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1440p Showing Up as a YouTube Quality Option on the LG G3

We are starting to see 1440p as a quality option in YouTube for Android, as long as the video uploader has made their videos available at that resolution. Back in June, the YouTube Android app received an update that first introduced quality settings, but at the time was limited to a max setting of 720p. As June rolled on, users started to see 1080p pop-up, but this is the first time we are seeing 1440p.

As you can imagine, I am only seeing the 1440p option on my LG G3, since it has a display resolution that can actually handle a video with that type of quality. On my Nexus 5 and HTC One (M8), 1080p is the top option.

To access quality settings, start playing a video, tap on it to bring up video options, tap the menu button, then the gear, and finally, choose a video resolution. If you own a phone or tablet with a high enough resolution, you should see 1440p.

Cheers Greg, and @MKBHD for the video to test!
  • thunde

    Seen it 2 days ago on g3 tmobile now its gone?

  • Blaise_90

    I can also see the 1440p option on my galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition (holy god, that name is a mouthful. Dammit samsung!

  • googlyeyedfrog

    ok, so it’s an option when watching youtube, but how many people uploading videos are using cameras that record with that resolution? I feel like you’ll still be mainly watching 1080p videos with that option box checked

  • MrC1122

    Most videos on my G3 show 720p, a few show 1080p. I have yet to find one that shows 1440p, and yes, I do have the latest youtube version.

  • Dsat

    I’m on a stock T-Mobile LG G3 android 4.4.2 I can’t find any YouTube videos at 1440

  • tdurden64111

    Let me know when it comes to Brazzer’s mobile site.

  • taz89

    I’m just going to say it, Google is pathetic when it comes to rolling out stuff. My brothers ipad has had 480p and 1080p supports for months now yet my nexus 7 which is Googles own tablet has support for up to 720p and a stupid 360p. Seriously Google sort you sh*t out cause how is is your own 1080p nexus 7 cannot stream 1080p.

  • joe23521

    Not seeing the 1440p option on my ATT G3. Can someone post a Youtube link where they see it?

  • xzero425x

    Just update: no 2k on my phone 🙁

  • The problem with my G3 is that it has terrible colors and viewing angles though =0(

    • mystikalrush

      You mean natural colors and great viewing angles. Its an IPS display, its 178 degree angle. I used a super amoled phone, its very over saturated eye candy, but at larger viewing angles the colors get very distorted.

  • going hard

    not showing up as an option on my g3, I even removed youtube as a system app and reinstalled on the play store, no difference

  • jerflash

    this is awesome! working on my tmo LG G3 unlocked and running on att. Just search for 4k in youtube and the option for 1440p will be available…it is glorious. Kinda crazy my phone has a better screen then my 60″ samsung in my living room. I think i may have to go for an LG panel next time since i also rock a lg g pad 8.3 and came from an LG Nexus 5! LG wins this year for sure

  • mikehj

    nothing on my at&t g3 i got 5.7.41 youtube

  • Nasty Nate

    Check out my YouTube channel for 4k concert videos!! Nabraham1

  • Tres Waters

    I’ve seen 1440p videos in youtube on my S5 for weeks… I think maybe even over a month now.

  • Tyler

    Still waiting on my nexus 10 with a 2560 x 1600 that YouTube only thinks needs to go to 720p smh.

    • Edward Smith

      VZW thinks I’m a bandwidth hog now, lemme have 1440 and I’ll show them the true power of the Dark Side.

      • flosserelli

        Better enjoy it while you can.

        • Edward Smith

          As a long haul trucker with a few dozen levels of cyberpunk I’ve been unwillingly loyal to VZW because of my very long history with them & of course the data plan.

          Unfortunately every other carrier’s data coverage outside of cities and suburbs is sucky at best so if I’ve wanted any useful data connection VZW has been the only solution.

          As an “old coger” of the computer era I’ve been doing this since pre Trash-80 times. I like Pandora and live off podcasts but real world conditions show that “living in the cloud” doesn’t work without a fat pipe.
          I carry a portable 2TB wifi harddrive for video content and I try to never stream video; even YouTube clips longer than 3 minutes. Sadly this doesn’t stop normal browsing or audio podcasts from building up.

          Luckily most rural areas are flat-ish and its denizens not too tech savvy. I found a company that sells high gain wifi antennas (omni & directional) and high power routers so I’m building a VPN repeater box that’ll let me use open wifi from absurd distances.

    • Kevin

      Same here on the Nexus 10. Only goes to 720p. I’m on stock 4.4.4

  • SolarTrans

    Guys I have done extensive testing on numerous Android devices, and these are my results:
    -Android 4.4.3-4.4.4 DOES NOT have 1080/480p YouTube, regardless of the phone (G3 may be an exception).
    Android 4.4.2 and L DO have 1080/480p on all devices with a 1080p screen.

