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You Can Now Root Almost All Galaxy S6 Variants With This 1-Click Method, KNOX Not Tripped

galaxy s6 s6 edge

Over the weekend, the Keen team released PingPong Root, which is a 1-click root app for a number of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge variants. Even AT&T and Verizon models are included. But maybe more importantly, this root method doesn’t trip Samsung’s KNOX, so things like Samsung Pay (once it goes live) and other security-related features should still work afterwards. 

If you are at all interested in rooting your Galaxy S6 or Edge, this method is probably your best option at the moment. All you need to do is follow a handful of simple steps, which basically involve downloading an .apk file, installing it, and then telling it to root your phone. There are another couple of simple steps in there that you will find in the video we included below.

To get to rooting, head over to this XDA thread.

Cheers Joey!
  • It’s worth noting that the new AT&T update will not install on my rooted S6 Edge. Anyone else having this issue?

  • slik101

    One click method from a Chinese source that modifies some files to end with .china? No thank you, I’ll wait for a reputable source. It might work, but you have no idea what just got installed on your phone with ROOT access

  • Thorsten von Eicken

    is any developer edition in sight?

  • Danny

    Just rooted my VZW s6 edge and started going thru tit. backup and i see abunch of apks frozen with .china in the name. I wonder if i could delete these?

  • Rooted my S6 Edge AT&T without any issue. That’s pretty frackin’ sweet!

  • jim

    any luck on the Note 3 yet ?

  • Nick

    Gaining root access entirely from a .apk? That’s scary.

  • Anoneyemou5e

    May look into whether root is necessary once my S6 Edge arrives.

  • Rezin

    My sweet dick, it’s magic!

  • Jprime

    What about kingo?

  • watson

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  • neal

    Is this a full root or is the bootloader still locked?

    • duke69111

      This appears to be just root and nothing to do with the bootloader.

  • Beard Man

    Kellen, yout got a black or gold s6? which one looks better and more premium if you have to choose one? i can’t decide.

    • Jason Kahn

      Just remember its Black Saphire, not Black, Black Sapphire as confusing as it sounds is actually a very deep blue. So it might be easier for you too consider do you want a deep blue phone, or a Gold Phone?

      • Beard Man

        yeah i saw that on several videos. but is the gold one in regular light more like silver? i don’t like the pruple/blue color of the black, but on the pics above the black s6/edge are looking very good too.

        • Jason Kahn

          The Edge Breaks up the color on the front, as the color actually falls off to the sides, so the effect it gives you is that there is less bezel more screen. Best thing to do is put the two colors side by side. The T-Mobile sales person actually got me to floor models and went outside with me to compare the two colors, that is the best way to do it, hopefully the salesperson that helps you will be as accomodating.

  • Steven King

    Well, I am impressed.

  • Raven

    This almost makes me want to buy one before they patch the hole … almost.

  • Disqo Stu

    Hackers HATE this 1 click trick

  • 213ninja

    any indication this might work on a lollipop vzw note4?

    • 213ninja

      nevermind, i just read the XDA thread. for anyone else asking, the answer was No.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Is the Verizon edge included

        • 213ninja

          it’s literally just specific s6 and s6 edge models that are supported.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Ah thanks. I’m at work and can only sneak a peek at the article

  • Travis Minnich

    I have the s6 Edge. now if i root it will it get ride of the edge features? Not a big fan of touchwiz

    • SilentSpring

      No, all root does is let you delve deeper into the OS then you would otherwise be able too. It doesn’t inherently change anything about the phone but gives you the ability to have more control over it.

      • Travis Minnich

        Ok awesome! thanks!

  • MistaButters

    Come on Note 4. Come on Note 4! please please please please please.

    • Xavier_NYC

      Trust me, I feel your pain. I don’t even want custom roms either, I just want to use Adaway for annoying ads and Titanium backup to rid myself of useless apps..

      • Nexusphan

        Cancelled my pre order of Note 4 back in Oct’2014 and bought N6, best decision and best phone to date in the market, rocking 5.1.1 AOSP rom with Custom kernel, Faux sound, Themes, Ad block, DT2W, Extended desktop (full screen) with Pie controls, Privacy guard with App permissions, long press back to kill app, Volume keys to control music and many more useful features..

        • Andrew Klinger

          Do you want a cookie or something?

          • Nexusphan

            You are mad bro? Can’t afford N6?

