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T-Mobile Will Give You an Upgrade to Unlimited LTE if You Bring Over a Friend From Another Carrier

In response to Sprint’s new 20GB $100 plan that was announced earlier in the week for new customers, T-Mobile has decided that it wants all of the current Sprint customers that aren’t being offered this new deal to come on over to its promised land. Through current T-Mobile customers, Magenta is offering unlimited LTE upgrades to any current customer who brings over a friend from another carrier, including Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. That new customer will also receive the free upgrade to unlimited LTE.

Starting next week, whenever a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer convinces a Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon customer to make the switch to the Un-carrier, both the current and new customers will receive unlimited LTE data for a full year at no additional charge. If you already have unlimited LTE data, T-Mo will give you a $10 credit each month for 12 months.

Get to it.

Via:  T-Mobile
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    • Amadordiego

      I do

  • TC Infantino

    While I won’t switch from VZW due to coverage and still having Unlimited Data, I am rooting for T-Mobile. If they can expand their network and sway enough customers to them from the other carriers, then VZW and AT&T will have to rethink their pricing plans. Competition is good for the consumer.

  • rose

    What happens after the full year is met?will my new unlimited data be taken away?

    • jimt

      Or you could pay for it. First one is free.

  • sean parmenter

    “T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan comes with unlimited data, talk and text − and with no overages and no annual service contract”

    Just once I’d love to see them say “no overages, no annual service contract AND NO THROTTLING!”

    Although, I’ve only heard of throttling policies and have not noticeably experienced it…

  • Alex Niehaus



  • jamdev12

    Does MetroPCS count? If I’m correct either T-M is a subsidiary, or the overall business owner.

  • Jeremy Gross

    so if i pay 30$ a month, and i bring someone over? i pay 30$ for unlimted lte?

  • بشار العسولي

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  • So.. Serious question. Do you think Verizon will at one point tell the unlimited data grandfathered users to go F*** themselves? Right now the only reason holding me to Verizon is that I have unlimited data and their coverage is awesome. But if I suddenly was kicked off my unlimited data, I would be gone in a heartbeat.

    • Seems like Verizon is trying to remove everyone the best they can, getting rid of subsidized phones, having sales reps remove it from less knowledgable customers in exchange for a share plan, and now the threat of throttling. IMO there will be few UL data users left after this is all said and done, so unless they have a real reason to remove us, they won’t risk the publicity.

      • So far I am off contract and have for almost a year. Used the dumb phone trick to upgrade a little while ago and last upgrade I did I bought the phone out right. Not sure what they can do to get me out of unlimited data short of just forcing it to end.

        • Rich Jackson

          They are chipping away as everyone is aware. And, I imagine that once the “Unlimited” population is small enough to not make too much noise, VZW will pull some sort of change in terms, or throttling on all unlimited data (no minimum), or some other shenanigans to finally eliminate the grandfathered unlimited customers. These companies understand the risk/reward of decisions that negatively impact customers and manage it very well (IE: bad enough customer service that you’ll badmouth them on a blog or review site but not so bad that you’ll actually change providers).

        • trixnkix637

          My idea is they’ll wait until the numbers dwindle & then shut down the program saying that the lack of customers justifies the end of the program (or when the VoLTE rollout completes). At that point because there’ll be so few of us left, the splash wouldn’t be anything but a ripple.

        • Similar boat here, I upgraded last fall on my single line plan during their upgrade glitch and I’m under contract until next fall. In the past people can usually keep grandfathered plans, so I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • flosserelli

      It is only a matter of time. The writing is on the wall, just look at the recent changes in their policies. VZW hates their customers but they really hate UD customers.

  • lisaboconnerr

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    =================> more detail here….>


    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Bots are out in force lately….

  • Rocky Calabrese

    Sprint’s new plan is not just for new customers.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Ignoring and twisting things like that makes T-Mobile look so much better, though.

  • 213ninja

    these marketing ploys are awesome for everyone involved, i love it. but, the flipside of this coin is that the more customers they “steal”, the more congested their network is getting, and we know what that brings…i know it’s been said but i’d love to see them doing more upgrading 2G sites to LTE and expanding coverage into ‘no coverage’ areas. if they build it, i will come. these deals do me no good in my area, but i’m glad to see it and i’m happy for those who can take advantage and get beast tmo service.

