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LG Will Unveil a Round Smartwatch at IFA, Takes Dig at Moto 360 in Teaser

Rumors of a new LG smartwatch making its debut at IFA in Berlin over the first week of September popped up a week ago. Those are no longer rumors, as LG unveiled an official teaser this morning for its latest smartwatch that will indeed be shown off at IFA. And guess what? It will be a round smartwatch. Call it the G Watch R or G Watch Round or whatever you feel like, one thing is certain – the Moto 360 now has a competitor in the round smartwatch space. 

The quick clip talks about rounding the corners and bends, feeling the gap, and making the perfect circle, as it animates a square into a circle that eventually overlays watch faces onto a watch. We went frame-by-frame to capture the clearest image (up top) they show us of the watch, though it is indeed a rough render. Assuming their teaser was meant to show this, you could probably assume that the watch will take this sort of form.

The watch certainly comes off a lot more classically designed than other smartwatches. You have a traditional housing with a dial/button on the right side. There is no mistaking that this is a watch and not a futuristic-black-box-calculator-1992-look-at-me-I’m-a-nerd-thingy on your wrist should you wear one. At least, according to this teaser.

After seeing this, a couple of quick thoughts immediately come to mind. First, I am all for another round watch to compete with the Moto 360. With that said, make it premium, LG, make it premium. If this new round watch is as bland and plasticy as the current G Watch, only in round form, I will not be interested. We know the Moto 360 is made up of stainless steel and premium leather, so even though LG is going round, it has to go big.

Second, did anyone else catch the little dig at the Moto 360 in the video below? For months, people have complained about the small black bar that takes up space at the bottom of the Moto 360’s round race, even calling it not fully round. We know that an ambient light sensor is housed there, so it has a specific reason for existing, but again, many can’t un-see it. LG, in this video, goes extra slow-mo during their rounding animation to show them erasing that bottom area (“feel the gap” it says – assuming they meant “fill”) and making the “perfect circle.” I giggled. Good job, LG.

lg g watch vs moto 360

  • kimberlyrmaddox

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  • morgan boyle

    Moto 360 will release at $249.99
    three weeks later
    drops to $199.99. i’ll buy then.

  • Daistaar

    Looks like the watch is dated Monday September 1st! Reveal coming soon?!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s IFA week.

      • Daistaar

        Nice way for LG to take the wind out of Moto’s sails by announcing it before they have their big reveal. If LG can give a solid price, and provide a date of availability (hopefully the same day) they may stand a chance at competing in this new marketplace.


  • archercc

    Meh, the actual prototype that Moto is slogging around still looks better than this mockup.

  • Tech Guru

    If that border with the arrows and 15/30/45 is permanent..definitely NOT interested! I have this feeling this new LG watch, too, has a similar “black bar”…they’re just hiding it underneath a permanent border. Trickery.

    And for the love of god that black strip is NOT an ambient light sensor, it’s where the display circuitry is located.

  • Rounded

    CIRCLE is definitely BETTER than ugly almost circle.

    LG is getting better and better!
    Waiting for SAMSUNG’s 100% round Super Amoled WATCHPHONE.

  • Guest

    I have the Gear Live and love it. Round is great for a watch face, but looking at pictures or maps is going to be like viewing them on a late 1940’s tv 😉 I think it’s a matter of preference too, some people like round watches, others more rectangular. You gotta admit too, with tax and shipping the Moto 360 will end up being a good 80-90 bucks over the Gear Live, that’s a lot of dough for some of us. Competition is good though, so if LG can pull this off and make it affordable, I say good for them.

  • droidrazredge

    LG may be able to fill the gap for a perfect circle but they won’t be able fill the distaste they left people by screwing over the early adopters of the G watch nor the technological gap that the Moto360 should have over the LG G watch R. That and the fact that Motorola has been working on there longer perfecting it and you can tell by the premium look. I don’t care what hate tech enthusiast will throw at the Moto360 and the praise they’ll give the G watch R I still know which watch I’m going to buy even if the LG watch is just round corner and that is the Moto360.

