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Amazon Instant Video App may Finally Come to Android, Release “Imminent”

In comparison to other platforms, Android has a lot of apps – over 1 million, in fact – but the catalog is far from complete. A few high-profile omissions have made the parity gap painfully perceptible, small as it is. However, according to one report, partial assuagement may be just around the corner. Amazon Marketing Director Russell Morris reportedly told PC Advisor that Amazon Instant Video, a long-awaited app, is due for “imminent” arrival on Android.

Amazon has thus far been reluctant to release an Amazon Instant Video app on Android for fear of cannibalizing sales of its Fire line of tablets. The move, should it come to pass, would be an unprecedented reversal for a company which has largely tried to segregate its ecosystem and fork of Android, Fire OS, from Google’s offerings. The change, much like Microsoft’s decision to release a version of Office for Android, could be tacit acknowledgement that the Android platform represents an untapped potential source of revenue.

Don’t hold your breath for an Amazon Instant Video app just yet – the report is unconfirmed. Still, it should give some hope to Prime subscribers who’ve been waiting to watch movies and TV shows on their Android devices for years.

Via: PC Advisor
  • Izzath

    I’m a professional Software Engineer (10+ years experience on numerous platforms including iOS and Android) and my opinion on the subject follows:
    The only reason that there is no (generic) Android app for Amazon Prime Video is because they don’t want you to have one, they want you to buy their hardware.
    Technically, there already is an Android app for APV, the Kindle line of devices are all Android based and they have the app built in.
    There is also a Google TV Android app available for Amazon Prime on the Play Store.
    If the Amazon dev team(s) are really working on a generic “Android” version, they are all either very stupid or very lazy (or both).
    The more likely scenario is that Amazon is just lying about an “Android” version being worked on.
    Give me all of the Google TV app assets and I’ll have a generic Android APV app done in a month….in my spare time…..with one hand tied behind my back…..and drunk!
    Seriously, there is NO reason this should not be done already, if they wanted it to happen.

  • AmazonLoyaltyFaultering

    I called Amazon customer supoort in March before my Prime renewal was due; they told me they are ‘working feverishly’ on an Android version of Instant Video. (It is, after all, supported on EVERY OTHER *#_% PLATFORM. When Amazon introduced their phone, I called again, to let them know A LOT OF ANDROID USERS are now even more pissed off.
    I believe they will introduce something….. how it will be handicapped we’ll just have to wait and see. As many of you have poted, I’m not buying ANY permanent movies or shows from Amazon until they have fully committed support to Android.
    MESSAGE TO AMAZON: Screw your Android customers again and observe the ‘huge sucking sound’ of you’ll hear them leaving you…. It’s just wrong what you’ve done; time to make it right.

  • Steve Gager
  • Jimbo913

    I’m skeptical. I think this will be for the Fire Phone. I don’t see why they would change their (shortsighted) strategy at the same time they gear up to launch a new Fire device.

  • Andrew

    Shame on you guys for running ads with Trojans!

  • Wendy Wooding

    They should release it to android jerked I have prime I love it but they need to release to droid

  • MaureenTheTemp

    I have refused to buy Primr for years for just this reason: no Android app. Every time I had an opportunity I said no Prime for Android, no Prime. I will gladly give them my 100 or whatever it is the DAY the app goes up on Play.

  • BarackObama

    No way in hell I am buying a Kindle.

    But my nanny has Prime so she can ship groceries to her free. I buy amazon, but not enough to buy prime.. being able to watch kids movies would make me more likely to cough up 9 bux a month for prime.

  • verZion

    I have an iPad for Amazon video and corporate email. this would put a nail in the coffin for the iPad in terms of personal use. I wish it wasn’t ios and blackberry for corporate email.

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  • Raven65

    I have an Android tablet. I have NO need/desire for a Kindle Fire tablet and I will NEVER buy one. I have an XBox… and therefore have NO need for any other streaming box from Amazon or anyone else and will NEVER buy one. I am a LONGtime Amazon customer and a current Prime subscriber – and I will NOT be renewing that if they don’t release this app. SOON. I am not alone, Amazon. Do you want our money or not?

  • krudl3rx

    Even if they excluded Prime content to keep their Fire products as a viable product, I still don’t understand why Amazon doesn’t allow me to watch my purchased content on Android. This has made me stop buying content with them – I just don’t get it. They lose money on the hardware, right? They hardly lock you in to their hardware, with their apps being available on every other platform…

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  • Gideon Waxfarb

    I tried Google Play Movies the other day as a possible alternative. Once I realized it wouldn’t auto resume (even on the same device), I dismissed that option rather quickly. Amazon Video can’t come soon enough!

