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Verizon Quietly Introduces New Single Line Plan – 2GB of Data for $60, Dropped Down to $50 With Edge

Yesterday, Verizon quietly introduced a brand new single line plan that certainly isn’t the worst deal you will find in the wireless industry. At $60, the new plan offers unlimited talk and text along with 2GB of data per month. You can lower that rate further by buying a new phone through Verizon’s Edge device payment plan and shave off another $10, bringing your monthly service bill to $50 (plus the Edge payment). 

Verizon originally introduced new single line plans (meaning no shared data) back in March at prices that weren’t exactly competitive ($60 for 1GB, $75 for 2GB). At $60 for 2GB, this new plan is $5 lower than AT&T’s competing single line plan. This new plan also matches up to the secret “Save” plan we outed a few months back that Verizon wasn’t ready to publicly promote.

If you compare this single line pricing to a Verizon MORE Everything plan with 2GB of data, you would save roughly $30 per month. A similar MORE Everything option would run $40 per month for the smartphone line, another $50 for the 2GB of data, but then could see a discount of $10 if you signed up for Edge. So that’s $80 per month, plus your Edge device payment, compared to the $50 for the single line plan.

On a semi-related note, Big Red is also running a MORE Everything promo that will give customers 1GB of additional data per line at no charge when that line is upgraded to a new smartphone. That promo data lasts for 24 months.

Via:  Verizon
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  • Jason

    How do you guys have these $33 plans?

  • Important caveat: You lose the legit wireless hotspot this way. That’s only included in MORE Everything.

  • markwebb

    The VZW page says 1 GB of data, NOT 2 GB for $60/month

    • Not true. Check again. Make sure to check the tab for individual plan and not more everything.

  • TC Infantino

    Well, at least their prices are moving in the right direction.

  • Travis Walls

    Thank you for posting this. I was able to call in and change my plan from More Everything with 2 GB and Edge to the Single Line Plan with 2 GB and Edge (essentially the same plan, since I’m the only one on the plan), and it looks like it brought my bill down about $25-30 a month. I didn’t buy anything new or add any new lines to my plan, just called and asked for the plan to be switched over. She did have to confirm a few times which plan I was talking about since it is brand new and sounds an awful lot like their “loyalty plan.”

    • It is identical to the loyalty plan, but this way you can use your employer discounts (if you have them). Downside: no included wifi hotspot on this plan.

      • Travis Walls

        Sigh, I didn’t think about that with the hotspot. I specifically asked several times if there were any differences in the plans and was told in no uncertain terms that there were no differences in the plans for me since I was the only one on the plan. Oh well, I can’t say it surprises me that she didn’t know. Fortunately, I didn’t use the feature that often, but I appreciate the heads up. I DO however have an employee discount, and I also specifically confirmed that I still get that. Thanks!

      • Travis Walls

        Just wanted to follow up with what I found out tonight on my new bill. So either Verizon lied to me before or they lied to me now. This plan does NOT qualify for my 19% employee discount. She says the discount is on my account, but the system won’t let it apply to the plan, so it must not qualify. She confirmed it is not the loyalty plan that I’ve been signed up for, and it didn’t extend the contract, etc. Still, even without the discount, my bill went down $25. I guess I’m happy still, lol.

        • That’s interesting. My wife was also told the discount would apply, but she saw no discount on her first bill. We haven’t called yet. It still saves money, but it’s sad to lose the legit hotspot. I wonder if it’s a mistake in their system that no discount is applied.

  • dave

    good luck getting this plan, it took me over 2 hours to try to get it. They don’t know anything about it and then they tried to talk me into a contract in order to get it… The last rep that I talked to…said she’ll give it a try we’ll see if it works… That’s encouraging

  • for anyone that may be interested, if your currently on the SAVE/Loyalty plan ($60) they currently won’t allow you to change plans to this. I called to see if I could save $10 but no go. For new activations only.

    • Not true about the new activations. Wife and her mom both switched from MORE Everything to this plan at different Verizon stores (one in Ohio, one in Arizona) and had no trouble. Employer discounts even applied. You should try again.

      • From SAVE to a “deeper” SAVE though? I’ll try again but that’s what I was looking for. I’m already on a loyalty plan, left MORE everything a while ago. Brother, these caps…

  • pyro74boy .

    I pay $30 bucks for unlimited data so this plan is a ripoff. I’m sure glad to be leaving Verizon Wireless no latter then October 1st.

  • mechaphil

    DL rightfully calls Verizon’s last round of plans uncompetitive, but these plans for the same amount of data are even more expensive. I’m on that recently-outmoded $75 Unlim talk & text/2GB data plan, and if I were to bounce to the latest 2GB plan my costs would jump up $15 dollars even without consideration for the fact I’m on Edge. It only becomes a better deal if I were to select the 4GB tier for $110 instead of sticking with my current plan and forcing overages for hitting 4GB costing $30 a month. Long story short, still not good enough, Verizon. Once I’ve paid off my Moto X, I’m peacing out to T-Mobile.

