of all, smartphone SALES are not 79%, company profits are. And, as I’ve already proven from the very link that you posted, oh ignorant one, it is the sale of SEMICONDUCTORS that are responsible for the rise in profits, NOT smartphone sales:

            “The semiconductor division posted a healthy growth, with the unit projected to earn 3.5 trillion won ($3 billion) at a year-on-year increase of 54 percent. With smartphones sales flagging, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth.”

            The dumb just keep getting dumber 😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            I have no idea how you can even try to argue against my valid link proving your updated link completely invalid and outdated.

            The article that I posted clearly states that Samsung as a company made over 79% profit compared to the same exact time. Last year. My point was and still is that they are making money not hohw they made it.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Sorry but that WASN’T your point…this was:

            “You obviously are blind. Lol sales of Samsung smartphones has gone up over 79% compared this same time last year so please do your homework because you just got schooled lol”

            You thought it was due to smartphone sales…like I said, you might want to READ an article before you post a link to it so you won’t look so foolish next time 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Hey little child I’m not denying anything at all that I said you moron.

            The main point that I was trying to prove to you as I have to keep on repeating myself over and over again Samsung is over 79% ahead of the same exact time. Last year and you would be a fool if you actually truly think that their Samsung Galaxy smartphones and absolutely nothing to do with it

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “you would be a fool if you actually truly think that their Samsung Galaxy smartphones and absolutely nothing to do with it”

            Quote from the article:

            ” With SMARTPHONE SALES FLAGGING, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth.”

            Yep…FLAGGING Galaxy sales have something to do with it 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            I want something in plain English that claims that they’re not making money on their Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones? Your quoted text says nothing of the sort it doesn’t say that they were losing money or not making money on Samsung Galaxy devices you moron show me something that says that they lost money on Samsung Galaxy phones or that they’re not making any money on samsung galaxy phones? Your quoted text doesn’t say anything like that. Now must we continue this or do you want to continue embarrassing yourself? Lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “Samsung is slashing the price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge after sales reportedly proved disappointing.

            Both phones, introduced in March 2015, showcased a new and more premium design language from Samsung, and were critically well received, but it’s likely consumers found their £600+ price tags off-putting. Samsung is yet to say how much it is planning to cut of the phones, but with competition from the likes of HTC, Sony and LG, as well as cheaper competitors like OnePlus, the company will have to make sure it prices them competitively. The news comes as Samsung released details of its quarterly earnings for the period April-June, which showed that the company’s profits have dropped for the fifth successive quarter. All in all, profit fell 8 percent year on year to 5.75 trillion won (£3.16 billion) on a sales figure of 48.5 trillion won (£26.7 billion) — down 7 percent year on year.” http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2015-07/30/samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-price-cut-poor-profits

            That plain enough for you, oh ignorant one??? 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            You do realize that everything eventually comes down in price right? Even your beloved iPhone as if you google the older phones from Apple they are in many cases being sold for 50 bucks where at one time they were being sold for the same exact model for much higher than that in fact I know of some places that are giving away free iPhones as well so what you just said isn’t really saying much because want something newer comes out the older product is always going to go down in price so would you like to try again? Hey I’ll give you credit at least you’re trying. Lol but unfortunately for you you’re still losing hardcore lol

            You do realize that asnewer models come out that the older models are always going to be discounted this happens with everything not just smartphones.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Yeah…everything EVENTUALLY comes down in price…after about a year on the market when they are about to introduce a new flagship, not after TWO MONTHS in the market. Face it, fandroid, Samsuck cut the price of the S6 because it is selling poorly. This is why they’ve resorted to PAYING PEOPLE’S PHONE BILL just to get them to buy one of their fake iPhones. I mean, how hilarious is that??? We are SO desperate for sales that we will pay your phone bill just to get you to try our brand spanking new iPhony. How HILARIOUS is that? 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Everything comes down in price than Boy everything. You do realize that your iPhone in some cases is being sold for free right? This is not rocket science its called competition each company is lowering their prices to help sell their products it doesn’t at all indicate how good or bad any of these manufacturers are and that’s a fact that someone like you refuses to admit to or for that matter might not even be able to understand.

