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Google’s New Phones Will be Called Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

nexus 6p

The new phones from Google that will more than likely be announced at the end of this month, will be called the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, according to a reliable source. The name Nexus 5X has been in rotation around the internet for the past couple of weeks when referring to the name of the LG-made Nexus, but we now know that the Huawei model will be called the Nexus 6P. 

Of course, there is always a chance that things can change between now and each phone’s announcement – which we are told should be by the end of this month – but we’d be surprised if these aren’t the final names.

We may be able to share additional info as we get closer to the event, but our source has told us that the codenames of “bullhead” and “angler” are indeed accurate, as is this leak for the LG Nexus 5X and this leak for the Huawei Nexus 6P (image on the left).

More to come.

  • so, fact or rumor for the names, was this information given officially, or is it more of the yearly cycle guesses… how’s that nexus 8 working for you guys?

  • Kcoan3

    where is the “more to come”??? I need more leaks!

  • phyllisgpayne

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  • ROB

    Waiting for the Moto Force X

  • LilSweetLin

    After looking at this pic, it’s obvious that the N6P is based off of the Huawei P8, which means that the leaked device that we all saw (which was ugly) is NOT the final product. What we saw is a schematic render of what would likely be similar to the Prestige Gold color of the P8 (brushed gold metal body, with black band). The other colors are Mystic Champagne (champagne body, white band), Carbon Black( black body, black band) and Titanium Grey (grey body, black band). Take a look at the phones in the pic, then at the phones in Huawei Nexus intro video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vypj-uzGzlw

  • Glich

    Since my Nexus 5 is doing a fair impression of a paperweight starting this morning i just want them to ship something,.,.

  • Should’ve been simply 5 and 6.

  • Cameron Laudick

    Any rumored camera specs?

  • Peter Stover

    Quick charge?

    • Jack Bauer

      Definitely…and NFC.

      • Peter Stover


  • AndrewScottRox

    Any word on radios? It seems like that is the only thing missing from the leaks so far.

  • ChrisI

    5X and 6P….5 and 6….X and P…..XP!!!! It’s a Windows phone!

    • roldefol

      Oh, if only Windows Phone were anything like XP. *sigh*

    • OkieDokie

      The ascii table decimal values of X and P are 88 and 80.
      88 – 80 = 8
      Nexus 5 + 6 = 11
      11 – 8 = 3
      Half-life 3 Confirmed!!

      • ChrisI

        I don’t know even what any of those things are 🙂

      • Frankiie


  • ChrisI

    Google was so stupid when they titled the Nexus 7. Clearly they’re not too great at forecasting

  • Bret Smith

    “Bullhead” is def the Huawei model lol

  • bruce

    That “X” makes it sound sexier. Very tempting, but I’m getting tired of Android and joining the other next week. I’ve been with Android since the beginning, but it’s time to experience the other world.

    • Thats like saying I drink Crown Royal but Im tried of it so I am going to go start drinking Beer 30, its alcohol right? Sheesh

      • boisvert00

        Comment of the day.

    • ChrisI

      Definitely! Windows is where it’s at.

    • shelooga


  • JSo

    So I just realized they probably named it the Nexus 6P because it’s probably based on the Huawei P8. Still not sure about the “X” though

    • zepfloyd

      X Phone…

      • JSo

        As far as I know, Motorola has been the only one to really use the letter X. This one is made by LG.

        • zepfloyd

          My comment was a surface only joke to the long running Godzilla – X Phone posts of days long since past.

          • JSo

            Ah, I must have missed those posts. Woosh. lol

          • ROB

            Before his time…funny that he had to change his Avatar and name from all the backlash

  • DanSan

    So since motorola is the only one doing radios for all carriers, i can assume these will only be GSM based? if so ill hold onto my nexus 6 for a lot longer.


      I’m waiting as well. If they are only GSM/HSPA (not verizon haha) I will be getting the moto x pure edition. I would love to have a nexus!…but not a whale

    • maverick7526

      DEF!! The radio part is huge. I don’t think Google would regress to GSM only, like they did with the N4. If they do, I will be holding onto the N6 for a lot longer.

    • Jack Bauer

      I don’t think we can safely assume that yet, since there hasn’t been another Nexus release yet by another manufacturer.
      Motorola has pretty much shown us that it can (and should) be done (even with the “almost-Nexus” Moto X) but we’re kinda in no man’s land right now wondering what the next Nexus manufacturer will do. Last year, there were so many people saying that there’d never be another Nexus that’d work on Verizon but here we are with the N6 and basically the Moto X 2015.