    I’ve tried this on a OnePlus One, HTC M8 GPE and Sense, Nexus 5, and Sony Z Ultra.

    For whatever reason, regardless of what device you have, the YouTube app DOES NOT SUPPORT 1080/480p if you’re on 4.4.3/4.4.4, regardless of what phone you have (again, haven’t tested the G3, this may be different. I have one coming in the mail and I’ll try it when it arrives)?

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see high Rea videos besides the ones that I recorded

  • Jason Evans

    Not seeing the 1440p option for my At&t flavored LG G3 either. Wondering if you could compile a short list of videos you’ve found.

  • Lando Calrissian

    I’m still capped at 720p on my QHD Find 7

    • siddude11

      It is server side, so maybe they will add other devices. IDK.

  • Guest

    I’m still capped at 720p on my QHD Find 7 🙁

  • Big EZ

    I have a hard enough time watching 480p on YouTube. Their videos constantly buffer in the app. I had an older apk that didn’t have this problem, but it didn’t work well on the G3.

  • Chris Hannan

    I see the option on my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

  • teebone

    The problem with the G3 is it can’t handle those 1440P videos. I took my G3 back cause it lagged too much while trying to play those videos so it won’t matter. I’m waiting for the Note 4 to come out..guarantee you that won’t have a problem playing those vids 🙂

    • PoisonApple31

      No problems with it here.

    • guest

      Stop bashing just to bash….your just sounding dumb

      • teebone

        I’m not bashing it’s the facts with the device I had. In my experience the GS5 is the superior device in the time I’ve had both phones!

    • Bryan Mills

      As if the Note 4 is going to change anything? Obvious troll is obvious.

      • teebone

        You want to bet mang…qhd super amoled is going to rule as the tab s’s super amoled qhd screens do now 🙂

        • HarvesterX

          Enjoy your organic phosphors. I recommend downloading and running an anti burn in app off the Play Store once or twice a month. The G3 by the way has enough power to manage that kind of fill rate. Don’t make me go technical as in don’t feel like typing much lol, but there are other factors besides GPU frequency and RAM to consider.

          Enjoy your TouchWiz 4 🙂 I’d take the G3 any day but that’s me. I don’t care if you prefer it once it’s released. I’m sure that there’s more to being a troll than just preferring one device to another despite whatever reasoning, but being as it’s not even released yet it’s best not to overhype a product before it even sees daylight

          • teebone

            Well bub I had the G3 for almost a week and I have super fast 4G LTE with Verizon. I’m talking never below 50mbps download speeds where I live and the G3 couldn’t keep up when trying to play the QHD content. The LG is laggy compared to my GS5 with overall speeds in general.. and that’s including connectivity. I’m thinking the Note 4 won’t have any issues with lag. IMO!!

          • Bryan Mills

            The speed of the device has nothing to do with loading videos…..this guy is trolling or has a mental handicap.

          • teebone

            You wanna bet??? It’s everything, the device the network…you name it! !

          • Jon

            Huh? What QHD content were you trying to load? There isn’t much out there. And your streaming QHD content or running it natively??? Cause streaming QHD I can see lots of buffering occurring.

            The G3 is very fast and snappy particularly in the media department in my experience. A far better experience than the Note 3 I just came from.

          • teebone

            Just youtube videos at high quality. It seemed fine at first. It could have been my phone or whoever downloaded the video on YouTube. hard telling

          • Jon

            Yeah…that’s not the G3. Even old phones can handle youtube just fine. Your probably having internet connectivity issues with slow speeds and such. YouTube in particular looks beautiful and smooth on my phone. No problems with plenty of other certain internet videos either

      • supraman21

        How is he trolling? I just switched over to T-Mobile and got the G3. This phone really is laggy. Its fact

        • Jon

          I’ve had no lag problems at all on the G3. I’m using the Google Now Launcher and a crap load of other apps daily.

          That being said, enabling developer options and then switching from Dalvik to ART compiler in the settings supposedly does wonders for those that feel the phone laggy.

        • Swankieltd

          No lag here.

        • MrC1122

          You must be one of the unfortunate few, or maybe it’s T-MO. I have not seen anything remotely resembling lagg. G3 on VZW. This is the device that was in mind for “smooth as butter”.

    • Alexander Z Great

      Mine is handling it just fine.

    • mystikalrush

      I’ve played multiple 1440p videos, on storage and streamed, videos wont lag this phone at all, its a cake walk for any phone. Gaming is the most intensive work load you can put on a phone.

