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Monday Poll: Which OEM Would You Rather Purchase a Round Smartwatch From?

2014 was looking like the year of smartwatches thanks to Android Wear’s unveiling, but now OEMs are trying to make it the year of round smartwatches. The first and only notable smartwatch was the Moto 360 from Motorola, but new info from LG and Samsung has them both looking to introduce round watches in the upcoming future.

Given that consumers will now have multiple choices in this space, we would like to know which OEM you would prefer to give your hard earned money to. While we know exactly what to expect from Motorola’s premium smartwatch offering, LG and Samsung’s are a bit of mystery, but might feature a tad more plastic when compared to the Moto 360.

Below in the comments, feel free to give us an idea as to how you chose between the three OEMs.

Which OEM would you rather buy a round smartwatch from?

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  • imHOWIE

    I don’t care who makes it as long as it looks good, the software is good, and it runs smoothly.

  • zurginator


  • markgbe

    Just need it to be round and good quality, not all plastic. OEM doesn’t matter.

  • imronburgundy


  • Higher_Ground

    This poll is rather premature… and sure to stoke the flames.

  • Thomas O’Brien

    I think there should be a 4th choice…undecided/waiting to see who delivers the best product

  • Stadi

    Where’s the “from those who actually know what round is” option?

  • Rodeojones000

    Where is the “anyone but Samsung” option?

  • Bionicman

    well i voted samsung. I mean they have been making smart-watches longer than the other 2. plus they would have the best screen.

  • enigmaco

    Think I will wait now could be a price war if this is true about the new round faces.

  • NexusMan

    Motorola, duh. These late to the game also-rans can suck one.

  • John Clausen

    Wasn’t really expecting anything else

  • Guest


  • creed

    How about D) anyone except motorola.

  • bkosh84


  • Rolando Chapa

    I’d strongly consider a sony round smart watch before any of these OEM’s.
    But if I had to choose, I’d say i’m split between Moto and LG.
    Sammy would probally do some crazy stuff like release tizen on it or something. lol idk

    • NexusMan

      SONY doesn’t make Android Wear, and I’m not buying that SONY proprietary crap.

  • JT3

    I think if you’re buying any device solely because of the brand, rather than the features and specs, then you’re doing it wrong.

  • ClickFire_

    What about Asus and HTC?

    • Charles Walker

      They haven’t really announced any solid plans for the near future, have they?

      • ClickFire_

        Well a video hinted at HTC working on a watch but I know for a fact Asus has said in several articles they have a $100-$150 wear device launching soon which is also suppose to have a good build.

  • ali jawad

    Currently rolling with a Moto X which has been rock solid and continues to perform well. Previously had a Droid RAZR and Droid X which were equally fantastic. So, a Moto 360 is my choice.

  • John

    None. Why would someone want a round screen for a smartwatch considering its uses? That would mean you want a round phone or a round computer monitor.

    • vzwuser76

      How many round computer screens have you seen? None. OK, now how many round watches have you seen? Tons.

      The point of a round smartwatch was to make one that didn’t look like a smartwatch, even though it was.

  • firemanprice

    I’m loving my Martian Passport, would like to see LG ⌚ .

  • Mazeko

    Am I the only one who is not interested in smartwatches at all? I can’t justify seeing notifications and Google now as enough to sell me the watch. Am I missing something?

    • ;P

      3rd party support. There will be cool add-ons/apps someday.

  • apjans

    The last motorola phone I had was the Droid X. And while it became buggy and practically unusable after a little over a year, the build quality of that thing was fantastic. If I got a smartwatch, I’d want something durable that I wouldn’t have to always worry about breaking. Samsungs build quality sucks and I don’t know much about LG’s.

  • ROR1997

    If it tells me the time, whos texting me and calling me during class, and I don’y have to charge it every night, I don’t care who makes it. I don’t see the major need for a smart watch. So anything over $250 gets eliminated right away.

  • Gussy2000

    I selected LG only becuse I have a G3. Figured a smartwatch from the same OEM would play nice.

  • jim

    Kind of a stupid question seeing as how no one has even released one to review yet

  • Charlie

    i voted LG. my first instinct is to go with Moto, because of what we have seen thus far of the 360. BUT, with Lenovo acquiring Moto, who knows whether the 360 will continue to be supported, whether we will see a follow up, etc. i have the G3, and like what LG has been doing lately. If LG can come relatively close to the 360 as far as build quality, it could have a winner.