            Just because a price comes down on a product I don’t care what it is does not indicate that the product itself is not selling. Its called competition and every single company including Apple is using the same exact strategy whether you realize it or not.

            Why are you still here? My link is less than a week old proving that Samsung made over 79% profit and you’re still on here crying lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Dude…seriously…you might be the dumbest fandroid I’ve ever debated with. The only iPhones being sold for “free” (how do you SELL something for FREE??? 😳) are the TWO YEAR OLD ones that get bumped down in price when the new iPhone is introduced. Business 101 lesson for ya: if a TWO MONTH OLD product is undergoing price cuts, being offered in buy 1 get 1 free deals, And having the manufacturer offer to PAY a customer’s phone bill just to get them to buy it, then that’s an indication that the product is not selling in sufficient numbers. Cutting prices, especially on a newly introduced product, affects the company’s bottom line, which is why the S6 has be the biggest flop of

          • pyro74boy .

            Your argument is definitely at its weakest point ever especially after the fact that you’ve already been defeated. You’re still on here making a huge embarrassment out of yourself but why I must ask?

            Everything eventually goes down in price and it doesn’t automatically mean that a product is not selling. I don’t care if it’s Apple Samsung or anyone else. The fact remains that according to the most recent report Samsung as a company has made over 79% profit compare to the same exact time last year and you’re on here crying all over Droid Life about it did you want a Kleenex? Lol

            Just save yourself further embarrassment you’re just a troll who can’t accept the facts of life and who is an absolute major denial over it.

            Just because products go down in price doesn’t at all mean that that particular product isn’t selling in fact I could make a very valid argument proving that the reason why Samsung smartphones have gone down in price is for the simple fact that they’re selling in large numbers and I know I’m not going to get someone like you to believe me but this is a marketing move that many companies have used before. These aren’t excuses believe it or not. Eventually everything comes down in price and this even happens to your beloved iPhone so sorry but you are still 100% wrong.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “Everything eventually goes down in price and it doesn’t automatically mean that a product is not selling.”

            Samsung Galaxy S6 price slashed in wake of poor profits

            Yep…keep telling yourself that…who knows, you may even convince yourself that it’s true 😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Someone is a little bit more than desperate when they’re starting to post links from a site that is in the UK. Lol

            So you want to continue this silly little argument and that’s fine with me it really helps make for a great entertainment as I said before.

            What part of anything that you just posted proves that Samsung is losing money? The samsung galaxy s6 has been out since earlier this year and the links that you keep on trying to post and claim as proof are outdated and simply invalid for the simple fact that the link that I’m posting proves that Samsung as a company has made over 79% profit compare to the same exact time last year as I have to keep on repeating myself over and over and over and over again lol my report was posted very recently proving your post dead wrong for the simple fact that you can’t even post something that proves me wrong about Samsung making over 79% profit. Do you even know what the word profit means? It means money made and the fact remains that Samsung has well over 3 trillion dollars in their pocket and you still are going to make a stupid silly claim that they’re losing money or for that matter that their devices aren’t selling? Lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            I see the ignorant one has spoken again…oh well, you keep asking for it 😊

            The links that I’m posting, and will continue to post, proves what I’ve been saying: the Galaxy S6 is a total FLOP. Such a flop, in fact, that it’s profits are being tied to semiconductors, not smartphones, which is what they are actually competing with Apple in. That’s like a company bragging to Apple about how much money they made selling shoes; a market that Apple doesn’t even COMPETE in. The more you type, the dumber you look.

            Hey Fandroids, I hope this guys doesn’t speak for all of you; he’s making y’all look REALLY bad 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Are you really that stupid or is Apple paying you outrageous amounts of money to pull this nonsense link?

            Are you aware of how much money / 3 trillion dollars is? Are you aware of what the word profit means? Are you aware that the link that you continue to post along with all your other invalid links and more importantly outdated links doesn’t prove anything other than the fact that you can’t produce one single thing proving that Samsung is losing money for the simple fact that the link that I continue to post proves otherwise for the simple fact that it’s a valid link. The link that I am posting as proof is very recent in isn’t just from one part of the whole entire world. For proof of how silly your link is it’s posted from a website in the UK where my link talks about Samsung looking at it from the whole entire world not just parts of it you moron

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Here it is folks: ignorance on display for the world to see

            I rest my case 😅😅😅😅

          • pyro74boy .