    • Jason Kahn

      Something is wrong auto resume works on my nexus 5 unfortunately it doesn’t work when switching to a PC using chrome. It does work if you use Firefox though which is weird I admit

    • Seems like you’re doing something wrong. I’ve got auto resume on my Nexus 7.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        IDK, I tried it on both a PC and a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. No luck with either.

  • Sanjay kumar negi
  • CapnShiner

    What if they make the Amazon Prime Instant Video app only available through the Amazon app store? How lame would that be? Once they release the app, I wonder if they will provide some excuse for it taking this long.

  • kwright

    I sure hope this is true because if they don’t come out with an android app I will not be renewing my prime membership. If I could cancel now I would.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    For what Amazon “cannibalizes” with their Fire sales, they will make up with everyone else using the service on their Android device bringing in more Prime subscribers

  • Clintro

    It’s about darn time!

  • dizel123

    Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and file this under “I’ll believe it when I see it”

  • Victor Who


  • Thank. God.

  • One Meat Ball

    This article was worthless.

  • The selection on there is so good with teh inclusion of the HBO content. I love it on my HDX and my ipad.

  • RiceCake

    Yay one more app to come preinstalled on phones! So excited…..

  • markgbe

    this would make me buy more things from amazon, like video… so they are stupid not to do this.

    • j2000pro

      Agreed. I’ve stopped purchasing or renting from amazon because of the lack of an android app. Used to be my first choice.

  • Nw_adventure

    Lots of what used to be free prime content are now only pay options. Glad they charge another $20 a year for this almost useless feature set.

    • Brian Lippman

      They probably do similar deals to Netflix, where they get content to stream for free for a certain amount of time and then if they don’t make a new deal it goes away. It’s a little less noticeable on Netflix because they don’t have an option to purchase individual content like Amazon.

  • Prime7

    Once this comes out, I’ll celebrate by watching The Wire.

    Until then, I’ll still watch The Wire, but with another device (PS4, most likely).

    Watch The Wire.

    • Brian Lippman

      They need to release the damn HBO GO PS4 app first.

      • gambit07

        Amazon secured a deal with HBO to carry all of their series from something like 4 years and back, so you can use it to watch the wire right now

  • Chris

    Cue the choir! Hallelujah…..yes, you can get similar content on Netflix and others, but Amazon has far far less buffering issues, and that free two day shipping on top of the prime music……oh let this be true……

    • DoctorJB

      Don’t forget 50% discount for students!

  • Jon

    I hear this may only be available in the UK.

  • coolsilver

    They might get my money come next year.

  • Tony Byatt

    An app would be big…

    Chromecast capability would be bigger…

  • DoctorJB

    I can’t wait, I’m on Amazon Student (thanks to having a .edu) and the only thing missing was streaming to my phone.

  • EC8CH

    Not so much watch Amazon instant video on my android device, but chromecast it from my android device to avoid the crappy amazon instant video UI’s built into all my TV’s and bluray players.

    Once you chromecast anything else feels like torture.

    • Nw_adventure

      Yep I am now casting the entire xfinity app catalog – amen !

  • EC8CH


    • DemLyrics

      Is this just fantasy.

      • William_Morris

        C-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

  • This would do more to benefit Amazon than keeping it exclusive to the Kindle. People buy services to use on their devices much more than they buy devices to use on their services. I doubt this move will cost them much in Kindle Fire sales but it will surely earn them more in extra Amazon Prime subscriptions.

    • Completely Agree. I tried a Kindle Fire when they were first released. It didn’t fit my needs and I soon switched over to a Nexus 7. Since Amazon doesn’t have their Instant Video app available on other Android devices, I don’t buy any Amazon streaming content. And as a Prime subscriber, I can’t access any Amazon Video content on any of my devices unless I am sitting in front of my TV. It is just easier to buy content through Google Play where I can watch it on any of my devices wherever I am. My Prime subscription is up in a month and I am considering dropping it due to the price increase and lack of an Android Instant Video app. If they came out with an Android app I would consider staying.