  • teebone

    Well I’m looking forward to the best smart phone maker on the planet (SAMSUNG) making their Note 4 with its qhd super amoled display. That’s going to blow the doors off of every other phone maker. The GS5 already has the best display I’ve seen and the new Galaxy Tab S has the best screen/tablet period!!! 2K or Qhd superamoled FTW!!!!!! I can’t wait for September 3rd!!!!!!!

    • guest

      Qhd you might be let down unless you mean Quad HD Display….

      I think this is Richard again lol

      • PoisonApple31

        He has a capital Q in his comment, so he means Quad HD, if it was lowercase then it’d be Quarter HD.

      • No monkey balls here, I think your theory is incorrect.

        • Rich

          You jumped ship to pocketnow?

          • Yes, although “jumped ship” sounds harsh to me. I still (and always will, likely) love DL.

      • teebone

        Yes quad HD is called qhd my man. At least thats how they’re naming it

        • PoisonApple31

          capital Q is quad, lowercase q is quarter!

          • teebone

            Sorry meant QHD cause yes qHD is way less pixels lol

          • PoisonApple31

            I know what you meant! Just trying to help out.

          • teebone

            I don’t care what anyone say about you..you’re ok lol

      • Chris Hannan

        QHD and qHD are two different things, just like Mb is not the same as MB.

      • Tres Waters

        QHD is synonymous with Quad HD (4x 720) and what most people consider 2k resolution.

    • Mike

      I hope you’re right. I’m looking forward to the Note 4 as well. I just hope they minimize the bezels. The form factor of the Note 3 is alright, but I really like the form factor of the g3. So anything they can do to make it have a better form factor, but look nothing like the S5 would be good with me.

    • HarvesterX

      OK lol I stand by defending you here since that’s your opinion no matter how hard I just laughed after reading that they are the best, but that’s your opinion 🙂

  • Guest

    Verizon Loves this so you can burn through your data even faster lol.

  • Got it on my G3 🙂

  • Sir Wilhelm

    LG G3 on Verizon. Not seeing the option on any videos so far.

    • james

      me either….

    • PoisonApple31

      I have seen the option on MKBHD videos and Nine Inch Nails has a 4K March of the Pigs video which can be seen in 1440p.

      • Sir Wilhelm

        Nothing for me on either of those. Verizon strikes again…

        • PoisonApple31

          I have a Verizon G3.

        • Alexander Z Great

          You have the latest YouTube version? It’s working for me on Verizon.

          • Sir Wilhelm


        • VZW SUX

          Don’t worry, Verizon will be offering a paid version for YouTube so you can pay Verizon to stream only YouTube in HD.

    • Matthew Winters

      Same issue with mine as well.

  • Tony Byatt

    I’m still waiting on 1080p on my Nexus 5…

    • Richard Yarrell

      Nexus 5 sucks monkey balls period.

      • siddude11

        Just like your picture.

        • AssSmacker

          Epic! 😀

        • Bill Bixby

          That’s his picture? Thought that was a joke picture of a testicle

  • dannyWHITE

    I’m going MKBHD videos and I don’t see that 1440 option. Only 1080.

    • JMonkeYJ

      According to the article, you can only see more than 1080p if your device supports it. Are you using a device with greater than 1080p resolution?

      • Jon

        I have the G3 and am not seeing higher than 1080p on MKBHD videos. MKBHD does do all his videos in 4K now. But I have noticed that 1080p videos look amazing on the G3.

  • coh303

    Game changer!

  • Kyle Cordiano

    If I don’t have that screen resolution, I do not care.

    • vwbeetlvr

      We don’t care that you don’t care. That’s like saying you don’t have an android so you don’t care.

      • Bryan Mills

        But you cared enough to comment. Amirite?

        • hawkeyesforever

          Should be telling that to the original poster right?

          • Timothy McGovern

            Both. Right?

      • Kyle Cordiano

        You don’t care that I care. You actually took the time out of your day to reply that message to me. What are you, a 15 year old pre teen?

  • Jason Kahn

    I cannot see 1080P no matter what video plays I don’t understand how it appears everyone else does? I’m on a Nexus 5 I don’t even have 480P option. Should I uninstall all the updates and try updating again?

    • Tony Byatt

      The best I’ve gotten is 720p on my Nexus 5…

      • krazyfrog

        720p is as far as my Nexus 5 will go but I’ve seen 1080p on several other Android phones. Rather sad that Google’s own software on Google’s own phone can’t detect the resolution correctly.

  • Bryan Mills

    It’s nice, but until youtube stops compressing the videos to helll, it makes no difference.

    • PoisonApple31

      Here come the up votes from the Nexus 5 owners… lol