            Yeah ignorance is when I proved you wrong before and now yet again. You still continue to keep on replying back making a major fool out of yourself so now it’s tIme to separate the men from the boys you wanted a link war and now you got one. I realized these links are from a few years past but this gives us a very good indication of Samsung’s proven track record even over the last few years. And the latest link that I post below mentioned Samsung’s current flagship smartphones. So for you to sit here and cliam that Samsung is still losing money after this most current article is absolutely outrageous and very dumb on your part because the fact remains that Samsung has made over 79% profit compare to the same exact time last year. Walmart is having a sale on Kleenex is this week would you like me to pick you up a 12 pack of Kleenex because you continue to cry all over the comments? Lol


          • DroidDoesnt_2

            HAHAHAHA!!! This, ladies and gentlemen, is a SHINING example of both ignorance AND desperation…having been THOROUGHLY DEBUNKED, he has resorted to posting 3 YEAR OLD LINKS about the GALAXY S3, the LAST phone that Samdung made that brought significant profits!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

            And btw, your last link says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to highlight SMARTPHONE profits:

            “Solid gain in the nanometer technology has helped drive up the business, along with an increased revenue from the displays to Chinese smartphone makers,… boosting the company’s bottom line.”

            HAHAHAHAHA!!! Pleeeeeease stop!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            You’re really one to talk when you’re going to sit here and claim victory over the fact that Samsung has made over 79% profit and if you could read (you can’t lol) I even admitted that these links where (and I’m quoting myself now) from a few years past. The link on the bottom is more recent than any link that you are trying to pass off as proof you moron. You can’t provide me with anything claiming that the successful sales of the Galaxy phones this year did not help Samsung in their major profit increase. You apparently didn’t read the entire article because the article specifically stated Samsung smartphones their current flagship phones like the note 5 for example in fact in 05 was specifically mentioned you fool.



          • DroidDoesnt_2

            S3 links!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! 2012!!!! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE MORON!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .
          • DroidDoesnt_2

            The link you posted proves that Samdung’s semiconductor business is profitable: has NOTHING to do with their MOBILE division, which continues to lose money. They also sell washing machines; maybe they can post those profits to prove how they are beating Apple too, huh???
            Here it is folks: ignorance on display for the world to see. But he’s too stupid not to respond, instead of taking his ass-whipping like a man…wait for it…
            I rest my case 😅😅😅😅

          • pyro74boy .


            You obviously are blind. Lol sales of Samsung smartphones has gone up over 79% compared this same time last year so please do your homework because you just got schooled lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “The semiconductor division posted a healthy growth, with the unit projected to earn 3.5 trillion won ($3 billion) at a year-on-year increase of 54 percent. With smartphones sales flagging, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth. ”

            Next time you might want to actually READ the link that you post so you wont look like such an ignorant fool 😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            Calling me names and trying to insult my intelligence isn’t helping your case any in fact it just makes you look like a little cry baby troll who can’t accept the fact that you are completely wrong about 95% of everything you post.

            The fact remains that the link I posted the other day a few days back proves everything that you claimed about Samsung wrong. You claim that they were losing money and they are ahead over 79% compared to the same exact time last year you little child

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “Lol so this would go against your stupid 7years statement proving once again that you have not done your homework”

            Samsung Sees Seventh Straight Profit Decline:

            Even MORE Fandroid ignorance on display 😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .


            Obviously someone is more than a little bit mis-informed claiming that a company like Samsung is losing money when the latest reports prove otherwise. Samsung is up over 79% from the same period last year. This is a huge increase Samsung has well over 3 trillion dollars so your basically proving to the world that you haven’t done your homework in that you are very misinformed.

            A word of advice to you next time you try to come to an all things Android website at least get your facts straight.

            Now go kick rocks

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Again, this is a public service for the woefully ignorant:

            “The semiconductor division posted a healthy growth, with the unit projected to earn 3.5 trillion won ($3 billion) at a year-on-year increase of 54 percent. With smartphones sales flagging, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth.”

