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RIP Nokia X Running Android

Along with the news of major layoffs at Nokia, Microsoft has stated that there will be no more intermingling between the Nokia X lineup of devices and Google’s Android. Going forward, the Nokia X lineup will be Lumia devices, set to run Windows.

While it was almost encouraging to see Nokia working with Android, Microsoft has laid down the law.  

It was only a few weeks ago when Nokia announced the Nokia X2, further implying that the company was ready to invest heavily to the Android OS. Unfortunately, that device will cease to exist as we know it.

Frankly, I think we all should have seen this coming. While most Android fans shouldn’t exactly care, given that the Nokia X was nothing special to begin with for most American consumers, Microsoft has made it clear they still believe in their own mobile OS.

As of March 2014, Windows holds 3.3% of the US smartphone market share. Android holds 52.2%.

Via: re/code
  • that is really nice Nokia Smartphone in terms of design but we should also take a look on its specifications.

  • Jonathan Lim

    Good bye Nokia. N78 with symbian was my first ever smartphone and it could do a lot of stuffs which the 1st IPhone could not. Then came 5800 which was one of the best phone I owned before I switched to Android on a HTC. I gave Nokia and WP8 a chance and bought Lumia 525 and to my dismay, it felt as my hands were tied where I could not do things like setting static IP on a network or accessing shared folder. Exactly after 7 months I bought the 525, sold it off and got myself a Redmi 1S by XiaoMi which currently a big thing in Asia right now. It’s got a front facing cam, flash, and spec that could trash 525 to OBLIVION and it is cheaper!. So long Nokia you will be missed.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    I honestly did not know about this, google should have bought Nokia and ms should have bought moto. Besides the 360, moto aint pretty and Nokia made some good looking tech.

  • SomeDooD

    RIP Nokia

  • mildmanneredjanitor

    Nokia x = smokescreen for Elop Trojan.
    Mission accomplished, now surplus to requirements.

  • FarmerTechno

    TL;DR version: Nokia hates money.

  • Randy Lee Martin

    I don’t blame Microsoft….”you can’t serve 2 masters.” You have to show that you believe in your own product without relying on someone else’s. It would be like Apple having an Android phone along with their IOS…most people would look at that as desperation.

    • John Motschenbacher

      Does HTC still make any Winblows phones?

      • Ryan

        I don’t think so currently. Right now I believe only Nokia make Windows Phones at the current time.

        • John Motschenbacher

          Oh ok

      • vzwuser76

        IIRC both HTC and Samsung have WP devices in the pipe, along with a few others like Lenovo and Acer. Every time it looks like they’re going to stop, they release another device. The only issue this time is now they’re competing with MS while using MS’s OS. That was the problem Google ran into with Motorola. MS will appear to show favoritism towards Nokia, just like everyone assumed would happen with Motorola and Google.

  • JLIT99

    Burning Platform mk.II

  • Colts5609

    Good riddens. Sucks for the thousands that got laid off, but I will be glad to see my least favorite phone of all time fade off into obscurity. Adios!

    • Christian Naylor


  • Shadowstare

    Android w/o any Google services isn’t really Android. This phone was going to be DOA regardless. Microsoft dogged another failure pulling the plug now.

    • vzwuser76

      Correction, it isn’t really Google’s Android. What MS and Amazon did was the whole point of AOSP, to take an open source OS and set it up how you want to. Google’s Android isn’t open source, you can’t change it beyond a certain point and still have access to Google’s services and the Playstore. AOSP android doesn’t come with Google’s services or the Playstore. AOSP is TRUE Android, all other versions are modified versions of it, including Google’s.

      Why tout open source and then turn around and decry that only one version is real Android? That’s the whole point of open source, take AOSP and build it out how you want to. I’m not saying I like or would even use MS or Amazon’s version of Android, but I’m not going to say they’re not true Android either.

      • Mickey A Valentine

        Well, the first droid had google service.. So..

        Your right on a code front but he’s right on the “Vanilla” front, which I believe (and hope) he ment haha.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Not denying anything you said, but if you installed a pure aosp rom with just the play store, the experience is very similar to the software shipped on a Nexus device. Launcher3 is essentially GNL without google now, and everything else is pretty much the same. you’re just getting the play store to install apps and some gapps if you want.

  • Droid Ronin

    Not too surprising since Google did this with Motorola two years ago after purchasing them.

  • M3tr1c

    So much for running android on what my opinion was one of the best looking phones out there. Really loved the colors.

  • lgreg64

    This is the best thing they could do. The Nokia x was not a good Android or Windows device.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Android” devices. Might as well go get yourself the Amazon phone.

    • John

      Ha! Already forgotten about the firephone.

  • JSo

    It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if they would have made a better looking OS. That thing was fugly.

  • schoat333

    And that’s why they are laying off 18,000 employees. Who is advising MS to make these terrible decisions?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      12,500 of those employees are from the Nokia purchase

  • Ryan N

    Nokia knows it’s in a bad relationship with Microsoft. While it’s hard for Nokia to stay with Microsoft, it’s even harder to leave… Nokia really just wants to be with Android…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      There is no Nokia, there’s just Microsoft.

      • Ryan N

        Sadly, one of the biggest fails of an acquisition this year.

      • TC Infantino

        There is no Dana, there is only Zuul!

        • vzwuser76

          What a lovely singing voice you must have.

    • Daistaar

      I heard Microsoft beats Nokia and at night the neighbors call the police because of the screaming. Poor Nokia comes to the door with a black eye and smiles and says everything is okay and closes the door only to repeat it the next day.

  • *sigh** That’s disappointing… well, we knew it’d end up this way.

  • velocipedes

    RIP Microsoft.

    • Bryan Mills

      U wot m8

    • DanSan

      the amount of money they make from EA’s and licensing services is enought to keep their pockets full for the rest of time. this phone platform is just side cash for them to spend on hookers and beer without the wife finding out.

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      attention turned back to my nexus, Nokia had my attention for a bit there.

    • Colts5609

      MS is far from dead, but they had better hit a home run with Windows 9.

      • Robert Paulson

        What we wanted was Windows 7.1, what we got was Windows Vista.1

        They did it to themselves on the OS front.

      • Mickey A Valentine

        They’ll end up like encom on tron legacy.

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