  • KoreaNorthEast

    Quality, Trust, Service= Samsung or LG…………

    • mjmedstarved

      This isn’t a hardware discussion…..

      • jimt

        The guy is brain dead.

  • Dominick White

    Well only get 2g or no service here in central ny with t-mobile… He in my they only seem to cover nyc and no place else with good services. Only place they seem to have 3g is in the small city of geneva

  • mcdonsco

    If only their coverage here in Portland Oregon was better, I would switch for sure. I would have saved $50/month doing it a few months ago, now its $40/month since they raised their prices. By the time they build their network up here enough that it no longer sucks it’ll probably be down to saving $10/month or no savings.

    (Its OK in the city, but in the rural areas, which are significant here and where I’m at a lot and live, its all edge).

  • SomeDooD

    I’ll definitely be leaving Verizon after the next Google device comes out.

  • Supraman21

    Who wants to be my friend? 🙂

  • flosserelli

    So referring 9 people to T-Mobile will essentially pay my phone bill for 1 year? Hell yes.

    • jimt

      It’s a great idea to grow customers at the other carriers expense.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Gotta read the fine print: Only one discount per account (not line, account).

      • jimt

        That’s odd that they limit a referrer to only one account, period. It seems like if you got them 10 accounts it would be better for T-mobile and this would really be more like a virus, which is what Tmo would want.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          “Limit one $10 monthly credit or unlimited 4G LTE offer per referrer account. Referrer and referee must both maintain service without plan changes to continue receiving referral benefit.”

          From the press release. And you are correct, it does make the entire campaign much less attractive after the first week or two; I wouldn’t expect it to be offered for more than 3 weeks. Note also that the referee is required to port their number; they can’t just sign up for new service. And not being able to modify your plan at all for 12 months or lose the benefit sucks as well. All in all, it seems much more like a marketing stunt than something genuinely useful to all of their users, like many of their “Un-Carrier” moves lately.

          • jimt

            Yes, why would they not want the virus effect?

  • jimt

    Go Tmo, They keep coming up with great ideas. More network would also be a plus.

  • Rodeojones000

    This means nothing so long as T-Mobile continues to have crappy coverage.

    • turdbogls

      “This means nothing so long as T-Mobile continues to have crappy coverage FOR ME.”

      there, I fixed it for you

      • Chippah

        for THOUSANDS.. YOU are an exception.

        • turdbogls

          your point?
          I’m sorry T-mobile isn’t coming to your area, you shouldn’t be angry about it. just move along the next time you see a T-mobile post….mmmmkkkaayyy?

          everywhere I goon a Daily basis (central Florida), everywhere I have been (all over Florida and michigan and airports in between ) I have had good service with T-mobile. over the past year, I have saved $70+/month. its well worth it, especially since I VERY rarely get a drop in service, and all other times my T-mobile speeds dominate my Verizon speeds.

        • IhaveUnlimitedandYouDon’t

          Coverage is great out here in So Cal. Too bad you can’t enjoy it with me!

  • Chippah

    “Sorry no plans of expanding coverage in your area” – T-Mobile 50+ mile radius

    • T-Mobile is upgrading their 2G EDGE coverage area to LTE, and they are already deploying LTE in the 700MHz spectrum that they acquired from Verizon.

      • jimt

        Go Tmo!

      • Once I see that for myself, I’ll be thrilled. At the moment, I haven’t seen any 2G areas upgraded to LTE in CT, MA, NH, VT, or ME.

        • John Davids

          Add IA to that list.

          • TylerCameron

            IA doesn’t have virtually any T-Mobile service at all!

          • John Davids

            Well, they kinda do and kinda don’t. I-Wireless is an affiliate of T-Mobile. T-mo folks can use i-wireless towers and vise versa. They have an silent agreement to not encroach on each other’s markets. That would be why you have to have an Iowa-based IP to see iWireless’s coverage map:


            If you notice, iWireless’s website is a literal copy/paste from T-mobile’s site. It is most apparent where you can find the buttons they forgot to change from magenta to green. Another curiosity is that iWireless’s map shows their towers + Tmobile’s towers as their coverage areas. Tmobile’s maps show NONE of the IW towers cept for the Des Moines market where T-mo officially purchased the right to occupy that space.