  • Breathe_Easy

    I want to upgrade from my Nexus 6 but these don’t seem like much of an upgrade from what’s been leaked. I want a smaller phone but the 5X has huge bezels contributing to a bigger phone than it should be at that screen size. I’ll wait for the official announcement and review to make my mind up.

  • cancerous_it

    6P should be named 6EX.

  • Cool

    Nexus 6P? Too bad it won’t be costing 6p.

    Wonder what the ‘P’ stands for? I could speculate, but it’d be juvenile.

  • jbdan

    I like 5X. Looking forward

  • OhMan

    At least their software is only 9 months old at launch. // One enormous advantage of using iOS compared to Android is that you always have access to the latest software as soon as it’s ready. If you want to see a stark demonstration of this, consider that within three days of its release, iOS 9 has already crossed the 20% adoption rate threshold, which is something that it took Android 5.0 Lollipop a ridiculous nine months to accomplish.

    • maverick7526

      well when you have 1-2 form factors to design software for, it shouldn’t take that long to release an update. The thing is Google is smart as they dump a lot of the core elements of Android in to the play store. So if something needs to be updated, bam, its done, (usually on a wed). If you need to do that with iOS your s.o.l. Plus Android has 1000X the form factors to design an update for.

      • Cole C

        Yeah pretty pathetic ios9 is only at 20%

      • Cole C

        What percentage are Nexus 5 and 6 at for lollipop? Oh yeah way higher than 20%

    • Great Job

      Great segue into a topic completely unrelated to the actual article in order to start a “debate” on Apple vs Android and how Android is so much inferior because it is fragmented while completely ignoring the fact iOS9 on the iPhone 6S is not the iOS9 that is on the iPhone 5 or 5c.
      Thanks for the clicks, though, Droid-Life definitely appreciates the money even from a troll.

    • Rod

      I’m sure nexus devices are all up to date, including the Nexus 7 from July 2012

    • boisvert00

      If you could come up with an Android phone that sold millions of phones and become rich, you would abandon apple in a second and not care about segmentation.

  • Alicemad

    Oh Google and your identity crisis. 6P srsly? 5X?

  • catfanatic1979

    They need to make things less confusing less aware buyers who might be buying on behalf of someone else. I’m sure mistakes are made all the time when buying gifts.

  • Daniel Walsh

    6P lol.

  • LilSweetLin

    Is it Nexus 6P… as in P.O.S? I certainly hope not.

    • eegyzzo

      No, it isn’t.

  • paticao

    with the nexus 6 selling for $299 im not sure if the 5x will be better other than the size.

  • morgan boyle

    yeah, i think its time to jump back into a Nexus. I love my Moto’s but i have a tablet again and would love to blast free wifi tether.

  • Shiggles

    I’m sure they be marketed with


    • Tony G.

      They will have 2,000 sized batteries as the phone makers now say we need to like and accept the quick chargers.

      • Tyler Durden

        Got my Note 5 in and i’ll be damned, that baby went to 100% real quick, but I still want a larger battery

        • Tony G.

          Me too Tyler…..a hair thicker? Fine……..a little more cost? Fine. But they don’t listen to us.

          • Adil Tajgeer

            i don’t want a little more cost with something that costs as much as the note series. thicker and more battery yes!

          • Tony G.

            I agree. But I would pay more if there was at least the choice. It’s crazy.

        • Cole C

          Qualcomm quick charge 3.0. 0-85% in 30

          • PoisonApple31

            And third degree burns on your hand when you pick it up after charging.

          • Choose

            I can imagine how that’d seriously do damage to the battery

        • Luang J

          Plus the nice lag.

        • ROB

          Welcome to the Dark Side

    • C Shwizzel


    • CHRIS42060

      Hey they never specify which planet’s day they are referring to. A day on Jupiter is a little under 10 hours so they could mean “All Day battery life if you were on Jupiter”

  • roldefol

    Is it the P because that’s what the device looks like in profile?

  • Kacho_ON

    What do you mean with “More to come”? I want to know more now!!

  • Luxferro

    Too bad both SoC’s they used suck.. This might be the first nexus device I pass on, or at least not buying on launch day.

  • Larry Bublitz

    Here’s hoping for the 5X is in the $300-399 range and has 3GB or ram! (2GB just seems too little for the future)

    • Cool

      Hmm. I’d be on board if there was a 64 GB version.

      32GB should be the base storage. Oh well.