    • ultravisitor

      Google is responsible for Android Wear updates. Not OEMs. And there are no carriers to delay.

  • Droid Army

    Go Moto!

  • SamBoy

    I think this is a question for fanboys because id much rather buy a watch from the company that has in my opinion made the best one for my needs. Now seeing as how there has only kinda been one reveal ill wait until there are more options and i can make a informed decesion

  • RoboCop

    The ONLY reason I got the G3 was because of Verizon’s policy change, otherwise my MotoX was fantastic…camera aside…when I get the X+1 the G3’s heading to swappa.

    • RoboCop

      …long story short that’s why I voted Motorola for the watch lol.

      • droidrazredge

        How are you going to purchase the Moto X+1 ? off-contract , Moto-Maker, or Best Buy loophole ?

        • RoboCop

          Motorola has financing through Motomaker so like 12 months no interest or something. Did it for the MotoX

        • RoboCop

          Idk why it didn’t save but I commented a few hours ago that Motomaker has no interest financing for 6 or 12 months. That’s how I got my MotoX

          • RoboCop

            I worked at Best Buy…I wouldn’t trust the people there to handle stuff like this they sell 2 products, iPhones and stuff that they see on commercials, they are the last people I’d go to for tech advice or help. I’d routinely get in trouble for actually explaining products and giving tech advice instead of just handing over some junk that the store needed to get rid of and forcing geek squad protection crap

          • RoboCop

            “Here’s an iPhone 5C..oh, and here’s a docking station your grand kids can set up for you…only $99 for the phone, $150 for the dock, $200 for geek squad, $85 for 24 hour tech support, otterbox case that comes with a screen protector but here’s another invisashield we can put on, $30 but for $10 more I’ll put it on for you….total is $583.85…let’s get you a best buy card”…came in for a kindle and battery for their house phone.

  • Kevin

    If the watch face is actually fully round and not like the Moto 360, which should be called Moto 355, with a piece missing out of it, I don’t care who the manufacturer is.

  • Dave Harrison

    If the leaked image is to be believed, I liked the look of the LG. However, I would not make a decision until I could touch them and see what the features are. Qi charging and light sensors could easily sway my vote to Motorola if the LG does not include them. Any way you look at it, I want to be able to read the screen in the great outdoors, if for nothing else but the time. For now my vote is LG based on looks alone.

  • 213ninja


  • Dave

    I’m passing on the first generation, since the second generation will be incredibly better, pack more features that make it more desirable, and most likely cheaper.

    • droidrazredge

      First Generation of all three or the Moto360 ? What about the LG G watch R from LG that’s there second generation after the LG G watch the debuted 2 months ago, would you be interested in that one?

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        Round, sir. This is the first gen of round smartwatches.
        We could consider the moto actv Motorolas first attempt.

  • droidrazredge

    Maybe the Moto360 likes to be able to “feel” the gap with innovating screen senors while at the same time being round the corner. I feel this will make it a become a unique and great experience. *stares at you LG*

  • Voltism

    Was there really any doubt as to what #1 would be on this site

    • Dave

      No kidding, just leave all other OEM off the polls from now on.

  • Ajmobileguru

    Looks like Droid Life deliberately runs polls to get favorable responses from the Moto fans.

    • Nicholas Ruiz

      No kidding. It’s dull.

    • Guest

      Plus all the “Premium” moto, against the probably horrible plastic LG, and Samsung options. Even the way they word the article screams out their bias. I really liked the look of the 360 when it was first announced but I’m starting to hope it’s a disaster just so the people on this site can come up with all sorts of excuses why.

      • Ajmobileguru

        He he..we all know how premium Moto X was…my wife dropped it a couple of times on the carpet and boom the glass and digitizer broke.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i wish somebody would wear the 360 upside. I’d like to see he ui with black bar on top.

  • Meh…

    I already have a clock and notification handler. It’s called my phone.

  • M3D1T8R

    Moto over the Koreans. Sony would be nice.

  • Justin Kos

    Missing option for not interested in something I don’t need

    • Dave


  • Damian

    I would buy LG’s before Samsung’s. And Motorola’s before either, I feel it will have the best build regardless of that black bar which I can overlook.