    • CoreRooted

      “but they won’t be able fill the distaste they left people by screwing over the early adopters of the G watch”…
      What distaste? The G Watch has a rectangular design and the R has a circular design. Where are they screwing people over? As an early adopter, I don’t feel screwed at all. The G Watch mostly delivered what was promised by both Google and LG. Yes, there are bugs and yes, there are some hardware issues. These are part of the early adopter risks though.

      “nor the technological gap that the Moto360 should have over the LG G watch R”

      FUD. For all WE know, LG could have been working on the R as long as (or maybe even longer than) Motorola has been. No one knows the answer to what this watch will have in it, specs, or size of the device. You mention the “premium” look of the Moto360, which I don’t discount, however, we don’t even have a real photo of the R. So, for all we know, the R may have the same “premium” look and feel and be priced $50 cheaper.

      • droidrazredge

        As for the early adopter I can understand that. I’ve been an early adopter for quite a few products and games. I know they can be riddled with bugs and hardware issues and I don’t detest that part of being an early adopter. The part that gets me upset is that after the LG G watch only being out what ? 2 Months all of a sudden they come out with an LG G watch R ? With other stuff with I’ve been an early adopter on if there was a major change or something was scraped one would either get a discount towards the new product or a refund of purchase. We’re not sure what LG is going to do, but to at least thank the early adopters there should be some compensation or promotion voucher towards this one if they really value there customers. I agree it seems logical that they could have been working on this for a while but seems really skeptical that they put on one of their advertisements “feel(fill) the gap for a perfect circle” and the gap happens to be in the same spot as the sensors for the Moto360. This seems like more of a desperation move similar to what Samsung tries to do and get a product out before the competition does to recuperate lost sales and gain revenue from their 1st generation and at the same time try and get an edge over the competition before there’s is released. This is why I don’t think they’ve been working on this product for all this time, if this was the case they’d have mentioned at Google I/O about this round watch in addition to there G watch and would have said available at a later time. That way people could have made a decision whether they wanted a round or square watch. We didn’t have pictures of the Moto360 either but we had press renders and prototypes of the direction that the Moto360 was heading towards and when we saw a demo it looked exactly to those renders which is why the ones of the LG G watch R above will more than likely be what the final product looks like especially when IFA 2014 is next week you can bet they’ll have some prototype to showcase and demo.

        • CoreRooted

          Ahhhhh, ok. I see what you mean now. TBH, I would think that they wanted to see what Moto was going to do at I/O with the 360 and then spring some sort of creative marketing bashing it (which they did).

  • Kev

    somehow the moto 360 feel like an IWC to me, and this G watch R feel like a Citizen to me, and I am a fan of IWC.

  • djdsf

    Really? are people bitching about a little black bar underneath? it’s their first smartwatch, calm your tits internet; First you cry that we can barely get a proper full day from a cellphone battery and having 2 days is not enough on a smartwatch and now you are crying about a bar? what’s next? it’s too heavy or it does not do your taxes?

  • coltenbuckelew

    It was a cute nod to the bar indeed but with the problems the g watch has had I really don’t think they have much space to nudge motorola. But I wouldn’t make any assumptions before seeing them side by side.

  • Ryan Chapman

    Hmm, I am thinking good things! I loved the Moto360 but I really hated that little black spot at the bottom and was planning on holding off till next years model in the hopes they could get rid of it, but this one may be beautiful, added I have the LG G3, this could really be a good pair

  • Alexander Garcia

    Wow! You guys work on Sundays? Haha. So do I

  • Yoderz

    I didn’t think I would be interested in a smartwatch just because of the looks of them. If this render is accurate I’ll most likely be getting it.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    somebody on the verge created this and if the actual model comes close to this, i’m with it. Bezel and all.

    • AbbyZFresh

      I hope LG looks at this picture and takes cues for the final product. This looks amazing.

    • kashtrey

      I think it looks pretty good, still prefer Moto, but someone brought up a good point. the outside markings for time are present in all the shots This could mean that those markings are not part of the screen but where they hid the drivers, I still think it looks quite nice, but if the outer ring is bezel, then that’s a lot of the watch’s area taken by bezel and casing.

