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Google+ is Testing a New “Collections” Feature That Seems to be Part Pinterest, Part Blogging

A new feature called Collections is coming soon to Google+, according to sources of ours. While we have limited information about Collections at this time, from what we understand, the feature wants users to create “collections” of their interests, which makes it sound a lot like Pinterest meets a blogging platform. 

In Collections, which should be available on mobile and the web when it launches, users can create collections of photos, links, and videos, or follow other users’ collections. Google suggests to early users of Collections that these are themed channels of content that could focus on anything from Salsa in San Diego to Paragliding.

As you can see from the image above, you will be able to discover new Collections through your G+ circles or quickly create your own from just about anything that interests you. A shortcut to Collections will also likely live in the Google+ drop-down menu, where you currently find links to your Photos, Communities, Events, Stream, etc.

It’s tough to say when Collections will rollout out to everyone, as it seems to be in a private beta of sorts for now. Should we learn more, we’ll pass that info along.

  • Jeff

    This is nice for the people that actually use it

  • This is just excellent and has solved a bunch of problems with the categorization of posts. This beats Facebook flat on the nose!

  • That Commenting Guy

    Interesting that you use disqus comments and not G+. But still, i wish google plus had a points system like deviantarts’ and let you customize your browsing background color.

  • Guest

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  • Abhisshek

    Check Out Droid Life (link below) , Android Police directly reference your site in their article. It peeves me sometimes that you people don’t offer Android Police the same respect. Sometimes you will credit/reference Android Police at the very bottom of the article, but not always, is that ethically right Droid Life? http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/04/24/google-apparently-testing-collections-for-followable-curated-content-sets-on-google

  • 6 one way half a dozen another

    So Google is going to throw a Pinterest copycat at me? A site I barely tolerate? First the horrible Chrome bookmark change and now this? Google has little boxes of every and anything on the brain. STOP IT, GOOGLE!

  • Joaquin Rotharmel

    Trusted Tester? I don’t think so…

  • xdigi

    Do the two Google employees that actually use Google+ even care about Google+ anymore?

    • Well, I have over 300,000 followers myself and several active communities with tens of thousands of active members, so I guess they are getting pretty good at bots?

  • Guest

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  • Alejandro VR

    “Collections is SECRET & CONFIDENTIAL” is on the red square in the top of the screenshot!

  • MReprogle

    Seems more like a Google-version of Tumblr, which I wouldn’t mind checking out.

    • That Commenting Guy

      I would really enjoy that, but all they need is more links between g+ and blogger.

  • I’m sure Google would like to know who breached the NDA 😉

  • michael arazan

    Can’t stand pinterest, turning up more and more in google results while searching for things not helping me to find what I’m looking for

  • Daeshaun

    Okay… The name is good. Could be incredible if it includes music. Linked to g+, fine. Lives in g+, not okay.


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    • Maria Vilaró

      It includes whatever you want, you make them. And how the hell do you want that a new g+ feature doesn’t live in g+???

      • FSDFDF

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      • Daeshaun

        I’m saying if it lived outside of google+, like the photo’s app, but was still linked to g+, like the photo’s app, it would be OK.

  • Jimmy Baez

    Hmm, interesting.

  • miri

    My curiosity is aroused…