    • NorCalGuy

      Thats exaclty what people who buy apple products say. Who cares what it looks like i dint buy it to use it just to look “cool”.

      • Damian

        Well in the case of Android Wear, were everything from each manufacturer runs the same with no OEM skinning, the only differentiator is the design and build quality, I think most people are going to buy the one that looks the “coolest” to them, most people currently picking Motorola.

        • NorCalGuy

          Pretty sure if you are going by who most people( not the dl readers) but most people in the world is samsung all day. Not that i agree but by the numbers there are only a few choices and only lg and samsung on that list have actully released devices to the public. Also this whole build quality is bs until all the units hit the market and can be tested its all speculation, its not like Oneplus is making a watch.

          • vzwuser76

            Actually, Oneplus is making a watch. It was reported a few weeks back.

          • NorCalGuy

            I was refering to the fact that oneplusone dosent have the best build quality rep at the moment

      • Pakmann2k

        Ironically because we are talking about “jewlery” and not a phone, it is a little different. This is an item that is designed to be worn, not just used. It has to look good and yes, people who buy these are just to look “cool.” (myself included, not slamming anyone)

  • droidrazredge

    I voted Motorola because I trust that they know how to engineer and design a great user experience and more so because we saw what others OEM brought to the table with their first gen and I know the Moto360 is just round the corner with something better.

  • mcdonsco

    Manufacturer doesn’t matter one bit…DESIGN is what matters.

    With that said, currently its of course Motorola.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m fine with my Martian notifier and or would rock a Rufus cuff (when it comes out)

  • WhoaManWtF

    After owning a G2 and a G Pad I would say LG, I would guess based on those other devices that the LG watch would have far better battery life.

  • Blue Sun

    I voted Motorola. But in reality I would say anybody but Samsung.

  • rfranken

    What on earth has Motorola done to get so much love around here? Honest question. I know people here love the Moto X. But, what else has caused this?

    • DanSan

      you shut your mouth! dont you dare talk bad about the motorola gods!


    • cns2007

      Well you partly answered the question with the Moto X.

      But another huge reason is because this site basically launched and exists because of the OG Droid. So there a still many current Motorola fans and many former ones that would like to see them come back to prominence.

      • Damian

        Plus Moto is a US based company. How could you not root for the home team?

        • PoisonApple31

          Most likely not for long. Assembled in the US doesn’t mean as much to me as Made in the US either.

          • Kevin

            didn’t lenovo say they were closing a US factory anyway? i thought i read that somewhere.

          • Damian

            Yeah but we don’t know for sure yet. They could still operate here, we just have to wait and see.

          • vzwuser76

            Considering the US doesn’t have many of the materials necessary for complete in house manufacture of phones, like rare earth materials, assembled in the US is about as good as we can get.

    • Nish Junankar

      They use stock android and have the least bloat of any of the OEMs and have the quickest upgrade cycles.

      • rfranken

        But how does putting out one pretty good phone win them so much love? I don’t want to sound biased here but LG’s latest 2 phones blow away anything Moto has done.

        • LightofHonor

          Their Philosophy.

        • bhayes444

          They put out more than “one pretty good phone”

        • Nish Junankar

          I think theres still a lot of fear of the OEMs messing up the experience. I don’t think LG is bad, I’d get a G3 over a Moto X but Motorola has built good faith with educated consumers. They put out mostly stock android devices and update them quickly.

          • rfranken

            Well I disagree. I think the well educated people remember all the crap moto has done and not the 1 decent phone they put out. To quote Kidflash1904 down a couple “It’s a big difference from 2 years ago where most were complaining about Motorola’s locked bootloaders, the Bionic fiasco, and Moto releasing a device every month.”
            Moto put out crap locked phones for a couple years. Now 1 decent phone and everyone thinks they are the best. They have not earned any respect from me unless they put out several good phones over the next year or two.

        • Jon

          Also Samsung phones S4, S5, Note 3 and soon Note 4 also blow away the Moto X. It’s more than likely that Samsung will rapidly eclipse the moto 360 with a future version of their watch. It’s Samsung afterall…they advertise everywhere, are sold everywhere.