    • Remember that this new $60 plan does not include a legit wifi hotspot.

  • Chris

    My wife and I are paying $140 for the 3GB more everything plan so I called to see about switching us both to this plan to save $20 and get an extra GB. Right away they offered to give me a free GB, reduce my plan to 2GB, and give us $10 off per line for a year. So I basically have the same plan but it’s $30 cheaper for the next year. It’s definitely worth calling if anyone is in a similar situation.

  • schoat333

    So two lines with only 2gb of data a piece would still cost me $20 more a month than two lines with 3gb a piece on T-Mobile… No thanks

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    50mbps is useless when you can hit your 2gb limit in 20min lol

    • People don’t realize that XLTE and related actually cheapen the burden on Verizon for supplying limited data plans. They should be scaling up limits with rates, bit they aren’t.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Why would they now? They make so much off them

  • Sam

    This is robbery and should not be allowed! With current 4G speed, you could use 2 GB of data in less than 5 minutes. Seriously 2GB for a month. Wow! Glad I have unlimited from VZW, I will leave once they take that away.

  • M3D1T8R

    Maybe if it was 2GB per DAY this would be a decent deal. Otherwise my Unlimited Data with enough minutes and texts for about $75 is still much better. But that’s Verizon: Continually offering less for more.

  • dlegendary0ne

    FYI this isn’t more everything. After speaking with a vzw rep, I found out you can’t add data to the plan, the data is not sharable, and there’s no free tethering. They don’t advertise that so I thought I’d pass it along.

  • Ajmcnicol

    Im gonna buck the trend and make a post for the other side….

    You pay what you get for. I moved from Verizon to tmobile. Bill would’ve gone from 180 to 120. After a week discovered a third of the places I use to get a signal (most importantly at work), I didn’t any more.
    I ended up back at Verizon. They are more expensive but jumping on the hate verizon band wagon aside, your paying that extra money for coverage. After 2 years of having great signal in almost all places, I got complacent and expected the same on others. It wasnt true.
    I don’t like paying that.. But I look at it as I’m paying that for the extra cell towers.

    Not to say that if all the placed YOU goto has a signal with others, good on you, and Im jealous you dont have to pay more. But for me, I pay more for the extra coverage.

    Also, the reason you go with the Verizon single line vice a prepaid is you get a new phone and not pay for it upfront. To some, that’s worth the extra 10 or 20 a month. 10 or 20 x24 months = 240 to 480 bucks. Plus 100 bucks up front for the phone (they are having a 50% off special) and you are basically paying the new phone in monthly increments vice dropping 500 600 bucks at once. Some people want a new highend phone but dont have 600 bucks to drop at once.

    Im not defending Verizon…if i could move and pay less i would. But you arent paying that extra money for ‘nothing’ or the ‘name’ like Nike or something. You actually get something for that extra money, which is , like them or not, great coverage.

    • jrbmed08

      Exactly, only Verizon and AT&T have decent coverage in the building where I work (which is not in the boonies by any stretch, even though some people insist that T-mobile’s network is fine unless you’re in the boonies). My plan is to stay with Verizon as long as I still have unlimited, and if they somehow kick me out of that, jump ship to Cricket or Straight Talk since they use AT&T’s network. Really the only thing that Verizon has forced me to do is change my phone buying habits/expectations. I no longer expect to get a new phone at a great price every 2 years, which is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. I’d buy a Nexus or something if I went prepaid, so that’s still buying a new phone at full retail price.

  • Nick

    So I already had 2GB for $60 as a “Loyalty” discount since we’ve been with them since Alltel. Does the “Loyalty” rate go down accordingly now or…?

    • No. They just made the old loyalty plan available to all, but now you can apply an employer discount (if your workplace offers one). So this new standard plan can potentially be cheaper than the loyalty plan. No legit wifi hotspot though.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I’m paying $55 a month for 5GB of data with Cricket Wireless. This deal doesn’t entice me at all.

  • Vanquishgc

    Despite this being a fantastic deal for any individuals look toasters a new account, or switch, somehow people will find a way to bash this. Do you guys realize that just 3 years ago, a plan consisting of unlimited talk and text plus data would have been around double what they’re offering here? In other words, Verizon has gotten cheaper while offering better and faster data coverage. But I expect to still see a lot of ‘verizon sucks’ comments here. *sigh*

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      It’s because you can get better deals from elsewhere.

      • Vanquishgc

        By all means, enlighten me as to where you’re to get that price along with the value it brings nationwide. That means unlimited talk and text, reliable and fast data speeds, and reliable signal coverage almost everywhere in the country? Because honestly, AT&T are the only ones close, and they’re meh. And don’t just say who, give me a REASON

        • Patrick Smithopolis

          As I said earlier I use Cricket Wireless with unlimited talk and text with 5GB of data for $55 (taxes and fees included). They have a 2.5GB plan for $45. The data plans are unlimited but they reduce your speed if you go over the allocated high speed amount. It’s AT&T’s prepaid service which runs on its network.