            TL;DR – Unless T-Mo buys IW, they will never come to Iowa.

          • TylerCameron

            That’s some really interesting information there! But I’m going to Iowa for a week for work, and I don’t really trust roaming, so I think I’m gonna get a prepaid Cricket card.

          • TylerCameron

            Also, in that Iowa coverage map you sent me, why does it show coverage in Canada?

          • John Davids

            No clue on Canada. Also no clue on why they exist 🙂

            All I know is that Iowa will be one of the very last places that T-mo comes, if ever…. which bums me out hardcore.

      • JP

        When will this be complete? Verizon has plans of taking down its CDMA 3g network and converting it to LTE but that won’t happen until about 2020.

  • TSON1

    Is this for one line?

    • jimt

      It appears to be for one account, only. It appears also you can only do it once total. If I’m wrong somebody tell me.

  • Chippah

    For the past 5 years T-mobile tells me the same thing.
    Even from the office of the CEO level.

    “Sorry, There is no service in your area with no plans to expand coverage”

    • Rodeojones000

      We must be neighbors. I asked T-Mobile the same thing when I was considering a Nexus 5 last fall and was also told there were no plans to expand coverage in my area beyond the 2G that they offer.

      • Chippah

        Vzw is like the Mafia in the NE…Ugh.. paying for “protection”

  • pyro74boy .

    As much as I hate Verizon wireless I still hate Sprint worse then ANYONE ELSE.

  • This is a great idea, it helps both customers giving them more data and saving money, while bumping up their customer base and new subs. Now just start upgrading those 2G sites!

  • pyro74boy .

    I don’t know why T-mobile is so worried about what Sprint is doing? their no competition for T-mobile and from everything I have been reading the past few short weeks T-mobile is going to be passing up Sprint as the third largest carrier in the U.S and Sprint is going to be forth. This is a huge deal. Any smart person knows that it’s AT&T and Verizon that is T-mobiles real competition because Sprint is out of the picture because they are a failing network and so slow. EPIC FAIL ON SPRINT.

  • schoat333

    I’m a T-mobile user, who’s interested in being my friend? lol

  • Guest

    How many lines though? My whole family (on a sprint “unlimited” plan) wants to switch over to t-mo because they actually get LTE in our area. But would this cover one line or all the lines?

    • tdurden64111

      From a business standpoint I can’t see why I wouldn’t cover every single line you have.

      • Do you run T-Mobile? If not, your standpoint doesn’t answer his question.

  • tspx23

    Anyone thinking about moving to t-mobile? 😀

  • Jeff McLean

    Ummm….doesn’t TMo already offer unlimited data? Isn’t that their (only) selling point?

    • Bryan Mills

      You missed the “free part”.

    • schoat333

      All data is unlimited, meaning no overage charges, but they throttle you if you do not pay for the “unlimited LTE” plan.

    • JimmyHACK

      Yes but it’s an add-on like any data. This way it’s free for a year.

    • Andrew

      Unlimited Data for everyone, but not unlimited LTE. After all the LTE is used up you get HSPA and 3G depending on where you are.

      • Close. After you use your allotment of high-speed data (3G, 4G, or LTE), you get bumped to 2G speeds. Although you will maintain that 3G, 4G, or LTE connection, you will just be throttled to 2G speeds.

        • Andrew

          I have T-Mobile, and I can tell you that is not true at all.

  • What a tick… I pay $20 a month for my unlimited LTE on Tmo, so why would they only give me a $10 credit?

    • Bryan Mills

      I mean, they don’t have to give you anything

    • DanSan

      How do you pay $20/month for your cell service on Tmobile?

      • I pay $20 for the unlimited LTE portion of my bill.

        • DanSan

          Ah, thats what I figured. So you can still get you the $10 credit. to your account.