        • NorCalGuy

          I think its more because they cant get a nexus because they are all on verizon. Because every reason they give is the definition of a nexus. Quick updates and no bloat, also looking like the new moto x will be a lot like a nexus 5 just with front speakers

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          It’s all a question of priorities in your device.
          LG’s hardware is about as cutting-edge as it gets. However, after-purchase support is spotty and irregular at best. That applies to OS updates as well as social media, etc.
          Motorola’s hardware has been solid, but far from spectacular. Their reputation in the last year has grown because of their after-market support. Their engineers are active on Twitter, FB, and G+, in addition to their CS team. They have already taken several suggestions from their users and incorporated them into their custom mods. That, combined with their extremely fast OS updates, has quickly turned them around in terms of consumer goodwill.

          The question becomes: what happens if Motorola designs a device with hardware as good or better than LG, yet continues to have the support advantage? Hardware can change quickly, but if you can trust the company as well, that’s a powerful combination.

          • vzwuser76

            ^ This. With LG, be prepared to have what came with your phone. Motorola has always been pretty good about updating their phones, where many LG and certain Samsung devices end up at the wayside.

        • Gussy2000

          I have a G3 and like LG but I still appreciate Motorola Moto X and beyond.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Because people don’t like the phone they bought 20 minutes ago to be obsoleted already and never supported beyond a security patch to close root. They also don’t like having that nice Snapdragon 800 turn into a janky mess with trying to sludge through Touchwiz.

          I said this to a friend earlier but Moto has taken a very Apple approach to releases. Save everything up for once a year.

        • jamaall

          One good phone? My Droid MAXX has been great, and the Moto G and E look great at their price point.

        • Clift

          Nope. I used to love my G2 with CM11, but because of work I had to go back to stock. No way would I buy another LG phone with this crapware skin. I bought the G2 for the battery and because it was easier to mod than the Note 3. So far the battery has suffered dincr the kitkat update and LG isn’t putting out a fix… So my next phone is probably a moto X+1 since I’m stuck on Verizon. Otherwise it would be a Nexus. But I’m definitely getting a moto 360.

        • Charles Walker

          For me it’s simple and comes down to the philosophies between manufacturers.
          Motorola: “Let’s engineer an excellent phone that can provide a well-rounded awesome experience for our customer”

        • Suralin

          It’s the experience as a whole. Motorola came out with not only a good phone, but with features that actually helped the phone user. Active Display, Shake-to-Camera, Moto Skip, Motorola Connect – these are features that have been mimicked and copied through apps and roms. Combine those features with a very well-built and superficially customizable phone and relatively quick updates, it’s hard not to praise Moto. Let’s not forget that LG’s latest 2 phones came out several months after the Moto X, which has been out for a year. It has been a long time since I’ve seen any Android phone get the same kind of following and praise as what you see for the Moto X.

      • rfranken

        1 phone…1 time.
        And you forgive them of everything for the last 4 years. Dozens of Locked Bloated phones (phones i’d consider significantly worse than the ones being put out by HTC, Samsung and LG). But they do one half way decent phone and your in love with rose tinted glasses.

    • cjohn4043

      They use stock android and actually baked in useful features such as Active Display and Touchless Control.

      • Dave

        I enjoy those features, but useful may be subjective to the user’s needs.

    • Justin Kos

      The DL community used to be a bunch of Verizon subscribers who envyd the nexus sub culture since then things have changed but the love for near stock / stock android is still there

      • Pakmann2k

        Loved the Nexus Subculture? We were the only ones around to envy when this all started. I was on this site in 2009 before there was anything called a “Nexus” to talk about.
        The Original Droid Launched November 6, 2009. The original Droid sold close to 1 million devices before the Nexus even launched, two months later in January of 2010. The Original Nexus was a complete flop and sold roughly 150,000 units over 8 months until Google scrubbed the whole program. The only culture around, was the Droid Culture. You had an iPhone or a Droid. This is why people used to call all Android Devices, “Droids” and many still do.

    • Sean Walton

      Battery life to name one.

    • apjans

      In my experience, Motorola devices are a lot sturdier than Samsung ones. Also for some reason, no matter how high end the phone, Samsungs always seem to have a rather noticeable lag compared to other devices, and finally Touchwiz has just plain put a bad taste in my mouth regarding any Samsung software (whereas what I’ve seen of Motorola’s recent phones, are extremely similar to stock android, and they get updates faster than anything outside of Nexus devices).

    • dannyWHITE

      Because this website was very big on moto back in the OG Droid days. Hence DroidLife.