          Also, I still have Verizon on another phone and I’m getting rid of that once my contract is up. Good riddance.

    • The extra speed without an increase in absolute data limits means that the plans now have less value. They are less of a burden on Verizon due to the massive XLTE capacity, and so Verizon is making a killing even as they get faster.

  • crazed_z06

    Not a bad plan.. I’m still on unlimited doe.

  • Marco Pérez

    I actually think this is a good deal. Right now my wife and I pay about 150 a month for two lines with 4 shared gigs of data. This will actually help us save some money.

    • Alex Niehaus

      I was just wondering if I can switch to this, I’m in the exact same boat you are.

      • Marco Pérez

        I looked on their site and it looks like you have to be upgrade eligible to go to the edge program. They had a promo that ended July 31st that would let you get on the edge program at long as you were within 12 months of upgrade. I’m just going to call and play the fool and try to get on the edge program anyway. Though even if we don’t get on the edge program, at 60/line it’ll still be a savings for us.

        • Alex Niehaus

          I talked to a chat rep and she said to call the loyalty line. Maybe that means they’ll give me a price break? I’m going to call today and see what happens.

          • Marco Pérez

            I called yesterday and they totally just switched me. They said that I couldn’t qualify for the edge, but I’ll wait a month and then try to get it.

          • Alex Niehaus

            What do you mean they switched you?

          • Marco Pérez

            They switched me from a plan where I paid 150 two lines and 4 shared gigs to one where I’ll pay 60/line for two gigs each.

          • Alex Niehaus

            Nice! I absolutely need to do that now.

          • Alex Niehaus

            I just called and they switched me over to the new plan also. Pretty awesome to have $30 get knocked off just for calling. Definitely no thoughts of switching to Tmo now!

    • Remember that you lose the legit wifi hotspot with these new plans. It’s included in your current plan.

  • Mike

    Edge payment+insurance. Don’t forget the insurance. That’s what that discount equates to. The ten dollar insurance.

  • big

    Zzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzz……

  • StargateNH

    Whats the catch? Do I have to re-sign contract for a year or something? My 2 yr contract is up but dont want to do new contract until I can get a Moto X+1. There has to be a catch.

    • skubadoo

      I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for updating

    • Chris Gaton

      This is false. They are confusing the loyalty plan with the promotional one. No contract is necessary for this one.

      • StargateNH

        Always awesome to find someone who actually knows whats going on. Maybe I will try again when I get the strength.

    • Catch: you will lose your legit hotspot.

      • StargateNH

        I’ve already lost the legit hotspot on my VZW $75 Single Line plan. I’m rooted and running a custom ROM so it doesn’t matter as I have a hotspot included. But I almost never use the hotspot anyhow. But my next phone (the Moto X+1) I may not root so I will have to address the lack of hotspot when that time comes.

  • jorgemandrews

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  • sr_erick

    I just dumped my unlimited Verizon data a couple of weeks ago and switched to their new 4G prepay plan. All said and done I am getting 4 GB of data a month and unlimited talk/text for about $67 (after tax). I don’t use a ton of data and can probably go every other month on the 3 GB bridge data add-on. I get the same service, same coverage, same speed – just paying about $30 less a month than I used to be.

    • StargateNH

      Interesting. Prepay, huh?

  • master94

    Meh, I left Verizon. I’m happy on T-Mobile getting service in places I didn’t with vzw in NYC. Its faster too. Only complaint is it sucks if I leave the city but I don’t travel much. Worth the $150 savings on the family plan.

  • Brandon Kesler

    Honestly, strongly considering dropping my unlimited data for this. I got a loophole and have Edge as well as Unlimited. This plan would drop my plan costs about $40 a month with Edge. I rarely go over 2GB and even if I end up paying for an extra gig a month, I’m still cheaper than what I’m paying now. I would hate to lose my unlimited, but this is tempting for my situation.

    • John Smith

      >This plan would drop my plan costs about $40 a month with Edge.

      no-brainer. invest the difference every month.

      • jimt

        Guy’s what about your “Unlimited”. I would guess your dead dying hands are getting cool. With the loopholes going away, not so happy. Wouldn’t this be submitting to Verizons will.

        • John Smith

          i’m with AT&T GoPhone. 2.5GB/month for $55/month is good enough for me. i only use about 2GB max. and that’s streaming Pandora every day for 2.5 hours.

          • jimt

            You are not using the mobile phone as your home internet like some of these guys. I dumped Verizon last December. $70 Unlimited everything on Tmo.

          • John Smith

            i need ubiquitous coverage. T-Mob is not there yet.

  • Syrron

    DL should just start posting a banner image of Verizon and nothing else, because no matter what the post is actually about, it usually devolves into “Verizon Sucks”

    • jimt

      It might be different if they actually gave customers some value other than their superior network. Something people would leave T-mobile because of. I think we are in for a long wait for that. Maybe this is a baby step in that direction. We need actual walking or running.

  • AnonAnon

    This plan is a promo, not guaranteed to stick around. I work at Verizon and all our info says it’s only gonna be around through 9/31/14. That could change of course.