  • JLV90

    6P is a terrible name should have just gone with 5X and 6X

    • Gr8Ray

      Wonder if they wanted to avoid 6X because it sounds the same as “Sick Sex”

  • Trooper311

    Interesting, I guess. 😛

  • Tyler Durden

    So it’s not the Nexus Success..

    • Frank Duque

      I see what you did there!

  • jdbarn

    I just want to know if they’ll work on Verizon! #udpforlife

    • roldefol

      Unlimited or no, I’m addicted to Verizon coverage and I want me a 5X.

      • Breathe_Easy

        Not a dig against you but I’m happy I live in an area with good T-Mobile coverage. Switching from Verizon felt so liberating.

        • roldefol

          I used to work in a town where the AT&T folks were still on EDGE. Ouch.

        • Cole C

          Hopefully it will actually support band 12 for T-Mobile because the Moto G has it disabled because it doesn’t support volte or e911 etc

    • Daistaar

      Tsk. Tsk. Real men don’t judge themselves by the size of their data package.

      • TC Infantino

        It’s not the size of the data package, it’s how you use it.

  • Frank Duque

    I’m more concerned on how did they get that black Nexus 6 shown in the header! I want that for mine!

    • turdbogls

      Eeither photo editing, or a skin….I’m leaning towards a skin though

  • maverick7526

    I want to upgrade from the N6, but this years Nexii, feel more like a side grade. I’ll wait and see some hands on, then make a decision. I wish they could have kept the screen size the same, I don’t want to downgrade to 5.7 from 5.9.

  • Adam Truelove

    WTH. Why not just call them Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

    • SlyKrysis

      Because those already exist??

    • Tyler Durden

      (2015) after each

      • roldefol

        They did that with the Moto X last year and well… I found it a little confusing for anyone not in the know. It worked for the Nexus 7 because it was the same size as the old model.

        • Tyler Durden

          Why? What’s that 2014 one? Oh it’s the newer one to the 2013 phone.

    • Turb0wned

      Why not just Nexus 7 and 7+

  • rebretz000

    Can’t wait for the new Nexus phones. Need to retire my Moto X 2014 and don’t wan’t the OnePlus 2 I ordered.

  • SEJ326

    Didn’t Kellen just mock the sites using the name Nexus 5X the other day and say it’ll probably be called the Nexus 5? I guess his “sources” have finally caught up with the rest of the Android blogs.

    • Jack Bauer

      I think it was more of him being dumbfounded that the name was being thrown around as it really doesn’t make much sense. It’s like why is there a need for “X” in Nexus 5X.
      Sometimes a silly moniker gets used once or twice and all of a sudden, other sites have latched onto it as the name.

      • This ^^^

        But hey, there’s always the “Kellen sucks!” argument.

        • Adil Tajgeer

          my sources say the latter is the real reason

        • Nayners

          Well, Google has gone from ‘Nexus One’ to ‘Nexus S’. Instead of just naming the Nexus S the Nexus Two, like everyone thought was most logical. Google has done weird stuff from the beginning of the Nexus brand. Not to mention the Galaxy Nexus (lol). No naming convention is safe!

          • JSo

            Wasn’t the Nexus S a Samsung device though? That made sense because they have their “S” series of phones.

            EDIT: Now that I mention it, Huawei has a “P” series

          • Nayners

            Nexus S was still the name of the phone, no?

          • JSo

            Yeah, but it was based on the Galaxy S. Hence the “S”

          • Jack Bauer

            True, but actually, none of those phones were true “follow-ups” to the previous phone. Nexus One was HTC, Nexus S and Galaxy were Samsung but basically different phones. Beginning with the Nexus 4 & 7 and the maturity of Android, you really began to see actual “sequels” in the Nexus series. There have been deviations, mostly to enter new classes of devices (Nexus 6 phablet, Nexus 9, etc..) but, for the most part, a follow-up from Google (now that they’ve taken more control) has been pretty straight forward. 5X sounds like a failed HTC name and 6P just sounds like an ugly codename that should NEVER be used for public consumption, lol.

        • roldefol

          They wanted to make it the Nexus 5KLNSUX but that sounds to much like a vanity plate.

  • Jack Bauer

    Love my Nexus 6 but I want something built into Android to take full advantage of the big screen. No upgrade this year but I may reconsider if these two phones follow Motorola’s lead of having all the radios, then I can just swap and go with whatever I’m feeling that day.

    • RoboCop

      Ya the biggest downfall was that, compared to the Note line, stock Android on a giant screen was just boring.