      • Character0

        Yes and it looks real nice was “traditional” watchfaces like in those renders. But notifications and text based watchfaces are going to look small.

      • Yes , It looks pretty good. At first , i want to get one. But yesterday i spent my all money on this mhl to hdmi adapter for my Moto from http://tinyurl.com/nh48flz

  • Character0

    Looks like there is an outer ring where you see the 15, 30, 45. This is probably has a few options and colors. I think the actual screen will be the inner circle. Could look odd if you don’t use the out ring or the outer ring doesn’t look right with the watch face you have selected.

    • kashtrey

      Yup, will look super dumb with a digital watch face. lol

  • HarvesterX

    This over LG committing to Android L for the G2? Hmm..Peeps must like them some dwatches

  • shecalledmejay

    Still like the look o the Moto 360

  • guesswhat

    moto 360 is dead ..they will sell few thousands ..that also only through fire sales

    • guest

      yep its DOA

      • Ryan Chapman

        Curious why you think that? up until today it seemed like thats the one everyone wanted, did I miss something?

  • tdurden64111

    Looks like a typical gaudy watch. I’m a minimalist, pass.

  • stephaniejmota

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  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Looks bulky; and comfy.

  • jimt

    Waterproof to 600 ft would be a plus if it is.

    • Brady

      yes, waterproof to 600′ seems both practical and likely.

      (before you reply, i see your avatar…but i don’t care.)

      • jimt

        I probably should have had a /s.

        • Brady

          now I feel like a d!ck…thanks jimt. 😉

  • duo thai

    I think this looks a bit more masculine than the 360. it comes down to battery, screen, price and os for me but if all things were equal or close to it I would pick this over the 360, mostly because of the lack of black bar at the bottom. it’s ok for watches to have a bezel. don’t understand how they didn’t ask a focus group and get around that black bar somehow.

  • mcdonsco

    After briefly having the g watch, and returning it, I dont have a whole heck of a lot of faith in lg producing a nice watch.

    I hope it puts the moto 360 to shame (who wouldn’t want something even better?), but I highly, highly doubt it.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It will certainly be cheaper than the 360. LG makes their own screens after all.

      • kashtrey

        Though it’s speculative, most signs are pointing to a 250 price for the 360. While LG can really price it whatever they want, I wouldn’t assume it would be cheaper, seeing as their plastic model without things like a heart rate monitor, cost 230.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    Watch it’s go’na be a plastic Watch.
    ¢25 gumball machine style

    • ClickFire_

      G shocks are plastic what’s your point? I’m so sick of this metal aluminum fetish people have now days. Good build quality doesn’t = metal.

      • Mickey A Valentine

        G shocks are meant for pulling Italian jobs by cracking into a safe while more than 3 feet underwater. If the G Watch can do that I don’t mind the plastic. But it I’m going to a formal dinner which watch would I choose? Clean stainless steel for accepting my noble peace prize or tacky plastic (note I’m not going rock climbing afterwards)

      • Ryan Chapman

        last time I had a plastic watch was when I was in middle school and I picked it up in the dollar store. Nobody above the age of 20 wants a expensive watch made out of plastic… At least I don’t think so.

        • CoreRooted

          I’m allergic to most metals (against my skin), so plastic “premium” watches are all I can wear. With that said, my Pebble has been awesome so far.

  • Suicide_Note

    Shots fired!

  • Cael

    I still think the Moto X looks better.

    Plus LBR, LG wanted to get this out before Samsung released a round one.

    • Phillies3429

      Moto does look better to me right now as well. But this may tempt me to wait to see what else happens.

  • Ann Droid

    It looks awful and huge to be honest. I’d rather wait for the 360.

    • ClickFire_

      Ever hear of g shock? Not everyone wants a fancy watch.

  • StargateNH

    I’ll entertain this watch. But tough to decide without seeing it and comparing it to the Moto 360. Wonder if due to the round design, they will have to leave off light sensor where the Moto 360, as I understand it, has one in that black bar which everyone is complaining of so much.

