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Android 5.1.1 “LMY48I” Factory Images Arrive for Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013), 9, and 10

Moments after pushing Android 5.1.1 “LMY48I” to AOSP, Google went ahead and made factory images of the new build available as well. We are currently seeing factory images for the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi, Nexus 9 WiFi and LTE, and Nexus 10.

As a reminder, this update patches the Stagefright vulnerabilities made public last week and is a part of Google’s new monthly security update program

Over-the-air (OTA) updates will likely start rolling out tonight, so stay tuned for those files. In the mean time, you can grab the factory images for your devices at the link below. To flash a factory image to a Nexus device, hit up this link.

Factory Images Link | Binaries

  • jimt
  • Noel

    Still have not been able to update my N4 to Android 5.1…I get an error message every time I try to update, so I just gave up so I’m stuck own Android 5.0.
    Does anyone has an idea how to remedy or go around this continuous error msg that seem to happen halfway during the update process? Actually this is the second update that I haven’t been able to download.

    • Blue Sun

      If I had to guess, I would say your are rooted or don’t have enough storage.

      • Noel

        Thanks for the info. I am not rooted and have about 3GB of free storage space. The first OTA i could not download because of insufficient memory. The second OTA came and i decided delete a bunch of pics and uninstall many apps. I had more than 3GB of space but still numerous attempts to download kept giving me error msgs halfway thru the download process.

  • nmaxfield

    com.android.phone has stopped, every second. gee, thanks…

    • Cory

      I had this happen to me too. Restored back to LYZ28E for now. Might need to factory reset to get it to go away. Or wait for the OTA zip?

      • nmaxfield

        yea i flashed back to that as well. i don’t even want to mess with it anymore today. and i run twrp and root, so ota is a no go. screw it *shrug* lol

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Got mine yesterday afternoon on my Nexus 5. Great job Google. Speedy OTA.

  • K1cks

    But when will it get pushed to Fi phones? 🙂

    • Mr-Glass

      I have seen reports of OTA happening for the Fi phones going from LVY48C to LVY48E – so guessing any time if you are on the LVY48C for Fi

      • K1cks

        That would be cool. I hope they fix it so that when I decide to pop my Verizon SIM back in that calls will work. I’ve been trying to decide if I’m going to switch to Android M preview 2 or flash back to a non-Fi update so I can use VZW again.

  • Dt Bell

    Glass F&B? I never had a problem with it, better for wireless/NFC, I reckon..

  • Boomdizzle

    Maybe this update will actually work on my N7. I constantly get an alert to update and every single time I try and update it fails with an error. So dumb.

    • Blue Sun

      Are you rooted?

      • Adrian Loaiza

        I have the same issue on Nexus 5 with the same error

        • Blue Sun

          Try flashing the image WITHOUT wiping data using Wugfresh’s program. I used it on my N6 & N7 WiFi (2013) both unlocked, neither rooted.

          • Hassan

            Same here in my Nexus 7. I’m rooted but I tried unrooting and it still isn’t working. Normally installing an OTA updated while rooted is fine, all it does it unroot. I think the zip is bad. Gonna have to wait until this is addressed.

      • Boomdizzle

        Yeah I am. Figured that was the issue. Ended up just flashing a rooted version of the most recent update.

  • tansuperman

    So when is this supposed to be an ota? I haven’t seen any dates anywhere. It’s very crazy that Samsung beat Google to the fix. Samsung is usually very slow updating anything. I always thought Android should of gotten fixes like chrome OS.

  • TylerChappell

    Why are they still releasing updates to the 2013 Nexus 7? Aren’t all of them bricked by now? Lmao. Mine bricked a couple weeks after the LMY48G update. I still need to have Asus fix/replace it for free. Maybe this build magically stops them from becoming bricked because LMY48G sure as hell didn’t…

    • DigitalEnforcer

      Seriously, I had to replace the motherboard myself with a used one off of ebay to get it working again. Don’t know how long this new motherboard will last since I’m still hearing of Nexus 7 tablets being bricked by the newest update as well.