      • turdbogls

        agreed….but even when I did have dual window I never used it….its a cool concept, and cool to show off for sure….I’m just not sure how useful it is in the long run….at least on phones. tablets are another story and google should be ashamed with their “tablet UI”

        to me, the bigger screen is great for typing, taking and showing pics/videos, and playing games.

  • SlyKrysis

    What’s the latest on pricing for the N5X?

    • Duder12

      400 – 450

  • Fenrir

    Any official word on rather or not they will have those horrible nipple cameras?

    • Pete Labozetta

      Almost spit my water on my keyboard at “nipple cameras”.

      In other news, I’m apparently still 5 years old.

      • Fenrir

        I thought that was what everyone was calling it.

        • roldefol

          I think of it as a gently raised mesa on the barren landscape of the phone. That’s because I am a design apologist and I wants it.

    • Adil Tajgeer

      nipple cameras bring a completely different image to my mind.

      but still a great name

    • Cole C

      They said the LG Nexus camera wouldn’t be on par with the g4. That’s the only thing I’ve heard from the grape vine. Maybe we’ll know in 11 days…

  • griddlle

    just call it nexus 5 and nexus 6 2015

  • JSo

    Nexus 6P will be mine

  • ClikFire _

    P= Phablet.

  • Zargh

    Really don’t see the problem with “Nexus (size) (Year)” TBH.

    And how will the “X” and “P” scale years down the line?

    “Nexus 5XXXX” and “Nexus 6PPPPP”?

    • ClikFire _

      P= Phablet

    • Tony G.

      And the battery will be 85 milliamps.

  • Frankiie

    Yayy, nexii 6p for me please…

  • xFrozenMANGO


    • xFrozenMANGO

      I just hope the huawei nexus isn’t as ugly as the “leaks” show.

      • ClikFire _

        Those leaks were fake.

        • xFrozenMANGO

          I hope so young grasshopper, I hope so!

          I am hoping it will be something similar to their new Mate S. beautiful phones they make.

      • Jack Bauer

        Unfortunately, I think that’s exactly what the 6P will look like. Guts will probably be amazing but the casing (ewwww). #NewNexusbuldertryingsomethingdifferentforNexus

        • boisvert00

          What is so bad about the case, I really don’t get why everyone is obsessed with the look of it, if it’s components that make the camera better, why wouldn’t we be happy about it? The Nexus 6 camera was terrible compared to Samsung and that kills me to say that.

          • Jack Bauer

            For me it’s a combination of form factor and size. If a phone is going to be that size, it needs to be able to feel comfortable in hand. OEMs have already proven that good cameras can be made and put into a phone without such a pronounced “plateau”. That ” shelf” looks out of place and uncomfortable but that’s just on looks alone. We’ll see when it comes out for hands-on impressions. This was OK in 2010 (Droid X) but it’s been 5 years and people want a phablet to at least feel good or relatively good in hand. Personally, I think we’ve moved pass the race to be the skinniest and now folks just want long battery life (+quick charging) with a good camera; doesn’t have to be Samsung or Apple great but good enough that it doesn’t detract from its overall appeal, especially if you’re following up Shamu, where you either hate it or love it.

  • kretz7

    More Nexus new please. Just make anything up, I need entertainment on a slow Friday.

  • RoboCop

    Why not just name Nexus phones after whatever newest software is and call them the 5M and 6M?

    • Jay W.

      that is kinda brilliant 😉

    • ClikFire _

      You’re hired!

      • RoboCop

        Working for DL would be f-ing awesome. Unfortunately I’m a lowly personal trainer lol.

        • But… You would work for Google. 🙂
          In the “how to name our next Nexus phone” department.

        • fitnesspro22

          Lowly or Lonely? I am a highly aerobics instructor and love teaching my classes. The ladies respect me so much, they never want to go on a date with me. Probably, they dream but would not ask me to dinner.

        • Just_Some_Nobody

          Surely his personal needs training.

    • griddlle

      thats brilliant

      • phyllisgpayne

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      • Guy

        Nexus Phones and Tablets are now on sale only at

    • That is such a great idea.

    • Tyler Durden

      A good idea? That’s foreign to Google.

      • Keith

        Agreed, multi-billion dollar corporation but can’t come up with good ideas.

        • Tyler Durden

          Aw, always count on you Keith. I’m just salty I don’t have Fiber yet.

      • NAM37

        As a company they have plenty of good ideas. It’s their marketing department that is good-idea-less.

        • michael arazan

          They have a marketing department? One that works outside of YouTube? Their marketing Dept needs to go back to college and take Mass Communications 101

          • Ian Case

            The nexus 7 commercials were great.