            Semiconductor sales accounted for the rise in profits, NOT smartphone sales, which are FLAGGING. Hey, i guess when you’ve been owned as much as ive owned you then you would be desperate to try and save face. Problem is, you’ve wound up looking even MORE ignorant


          • pyro74boy .

            I also loved it how you completely dismiss the fact that phones like the iPhone 6 plus wouldn’t even be here without Samsung because it’s a fact that Apple got the idea of a larger screen phone from Samsung and if you truly think otherwise? Then some stupid butthurt Apple troll is in some serious major denial because Samsung was the first successful company to come out with the largest screen phone so please stop your nonsense at once because you are a %110 pathetic

          • DroidDoesnt_2
          • pyro74boy .

            Hello Mr Tim Cook how are you today? Are you having fun making a fool of yourself on all things Android website called droidlife? Are you having fun collecting all the money from working overtime? Lol

            I never once denied that the iPhone sells or that there’s even a market for an easy to use device. So other than making a total and complete fool of yourself what was it that you were trying to prove to me?

            Please troll go away you’re just making a total and complete idiot of yourself

          • pyro74boy .


            As you can see Android as pf Q2 of this year has over 82% of the market now if that’s not dominating please for god sakes tell me what is?

            Hey I know the truth hurts doesn’t it. LOL

            IDC is a very trusted resource and I know these numbers aren’t going to make it to the Apple website Mr Cook but the fact remains that Android is dominating despite the success of the iPhone sales and how well the iPhone continues to sell.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            I keep asking and you keep avoiding…DOMINATING WHAT??? If 82% market share results in exactly all but ONE Android company LOSING MONEY, then what good is it??? You sound like an absolute fool talking about Android “dominating” when all 99% of the companies who are supposedly “dominating” are all LOSING MONEY. Here’s a little Business 101 for you, Fandroid doofus: Market share without Profit share is meaningless. You literally are about as dumb as they come 😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .


            What question is it that I’m avoiding? You don’t like the answer to the question you asked me for the simple fact that it goes against you hardcore in this stupid argument of ours. you do know how to read right? The link that I posted clearly states that Android has dominated the market you fool. I’m quoting the IDC website and it’s a proven trusted resource versus you a stupid butthurt troll running their mouth over and all things Android website definitely leaves something to be desired. Lol

            Looks like someone is still living the galaxy s5 days. Lol the lead has been going back and forth between Samsung an apple next year will be no different when the new Galaxy S 7 comes out people will once again lose interest an apple and their pathetic iPhone and the s7 will sell like crazy even better than the iPhone. You’re also forgetting that as well as last year’s iPhones sold that at the beginning of this year 2015 Samsung still / took the lead for overall units sold worldwide becoming the largest handset maker in the world overtaking Apple.

          • pyro74boy .

            You know it’s very funny that when I ask users of the iPhone why they got the iPhone they tell me because it’s cool to have one or because everyone they know has one. However when I asked the same question to someone using a Android device they tell me because they want something that’s better than the iPhone and they want to lead and not follow lol please go away people like you are not welcome on all things Android website go back to the Apple iPhone blogs where I’m sure your kind will agree with you lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Translation: I dont have a valid rebuttal 😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            I want you to reply with some sense for once and tell me why you’re kind even exist on an all things Android website?

            You’re sitting here trying to kiss apples booty and doing a damn good job at doing it I might add but yet nothing you claim is even valid true or even close to being the truth for that matter. So yeah keep on replying back I’m not even opening your stupid links and looking at them because I don’t want to risk my computer getting a virus so go ahead keep making a total and complete fool of yourself that’s just fine with me. Lol

          • pyro74boy .

            Let’s talk about all the people that has switched from an iPhone to an Android device and there are many of them. Let’s talk about worldwide smartphone market share in her Android still continues to dominate the smart phone industry because last time I checked Android year over year still continues to own well over half the worldwide smartphone market and that’s what drives someone like you absolutely crazy enough to the point where they feel the need to start spamming and all things Android website.

            No please go check your Apple stock quote it just went up a few numbers as I’m sure you will be happy to know. Lol

          • pyro74boy .
        • pyro74boy .