    • Charles Walker

      Motorola earned its respect from me from the Moto X. They somehow managed to make a mid-range spec’d phone snappier and more enjoyable to use than just about every other flagship including the Galaxy S4/S5, LG G2/G3, etc. To do it all in a 4.7″ package too with amazing ergonomics says a lot IMO. There is just no other phone to date that can offer such well-balanced features or experience. No, its camera and display was not AS good as Samsung or LG, but as a PHONE it is superior in just about every other category.

    • KidFlash1904

      It’s a big difference from 2 years ago where most were complaining about Motorola’s locked bootloaders, the Bionic fiasco, and Moto releasing a device every month.

    • maxjape

      Current Motorola has: Always Listening + Update Frequently + Value-added Features = Customer Satisfaction + Loyalty

    • Higher_Ground

      This is filler because there’s not a lot of news right now as we’re a week or two away from some big announcements.

      Other than that, I think there is significant backlash against what’s viewed as unoriginal/uninspired first products from LG and Samsung. I’m not upset at all personally that they are taking a cue from Motorola and designing a round watch face. If it sucks or isn’t any better than their rectangular smartwatches than it’ll just show that you have to do more than copycat popular feature – you’ve got to do it better.
      I still remember quite the backlash against post-Droid/pre-Google Motorola and many vows never to buy another Moto product again 🙂

  • markswoods

    Gorilla Glass.

  • Charles Walker

    Considering that Motorola has the better engineering capabilities of the three and value the actual user experience more than some high specs on paper, Motorola gets my vote.

    • NorCalGuy

      What exaclty makes them have better capabilities than say lg or for that matter even sammi. I am pretty sure their only thing they have going for them is active display with sub par everything else. O and they have pretty colors you can get your phone in.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        Their engineering team is way better than LG’s. From the flash friendly file system they use to the size research conducted for shape.

        • NorCalGuy

          F2fs has bennifits and draw backs, depends on the situation and the phone. Also the research on shape and size i am pretty sure lg and samsung have blind people design their phones and no r and d is done at all, while moto is the only one who does. Sometimes ignorance is blinding.

          • vzwuser76

            Then why are pretty much every Samsung and LG phone huge with a flat back? They feel like you’re holding a large credit card. A wide flat object makes you stretch your fingers to hold it, where using a curved back adds support in the palm area, making it more comfortable to hold. Even HTC uses a curved back and has on every model they release. A thin, wide flat design is what put me off the original Droid RAZR. The Maxx was batter, but as far as feel in the hand, Motorola and HTC are the most comfortable to hold for any length of time.

            And Motorola has more going for it than active display and different colored back plates. Touchless controls, lite skin with optimization, and the best cellular radios in the industry. My so called sub par phone runs as smooth as the day I got it, which is something I couldn’t say about previous phones. After a few months they bogged down and had their battery life was much less than at time of purchase. And I have as many if not more apps on this phone than any previous device and it keeps running without a hiccup. It may not have bleeding edge specs, but if it runs as good or better than phones that do, that’s all I care about.

          • Charles Walker

            Well said. I wonder if we’ll ever see a day when people can look past specs, but knowing humans and the way our minds work, it’s doubtful. Having known many low, middle, and upper class people, the multimillionaires choose the Moto X because it’s logical. Emotional average Joes only craving specs ironically go for the qHD SnapOMGdragon 999GHz phones.

          • NorCalGuy

            I know 1 person that has an x and that was only becayse it was the cheapest phone at the time. I actually see more people looking at battery life than a anything

          • NorCalGuy

            That crazy because my nexus 5 and my g3 have rounded edges and feel great in my hand, and so did the x when i had it. Actually to date i dont think any phone as a better feeling back than the nexus 5 its like it just floats there. Personaly i would rather have an ir blaster and laser auto focus than an active display, the led works great for me, and if i really want to know incan just double tap my screen to turn it on and off. Also what are these phones that the moto x is better than? I used to be die hard moto as well but you cant just bash the other phones off other peoples reviews.

          • vzwuser76

            I’m going by the phones I owned and the ones I tried out and returned. Amazing that you just assume that everyone speaks without anything to qualify that. The most recent phone I had when I referred to about lagging and losing battery, was the Galaxy S3. It also ended up with burnin on the screen after less than a year of ownership. My Droid Incredible, Moto X, and Droid Maxx were all amoled phones and never had an issue with burn in, and the Incredible was in use for 2 years, in fact I still play around with it and the screen is still fine. I kept the S3 at around 15% brightness like I do with all my phones, and the timeout at 30 seconds. Sorry but there’s no reason that should’ve happened.

