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Beats Music v1.2.0 Update Adds Verified Badges, Sentence History, and More

Beats Music (anyone using it?) received an update today with four new features that the Beats crew said you asked for. The goodies include a Tune Your Taste options for switching up the “Just For You” recommendations. Sentence History has also been added, so that you can view your most recently played songs from The Sentence. Finally, Beats Music now has verified badges (to show how “legit” someone is) and improvements to the app that should fix a bunch of bugs.

The update is live, so go grab it. 

  • Tune Your Taste — Want to switch up your Just For You recommendations? Change your favorite genres and artists with the Tune Your Taste feature in Settings
  • Sentence History — View your most recently played songs from The Sentence
  • Verified Badges — That red check mark means the profile is certified as legit by Beats
  • Player Improvements — We fixed a ton of bugs causing the app to crash or stall

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  • paul_cus

    This is a really good service. No doubt the hate comes from people who have never used it.

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    Samsung’s Milk Music App may be better..or Songza,SoundCloud, Spotify..

  • frankyblike

    Who on earth would pay for this?

    • Adam


      • Christian Trevor Clauss


  • Shawn Spring

    The resounding crescendo of…..no one caring. 🙁