    • DC_Guy

      If this were true then you’d know that September only has THIRTY DAYS, not 31.

      • AnonAnon

        I just know that my email says the option for adding this plan to funs through the last day in September. I’m sorry I’m not good at remembering dates.

    • jimt

      It’s like a drug dealer trying to get you hooked. First one is free. Once you buy the CDMA phone they pretty much have you.

      • John Smith

        just like a hooker she said – nothing’s for free.

        agreed. that’s why i like no contract GSM/LTE with a nonproprietary phone like the Nexus 5. freedom from slavery.

  • Michael Dickson

    Left Red so my Nexus 5 work, using Straight talk. 45 bucks a month, 2.5 gigs , unlimited t&t. All working quite fine thank you.

    • John Smith

      have you tried to use Google Voice “LITE” Voicemail (GV as Voicemail) with Straight Talk (AT&T)? if so can you or anyone else get it to work on Straight Talk (AT&T)? i tried and tried but kept getting errors when trying to set up the CCF – Conditional Call Forwarding. it works fine with my AT&T GoPhone though.

  • John Smith

    so for example if someone chooses a flagship phone add $30/month for the Edge phone payment –

    first 20 months = $50+$30 = $80/month+taxes+fees+contract
    after 20 months if you keep your phone = $50/month? or does it jump to $60?

    i have a Nexus 5 with AT&T GoPhone 2.5GB+ free WIFI hotspot + Unlimited Talk/Text for $55/month ($60 all in with taxes/fees with $5 Auto Pay discount) and no contract. i’ll never sign a contract or buy anything other than a Nexus phone if i can help it.

    • Lucki

      It stays at $50. You can go on the plan if you have your own Verizon phone and its out of a contract.

  • Sporttster

    That plan should be no more than $40/month. $60 is ridiculous for 2gb.

    • hkklife

      Given VZWx coverage I would say $50/month is fair. But it needs to be a permanent, fulltime offering, not some limited time or regional / hidden promo.

  • Nate

    What’s the difference in that and a $60, 2GB loyalty/retention plan? It offers same with $10 per 1 GB.

  • Alexander Anteneh

    55$ for cricket and 5gbs with a nexus 5, can’t beat it. I prefer AT&T MVNO over t-mo. Only draw back is 8mbs down bandwith limit. But there’s no noticeable difference becausw i get wide spread LTE. I use WiFi to download large files. No incentive to switch to Verizon

  • itsacardigan

    This is funny. I went into VZW a couple months ago to cancel my line since I had already gotten an AT&T line. He talked me back into signing a new contract with this package for me and my wife. Said it was a package that they only give to loyal customers.

  • brian

    Does this plan work with corporate discount?
    Can I break off one of my non unlimited lines for this?

    • ultravisitor

      I’m guessing it doesn’t work with the corporate discount, as it’s essentially the same as the loyalty plan, and the loyalty plan does not work with the corporate discount.

  • Tim Menke

    Well I originally joined US Cellular because they were cheaper than the similar $100+ plan that Verizon offered. With this plan (+my 17% employee discount +3% off for paperless billing) I’ll get way better service for way cheaper. I’m psyched about this! Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade with a Moto x+1 too.

  • Terrence Amir McKelvey

    OOOHHH nice I think I’ll switch from my $29 unlimited data plan to this!!! lol

  • Droon

    I left Verizon after being a customer for 10+ years in order to get the nexus 5. I went with a GoPhone plan from AT&T which is identical to this new Verizon plan.

    At&t has been okay. It is not bad, but it is definitely inferior to Verizon in my area. Currently, as I type this from my living room, I have 0 bars of cell service.

    I would definitely consider switching back at this price.

    • Carlton Crasher

      I am in the exact same boat buddy. I left them for the nexus 5 and in general I’m okay with at&t but seems like I can’t drive down the road and hold a signal sometimes whereas Verizon it seemed seem less between towers. Idk bout you but seems like there’s times their network like hangs up on data. Like stalls out. I’ve also got a note 3 on at&t

      • Droon

        Yeah, the coverage seems very spotty. Some areas I have no signal, and driving a few minutes down the road puts me in an area where I have 5 bars.

        • jimt

          This happens with Verizon also, I used to have it.

          • Droon

            I never had this problem in my area on Verizon. In fact, after 10 years of service on VZW, I think I dropped maybe a handful of calls. I actually can only remember dropping 2, but I will say “a handful” just to play it safe.

            My family is still on Verizon. There are many times when they have full bars and I don’t even have service. Again, I am usually okay with this because it is often in areas where I don’t travel too frequently, but the fact that the VZW plan is now the exact same price as my AT&T plan, and VZW has better coverage, I definitely am considering switching back.

    • jimt

      You can get an extender that hooks into your home internet and then gives you 5 bars of at&t or Tmo or even sprint.

      • Droon

        Yeah, but it isn’t just my home. There are some towns, busy towns, where I have 0 bars. If I drive 5 minutes away, I’ll have full coverage. It seems very spotty.