            As far as feel in the hand, pretty much every 5-5.5″ screen phone I’ve looked at was uncomfortable to hold fr any amount of time. I even feel that way a bit about my Droid Maxx, but with the soft touch back I don’t necessarily have to stretch my hands across it to hold onto it. The only reason I have the Maxx is battery life, I usually get around 32-36 hours off a charge with around 5-7 hours of screen time. If the X could match that I’d drop my Maxx in a heartbeat. Hopefully the X+1 has a Maxx style battery along with the curved back and I’ll be happy.

      • Charles Walker

        *DISCLAIMER: Spec whores should ignore this comment because you won’t understand nor want to*
        Of course it comes down to individual needs, but in addition to the capabilities mentioned by other users, Motorola’s 2013 Moto X somehow managed to make a mid-range spec’d phone snappier and more enjoyable to use than just about every other flagship including the Galaxy S4/S5, LG G2/G3, etc. To do it all in a 4.7″ package too with amazing ergonomics says a lot IMO. There is just no other phone to date that can offer such well-balanced features. No, its camera does not measure up to Samsung or LG, but as a PHONE it is superior in just about every other category.

        • NorCalGuy

          I have had the moto x and the nexus 5 and i consider them to be equals mire so than the flagships but i ended up selling my x just because i like the feel of the n5 more and the updates were faster. Also i have the lg3 now and the x was no were close to this in any category, cant say for the g2 or any sammis but even my n5 was faster and could do way more for me but thats also because i like to root and rom something both my g3 and n5 do much better than the x as well.

          • Charles Walker

            I returned the Nexus 5 for the Moto X for its size, ActiveDisplay, touchless controls, etc. You can’t possibly give Nexus 5 that much credit for updates when the Moto X is so close. As for comparing to the LG G3, the qHD display is a major downfall for me. Pointless pixels at the cost of display quality. Not to mention the device underclocks itself because the display makes it run so hot. Having to use a bigger battery for the dumb display also makes the phone run hotter thus underclocking. Also loses a lot of points for ridiculous 5.5″ display. Goodbye one-handed cellphone use or decent scramble score. 😛

          • NorCalGuy

            That might be true for other varients of the g3 but the tmobile comes with the throttling off as well as an unlocked bootloader. Also since having a smaller display n5 and the bigger g3 i usually go for the bigger display and the battery life is great for me 40+ hrs and 8+ screen on time. And i know that kills the x all day and even my n5 on minimal usage and kernel tweaks

          • RoboCop

            I’ve got both and the LG feels no faster than the X, the X has better viewing angles, the higher res isn’t noticeable other than some text, and the only thing better is the camera. I’m using Google Now Launcher just to make it act a little more like my X.

      • ClickFire_

        Moto has been around way longer than lg or Samsung. They have been making stuff since the very early years of apple I think they actually contributed some to the build of the apple 2 if I’m correct.

        • vzwuser76

          As far as wireless, Motorola was doing radio and transmitting equipment since I believe the 50s or 60s.

  • Raven

    I like Moto and have been loving the looks of the Moto 360, except for the size. If the LG is significantly thinner and still decent build quality, I definitely could be swayed that direction.

  • Captain Spaulding
    • Captain Spaulding

      TBH, I voted LG because they’ve been making a lot of right moves lately, but in the real world, I’ll have to wait until I can make an informed decision.

  • The Doctor

    That Moto 360 is the most hideous watch I have ever seen. What’s with that ugly bezel? Ugh. Anything but that ugly thing.

    • M3D1T8R

      It has basically no bezel, troll.

      • droidrazredge

        The signs say don’t feed the trolls or tap on the window! or it’ll throw the trolls off because they’ll start getting restless and migrate towards people more from all the attention =).

      • The Doctor

        Oh yeah? What do you call that monstrosity at the bottom of the watch?

        I’m the troll?


        • M3D1T8R

          LOL. “Monstrosity”, that little spot housing sensors. This guy…

          • The Doctor

            It’s an eyesore.

            I will not waste money on that ugly thing.

          • maxjape

            Please dont.. U will do just fine.