          • Andrew Klinger

            I could afford a Note Edge, pretty sure I could afford the nexus if I so desired. I’m not going to argue over phones & features but the whole ‘you should have bought a nexus’ on every single article on DL gets tiresome. Do I care you have a N6? Nope. But I do care about the new galaxies getting rooted.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Exactly man, that’s how I feel about the situation. It’s like great, you bought a nexus. Has absolutely nothing to do with this forum.

          • patt

            nexus fan boiss are worse then ios army lol

          • The Nexus 6 is cheaper, wth?

          • Nexusphan

            N6 64gb you can only buy outright $699, no carrier subsidies, Note 4 can be bought with carrier subsidy and new contract/contract extension for as low as $99.

          • The Bilderbergers

            Please, for the love of this site… stop. just. stop.

          • I don’t know what you’re dreaming up by thinking the Note 4 is cheaper. The Nexus 6 starts at $649, and the Note 4 starts at $699 full retail, which is what you reference when looking at phone cost. If you do look at the subsidized cost, the Note 4 is still selling for $299 while the Nexus 6 is $199.

          • Nexusphan

            good try, but you are not too bright, are you? N6 comes in 2 configs’s 32gb & 64gb.

          • Did you see that I said starts at? I’m comparing the 32GB N6 to the 32GB N4… Why would I compare a 64GB N6 to a 32GB N4 for a price comparison?

          • The Bilderbergers

            he’s an idiot and a troll. maybe he can find a home over at BGR

          • jnt

            https://store.google.com/product/nexus_6 – $649 for 32gb, $699 for 64gb.

            Though Verizon does have the 32gb at $599 full retail…

          • Nexusphan

            Note 4 for $99



            Note 4 is from the begining cheaper to buy on contract thru some deal compared to Nexus 6, I would even speculate to say Samsung got worried Nexus 6 impacting Note 4 sales and offered $200 pre-order promo and even than I would guess it lost significant potential customers who switched to Nexus 6

          • patt

            I think that is the bestbuy contract promo 😛 still like we argued before most prefer note’s to nexus , to me nexus is just not a good device.

          • michael arazan

            $650 before tax, and the $50 google play credit.

            I got the credit 3 weeks after I bought the device when they started the promo, was really cool of them to do so

          • supremekizzle

            You cereal? You bragging about affording a $700 phone? That’s not very much money bruh. Like half a paycheck and you think it’s a bragging point or shows your incredible superiority? That’s funny. You actually sound like an iOS user, “You can’t afford an iPhone.”

          • michael arazan

            It’s a month wage for minimum wage

          • Arthur Dent

            Such a douchebag…

          • OF

            Haters gonna hate.

          • AngryBadger

            No, apparently he wants lollipop flavors. lol 😉

        • Xavier_NYC

          I don’t regret my purchase at all, still a great phone just wish I had more control over it. The nexus 6 is not the best phone, that’s just your opinion.

          • Nexusphan

            yeah, still agreat phone right, and you guys are begging for root for 6 months, touchwiz sucks, even when you get root still you won’t get stock smoothness & fluidity, it’s like a lipstick on a pig..

          • Xavier_NYC

            Haha my phone works perfectly fine. Take that fan boy sh*t somewhere else. Note 4 is the first samsung phone I’ve ever owned and I have no loyalty to any phone or phone maker. I just go with what is the best at the time and outside of getting updates first, the Nexus 6 is not that best phone on the market. It might be the best phone for you, which is A OK but doesn’t mean it’s the best on the market.

          • Nexusphan

            oh well, I know what i am saying, cause I am a former Samsuck user (S3, Note2 – ran AOSP, Note 3 rooted), you are a “frog in a well”, you can stay in your touchwiz well..

          • Xavier_NYC

            Lol whatever floats your boat kid.

          • Nexusphan

            Lol, I am rocking 5.1.1, enjoy your slow ruined Lollipop (5.0.2 + Touchwiz), You may not see or it could be a while for you to see 5.1 on your phone and in the mean time try to stay afloat frog..

          • glimmerman76

            I have a nexus 6 and a S6 and guess what I like the s6 better. what is it with people and touchwiz its only a launcher. I replaced it with nova and the phone rocks and touchwiz was not that bad.

          • MistaButters

            Why all the hate? That gets super old. Nexus 6 has better software, but Note 4 has better hardware across the board. And it’s not like touchwiz is jank city anymore. It’s come a long way. If I had to go back and choose again Note 4 or Nexus 6, I would make the same choice.