        When I was on Verizon, I had at least 3 bars of LTE in this town.

        Like I said, AT&T is not awful. There are just certain areas where I have no coverage where I know for a fact I had Verizon coverage. The fact that Verizon now offers the same plan for the same price, I’m strongly considering switching back. This is all assuming they get a phone I like. I’m thinking of skipping the next Nexus for an X+1.

  • Dave

    Don’t forget paperless billing for another 3% off….

    • Jonathan Williams


  • Matthew Rebmann

    If I need more than 10GBs a month, 2 isn’t going to cut it… I go a little over 20 regularly because I don’t bother WiFi. Give me a reasonably priced 15GB plan and I’m sure I’ll have no problem cutting my data back. Till then? Piss off. I’ll hold onto my unlimited till you pry it from my (not so cold and dead) fingers!

  • Jackson Emch

    So what you’re saying is, use Ting.

    • jimt

      Only if you really want cheap. Nothing cheaper that I know of.

      • Jackson Emch

        There’s Republic Wireless but I’m not sure about the details. They promote using Wi-Fi for phone and internet when you can, but I have no idea what they make their data usage cost. With Ting it seems fairly straight forward, and if you go over on your plan they’ll bump you up to the next size plan instead of overage fees. Plus Ting has a good selection of phones right now, not great but you can get an iPhone or Nexus.

  • cgmartin33

    Too late Verizon…its been a looong time coming but going to Tmo today to buy out your F’ing car payment of a monthly obligation that I have paid you for too long.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      How about you just go to this plan?

      • Dave

        Because then he’d have no more reasons to come and tough talk VZ anymore.

      • needa

        this plan is still pretty high. $60 a month is still fifteen a month more than i pay to be on at&t.

        • Vanquishgc

          Then you must be on an ancient plan dude. Plus I’m sure along with that, you’re probably capped on minutes. So not quite the same thing

          • needa

            The dif is I’m on a two peep plan. Two peeps, unlimited calls/texts, and two gigs shared. $90. I was doing straight talk for $45 a person. Unlimited everything. Using att towers. Same thing as being on att, its just that everything takes an extra second or two to go through the straight talk servers.
            $60 a month is too high

          • This is 2GB per line, so not a fair comparison for half the data.

          • needa

            tis why i stuck the straighttalk plan in there. unlimited everything for $45. throttled at 2.5gb. and lets not forget… faster speeds. along with the ability to use your phone on more than one network. and the ability to go global without any issues. verizon just aint all that any more. at least they aren’t as bad as sprint.

        • iamme

          att and verizon plans are identical

    • ultravisitor

      I’m not sure how it’s anyone’s fault but your own that your plan with Verizon cost so much. No one forced you to sign with them.

      • George264

        What? You make no sense. It’s their fault that their plan costs that much. They charge that much. It’s our choice to sign up, but doesn’t change the fact it’s expensive.

        • jimt

          Plus you usually get stuck in a contract that until Tmo was not possible to get out of.

    • LiterofCola

      lol @ car payment. So overly dramatic.

      • koopadoop

        Yea I bought a pretty cheap car (BRZ) with a 10k down payment and the payments over 60 months are still 330+. I would need 6 lines for what I pay per month for my phone to equal that much.

        • michael arazan

          Not to mention full comprehensive insurance for the car as well

  • SamBoy

    I hate they are trying to milk data when i think it cost them almost nothing for it i mean really who abused unlimited data before they caped it and if only the top five percent of users go over 2GBs a month anyway why do they care? Because they are complete liers!

  • Pootis Man

    I can get 3gb of data for the same price on T-Mobile. Also no contracts!

    • thunder

      What plan are you speaking of because I only get 1gb of 4g with team mobile for $50

      • Myles Harold

        There is a no contract plan you can order online 200 Mins and 5 gb $30 month

        • clobberedchina

          Thank you. I think most of the grown ups are out of town today.

        • LionStone

          It’s 200 minutes now? When I had that plan, it was only 100 minutes.

          • monkeybutts

            Still 100 mins

        • please link me to this sir

      • lolo

        1GB of 4g for $50???? Hopefully you forgot to type in that that also includes minutes and text…Because I pay $45 for unlimited talk and text and then $20 for truly unlimited data. That’s LTE. No throttles no nothing,

      • monkeybutts

        Add $10 = 3 GB
        Add $20 = 5 GB
        Add $30 = unlimited.

      • Pootis Man

        The $60 plan. For $10 more you get a bumb form 1gb to 3gb.

    • Mike

      Yea but coverage….

  • Will

    Its Quality vs Quantity, you can get more data for the same price on t mobile or sprint, but this is the most reliable LTE network in the country were talking about here

    • velocipedes

      It was also the slowest LTE network where I live. T-Mobile and ATT both have better LTE networks in my area.

      • Kevin McClave

        Here where I live it was second to AT&T in speed, but more reliable (AT&T was second and also highly reliable).

      • hoosiercub88

        Ah but for some of us.. it’s the ONLY LTE where we live.