    • needa

      they could easily hide the light sensor in that quarter inch bezel that goes around the screen.

  • abqnm

    The name is too long. I will be calling this the LG GWAR. G WAtch R.

    • Bryan Mills

      GRAW- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

      Those were the days..

  • Arty McBert

    Motorola is so dumb to have waited so long to release the Moto 360. I knew this would happen, I knew it ever since Google I/O. They could have been #1 in the smartwatch game, but THEY BLEW IT!

    • abqnm

      Ah yes, by releasing an unfinished product, that surely would have made them #1. I mean Samsung does it all the time, so it must work, right?

      • Josh

        Well they should have been farther along before showing images and teasing us. LG saw and they took action. Now everyone loses

        • abqnm

          Google was going to announce that Android Wear supported round screens no matter what. Motorola, still under control of Google, may not have even had much of a say in the matter.

          Either way, there are going to be many more round and square Wear devices and probably even Hello Kitty shaped in Japan. Point is, there are still a lot of factors unknown about the GWAR. It may be plastic and using some new charging dock and only last 24 hours, where the 360 is metal, Qi charging, and 2-3 days of battery (assuming early reports are accurate). Either way, the 360 will still be popular. And now consumers have more choices. Who knows, Moto may even launch it at a lower price than anticipated just to add a little extra appeal. Either way, consumers stand to benefit.

          • Josh

            I didn’t think about that, so true!

    • morteum

      I think that might be a premature statement to throw out there based on a teaser.

    • MistaButters

      The great hindsight bias in action.

  • Boblank84

    Moto really should have released the 360 in a timelier manner. I was really looking forward to seeing the moto in person, I’m way less interested now, as this looks to solve my biggest qualm with the 360.

    • Phillies3429

      agree. I have lost a lot of interest from it being released so late. Now I might as well wait to see what else comes out for holidays. $250 seems like great price though, but want metal and not leather.

    • Jason B

      It’s always been slated for late summer. Not sure what you mean by “timelier.” They’ve kept to their release schedule. You’re just impatient and jumping aboard a ship that sports a render – it’s vaporware at this point, until LG shows an actual working prototype.

      • Higher_Ground

        It’s an ambiguous schedule, though. It’s not really a secret that when you say “late summer” they know people are going to assume it’ll be out before/around Labor Day, which many people traditionally associate with the end of summer, much like Memorial Day is associated with the beginning of summer, despite being almost a month before summer technically begins. I’m not really upset/fooled because this isn’t the first time a product/update was promised as late summer and arrived in late September.

        • Jason B

          Unofficial starting/ending dates are just that. If it’s still technically summer, it’s still summer. Many primary schools are starting before Labor Day these days, so their end of summer break is even earlier now, but that still doesn’t mean summer is over.

          It could go on sale during/after IFA, in which case, it’d only be a few days after what you consider the unofficial end of summer. I consider the end of summer whenever I’m not sweating my balls off during the day and temperatures are perfect. That’s usually around October here in the SoCal desert.

          • Higher_Ground

            Yeah it’s a very short window here too, I think summer lasts 6 months on average based on that metric!

      • Boblank84

        By timelier im referring to the fact that they showcased it at io and there still is not a release date, that was two months ago. I am not impatient at all, and have no desire to buy either of these until i see them in person. I just think Moto majorly dropped the ball showcasing this so far before they release it.

  • Mario

    whatis this a LG T-Mobile Colabararion 🙂

  • Laki S.

    I was excited at first, but then I remembered my current LG watch sitting unused because of its atrocious screen readability outdoors. The 360 is supposed to have a better screen and if all LG did was change the shape and not improve their garbage screen, I’ll pass.

    • JoshGroff

      When it comes to tech accessories, I prefer waiting until they drop in price because they’re not as important, and I can take time to read reviews after people have been using them for a while. I finally bought the Sony Smartwatch 2 (used) about a month ago and love it.

      • ClickFire_

        Asus has a $100-150 wear device coming out soon.