          Check this out you’re not going to be happy lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Apparently you didnt read the article, so let me help you, oh IGNORANT one. Here is a quote from the article:

            “The semiconductor division posted a healthy growth, with the unit projected to earn 3.5 trillion won ($3 billion) at a year-on-year increase of 54 percent. With smartphones sales flagging, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth.”

            Their profit is due to their SEMICONDUCTOR growth, NOT from smartphone sales. Whats funny is that you thought you really had a good point 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
            Try again

          • pyro74boy .

            Really must we go there?

            My point was that you went out of your way and claimed that Samsung was losing money when in fact they are ahead over 79% compare to the same exact time last year. And you’re still on here making a total a complete fool out of yourself and that’s fine with me?

            I’m still waiting for you to answer my question but you just keep on avoiding it.So I guess I’m going to have to ask again. Why is it that someone like you even bothered to go on an all things Android website and post your nonsense about how you feel that Apple is so much better? Go back to the Apple blogs your kind is not welcome on this website as I keep on having to repeat myself over and over again because you’re too narrow minded to understand anything and I think a two year old little baby actually probably could outsmart you easily. Lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            They have lost money for 7 straight quarters on SMARTPHONE SALES:

            “Galaxy S6 Failure Is Dragging Down Samsung’s Profits”

            How pathetic…they cant compete with Apple in smartphone profits, so they have to point to their SEMICONDUCTOR business, which has NOTHING to do with the smartphone market, to show any kind of profits

            Dude, I mercifully ask you to stop…your ignorance is making this WAY too easy. But you’re probably too dumb to quit while you’re behind so you’ll probably post another asinine comment that i will be forced to debunk 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          • pyro74boy .

            You’re not winning this fight my friend so stop yourself at once.

            My link was just reported less than a week ago yours was before mine mine is more up to date.

            Please stop responding you’re just a butt hurt troll crying because Samsung has over 79% profit and has well over 3 trillion dollars in profits profits means money earned.

            MyLink makes your link obsolete because mine shows the latest results where yours is much older so save yourself some further embarrassment and stop responding you’re just butt hurt I know the truth hurts. Lol

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            “With smartphone sales FLAGGING, the manufacturer is looking to its semiconductor and display businesses to sustain growth”

            Samsung: “Take that Apple! You’re killing us in smartphone profits, but we are kicking your ass in semiconductor profits!!!”

            Apple: “But…we dont sell semiconductors…”


  • Nick

    The details say that the deal is worth up to $120. Spread over the next three months (October, November, December) until 2016, that comes out to $40 per month…which is about $10 more than the monthly rate would be for an installment plan. This really adds up to about $90 off the FULL price of the phone.

    • LewisSD

      installment plan price depends on the phone you get. maybe the $120 is for the most expensive one.

  • gallen408

    I can’t wait to see how HTC decides to top this.

    • Cael

      They’ll release an iPhone clone!

      • raddacle

        …oh wait, they already did that

    • Godzilla

      They wont, they will just get absorbed into Huawei

  • laurel

    They don’t pay your phone bill… just the lease payments on the device. That’s not a shockingly good deal.

    • nate

      $29/month at Verizon. 29*21 = $609 for a brand new Note 5. Best deal you’ll find right now. Except for the iPhone trade in. That part is crap.

      • vzwuser76

        If the new Nexus devices come in around the cost of the Moto XPE, I’d say then along with the OnePlus 2 are better deals. While I agree that the Note is probably better than those phones, is it $200+ better? I mean seriously the differences in performance between devices isn’t night and day, we’re talking a difference of milliseconds to a second. To me it’s like comparing two supercars where one is .2 seconds faster than the other, and the slower car is 2/3 the price of the faster.

        • nate

          Any new flagship phone (and even some midrange devices) will all be similar in speed right now. There’s more to a phone than that. Camera, screen quality, reception, build quality, extra (read: useless, for most people) features, etc. The Note 5 and GS6 have all these budget devices beat in those regards. I’m definitely not saying someone should go out and buy this phone. But if you value these traits and want a note 5, this is the best price you’ll get right now.

          In short, If you want a great performing device for a good price, this is not the phone for you. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for the best phone (-software), this is a good deal.