          • But why wouldn’t I get the full $20? I mean, I could drop the unlimited LTE, then bring a friend, and re-add the unlimited LTE, but why the extra steps?

          • OreoMan

            It could be worse, you could be on Sprint and not get the new deal new customers are getting. Besides, you’ll be saving $120 for a year. If you’re complaining about that, you have bigger issues.

          • Didn’t complain about anything, just asked why there’s a disparity in the discount.

    • schoat333

      Well, the unlimited plan is only $10 more then the next plan down which is the 5GB plan.

      • Maybe I need to look at the plans again. I pay $80 for 2 lines and then another $20 per line to get unlimited LTE on them.

        • schoat333

          The lowest family plan only comes with 1GB of data and is $80 per month for two lines. It steps up to 3GB, and 5 GB before Unlimited tho.

    • Disqus_n00b

      “Like, how quickly the world owes him something that he knew existed only 10 minutes ago” – Louis CK

      • Huh? T-mobile is making a discount offer, I’m not demanding one. I’m just pointing out how it doesn’t make any sense.

        • So downgrade your plan for that year? You are contract free!

  • DanSan

    pretty cool, you can sign up for the $50 simple choice plan which normally only gives you 1GB of 4G LTE speeds a month and get upgraded to $80 unlimited for the first 12 months. saving you $360 for the year. then you could simply upgrade your plan to higher data amounts for the following years.

  • Bryan Mills

    Thank you based T-Mobile

  • Jeremy Gentry

    this is tempting, but their service blows so hard in our area that you wouldn’t even be able to use it

    • michael arazan

      It’s awful in MO and IL outside a major populous. It is totally not dependable while traveling on the highway’s when it cuts out all over the place. If I left a major highway by a 1/4 mile I would have no signal. Even Sprint has coverage in the Boonies that T-Mo doesn’t. Also T-Mo has no coverage along state highway’s too.

  • velocipedes

    As if ATT and Verizon don’t already have a fire lit under their ass… They’re going to have to bring back unlimited data soon.

    • JimmyHACK

      Keep dreaming

    • FortitudineVincimus

      They will fight to the bitter end to do so. Despite the fact it costs them pennies to do so, but charge outrageous dollars for their data.

      Either way, I love how these smaller vendors are just attacking the heck out of the big guys. Love it. It must be making them squirm.

      • michael arazan

        It’ll be $1000 unlimited share everything plan, only up to 4 people, excluding weekends and holidays, with blackout date when ever they feel like you are using too much data, and will drop you to 3g once you have used 1GB of 4G

        • 6stringslinger

          Michael, I think Big Red has a place for you in the boardroom. You think like them.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        I doubt very seriously that T-Mobile is keeping the Verizon or AT&T execs up at night. They will keep track of them, of course, but I wouldn’t expect them to make many moves anytime soon. “Unlimited data” only really matters to a few millions customers at most. The rest don’t need it, and likely never will. Seriously, when their data suggests that only the top 5% of users (5M-ish based on their latest sub count) are using more than 4.7GB of data per month, what reason do they have to bring back unlimited? Especially if that number is skewed significantly by the people who “hate” Verizon and are determined to use as much data as humanly possible to “stick it to them”.
        T-Mobile is running a great marketing campaign. With this, they just increased their marketing department by several million who will be trying to get a bunch of referrals. However, it’s likely to only last a week or two while everyone rushes to get their discount, then not care anymore.

        • mcdonsco

          Actually your post shows there’s no reason for them NOT to bring it back if the number of peeps that would use it are so low (if the numbers are indeed so low then it would have little to no impact on their network)…only thing I think they should change if they do bring it back is better “mobile only” TOS language. But of course, it would cannibalize their profits from the folks that are paying $190+/month for 20gbs or more of data. Though, I suspect most of those that use that much data have already gone elsewhere or kept their ud accounts in tact…bringing us full circle I guess.

          Would be interesting to see numbers for how many peeps are paying for more than say 10gb though.

          However, its not future thinking to say “the rest dont need it, and likely never will” because as a society our data usage is increasing year over year and that’s not likely to stop (ever).