          • MicroNix

            Pretty much the only thing that sucks here is your attitude.

            Be together. Not the same.

          • AngryBadger

            I never owned a Note before. Had a Nexus 5, it was good but nothing spectacular outside of quick updates. My GF had a Note 2, seemed like a fun phone.

            Upgraded her to a Note 4… not too long after, upgraded myself to a note 4. Damn the battery life is insane. Plus the stylus works as joystick for games.

            I can still install my custom launcher and change my icons so I’m good. Plus the camera was leagues better than my Nexus 5.

          • And Nexus owners are begging for a great camera

          • Alexander Z Great

            I’m Not begging for a better camera on my nexus. Yes, the note 4 camera quality is better than the nexus but the nexus is just fine. They both have terrible shutter speed and great pics in daylight. Note 4 is better in low light. Not a major difference between the two.

          • OF

            The best phone for him. Why you mad?

          • Xavier_NYC

            1) Get off his nuts 2) stop being a fanboy 3) how am I being mad when I’m stating the facts? The Nexus 6 is not the best phone on the market. Yes it gets updates first but that doesn’t make it the best phone on the market. It doesn’t have the best screen, doesn’t have the best camera and build quality isn’t that great. Still a great phone and def a great phone for him but that doesn’t mean it’s the best phone on the market. That’s just an opinion.

        • T4rd

          Yeah, pretty much same setup on my One M8 with Xposed. Definitely nice to have an unlocked bootloader for newer custom ROMs. I went back to stock Sense (lollipop) ROM though just for better battery life (and some other useful features) over stock Android and pretty much same performance.

        • Deez

          If the N6 is the best phone with the best software how come you had to do all of that sh*t to it yourself? Lulz

          • Alexander Z Great

            That’s part of the world of Android and open source. You can do as you please with a nexus. Why do people buy a note 4 and throw cm12 on it with other mods?

        • clownFace Prod.

          I have pretty much all those features on my Note 4, plus Multi and Pen Window.

        • Bob

          Old news DL… old news.

          Android police was hot on this story this weekend.

      • T4rd

        I would just want it for Xposed. Wanam Xposed pretty much gives you any custom ROM features you’d want/need on the stock ROM. Everything else is gravy.

        I might actually consider this phone to replace my M8 on Verizon.

        • Steven King

          I thought xposed wouldn’t work on Exynos. That will presumably change, I assume…

        • flosserelli

          Good luck installing Xposed on a S6 without bootloops.

    • SeanPlunk

      They got the Note 4 this weekend. The process is insanely long and difficult, but can be done. Really it seems that Exynos chips are much easier to root than Qualcomm chips. Here’s hoping the Note 5 uses the Exynos 7422 as rumored 🙂

      If so I’m all

      • Andrew Klinger

        If the VZW Note 4 gets it, then my Note Edge should be right on it’s tail for root as well. Goodbye bloat and cluttered notifications.

    • Chippah

      Note 4 IS currently rooted, albeit with a Chinese temp root..

      Kingo works on the VZW/ATT note 4, but I wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole unless you want
      the Chinese to steal all your data.

      However Devs are currently working on a pre-perm rooted stock lp rom which we hope will be released shortly.

      • MistaButters

        Yeah I saw that they had gotten temp root that doesn’t stick. Hopefully that gets solved because I would love perm root. I really want to pay that bounty! Lol

  • sniper89

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  • Keith Taylor

    As a car guy and not a tech guy but a guy who appreciates tech I would like to ask an honest question. What is the point of and benefits of rooting a device. I have always been in the minority that I like the different skins on OEM phones. So could someone help a brother out.

    • crazyg0od33

      I use it mostly to de-bloat / install adblock / use titanium backup.

      Overall it just makes my personal experience more enjoyable. And while I like some skins, I very much dislike touchwiz, so being able to remove that is the only way I’d want to buy an S6

    • Tyler Durden

      Debloat, deeper customizations, petformance tweaks, etc. Just gives better control of your device.

    • MistaButters

      -Wifi Tether without paying your carrier is a big one.
      -Remove all of the things (debloat)

      • Keith Taylor

        That sounds interesting. How does that work.

        • shelooga

          its like flashing a custom tune to your ECU

          • TC Infantino

            It’s even better than that. It’s like having a Haltech ECU and program completely replace your old ECU.