      • mcdonsco

        Sorry, the “slow” argument to me is pretty stupid once you get above 15mb or so down…seriously, unless you’re using it for a home internet connection (it’s a MOBILE data connection after all) it’s PLENTY FAST for use from my phone or tethering my laptop to get online to surf, email, transfer files etc.

        I would honestly prefer the carriers focus on cheaper, better coverage 15mb/10mb data coverage than speed…makes more sense.

        • velocipedes

          I was only getting 2-5MB down on Verizon’s LTE. So the argument isn’t stupid with me 🙂

          • mcdonsco

            Huh…Never seen speeds that low myself, unless of course my signal stinks (like 1 bar LTE)…But, that actually shows the relevance of my comment (well, the edited/added part you may have missed at the end). If coverage were better, you’d find having a low signal (and thus low speeds as well) would be a lot less frequent.

          • monkeybutts

            Signal strength isn’t a reliable indicator of speeds. What matters is tower load and backhaul. I have been some places where 1 bar gets under 5 Mbps and other places where 1 bar pulls in 40+ Mbps.

          • mcdonsco

            Yes, but wouldn’t more coverage (towers etc) resolve that as well?

            Just seems to me, 15mb/10mb for mobile use is plenty and focusing more on coverage and lowering costs would be more beneficial than my freaking phone being able to download at 100mb+

          • jimt

            Same here on 5 bars.

          • velocipedes

            I was on 5 bars as well, in a metropolitan area with supposedly excellent coverage.

      • monkeybutts

        Imagine if they let their prepaid MVNOs use LTE…

    • Arty McBert

      Verizon shill, please get out. We don’t want your kind here.

  • chris125

    Or go straight talk or another gsm prepaid and not deal with Verizon’s BS and also can get any phone you want for cheaper..

    • Chris VanAnden

      straight talk works on the vzw network. It’s not a bad idea to consider for a cheaper line. Or people could consider cricket.

      • Fieldy

        Straight talk also works on the AT&T network.

      • monkeybutts

        Straight Talk plans that offer Verizon coverage only offer 3G not LTE.

  • Kisuk3

    Obligatory, I have unlimited so eat it Verizon post.

    Oh and it also costs $60mo

    • Lucki

      Meh, I have unlimited with Verizon for $33. That includes all taxes and insurance too.

      Beat that 🙂

      • thenew3

        I have unlimited for $24/month, with tax and fees its $25.xx
        Plus I still get discounted upgrades every 2 years from verizon. Just picked up a GS5 for $50, and no $30 upgrade fees either. That is our current corporate discount with Verizon, been in place for over 10 years and verizon has told us they don’t plan to change it any time soon.

        • Lucki

          Nice. Without the insurance I’d be at 28, and the taxes and fees here are another $4. Though the plan doesn’t qualify for a contract or anything so all my phones are dealer price. When you say corporate, do you mean you work for Verizon corporate, or do you work for another corporation? I can’t imagine Verizon giving such huge discounts to another company.

          • thenew3

            I work for another company that has negotiated a corporate discount with verizon. We’ve been on the same discount structure for the past 11+ years (as long as I’ve been with the company, verizon has offered these same discounts to us). I checked with our verizon rep last week to see if there are any planned changes and he says they are not planning to change the discount structure. We also have discounts with ATT, Sprint and Tmobile but the discounts are much smaller. So most of our employees choose verizon.

        • Chris VanAnden

          I wouldn’t believe that haha. I’m sure they’ll change it eventually.

          • thenew3

            It probably will change at some point, but I’m hoping it’ll be a long time from now.
            In fact, we can still sign up new lines on unlimited @ $24/month with 2 year contracts, or $30/month on 1 year contracts. both with heavily subsidized phone pricing. (i.e. currently GS5 $50 with 2 year, $150 with 1 year contract).

          • Chris VanAnden

            That’s a nice feature to have and a larger discount than they general give a company. So, I assume it’s a good sized company where they’re trying to promise a set amount of sign ups.

            That being said, unfortunately, reps are usually far down on the list of in the know at most companies. This helps them avoid leaks and misinformation.

        • Stingray42

          I have unlimited data, unlimited minutes and voice and pay $10/month.

          • Jack Harson

            I have unlimited everything, free new phone every month and Verizon pays me $20 per month.

        • Kip Wilson

          I have unlimited for $19 per month with upgrades every 18 months.

        • Daniel Maginnis

          Hmm… I’m on a corporate line and we had to switch to a more everything plan when I got my last phone. I guess we got duped?

      • mcdonsco

        Go sign up for another one…

        …That’s what I thought (I have the same though).

        • Lucki

          Yeah, now all new employees (for indirect agents at least) would get 2GB’s for the price that I have my unlimited.

      • Kisuk3

        $60 for my entire bill, mine is $33 also 🙂

        • Lucki

          Oh, I meant my entire bill is $33, not just the plan.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      I don’t have vz unlimited but I do have unlimited 3 lines for 120

      • Edwin M

        What provider?