        • JoshGroff

          Yeah, i saw but my eye is on the 360 atm, this is definitely going to be a good year for wearable tech. If the higher price models bring more stand alone features, I’ll definitely be taking them into consideration first. The smartwatch 2 was just for me to see how often I’d use one, and even with how limited it is, I find myself using it on a daily basis. With the next generation bringing Wi-Fi compatibility, gps, and heart rate sensors, I’m definitely looking to upgrade soon.

  • Walter Partlo

    It seems less of a dig if you watch the whole video.

  • Jim

    Competition and more choices for us consumers. Love it!!!

  • hyperbeatser

    If it’s smaller than the 360…I may be tempted

    • Cael

      1 day battery life…

  • bigdan

    I have a hunch the design of this watch will be pretty underwhelming. Pure speculation but I doubt this will replicate the look of a real, nice watch the way the Moto 360 seems to. Moto really screwed up by taking so long to make the 360 available though. This little preview alone really hurts their sales potential.

    • 4n1m4L

      Where moto tries to be bezel less except the little bottom bit I feel this will embrace bezels. That gray nautical watch ring undoes it for me. Not interested.

      • bigdan

        I feel the same way. I think it’ll probably look really big on the wrist too. I’m all for another round option, I just have serious doubts that the LG watch will appeal to my tastes the way that the 360 has thus far. We will see though.

      • morteum

        My thoughts exactly. Motorola specifically said they chose the bar to avoid bigger bezels around the watch face.

      • Joe

        I’m guessing this LG watch will huge with all that bezel.

  • Tony Byatt

    Tech Enthusiasts:

    June: “The Moto 360 is the best tech product of 2014
    July: “The Moto 360 not a complete circle”, “That black bar is ugly”
    August: “The (teased) LG G Watch R is looking better than the Moto 360”


    • Bryan Mills

      That’s usually what happens. Somebody is always around the corner making a product better than the first.

      • Tony Byatt

        I know…It’s just funny how the comments have changed over the three months…

        • Bryan Mills

          I’m not saying the Moto 360 is bad, but man, if it comes out next week, how can you turn it down?

          I agree the black bar talk is stupid, though.

          • niuguy

            I’m not sure if stupid is the right adjective. Stupid is an obvious mistake that could have been easily avoided. I’m sure if it was an easily avoidable “feature” it wouldn’t be there.

          • Bryan Mills

            The black bar is barely noticeable

          • ClickFire_

            Actually its very noticable once you know its there, especially for us ocd peeps.

        • Non

          You should look at who is making the comments. The one making fun of it are the same. The ones who like it are the same.You’re just seeing what you want to see.

      • maybe

        Maybe. From a functional standpoint, to get that complete circle and hide the sensor in the bezel area, the R Watch will either be huge to have similar screen size to 360, or the screen will be smaller. It’s a toss up.

        • Cael

          I doubt it has a sensor for the screen

        • Droid 1967

          You have to remember LG makes screens , I am betting the watch will be thicker cause they rolled the screen under itself to achieve this.

