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Top 5 Android Games: August 2014

August has been a fantastic month to be a gamer on Android, with a few big-time titles seeing their release onto Google Play. PC gamers were treated to a couple of Steam titles making their way to Android, which allows them to get out from behind the desk and play those games wherever they see fit.

For those who might be curious, you don’t have to worry about seeing Swing Copters on this list, as that game might get my vote for worst game of the century.

Below are the Top 5 Android Games for August of 2014. 

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s (Play Link: $2.99)

This official port of a horror survival game was recently pushed to Google Play, making sure you can pee your pants whenever you have your phone near you. In the game, you play as a night time watch guard in a children’s pizza party shack, but watch out for robots dressed as lovable stuffed animals. If they see you at night, you’re dead.

The game has garnered a huge following of YouTubers who post their reactions while playing the game. And for only $2.99, if you enjoy horror titles, you can’t go wrong with this pickup.

2. ALONE… (Play Link: $2.49)

ALONE… puts you in the cockpit of a rocket ship, blasting its way through space debris. The main goal of the game is make it as far as you can without crashing into rocks, and let me tell you, it is not an easy task. However, the further you go, the more cool stuff you get to unlock through the game.

The title features a well-developed aesthetic, as well as an excellent soundtrack for speeding through space. While the controls may take a couple of deaths to get used to, the $2.49 price tag is well justified.

3. Unpossible (Play Link: $1.99)

Unpossible reminds me a lot of Impossible Road, but with less impossible. In the game, you zoom down a dark track, filled with changing obstacles. As you progress down the track, things start going faster, making it much harder to react to what is coming next.

The game has a real TRON look to it, with a dark landscape coupled with neon-bright lights coming from all angles. It’s quite pretty, actually. For only $1.99, this game can easily eat up your free time as you try to get further and further down the track.

4. Surgeon Simulator (Play Link: $5.99)

In Surgeon Simulator, one of my all-time favorite comedic games, you play as a surgeon who must perform some of the most intense operations right out of med school. What adds to its comedic value are the controls, which are nearly impossible to figure out.

Using a mixture of swipes, tapes, and pinches, you control tools that will bash your patient’s organs, crack their bones, and potentially save their life at the same time. While it does have a steep price of $5.99, this highly-developed title demands every penny of that $6.

5. Kapsula (Play Link: $1.99)

Possibly the most frustrating of the five titles listed this month, Kapsula is quite the challenge. In the game, you play as a small capsule that zooms down a road.

While driving, you connect to other capsules, but must find a way to disconnect yourself from the other capsules you pick up before crashing into obstacles. You can smash them into the same-colored capsules, or bash them into a same-colored wall. However, if it’s not the same color, you blow up and have to start all over.

The game costs only $1.99, so I highly recommend it as a time waster.

  • dsmall

    Super Bomb Noms is pretty cool too, multiplayer bomberman style https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.supercookie.twiddle

  • Dardan

    This is a new version of Simon Says 🙂 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.day.and.night

  • g_what

    Puzzle and Dragons. Favorite game for over a year.

  • GnoteTrey

    What about order and chaos online? Since its free release.

  • tu3218

    Thinking of picking up that surgeon game. Anyone try that one out yet?

  • Pierce

    I hate to brag but iOS just got BioShock

    • jokes

      yea, its $15 lol

      • Ajmcnicol

        Love how people think just cause its on a phone all games should be 99cents.
        This is the FULL $60 dollar game that came out for $15. Massive, long, amazing, fun. Not a quick 2 hours thing you play for 99cents.
        Some people actually think thats a good deal. Me included.

        • BobButtons

          While I do believe certain games warrant a higher price, $15 is rather high for BioShock. You can get the entire trilogy with dlc for about $24 right now, most of which should be to cover Infinite. Yes it’s been optimized for mobile, etc, but still, $15 is steep for a game drastically cheaper on PC.

          • Ajmcnicol

            The issue is you think ur comparing apples to apples cause its the same game. Buts really apples to oranges cause its on a different FORMAT.
            Why would i buy the phone game to play at home if im at home and can use my PC. yes..absolutely. But are you going to lug your home pc on a subway? Bus? Waiting in line? long road trip as a passenger? etc..etc..

            The point is your playing the full real version of Bioshock on a portable device. Comparing it so fire sales on Steam or other locations ..even if not on sale but a good price..isnt relevant to pricing on the a phone or tablet.

          • BobButtons

            But you also can’t compare it to developing a new game. They had to do porting work to make it compatible, not build a game from the ground up developing the whole thing. It definitely would’ve been worth $15 they were able to release it back when the first game was still a big thing or if they released a mobile version of something more current. Now it should be in the $5-8 range.

    • T4rd

      What’s funny about this is that I can’t find any of these top 5 games in the iOS app store.

    • like the whole Bioshock game? Because that is actually pretty awesome if so.

    • Vince Longman

      But Android (Nvidia) has Half Life 2, Portal, Trine 2, Mount & Blade: Warband and War Thunder
      Both platforms have great exclusives

    • Blue Sun

      I’m sure it will play better on the nVidia Shield tablet.

    • JoshGroff

      How are the controls for it?

  • jak_341

    Been playing Clash of Clans a lot. Five Nights At Freddy’s looks good too.

  • guest

    How about metal slug. I remember playing that in the arcades back in the day.

  • clobberedchina

    Looks like Alone is only $1.99.

    • CivilDroid

      Not bad…

      • Noelani Lois

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