    • tdurden64111

      Keep doing God’s work, son.

  • Maxim∑

    30$ Tmobile plan >

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That plan is for people who don’t like talking.

      • Rodeojones000

        And also don’t like coverage.

        • LiterofCola

          I lol’d

        • That’s T-Mobile’s fault, not the plan. You get the same coverage as post paid, just no data roaming.

        • schoat333

          Depends on location. T-Mobile has great coverage my area. Better than VZW in Urban areas.

      • monkeybutts

        Hangouts on iOS, Groove IP version 1.4.8 or earlier still work on google voice for Android.

      • Lots of people use their phone mainly for texting and data, besides it’s only $0.10/min after if you need a few more. Or just use a VoIP app.

  • Xavier_NYC

    2GB for $50? WTF how are they allowed to get away with this kind of sh*t..

    • Arty McBert

      The sad fact that they share a duoply with at&t and people won’t leave them no matter how greedy they are. I can’t wait for a humble company with faster speeds, better coverage and lower, humble prices to come and disrupt the entire mobile and cable industry and steal all of these greedy companys’ customers. One day, one day…

      • Xavier_NYC

        I’m with AT&T and fortunately for me I still have unlimited dated for $30.

        • mcdonsco

          Kind of wish I had that instead of Verizon’s as then at least I can get whatever phone I want like a nexus from time to time.

          But I hear they have been throttling unlimited users for a while?

          • Xavier_NYC

            Only if you go over a certain amount.. Otherwise data speeds are pretty good IMO for day to day use

      • cgalyon

        Best shots at the moment appear to be TMo and Republic. I’m not sure it is possible for a new company to come along and achieve any significant coverage. They have to build off existing infrastructure

        • monkeybutts

          Republic doesn’t count they are an MVNO.

      • mcdonsco

        Practically impossible. The funding needed to achieve the level of coverage of even T-Mobile is massive, no “new company” really can compete on this level.

        Best chance is a company like T-Mobile but the problem there is the more users they get and the more coverage they have the more their prices will climb to meet Verizon and AT&T…T-Mobile has already bumped their prices up as well. When I tried them just a few months ago unlimited everything was $70/month…now its $80.

        I don’t see any resolution to be honest unless a regulatory body can find proof of and do something about data price gauging. Until then, were pretty much screwed.

        As such, I’ll be hanging onto my Verizon unlimited account for as long as Verizon let’s me keep it. But, with all the people that have the attitude of “I pay for it so I can do whatever I want with it” and use it as their home internet racking up hundreds of gigs in usage each month; I’m pretty confident their “I dare you Verizon” attitude will result in Verizon pulling the plug on it sooner than later…which is unfortunate at best. And what’s really pathetic, is the worst that will happen with these people is they will need to get what they should have already, a $30/month home internet service, but for the vast majority of us out there that dont have their attitude and use it 100% mobile only (as intended) we’ll end up having to sacrifice coverage, or like me who cannot do that, have our bills increased by $80-$200/month depending on our usage; entirely due to their selfish and childish mentalities.

        It sucks.

        A bunch of selfish low lifes (who amazingly, vehemently defend themselves too) are going to F it up for the rest of us.

        • Will Jones

          AT&T net income as percent of revenue was 10% on average over the last five years (Apple is around 25%, Google around 20%). 10% does not seem unreasonable. In fact it seems a little low.

          People could use cheaper plans with less data. Of course that means less time sitting around watching movies on the phone and maybe doing something else, like getting a job.

          • mcdonsco

            I use an average of 20gb’s a month almost entirely business use and I’d GUARANTEE I work more hours in a week then you do (average 75-80 hours a week).

          • Lucki

            I don’t think he means people like you. 20GB’s isn’t THAT high, and it could be completely legitimate mobile use. What’s annoying is the people who have 100’s of GB’s because all they do is watch Netflix and torrent.

          • Nathan Borup

            That’s great that you think AT&T is so honorable, except for the fact that AT&T has more Revenue than Google… in fact 2 times as much revenue. 23% of that revenue is Operating Income, and 14% of that is net income. Their net income alone is also double what Google has. With that kind of money they could at least upgrade and offer more competition. Don’t even get me started on Verizon

        • michael arazan

          Or the Government could just Nationalize Verizon into a Utility, that will mess them up good and regulate them

      • CapnShiner

        That simply is not possible without government intervention. Operating a cellular wireless network requires licensing wireless spectrum from the government. All the available spectrum has already been licensed to the existing carriers. The only way a new company can offer such services is as an MVNO, and there already more than enough of those. The fact is, we’re going to be stuck with what we have unless something changes with the existing carriers. Right now, T-Mobile is our best bet for causing fundamental changed within the industry. Sprint could potentially stir things up as well, but they have a long way to go.

