YouTube, Android Device Manager, and Google+ Receive Minor Updates

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Over the last couple of days, Google issued¬†updates to YouTube, Android Device Manager, and Google+. In tow with the new versions are little more than minor usability improvements and minor stylistic enhancements. Complete design transformations are probably a ways off – closer to Android L’s finalization, most likely – and there aren’t any overt signs that certain highly anticipated features are nearing the implementation stage. Still, we’ll take what we can get.

The Google+ update (version 4.5) is the most significant out of the bunch, which isn’t saying much. The most noticeable changes have been made to profile pages – user headshots are now awkwardly off-centered, consistently circular, and parallel with posts underneath. Most of the other design tweaks are exceptionally minor.¬†Performance has also been improved across the board.

YouTube gained a new menu in version 5.9 – tapping on the three dots next to playlists will bring up options to save or share. Another tweak is more logical iconography – a “plus” icon has replaced the “like” icon for adding videos to playlists. A final playlist-related change: the “Show More” button in the slide-out navigation bar has been replaced with “View All,” a shortcut to the playlist tab.

Android Device Manager gained a useful feature. Should you ever need to remotely lock your device, you can now add a phone number for whoever comes into possession of it to automatically dial.

Eager to see the meager tweaks for yourself? Rest assured, a staged rollout of the updates is ongoing.

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