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Google Keep Update Brings Note Browsing to Android Wear

Google Keep may not be the best note taking or to-do list app around, but it has Google’s support and therefore makes it impossible not to use at times. I actually find myself using it quite often, just because of its simplicity for when I want to make something as simple as a grocery or shopping list that can be easily shared with my wife. After today’s update, I may find myself using it even more. 

In an update that is rolling out now, Google Keep gets better Android Wear support which means you can now browse notes on your watch and also interact with them. Previously, you could use Android Wear to take a quick note in Keep, but that was about it. Now, you can pull up all of your notes by saying, “Ok, Google, open Keep.” Once opened, you can open individual lists, tap on check boxes to mark things as done, create new notes, and take care of tasks without pulling out your phone.

It works pretty well. Feel free to grab the update below.

Play Link | Download Link (apk)

google keep android wear-2

Via:  Official Android Blog

    Except I keep getting “Sorry, that didn’t work. Try again” Anyone else having this issue?

  • rytyshy

    Good job Kellen, every other article misunderstood what this update added.


    I use Keep all the time. We move ever closer to the point where I may actually consider purchasing an Android Wear device.

  • Laszlo Boocz

    Very nice. I use Keep alot so this will go handy with my Moto 360

  • ClikFire _

    I use this app everyday its not the best but for some quick notes and task lists it works well for me.

  • Cool

    This is awesome. I love Google keep, and this makes it even better on the Android Wear, which I also love.

    Now we just need Android Wear 5.1. Then we’ll get the always on app ability to use with keep and other apps.

  • James

    This is nice, but I really would love offline support. The ability to cache a note which would sync later, the ability to save notes to the watch, etc.

  • Cory S

    I think it will be better in the next wear update…but the reason I never use it on my M360 is because when going down a checklist (lets say grocery shopping) the app would close every time the screen would time out…requiring you to find it, open it again, and then find the list you were working on.

    • Cool

      Exactly. This is what Android Wear 5.1 will solve.

      You will be able to keep an app on the screen in a low power state. Basically like pinnig an app to the screen for quick using over and over.

      • Cory S

        I also hope it fixes timers which close out after a few minutes. That’s majorly annoying.

    • This is the only reason why I stopped using it for the grocery store

  • Mike Credelle

    who buys just 2 black beans?

    • Tyler Durden

      why no white beans? racist

    • joe23521

      Plus a kidney.

  • Tyler Durden

    so hideous

  • Maxim∑

    Hope the next 360 removes the black bar and useless glass cutout that just distorts the edges..

    • Marco Studenski

      Now, that’s one of my favorite design details of the Moto 360. Maybe not so much the black bottom (though it’s true that you forget its even there), but the beveled glass edge. It gives the screen a type of analog or physical feel. It’s a nice way to show that there is some ‘realness’ to this digital watch. It changes and skews the display in a way that can’t be mimicked digitally. Even the black bottom does add this in a way. I love when phone displays have this too, with curved glass edges and the like.

  • jimothy

    I’ve been able to do all this for a while… except maybe the voice part? But I’ve been scrolling and opening and checking off lists pretty much since Keep came to Wear.

    • Grayson

      Same here, though the interface does look different now.

    • imHOWIE

      Me too. It’s great at the grocery store for checking off stuff on my watch as I get it. It has been doing this for months.

      • imHOWIE

        It has built on more wear functionality though, which is always welcomed.

  • AngryBadger

    now that is nice :).