      Neither Asus or Google were any help. ASUS wanted $220 to fix it and Google said because I didn’t buy it from the play store, they couldn’t help me. I’ve fixed my friend’s Nexus 7 as well, but these are still only temporary. Why hasn’t this gotten more attention? I don’t understand it.

    • evltwn

      Mine is working just fine.

    • tansuperman

      You couldn’t fix the brick yourself? Xda is your friend

      • TylerChappell

        If I could fix it, it wouldn’t be a brick now would it? If a device is fixable, then it’s not bricked. I always unlock the bootloader on my Nexus devices first thing, and no combination of flashing a factory image, trying to erase/wipe caches and everything else would fix it. It would just give me “flash write failed” errors. It wouldn’t even complete an erase or format command for anything.

    • Martin B.

      No, they’re not. Mine is working perfectly, but thank you for asking. Installed LMY48G till today.

  • trixnkix637

    What should those on the Android M preview do?

    • JSo

      Wait for preview 3. I would think they would add this patch to that build if they have time.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Are there any rumors about the release month for the Nexus 5?

    • Carlos Lopez

      I’d say mid october to early november if it sticks to regular nexus release schedules
      Edit: and if there’s enough inventory to actually be able to pick one up on release

    • JSo

      Just throwing out thoughts here. But the final build of Android M is scheduled for Q3 of this year. I think Q3 ends in September. I may be wrong. And since they usually launch new Android versions with new hardware, I hope that means we could get new devices by late September. This would stray from their usual end of year launch dates though.

  • Mech_Engr_09

    Damn the nexus 4 was such a beautiful device. I miss iy

    • fredgrip

      i still use it as my daily driver. Next nexus will replace it couple of months

  • Mike Fromson

    N4 still the best looking Nexus to date

    • mcdonsco

      And most fragile.

      • Mike Fromson


    • Ralph Bretz

      Not a fan of either the N4 or N5 just because they are not symmetrical.
      Other than that, the N4 looked really good.

      • JSo

        What do you mean by not symmetrical?

        • AngryBadger

          camera placement?

        • Ralph Bretz

          The camera and flash are both squeezed over to one side. The Nexus 6 the left and right side are the same/mirror images.
          Yes OCD is an issue when buying phones.

  • JSo

    Come on Google. Give us Preview 3. 🙂

    • Carlos Lopez

      Better yet give us the final build and the revamped N5

      • JSo

        Well yeah, but that will come later. They are running late on Preview 3 though.

        • Carlos Lopez

          Yeah I know I’m just being Impatient

          • JSo

            We all are. lol

    • pimpation

      I know, I’m ready to see this “close to final” build.

  • Larry Bublitz

    Nexus 5 2015, please! Timely updates like this from Google would be soooooooo nice!

  • Is it the death of 2012 Nexus 7?

    • 5.0 update killed that tablet for me. stopped updating. just got worse and worse performance from it

      • fredgrip

        5.1.1 improved the performance and fixed the memory leak issue
        if you dont like it stick with 5.1.1 or 4.4. dont be on 5.0

        • TylerChappell

          The 5.1.1 update definitely did not improve the performance to 4.4.4 levels though. I tried it on two of them and did a few factory resets/wipes and that thing was still a total lagfest.

          • tansuperman

            Fixed n6 issues, but agreed on the n7 still being very laggy.

      • wrkerr

        I thought mine was through at 5.0 too, until I tried a ROM with F2FS support. There might be a couple options around, but I use this one, and it really makes the 3+ year old budget tablet run like new. I highly recommend it to all 2012 Nexus 7 users.


    • slick

      glad I chose to buy ipad 3 back then, I spend almost a week and I made a good choice

    • wrkerr

      This was my first thought too. Three years isn’t a bad run for official updates. Hopefully more people will find the custom ROMs available on XDA now.

    • Cool

      I was wondering the same thing. It would make sense for them to at least end the Nexus 7 2012 on a high note.

      I am pretty sure that it will get this update at some point. I would be awfully surprised if they decided to not give it such a high profile security update.