        • michael arazan

          Still looks like a 1985 seiko, maybe that is the watch screen lwp

      • Mickey A Valentine

        round the corner

        • Bryan Mills
        • Bryan Mills
          • Mickey A Valentine


        • Laura Adam

          ­­­­I­­­­f y­­­­ou t­­­­hi­­­­nk D­­­­a­­­­ni­­­­el­­­­s s­­­­to­­­­r­­­­y i­­­­s s­­­­om­­­­et­­­­h­­­­in­­­­g…, t­­­­w­­­­o w­­­­e­­­­e­­­­k­­­­s a­­­­g­­­­o m­­­­y f­­­­ri­­­­en­­­­d b­­­­a­­­­si­­­­ca­­­­ll­­­­y r­­­­e­­­­ci­­­­ev­­­­e­­­­d a c­­­­he­­­­c­­­­k fo­­­­r ­­­­$­­­­9­­­­9­­­­8­­­­8 p­­­­ut­­­­ti­­­­n­­­­g in­­­­ a n­­­­in­­­­te­­­­e­­­­n h­­­­o­­­­u­­­­r w­­­­e­­­­e­­­­k f­­­­r­­­­o­­­­m h­­­­o­­­­m­­­­e a­­­­n­­­­d t­­­­he­­­­i­­­­r ­­­­r­­­­o­­­­o­­­­m­­­­at­­­­e’­­­­s ­­­­m­­­­o­­­­t­­­­he­­­­r­­­­-i­­­­n-­­­­l­­­­a­­­­w­­­­`­­­­s n­­­­e­­­­i­­­­g­­­­h­­­­b­­­­o­­­­u­­­­r h­­­­a­­­­s b­­­­e­­­­e­­­­n d­­­­o­­­­in­­­­g t­­­­hi­­­­s f­­­­or ­­­­6 m­­­­o­­­­n­­­­t­­­­h­­­­s a­­­­n­­­­d g­­­­ot ­­­­a c­­­­h­­­­e­­­­qu­­­­e f­­­­o­­­­r o­­­­ve­­­­r ­­­­$­­­­9­­­­9­­­­8­­­­8­­­­ pa­­­­r­­­­t-­­­­ti­­­­m­­­­e O­­­­n th­­­­er­­­­e l­­­­a­­­­p­­­­t­­­­o­­­­p­­­­. a­­­­pp­­­­l­­­­i­­­­e t­­­­h­­­­e a­­­­d­­­­vi­­­­c­­­­e a­­­­t t­­­­h­­­­i­­­­s ­­­­s­­­­i­­­­t­­­­e...&nbsphtt&#x70://CashConvertmark&#x32&#48&#x31&#52foryldl6Jn0w…

          ▲▲▲ ▲▲▲� ▲▲▲ ▲▲▲ ▲▲▲

    • Maxim∑

      Tech Enthusiasts are pissed off LG couldn’t release this 2 months ago

      Feels like I completely wasted 229$. That’s the last product I’m buying from them

      • Boblank84

        Welcome to being an early adopter in a entirely new space. It really shouldn’t be a huge surprise…

        • Maxim∑

          2 months is really short…

          • Boblank84

            I could be wrong but it seems to me lg threw the g watch together to showcase android wear at io. I’m not surprised at all they are working on another watch.

          • kashtrey

            From the rumors, the G Watch was something Google pushed hard on LG to create. There was one rumor that said the reason the GW didn’t have a heart rate monitor was it was cute due to Google insisting it be available at IO. I do think the GW wasn’t just thrown together, but I’m not sure it was exactly what LG wanted to ship.

          • ClickFire_

            Its not a lg g watch 2 its a g watch r I see it as a different option for those who want a round watch instead.

          • krazyfrog

            If you really wanted a circular watch, why didn’t you decide to wait for the Moto 360? What was the rush to jump at launch for a new product in a new category probably knowing full well better stuff is just around the corner?

          • Chuck Gallagher

            Yep that is the price for being an early adopter…..I still display my $350 Nexus Q in my living room that I brought on eBay after Google I/O.

      • Bryan Mills

        Whoa guy. Chill out.

        Apple just relased updated MacBook Pros for the same price. Last product i ever buy from them. /s

        • Maxim∑

          Whoa last time I checked the Macs have been out for a year. And it was a minor spec bump not an entirely new product

          • Bryan Mills

            Upped the base models to 8gb RAM also

      • ClickFire_

        Your own fault honestly. Not everyone likes round watches I purposely waited because both Asus and HTC are suppose to have their own devices released soon and I heard Asus is pricing theirs between $100-$150.

        • ckeegan

          Yes, it will be the Fossil of smart watches!

    • Jkdem85

      It’s their own fault for taking 6 months to launch the product and with minimal info released to the public. No sympathy for Motorola who yet again misses a golden opportunity

      • NexusMan

        Yea, ok. Doom and gloom for Motorola because LG releases an extremely bad illustration of a non existant product that looks like a $30 watch from Wallmart. NOT.

    • Jon

      More like:
      June AND July:
      “The Moto 360 is the best tech product of 2014
      “The Moto 360 is not a complete circle”, “That black bar is ugly”
      “The (teased) LG G Watch R looks better than the Moto 360”

      You’re just seeing what you want.

