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This is Google Play Music 5.6.1640 With a Material Design Makeover

By the time Android 5.0 “Lollipop” officially arrives for the world to use with the Nexus 9 on November 3, I would imagine that Google will flip the switch on a number of massive updates to its core Google apps. We are talking design overhauls of Gmail, Maps, Drive, and Google Play Music with Material Design. But, since we know that many of you would rather not have to wait another couple of weeks to see what’s in store, we thought we should point out that a number of the new re-made apps have surfaced through a leak that has been incorporated into a Nexus 4 ROM. That’s right, someone leaked a ROM from the Nexus 6, which included all of the refreshed Google apps, like Play Music.

So yeah, this is what Google Play Music 5.6.1640 looks like. How pretty is this? 

The update will refresh the entire look of the app, incorporating the Material Design guidelines that were introduced back at Google I/O and then updated last week with the announcement of Android 5.0. Buttons float (including a big “Play” button on album and playlist pages), album art is huge, the status bar is now pulling in the orange from the app, and there are beautiful animations everywhere.

google music md-2

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you install this app, or any of the others we will try to show you throughout the day, just know that they are out there. We pulled them from this Nexus 4 ROM over at XDA. I’m saying that you may not want to install these, because the signatures of the .apk files are conflicting with currently installed versions of the same apps (“An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.”). That could mean that whoever leaked these needed to repackage the apps and re-sign them to protect their source, which would then mean that they may be less secure. Proceed with caution, please.

More to come!

Edit:  Tweaked title a bit. As you all noted, it’s not exactly the full Material Design makeover.


google music md-3

  • blakjakdavy

    Chill out, everyone, if you look on http://www.google.com/nexus/6 and click through the Floating Action Buttons over the n6 about half way down the page, you can clearly see the I/O animations in use in the Google Play Music app. It’s coming.

  • Guest

    I want this! One day…

  • xzero425x

    IT’S STILL ORANGE :(((((((

  • I really really REALLY want there to be a setting where I can have it default to my “Songs” list (or any other) instead of that blocky home screen. I hate those times when I have a previous song up, swipe down (because its on the block screen), swipe left to open the menu, choose “My Library” and then swipe over to “My Songs”. That…is…absolutely…ridiculous.

  • Droider

    Is there an apk for this?

  • Michael

    Why aren’t the using the API’s that pulls the most prominent color from the album art and use it for controls?

    • Andrew Roth

      Because they’re stupid.

  • needa

    anyone got the link to the play music video showing the new animations? i saw it the other day and have been unable to track it down.

  • doz

    Just to explain what the signature error actually means, as the article doesn’t really get it right. While droid-life is correctly warning that this developer had access to the source and repackaged it, it has nothing to do with “protecting the source”. All Android apps must be signed to be installed. As you’re developing android apps, you’ll use the debug certificate that’s local to your machine. Additionally, every app has a unique release certificate which is password protected and can *never* change after you release the first version of your app. Signing is required, and whoever leaked these very likely does not have access (or the password) to the release certificate for this app – I would wager very few at Google have that password. So, what we have here is an app that was likely built from source, and then signed with a random release certificate that differs from the genuine release certificate. Could be 100% fine, but the developer *did* have the opportunity to stick some malicious code in there. Also, as a result of having a different signature, it’s possible some functionality may not work, as some 3rd party APIs (such as the Play Store) require that you register your release signature with them for authentication.

  • Bryan F. Fox

    Please give me start ratings in the App!?!!?!?!?? Thumbs Up/Down is so incredibly stupid. Gahhh. Had such high hopes for Google Music and the player development has been so irritatingly slow.

  • View Askew

    Now if only they could fix the shuffle to be worth a crap, and actually shuffle, or play something OTHER than the same 20-30 songs on my mobile…

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Installed it in my N5… not so smooth (yet)

  • Joshua D.

    They fixed some of the issues on the current Aoo such as album art being overblown and cut off while listening and it looks cleane, but I was hoping for the IO style redesign…:(

  • YuCMi

    Either Google is either getting really lazy with their Material Design adaptation, or the core apps we’ve seen so far are place holders for a better material redesign to come. I’d prefer the latter to be true.

    • philosopher_Mk

      Yup, I think they are placeholders. Actually I hope so, remember the play music design back when was introdused?

  • Miguel

    I’ve been running the latest preview since Friday night and it doesn’t have this music app, I guess they don’t want any massive leaks.

  • paticao

    which mockups are people talking about from the I/O?

  • JSo

    Can I Haz?

  • Elliot Kotis


  • Cole Stevems

    Judging by the screenshots, there isnt that much different. Some bolder colors and some reworked buttons on the bottom. I’m sure there are some cool animations but the app does look that different.

  • tylerc23

    I actually don’t see any Material Design, just the Play “Button”. Sad 🙁

  • Kenny Woodard

    My stock HTC music app looks just as good, if not better, than this. I wouldn’t call that a redesign. Looks much more like a re-skin with some more vibrant colors. I gotta say, the I/O version was a bigger risk for Google to take, but it certainly looked better than this.

  • Arnold

    Isn’t the orange status bar just from “Battery Saver Mode”?


    Would certainly hope it’s not purposely two separate tints of orange. Not a fan.

    • Miguel

      No, I’m running the preview and the battery saver is much darker than this.

  • Brandon G

    i want the messaging app!!!



    • Right Now

      Looks like Rihanna after Chris Brown got though with her. I am not sure I would be putting his face to promote Google.

      • BRNSMRF

        Dawson’s heartbreak will always be relevant

  • Deeco

    NOOOOOOOO! This can’t be it! GIMME I/O VERSION!!