        What appeals to customers can be simplified as overall value. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck. The reason why Verizon and AT&T have the most customers is because they are offering what people care about the most. Network reliability and performance, price, and device selection are probably the biggest determining factors in a customer’s purchasing decision, although device selection is less of an issue now than it has been in the past. Sprint and T-Mobile both offer lower prices than Verizon and AT&T but their networks have less coverage, reliability, and performance. T-Mobile has been improving their network lately and when that is combined with their “un-carrier” pricing plans and offer to pay ETFs, it is not hard to see why they are gaining so many customers. We’ll see if Sprint’s new leadership can accomplish the same. Competition is what drives prices down for consumers and it’s been a long time since there was any real competition against Verizon and AT&T. Thanks to T-Mobile, change is in the air. Give it time.

      • michael arazan

        Verizon only got so Big with Soo Much Coverage was because they bought up all the small companies. So I doubt that will ever happen again for a bunch of small companies to pop up everywhere again

    • mcdonsco

      Not defending them, but its their company…they can offer/not offer whatever they want.

    • Vanquishgc

      That’s shared data on multi line plans. When you look at the whole plan structure it makes sense.

    • iamme

      thats the whole plan with minutes and texting…not just the data plan

    • devman

      Since line access is $40 for a Smartphone (the unlimited talk and text), the data is really only $10, which is an improvement at least. This is currently better than AT&T individual plan, hopefully this will elicit a better price from AT&T as well.

  • tomf80

    Not a chance. I’ll stick with my unlimited data until I switch to Republic Wireless.

  • Cant Hear Ya

    Verizon blows.

    • Mike

      Sorry I can’t hear you over my nationwide LTE….

      • needa

        the other two main carrier’s non lte is still faster than verizon.

        • hoosiercub88

          You can’t win any races on EDGE.

        • Mike

          Oh jeez, my 35 Mbps download is so slow compared to T-Mobiles 40Mbps download, what will I ever do?!

          • monkeybutts

            Technically HSPA has potential to be faster. T-mobile chose to continue upgrading it to 42 Mbps down, AT&T stopped at 21 Mbps. Multi-Carrier HSPA can go as high as 672 Mbps, LTE can only reach 300, LTE-A can go much higher than both though.

          • needa

            Att and tmo hspa is all around faster than Verizon. My brother can get 30 and 40 down when driving through Nashville. But everywhere outside of there he is getting 1 to 6. If you are going to vrag about the speeds… Then at least be a bit realistic about what it is for most peeps.

          • Vanquishgc

            So you mean to tell me, somehow, that HSPA+ is faster than LTE. That makes zero sense. Faster than 3g, hell yeah quite a bit. But if the speed test I just now ran on my M8 is any indicaton, 58 mbps blows HSPA out of the damn water. Now that isn’t the high side, yes, but on average, during peak hours in the Harrisburg PA area, I’ll still get around 24 download. That’s very good given the high saturation around here, and much higher than HSPA understeer same circumstances.

      • monkeybutts

        Verizon doesn’t use LTE for calls yet. So no you can’t hear anyone over LTE.

        • jimt

          Maybe skype but LTE is not nationwide, no way.

          • jimt

            I couldn’t even get 3g at Bryce canyon.

        • Mike

          Dang, you got me. Good thing 3G still works fine for calls as well.

          • monkeybutts

            Yeah it’s too bad Verizon can’t make calls and use data at the same time right now. AT&T and T-mobile chose the better 3G technology in HSPA

          • DC_Guy

            Um Verizon CAN do simultaneous voice and data.

          • Prox

            I believe that is only if your phone has a seperate CDMA radio from the LTE radio. As once a call is placed over CDMA the data stops working.

          • Bill Joyce

            Most Android phones can do voice and data on CDMA, but iPhones cannot since they only have one radio. The HTC Thunderbolt could do it when it shipped, it was the first Verizon LTE phone, but also had a new CDMA radio that allowed simultaneous voice and data on CDMA. I know, I had one and tested it. My current phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon, will also do simultaneous voice and data on CDMA.
            Now, how many actually cared? Not many, since iPhone users flocked to Verizon when it became available. Most don’t care or notice they can’t do voice and data at the same time.

          • Vanquishgc

            All Verizon phones have 2 separate radios. An LTE radio and a cellular one. This is why they can multitask.

          • ;P

            Its disabled in almost all devices.

          • vzwuser76

            Actually, no it’s not. Simultaneous voice and data on CDMA is blocked on most phones, but Verizon routes calls over CDMA and data over LTE (CDMA only if LTE isn’t available). So if you’re running an LTE equipped phone, you can do simultaneous voice and data on Verizon.

          • Vanquishgc

            Uhhh what? Lol dude, Verizon has been able to do that for years now. Hell, they ran a big campaign about it even. I love the blind Verizon hate around here….

          • LiterofCola

            Damn, you’re an idiot.

          • moew

            You can do data and voice on Verizon now. Are you living in 2012 still?

          • Dude you need to stop talking when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • MicroNix

      So you can’t hear me because you don’t have Verizon? Pity. You must be on the pink carrier and just went outside of the 30 mile radius that you had good coverage in.

    • Vanquishgc

      Great argument….no wait. It’s not. Hey man, unless you’re going to state a reason and add to the conversation, you’re just trolling.