          • vzwuser76

            I already addressed that the Note5 was better, but what I said was, is it $200 better. Is the camera performance and the ability to have a fingerprint scanner really worth another $200 over these other phones? There have been camera tests putting the Note5 against phones like the Moto XPE, and what I’m saying is, is there really that much better performance that would warrant spending what is essentially another ⅓ of a phone’s retail price to have that edge in performance?

            What you should be asking is, why isn’t Samsung trying to compete on price? They’re essentially trying to be Apple more than ever, at a time when people are going to be rethinking their phone choices after subsidies go away. Most of these people thought they were spending $200 for the entire cost of the phone. Now they’re going to decide if it’s worth it to spend what in the past they thought was the entire price of the phone to get a few extra features and a slightly better camera. And before anyone says anything, yes, I mean slightly. It’s not like we’re comparing the Note5’s camera with a Polaroid 2MP digital from 5 years ago. They are not that far off in terms of performance, and that’s something many casual smartphone owners will be looking at going forward. Because after all, the people who read these tech blogs and are well informed are the minority of the smartphone crowd.

          • nate

            OK lets just forget the note 5 for a minute. With this deal, the 32GB S6 ($504) is only $54 -$29 more than the 32GB moto X. You get a better screen, better low-light photos (and camera2 support), better build quality and overall feel, fingerprint sensor, and you most likely get better battery life and signal quality. You do lose mostly stock android and SD card. This is a good deal for anyone.

            The note 5 does have less value for the money, but is has the absolute best screen, better camera overall (toss up daylight quality, better low light and camera2), better overall quality and feel, fingerprint sensor, better specs (i know this doesn’t matter as much), s pen (falls under useless features for most probably), but you lose the same things as the S6 vs X PE. So for $134-$159 more than 32GB X PE, you get the note 5.

            If screen, camera, build quality, etc. are very important for a particular person, the samsung devices aren’t even overpriced.

            If you don’t want these features or need SD card and unlocked BL, its not a good price.

            From the beginning, I haven’t been speaking for the entire smartphone consumer market. I said that this is a good deal for the note 5 (And s6), especially on Verizon.

            Although I do agree that it would be better if Samsung would just charge these prices from the start. But the problem is, to the uniformed consumer, there are iPhones, “Galaxy phones”, and “droids”. They think because other OEMs generally charge less, they are inferior phones in every aspect. So to answer your question why, they are charging these prices because they can. If they start losing ground, they will lower prices.

            Sorry for long post lol. In short, with this deal, S6 is only $59-$29 more than X PE, and Note 5 is only $134-$159 more. Depending on your needs/wants, these price disparities are a nonfactor when comparing S6/Note-5 vs X PE. Samsung charges more until uniformed consumers become informed.

          • vzwuser76

            Yes, with this deal it’s only $29-54/more than the Moto XPE 32GB which is currently new and at full price. But those things aren’t equal. One has only been available for sale for the past month, the other has been for sale for 6 months. One is full price, the other is on sale through a limited time promotion. One has a 5.7″ screen, the other has a 5.1″ screen, which depends on what the person wants but still that can be considered a bonus, especially considering the upper level Galaxy devices have larger screens. Now the points in the Galaxy S6’s favor are better CPU/GPU, faster onboard memory, fingerprint scanner, and better camera. The Moto XPE has a lighter build of Android, which means less need for highend specs to compensate for the OEM skin. Expandable storage, ability to be used on multiple carriers, and the possibility of faster updates due to not having to go through carriers, and lastly better radios which means more reliable connections and calls and should mean better battery life due to the phone not having to work so hard to get a signal.

            I’m not saying that the S6 is a bad phone necessarily, but when these other phones offer performance that’s around 85-90% as good as it is, with the cost being 25-50% higher, that’s a lot going against those positives. Going by my own experience, my S3 had multiple issues after the first year, lag after a few months, GPS never working reliably, and after a year the battery life was about half of what it was new and the screen had irreparable burn in. I’ve had three Motorola devices since that phone, all of them running pretty much like the day they were new. That to me is another advantage, in that they hold up better over time.

          • nate

            This article is about this deal. My original comment is about this deal. Why are you only comparing MSRP on an article about promo pricing?? Of course things get cheaper as they get older. Same goes for both phones. They will both get cheaper. The samsungs will get cheaper just like the moto x PE will.