  • Defenestratus

    Just put the Nexus 6 up for sale already. I’ve readied my wallet.

    • Deeco

      You what mate? Surely, you mean 5?

      • RC

        Try reading next time.

  • Molly Housel

    Looks basically the same 🙁

    • Matthew Merrick

      I don’t really see this as a bad thing though

  • Knlegend1

    Random and not that it matters to me, but will the iOS users get some material design?

    • cardenaso10

      Usually Google tends to try to use whatever guidelines Apple is currently using for their iOS apps, so, dunno.

      • Knlegend1


  • Brian Menius

    So what happens to the status bar when you’re in Play Music with Battery Saver enabled?

    • Time to bust out the color wheel.

    • RC

      The navbar turns orange for battery saver

  • Vojtěch Navrátil

    Wouldnt name it Full Material Design Makeover, since there are plenty of stuffs missings or done in Holo:

    – No shadow in second image
    – Drawer isnt over top bar
    – Holo menu in 6th pic
    – Holo tabs (what I saw in different gallery)
    – Holo shadows under cards
    – Card padding seems to be quite less than 16 dp , can also be seen how it should look in here somwhere in the 2/3 of the page .
    – Also doesnt Switcher in the first pic looks wrong too? Check it here

    • You have too much time on your hands.

      • Vojtěch Navrátil

        Thats true, it´s hard to convince myself into school work with all this procrastination :/

      • MisterOh

        I disagree. Vojtech, you have a keen eye for design and that’s a highly demanded skill in web/app/UI design these days. Keep it up!

    • philosopher_Mk

      I think they can’t make io version to work on older versions of the platform,so this is what can be done with support libraries. Once when L get 20% market share, they can do a redesign. I hope so.

    • Slusho

      Where did they say that the drawer should be over the top bar? This and Play Store have it below but Newsstand and Movies & TV have it over. I think below is a lot better and doesn’t completely cover up the animation of the bars turning into the arrow.

      • Vojtěch Navrátil


        “Nav drawers that are temporary overlay the content canvas. Nav drawers that are pinned sit alongside or below the content canvas”


        It only depends on you if you want to include status bar (I/O http://goo.gl/h25e41) or not, but i would say guidelines wants you to overlap everything except nav bar and optionally status bar.

        I would Imagine it as a sheet of paper (http://goo.gl/DncSt8) which has your attention. It covers everything exactly as paper would in real life if you dragged it on the top.

        • Slusho

          Wow, it even goes over the status bar? I haven’t seen that on any of the apps. I don’t understand why they would make that animation and then cover it up. The inconsistency thus far is also perplexing.

          • Vojtěch Navrátil

            Look on the newest update of Google I/O app, it goes over the status bar (http://goo.gl/h25e41)

            And in my opinion it look beautiful. It is sad Google confused every developer and user here with this enormous f**k up of their re-materialising :(.

  • TeeJay1100


  • schoat333

    I’m concerned about this person choice in music.

    • MrCheyl

      Maybe, just maybe, people have different tastes in music.

      • schoat333

        or lack of taste in music.

        • MrCheyl

          You seem rather narrow minded, I can only hope for you to understand that criticizing other people’s taste in music is a really d*ck thing to do.

          • zurginator

            On a very technical front, you’re also criticizing his taste in music (particularly his lack of bredth).

          • MrCheyl

            What I’m really criticizing is his inability to accept that some people may like things he doesn’t.

          • DainLaguna


          • zurginator

            Correct. Commenting after a 14 hour work day probably wasn’t the best idea.

    • Chris M

      You should be more concerned about yourself not about what others may or may not like. Ignorance does not escape the tech boards.

  • Nice but I’m more looking forward to that new player that was shown off at I/O that’s supposed to come with the Nexus devices.

  • jeff manning

    If it’s not exactly like the music app displayed at IO, I am disappoint

    • TechTinker11

      I’m glad its not as extreme, I much prefer this design.

    • RC

      Prepare to be disappointed. They never said that was Google Play Music. What they showed was a music app that could be done using the new APIs. I don’t know why people kept saying it was GPM.

      • Jason Purp

        I’m hoping someone copies the design from the mockup app they showcased since it’s such a desired interface. Maybe Shuttle will transform into a similar UI

        • Rami Debab

          NexMusic+ did it 🙂

        • jeff manning

          Yea, but it won’t be integrated with google music subscription

      • jeff manning

        “I don’t know why people kept saying it was GPM”

        I don’t think anyone said it was GPM, just like no one said the email app shown at IO was gmail. But most people figured that GPM would look pretty much the same as the IO music app just like the generic IO email app looks like the new gmail.

      • Josh Osuna

        Can someone post an image of the apps they showed? Been searching for them but cant find them

      • dcdttu

        Probably because no company would be dumb enough to show something awesome and then not release said awesomeness as their own, right? I couldn’t imagine Google, or Apple, showing off an amazing music app, then it not being their own…

    • Guess I’ll have to go back & search for the the design from IO

      Unless someone wants to give me the link
      *hint hint. wink wink*

    • san q

      Pretty sure a developer will imitate that

    • cizzlen

      That is pretty disappointing. Why would they even display some random music app if they weren’t going to at least implement the new L design for their user base for Play music? I never used it but that’s just plain dumb, imo.

    • jake

      It’s not quite done yet. It is still in a development phase. over the next few weeks you can expect it to catch up and exceed the version shown off at I/O

    • Elliot

      Exactly, the only thing I was really forward to is the Play Music makeover. I’m extremely disappointed

  • Sam Del Valle

    Praise Lord Duarte


  • MahmoodBH