    • DanSan

      If you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

    • T4rd

      That will only happen when and if T-Mobile miraculously surpasses them in coverage and subscribers. Then you can bet that T-Mobile will flip their script and drop all these wonderful promotions.

      • mcdonsco

        They’re already raising their prices; was $70/month unlimited LTE just a few months ago, now its $80.

        As they expand their network and pick up subscribers their prices will continue to climb until they meet Verizon/at&t…only difference will be they will still be offering unlimited LTE (hopefully).

        • jimt

          They raised unlimited and lowered their lower data plans at the same time. Unlimited should be more, as long as they hold at $80 I’m cool. Love my unlimited. Any friends out there?

          • mcdonsco

            I absolutely guarantee you it will continue to climb as their LTE coverage expands and new subscriber base climbs. Mark my words, it will happen. They are out to make money just like any othet business and they are doing it by picking up new customers with their low prices and using it to increase their coverage and pick up more new customers and as it succeeds and the “value” of their service in turn increases, so will their prices.

            Its supply and demand 101.

          • jimt

            So far almost everything that Tmo has done has been customer friendly, except that $10 increase of unlimited. I have trouble thinking of them acting like Evil Red until they are bigger than them, and then who knows they may want to stay bigger. Remember, NO CONTRACTS.

          • mcdonsco

            I’ve never understood the mentality that a business trying to increase profits is “evil” … But then, I’m a business owner and those citing evil businesses i suspect have no idea what it takes to run a business.

            (Keeping in mind, yes, I do know and realize *some* businesses are evil and do shady shlt, but they are the extreme MINORITY of business out there)

            The ONLY thing that is questionable to me with Verizon and in turn at&t, and yes, even T-Mobile, is that from what I’ve read on the topic, as the tech of high speed mobile data advances its actually getting cheaper for carriers to provide data; its not costing them more, its costing them LESS, yet all of them, T-Mobile included (with their less than unlimited plans and tethering restrictions on unlimited and eventual increases in pricing, as again they have done once already with unlimited and will do again), have been increasing the costs to consumers while their costs are going down.

            This completely fly’s in the face of normal business practices and supply and demand but as an industry that’s virtually impossible to compete against for a newcomer, they are essentially price fixing; if indeed its true that providing high speed data is cheaper for them; which it seems, the jury is still out on…seems to my limited understanding that data costing them less as speeds increase is not accurate, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me (so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt at this point) but I do keep coming across information that shows otherwise.

          • TylerCameron

            I love T-Mobile and all, but the no contracts thing is the most misleading thing I’ve ever seen.
            Sure, there’s no SERVICE contracts, but guess what, if you finance a phone, and drop service, THE FULL BALANCE of the phone becomes due. And more often than not, that’s worse than ANY ETF in the history of history. I would have a $1000 “ETF” for my 2 lines if I dropped service. It’s clever marketing though, I will give them that.

          • jimt

            If you own your phone as I do. Nexus 5 from Google. You just say goodbye. No contract. Why would you buy a phone from a carrier? and Yes you would have to pay for that. It will work in a nexus’s case anywhere except Verizon. That works perfectly for me. After 15 years with Verizon, I will never go back. It’s like buying a car and then deciding you don’t like shell gas and think your car should get paid for by shell.

          • TylerCameron

            Why would you have to sign a contract when you bring your own device? I know T-Mobile used to require that, but most carriers, even in the US, didn’t.

          • jimt

            Dude I said m

    • Bryan Mills

      That’s never gonna happen

    • PoisonApple31

      Where’s that sarcasm tag?

    • Lucky Armpit

      That, unfortunately, will never happen. AT&T and Verizon is making money hand over fist with tiered data plans; they will never move away from that unless unlimited data can make them money somehow.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What LTE?

    • Bryan Mills

      I see what you did there. Sprint has no such thing

    • PoisonApple31

      State troopers get excellent T-Mobile LTE coverage.

    • JRomeo

      I get super fast T-Mobile LTE speeds on my Nexus5, It’s Fantastic!

      • pyro74boy .

        Yep my mind is pretty much made up and I’m more then likely switching to T-mobile no latter the October 1st, Verizon is doing everything in their mind to make me want to leave them.

        • jimt

          Do you need a friend?