            If someone is going to buy a phone right now, why would they ever in a million years consider the MSRP of the phone when it was released? It has nothing to do with the phone right now.

            You keep using your own opinions as pros and cons for each device, while I have already addressed that both devices have objective pros and cons. You have to realize that not everyone wants the same thing in a phone as you do. There are dozens of phones that sell millions of units every year. the iPhone is the most popular phone ever! do you want an iPhone? of course not, you want a moto device. People still buy the iPhone by the millions regardless. Why do they do this? because they don’t look for the same things in a phone as you do.

            I am NOT telling you to buy the S6 or note 5. I’m saying that for any person other than you, this is a great deal IF and ONLY if they want a great camera, best battery life, best build quality, fingerprint capabilities, android, etc. etc. etc. You don’t don’t buy phones based on these traits, and that’s great. You get what makes you happy. But just because you wouldn’t get this because it’s not what you look for in a phone doesn’t mean no one else will.

            If a particular person wants an S6 or note 5 (on verizon, i don’t keep track of other carrier pricing so idk if this is good for anything other than verizon), this is a good deal. period.

          • vzwuser76

            I realize that, but you were the one who went away from the Note5 to the S6. The Note5 has more in common with the Moto XPE than the S6 does, but the deal on it is also not as good when comparing between the Note5 and the XPE.

            Why would a person consider the MSRP? They’re on an unlimited data plan or they don’t have an upgrade available. In the short future, everyone is going to have to consider the retail price of devices, with subsidies going away, and from what I’ve heard, it’ll be sooner rather than later.

            When did I say that I don’t look at those features? I do, but what I do is look at how close in performance one device is to another, and decide if the price is worth the extra cost or not, which is what most any people do who are deciding between two competing devices.

            When you say it like that, then yes, it is a good deal. But you’re saying if they want a Note5 or an S6, which obviously if those are the only devices they’re looking at, a lower price is always a good deal. But if they’re looking for a new smartphone, any smartphone, then it might not be the best deal.

          • nate

            I brought up the S6 (because you were talking about how Samsung devices cost too much) to show that with this promo, it costs only slightly more than your favorite phone.

            MSRP isn’t necessarily equal to the current full retail price. MSRP is what Samsung says the device is worth when it is released. Even Verizon stopped selling the S6 at MSRP a while ago. Besides, if you really want to spend the least amount full retail on a device, eBay usually has great prices on full retail devices from top sellers if you look close and often enough.

            Yes, for like the 5th time, that’s the entire point. People want different things. You commented saying it wasn’t a good deal because you thought “the differences in performance between devices isn’t night and day, we’re talking a difference of milliseconds to a second.” Right off the bat your own, personal opinions and desires got in the way. You clearly look for the fastest phone for the least amount of money. That’s cool, smart, and a good idea. If everyone did that, then phone prices would be shooting down.

            But not everyone does that. Which is the iPhone analogy. If people can afford any phone, sometimes they’re willing to pay more than is logical for a theoretically small increase in their utility (economics). Here’s your car analogy: Why does anyone buy a Ferrari 458 when a C7 Z06 Corvette has equal/better performance for a third of the price? Just like cars, there’s more to smartphones than just performance.

          • vzwuser76

            First, we talked about one device, then you change to a lower model less expensive device to back your point. And second, it isn’t my favorite phone, it’s a comparable device that is selling for much less.

            All right then, let’s agree that what I meant was the price you’d pay without a contract and not on a payment plan. Yes eBay has good deal on older devices, but many times those are refurbished devices. If you go that route, then you’ll probably be seeing deals like that on these kinds of phones as well, and many also do limited time promotions.

            When saying the difference in performance many times can be measured in milliseconds to a second, that’s not an opinion, that a measured result. When doing most anything on these devices, the time it takes for them to accomplish the task isn’t minutes behind others, even when we’re talking about the difference between a 415 and an 810 processor. Yes there may be some stuttering or some lag, but anymore it’s rare to see the difference between a flagship device and an entry level one be even 5 seconds. At worst lower end hardware might mean you won’t be able to play certain games or use some apps. But the difference here is that while the Exynos is a better CPU than any of this year’s Snapdragons, it’s not like using them will fell like using a low end device either.