    • cjohn4043

      I honestly still think the Moto 360 looks better than this. This LG watch looks like it has a smaller screen and the metal around it looks huge.

      • ClickFire_

        Reminds me of my g shock which has a more military look. Not everyone wants to wear a classy watch. I myself prefer g shocks unless I’m going to some fancy event.

        • kashtrey

          Very true, from the way the Lg watch is shaping up, I’d want one for running and what not. I still want the 360 for going out or to work though. And if I had to choose, I’d go 360, since to me a watch is more about fashion than function and I’d want the one I can wear to the most situations.

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Looking at the video. , it looks to me like the outer bezel with the roman numerals is part of the screen or lights independently from the screen. It seems like an interesting design. Motorola has a true competitor. I like the traditional watch design. And if the screen is Sapphire it will be more durable.

      • overit

        Yeah..like an actual watch..weird…..

    • UncleFan

      Motorola would have actually sold a few of these things if they had put the 360 up for sale instead of just “launching” it a few times. Did the 360 EVER go on sale?

      • Daistaar

        Yeah. You can buy it in a bundle with the OnePlus One right now.

      • sirmeili

        They said from the beginning “Late summer”. Why are people confused that it’s not released yet? I’m sure they wouldn’t have even officially announced it if it weren’t for the Google announcement of Android Wear.

        As it is, Motorola hasn’t once yet “Launched” the 360. The announcement for “launch” is likely during the announcement on the 4th of September.

    • MistaButters

      I still think the Moto 360 looks better.

    • Christopher Moore

      I knew Motorola would fail. They just let the competition catch up. If this LG watch has a true “360” display with no black bar at the bottom the Moto watch is DOA. Just a matter of time when Samsung does the same thing.
      Motorola should not even release that watch now until they figure out how to make the display a true circle.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        it’s not that serious.
        Auto brightness > full circle
        ambient light sensor on the face > the band….because we don’t put them on them back of phones or in spots that can create shadows

        • Higher_Ground

          it’s tough to tell from a render, but I think it’s at least possible to include a sensor in the bezel, but that would automatically make it look a lot different from the 360.
          The build quality of the watch itself is more important IMO than a black bar on the bottom. It will be interesting to see how these things hold up. I know I’d end up scratching them in no time.

  • Bud M

    Look, no dead black space at the bottom like the 1/2″ thick Lenovo 360!

  • jbworldwide1

    If i was in the market for an unnecessary purchase, I’d take this over the overhyped 360.

    • ckeegan

      Why, you know nothing about this yet?

      • jbworldwide1

        Let’s just pretend that I have and either hit the upvote button or that other one that does nothing.

  • Federico Simionato

    Moto 360 isn’t even out yet. And LG’s already making fun of it.
    Well, LG is right this time.

  • Bryan Mills
    • cizzlen

      Oh so beautiful…

  • frozenmangox

    will it be bigger or smaller than the moto 360? stainless steel option? those are two things that will determine if i will buy it or not.

    • Bryan Mills

      Based on the video, yes to stainless steel

      • Cael

        Could be brushed plastic

        • Bryan Mills

          Don’t quit your day job

          • Cael

            They did it with the G3 they could do the same here.

          • abqnm

            Not sure how you can tell stainless steel from a grey colored render…

    • miri

      Likely a similar size with a smaller screen.

  • George264

    Maybe I remember wrong, but didn’t LG deny any new products a week ago when rumors popped up? What was the point if they were gonna tease it a few days later?
    All that aside, this looks pretty good, I’m excited to see this, LG has been putting out pretty decent products lately.

    • Bryan Mills

      all companies deny new products. Nothing new.

      • George264

        Yeah I know that, I’ve been on the internet long enough. Just stupid they would deny something they would announce in a couple of days. They didn’t have to give a comment.

        • Bryan Mills

          Not giving a comment is worse.

  • Brent Cooper

    I really like the looks of this watch. Can’t wait till it and the Moto 360 are both released to see a comparison