        • MistaButters

          If you own a non-carrier branded Android phone you can just create a wifi hotspot with your phone and share you data. It’s built into Android. With AT&T branded phones (and maybe Verizon too) the carrier blocks the ability unless you pay them $10 a month extra. You used to be able to just download an app to re-enable, but now you must root an AT&T Android phone to get wifi tether back. You can sort of get around it by using PdaNet via USB, but that only supports internet on a single laptop so creating a hotspot for multiple devices (or for a tablet without a data plan) is a no go.

          I’ve always had root or a Nexus, so when I came to a Note 4 I forgot what it was like to not have this feature.

          • glimmerman76

            Tethering on ATT is free if you have a mobile share plan. If you have an unlimited plan you cant get tethering at all. They are also detecting tethering on the s6/edge now.

          • MistaButters

            I do have an unlimited plan and I didn’t even realize tethering wasn’t allowed even if you paid. AT&T has an app on your phone that detects when you enable a wifi tether but it can be removed with root.

            Currently I am using Foxfi with PdaNet over USB, which works when I need internet on my laptop.

          • glimmerman76

            what phone are you using?

          • MistaButters

            AT&T Note 4

      • epps720

        Coming from an unlocked Z3c to an AT&T S6 Edge, this is my biggest issue (with the service). Needed a Wifi hotspot at dinner yesterday when my son wanted to use an app on his tablet. Don’t have a need to root otherwise but will try this.

        • FoxFi works with the S6, at least the Verizon model.

          • epps720

            First thing I tried. That was my go-to on my ATT G2 but I get an error ‘Fail to activate hotspot: Fail to enable Hotspot. Please try again. If your phone is a supported model please also try rebooting first.’ I get this error all the time. The worst part is I don’t even have ATT svc, I paid full price for the phone.

    • Xavier_NYC

      You know those little annoying ads you see on android, you can use a Root App called Adaway to rid yourself of all of those annoying in app ads. Also, a program like Titanium backup lets you delete bloat which takes up space on your device and sometimes affects performance. It’s not necessarily just for custom roms.

      • mcdonsco

        Where is adaway? I’ve never been able to find that.

      • Considering my S6 is a company phone, can I root, remove the bloat, then when it comes time to give the phone back, put everything back on and go back to stock?

        • Xavier_NYC

          Bad idea. I’d never root a company phone. Also, once you trip Knox (samsungs security) there’s not going back. Yes you can unroot it but Knox will always know that the phone was rooted at some point and that will void your warranty

    • No_Ledge

      It’s basically the same thing as getting the admin password to a Windows PC. Things that you weren’t previously able to see/change in the OS become accessible.

    • Raven

      Mainly it is for the peace of mind of Titanium Backup for me, but since I am rooted, I also use AdFree, Autostarts, Greenify, Xposed, Tasker, and Xposed.

    • Nexusphan

      With root you can do ton of things – Wifi Tether, Ad block, Custom kernel and exposed module which inturn will allow you to customize your phone alot.

      And if you unlock bootloader you get all of these features built in the rom – I am currently rocking a 5.1.1 custom rom with Faux sound, Themes, Extended desktop (full screen) with Pie controls, DT2W, Screen color control (warm/cool…), Privacy guard with App permissions, long press back to kill app, Volume keys to control music and many more useful features..

      Look at below themes, there are many different themes like these and I change between them freequently:

      • Keith Taylor

        I was actually paying attention until I saw that ass.

      • patt

        that is actually a pretty ugly theme lol besides the chick

    • Jack Bauer

      Imagine buying a car and being able to paint it, add different tires, rims, or customizing the body but not being allowed to get under the hood and tinker, modify, etc… Rooting lets you get under there and tinker to your heart’s content, provided you know what you’re doing once you get down in there.

      • Keith Taylor

        Man that sounds horrible. Imagine if Apple made a car…oh wait..never mind

    • – WiFi tether even if your plan doesn’t allow it
      – Install Xposed which offers endless UI tweaks (hide clock, re-size nav buttons, change battery icon, etc.), and hundreds of modules from anywhere to saving snaps from snapchat, to bypassing the Exchange security forced when you connect to an Exhange server.
      – Install adblock software
      – Remove bloat that you can’t disable
      – Use Greenify/Amplify to greatly increase battery life
      – Tons more

    • WK

      its kinda like renting a car vs. owning a car. if you root, you have control over almost everything (software-wise anyway). you can customize pretty much anything if you read up on it. if you’re not rooted, its like using a rental car. yea you can drive it but you can’t change anything. that’s how i see it as at the most basic generalization.