  • cjohn4043

    Moto for right now, but it honestly depends on what each company brings to the table.

  • Bruce

    I’m not voting until all three get their fair share of reviews. If Google still owned Moto, I would give me vote Moto in a heartbeat.

    • Tony Spencer

      Google still owns Moto! They are waiting on federal regulators approval.


    Moto for the win!

  • Where is the “Anyone but Samsung” option?

    • Dave

      Didn’t DL’s sub motto used be “A Motorola Droid site” or something along those lines?

      • NorCalGuy

        You might be able to tell from thier writing style…”While we know exactly what to expect from Motorola’s premium smartwatch offering, LG and Samsung’s are a bit of mystery, but might feature a tad more plastic when compared to the Moto 360.” does the dl staff have all three watches how do they know? Maybe just a bit one sided before you go to answer the poll no?

      • Pakmann2k

        Kind of. Droid Life was a website dedicated to the Motorola Droid when it released. There was also a sister site called An.droid-Life which was for all android things outside of the actual Droid. For the first year or so, the Droid was the only phone worth owning which is why there were so many followers. As time grew, so did Android and the two sites were eventually consolidated into one. Motorola lost their grip on being top dogg and now it is a fiercly competetive market. I am sure there are people like myself (and probably Kellex too) that are still hoping for a Moto device that will once again be as ground breaking as the original droid. Moto X had the hype to be that device but turned out to just be another great phone. “Great” is not groundbreaking.
        It is unlikely to happen again for Moto, but some of us wait and dream….

        • enigmaco

          Nothing wrong with some moto love some of us have been rocking a moto phone since the motorola v120

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Not entirely accurate there.
          An.droid-life.com was created some time later, well after several other android phones had come out.
          The reason for an.droid-life was because regular droid-life was rather specific to Verizon devices.
          So an.droid-life would feature non Verizon android devices. Eventually though, they did consolidate the two.

          • Pakmann2k

            Couldn’t remember when the other one launched. I just remember hitting the link on DL to see what else was going on out there. 😉

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Your profile pic kicks ass

          • Higher_Ground


        • Dave

          I honestly don’t think there will ever be another “groundbreaking” phone. With all OEM doing multiple launches and bumping specs and features as the competition adds them, most phones are just a rehash of the previous. The industry has matured enough in 5 or so to that point I believe.

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      Even if you hate Samsung’s phones/tablets/current smartwatches. Would you really deny them before even knowing what their round watch will look like or even the materials they would be made of?

      • Keith Sumner


      • Jon

        Yeah…so far Samsung has the best smart watch available. The Gear Live. They have been quick to update their watch line, and I wouldn’t doubt they have a rounded option in the works.

        I’m currently sporting the Gear Live and I love it. I replaced the watch band for a leather one and I couldn’t be happier.

      • creed

        Only if it runs tizen.

      • Royal2000H

        I’ve been following Droid-Life since the beginning and I really don’t understand the hate on Samsung here. They’ve really done a ton to transform Android into a popular thing and boost marketshare. High marketshare = more companies targeting Android instead of just iPhone (accessories, apps, promotions, etc). Samsung has been doing a better job than many other manufacturers in updating phones and coming up with/popularizing new features (albeit often gimmicky) rather than just matching features (of course they (and everyone) do that too).

        I bet the main answers will be “Samsung uses so much plastic though!” and “TouchWiz is so bloated!” but I’m waiting to hear something more meaningful.

  • Raj Bhatt

    Since the OEMs aren’t allowed to change the UI, I’ll be choosing whichever one looks best and has the best battery/features.

  • James Polk

    TBH, soonest is a factor here, which seems likely to be Moto.

  • Ricky

    all this polls are getting ridiculous

    • hyperbeatser


    • DanSan

      lets have another poll to determine if these polls are getting ridiculous.

      • droidrazredge

        then lets have another pole to determine if the poll about the poll is getting ridiculous. /s

    • Dave

      They should just have polls with one box to check, ( ) Motorola. LoL

  • I don’t really care who makes it I just dont want to have to charge it everyday and I want it to be round

    • Kate M. Johnson


      ✦✦✦ ✦✦�✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦

  • CivilDroid

    Based of what we know right now, which is nothing about the LG, and Sammy watches, and pretty much just looks on the Moto…gotta go with moto…….for now