            The difference is that most people buying iPhones are buying them subsidized. They cost the same price through carrier subsidies as Android flagship do. If you look at full price on these phones, which people are going to have to do soon, I don’t think you’ll see as many people going the iPhone route, considering the cost of the base iPhone costs as much as a higherhigher storage Android device. The difference there is, a person who wants that performance and can’t afford a Ferrari will go with the Corvette. A person who has the money to drop on a Ferrari and doesn’t care if the Corvette is faster or not wants it because of the name and the prestige of owning a Ferrari, and that kind of person doesn’t care if it’s a good deal or not.

          • Total_telecom

            I certainly do not like that they are taking away removable battery on devices that approach nearly 1000 US dollars. There ensuring that phone will be a paper weight in 2 to 3 years when the battery goes bad from all the fast charging. If not sooner. Then where are we in another 5 to 6 years when phone prices increase perhaps 50 to 60%? In the Verizon still has the balls to lock bootloaders after they drop subsidies, the subsidy in Verizon’s words was there right to lock the bootloaders, now that the subsidies are dropping away they’re still not unlocking bootloaders

          • spg210

            Speak for yourself. You have absolutely no idea how most people make their mobile phone buying choices. My sister just bought an iPhone 6 because she thinks it’s better looking than the Samsungs. My brother in law traded in his Samsung note 5 for an iPhone 6 because most of his friends now have one. They couldn’t care less about Verizon going to installment plans from contract.

          • vzwuser76

            Really, so everyone just goes out and buys the top of the line device every time? No, they figure out what they can afford, and then try to get the best device they can within that range. They also decide if certain extra features or specs are worth the extra money or not. In fact, that’s the way people decide on buying most anything. Look at a car, is it worth the extra money to have Navigation built in, or heated cupholder? If they can afford if, they’ll probably go for it if it’s that important to them. But if they’re on a budget, like most people are, they figure out what they can afford, and then try to determine which things are truly necessities and which are wants and how important those are for the money they’re spending.

  • TypoCorrecto

    Damn…I know Samsung is a huge company but I’d like to know how much they are pouring into their mobile division… SHEEESH…

  • Imran

    Why the F is Samsung so obssessed with these iDIOTS? Leave them alone and focus on R&D! I want a better battery!

    • pol

      You can’t be serious.

  • What happened to their phone leasing program?

    • Maybe this was the real solution?

      • Oh lawd… That’s not good…

      • cdm283813

        If these new Nexus phones come in cheap Samsung better start rethinking $600 plus phones. The only way you can truly battle Apple and Android OEM’s is to start bringing the price down while keeping premium design and spec’s. I have a S6 and love it but depending on the Nexus price I may have to jump from Samsung next year. If the Nexus is cheap enough I may have to buy a spare phone.

  • TechGuy22

    well.desperate measure calls for ….

    • steve30x

      I was gonna say the same thing

    • WAldenIV

      Desperate times? You’ve got the quote backwards.

      • TechGuy22

        that’s the joke.

        • Stephanie Hutchinson

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    • Jesse McCall

      willing people to act as sacrificial lambs?

      • LewisSD

        Im going to Tmo now to try this out. only problem is I am switching from s6 to note 5, and i am on the leasing program. Guess I will find out but half the time I know more about these promos than the employees do….lll report back in about an hour regardless of what happens.

        • LewisSD


          Upgrade from s6 lag fest to note 5 (Switch back to old nexus 5 and leave note 5 in box).
          have samsung pay 3 months of lease plan
          In January, pay off remaining balance of note 5 to own it outright and get off leasing program.
          sell note 5 and hopefully break-even.
          Buy Nexus 5 2015.
          Enjoy smooth, pure android, and smaller phone bill.

          • Donte Rogers

            Isthat even possible

        • Max Ervin

          Well I can say this….I’m a sales agent for US Cellular, and THIS is the first I’ve head about this promo.

          • sgtguthrie

            That’s because U.S. Cellular isn’t a real carrier.

        • pyro74boy .

          Are you on the jump program at T Mobile?

          If you have jump on demand you might qualify for any new device that you want?