          • Aaron

            You don’t have to back peddle so hard. Fox News people can voice their opinions, too.

          • James Adina

            Here in australia its just Samsung and Apple, I would say that at least 40% of people don’t even know what android is… lets face it you onyl have to look at the play store to see that Google is rubbish at marketing!

      • michael arazan

        Google buys companies with the good ideas

      • Tim P

        you should say that for your fruit company..not Google which is the most innovative company in the world..

    • Adam Klein

      That is a great idea, so simple. C’mon google.

    • Kanoosh

      but what happens when they get android N and ‘O’ ? the “M” would be useless.

      • RoboCop

        Whatever the Nexus ships with is the name. Next year would be the NexusN, the year after NexusO, etc.

        • Kanoosh

          but that still doesn’t make sense .. after the Nexus 6M get’s android “N”. that would nullify the meaning of,what is , essentially the name”Nexus 6 Marshmellow” when in fact it is running on android would that work?

          EDIT: sorry for my horrible typo’s..my new mechanical KB doesn’t know engrish apperantly lol

          • RoboCop

            Nexus phones showcase the newest of Google’s OS, so this year would showcase M, next year would showcase N. When this year updated to “Nutella” people would still reference this year’s line of phones as being the ones that debuted with Marshmallow. “Hey this is Robo from Droid Life, today we’re comparing the Nexus 6M with the Nexus 6N as you guys remember Google likes to name their devices with whatever newest version of the OS released at that time so last years was Marshmallow, hence the M…anyway this year blah blah blah”

          • jjordan

            No it wouldn’t nulify the letter. It’s named after whatever software launched on the phone. So just because the nexus 6 gets marshmallow doesn’t mean it didn’t originally launch with Android lollipop. I like that idea.

    • Daistaar

      What about when the older phones gets update to the latest software? Is your Nexus 2014 now a 5M or a Nexus 5 (2014) with Android Marshmellow?

      • RoboCop

        No Google names the phone to whatever OS debuted on that phone. So the 6 from last year was the 6L and this year is 6M. Going back to the Nexus 4 most people couldn’t remember which version OS launched on it…this new naming system makes it easier to say “Hey this year is our Android Marshmallow release and our showcase phones come in either 5″ or 6” versions, hence 5M or 6M.

        • Daistaar

          Ahhhh I get it. That’s not a bad approach.

    • FknTwizted

      Yeah I have the new Motorola cupcake or lg doughnut … Not feeling it

    • SantaClausless

      You think you’re more clever than the overpaid product name specialists at Google, don’t you?

      I mean we’re talking about the people who came out with a messenger app called Hangouts. And a digital store called Play (books, movies, apps). :p

      • RoboCop

        …if they read this and like it…yes, hire me now. If that’s a decent idea ooohhhh boy just wait til a paycheck is next to me and not a protein shake.

    • JRomeo

      why not just call it the Nexus 6 again? the same concept worked for the two Nexus7’s

    • Rovin

      Nexus Phones are now available only at

    • Smartest thing I’ve read online today… which is kind of bittersweet.

      • Brian

        I don’t come to the comments section to read smart things! I want my money back!

    • iman zakhwan

      Biaq kat depa la nak nama ap pon..hg kalot psaipa

    • Nexus

      Because they OS version gets updated every year and the phone doesn’t.

      • instinct

        Still makes more sense than X and P.

      • RoboCop

        Every year a new Nexus comes out…and it always runs a new version of Android. The only one that ever had issues was the Galaxy Nexus but no one wants to remember that lol

    • fitnesspro22

      Cannot use these 5M or 6M because that is too close to M5 and M6, the British secret service designations (remember 007 Names Bond?). LOL but it is true. N, however, is more acceptsble. Yes, N as in New. O.K. Till 9, 29, 2015. Good night. Alex gute. Bon nuie. Spokoyni nochi. Pleasant dreams.

      • RoboCop

        BMW uses it no problem, and 3M is a reflective material on Nike’s/a easy way to hang photos lol.

        • fitnesspro22

          Cars and reflective materials do not mix. Cell phones and intelligence do very much, e.g. NSA, may it rot in hell. But, I was just kidding. Lol and Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bad bugs bite, and if they do hit them with a big old shoe.

    • EdmundoWong

      What happen when it’s time to upgrade your Nexus 5M to Android N?

    • ryan casella

      Makes too much sense

    • Addison

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      Buy the latest Nexus Phones only at

    • Hjk

      I’d prefer the year as suffix, keeps things simpler.

    • Guy

      Nexus Phones are now on sale only at