  • Brian Lippman

    I mean, technically it already *is* on Android since it comes on the Fire tablets, although i’m not sure if taking that apk and putting it on a Google Android device works. Regardless, it’s good Amazon is finally releasing it wider, but the fact it took so long is puzzling. I don’t feel like “Amazon has thus far been reluctant to release an Amazon Instant Video app on Android for fear of cannibalizing sales of its Fire line of tablets.” is the reason. I mean, every other Amazon app is freely available to Android users *except* that one. If Amazon wanted to push their Fire tablets that much, I feel like they would have taken all of their apps, except for the shopping one, off of Google Play and kept them “exclusive” to Fire, but the fact that it’s been one app they’ve kept off of it makes it seem like there’s something else going on.

  • inklenotrump


    • antwonw

      Dream on. There is no way they’d support Chromecast natively. Not with their Fire TV line.

      • inklenotrump

        Is Amazon Instant video not available on Roku or Apple TV? (I honestly don’t know or have time to Google) If yes it’d seem silly not to get the fee income..

        • nextstepbasketball

          Amazon instant video is available on Roku. Has been since I bought my first Roku in 2007.

        • hfoster52

          Its also supported by some bluray players. My Samsung has it.

        • sk102704

          It’s also on my ps3.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          It’s on Roku, but not on Apple TV. (I think it’s possible if you jailbreak, but not sure.)

        • Smeckle

          It is also on LG smart TVs (or at least mine).

      • Macalee Harlis Jr.

        Wont have to. With the screen mirroring update to chromecast, you will be able to stream regardless of if they support it or not

        • Cory S

          That is easy enough to block. It is also not nearly as high quality as a native chromecast solution.

          • Macalee Harlis Jr.

            If its easy enough to block then more than likely it is easy enough to unblock. Im sure there will be some development team or person that will find a hack. And although it is probably for this very same reason they have taken so long to release an android app (the fear of hacking), bringing a half baked android app that doesnt do things its other competitors do, will be the real reason the hack is done.

          • trixnkix637

            You do know how quickly Google patches the Chromecast right? And it updates automatically, so there’s no real stopping it from getting the patch. I wouldn’t so quickly assume it would be easy to unblock.

          • Macalee Harlis Jr.

            Not sure if you understood what I was saying. I have been referring to the unblock on the app from amazon. It would seem in my eyes that google would have to face some real pressure from amazon to quickly find and block whatever work around has been implemented for amazons own app. You could be right however, I still stick by my original point.

          • trixnkix637

            I think both of our points are valid. Which sucks for us the consumer because companies refuse to maximize profits by working together.

          • Cory S

            Not always true. For example we are talking about Amazon Instant Video…the app that has been “blocked” from any android device other than a Fire for years now.

          • j

            It’s also easy enough to unblock

      • niuguy

        I don’t know about that. Like Google Amazon doesn’t really make much money from hardware. They have an interest in making rental and subscription services as available as possible.

    • moelsen8

      Yeah well be complaining about that for years into the future now..

      • Lorna – Kevin


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        • Alex

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          • Nick

            Half-sister, half-slut?

          • mmark27

            oh no, she’s full-slut

          • Alekos

            never go *full*-slut.

      • JRomeo

        at least you could mirror your phone to the chromecast and watch it that way.

    • JRomeo

      a welcome addition. if there is a delay on chromecast functionality, we will have to resort to mirroring our phones to the chromecast while watching an amazon prime video.

  • hockeytownmatt

    It IS on my Sony GSZ Google Tv…never understood if they went that far why they wouldn’t put it on all android. It is still content they are delivering to create revenue.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio
    • I know right?! FINALLY. 😀 As somebody who purchases a lot of Amazon Instant Video content in addition to using Prime, this is HUGE news.

      • JRomeo

        why not purchase the same tv shows and movies on the play store? its much easier to cast it to your chromecast that way.

      • amb

        Seriously. I have a roku box with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. I honestly use Amazon Video way more than netflix; netflix is, admittedly, better for movies but amazon prime blows netflix away in television shows. Being able to see last season of current shows or being able to buy current episodes for $1 or $2 per episode is awesome- I am a cord cutter so it helps.

  • Inquizitor

    Would love it, but honestly would probably rarely use it, as Amazon doesn’t have any content I can’t get from Netflix, HBO Go, or Showtime Anytime.

    • MrMLK

      But perhaps if they released it, you could drop Netflix, HBO Go, or Showtime Anytime.

      • Po

        That’d be a while. Their current video line up isn’t that big.

      • Inquizitor

        Why? All those other services have BETTER libraries, better apps, better interfaces, and the first two even have Chromecast support (which Amazon will very likely not have)! Amazon’s Prime library is absolutely pisspoor.

        • MrMLK

          Better is a relative term. We dropped Netflix because Amazon had most of the same TV shows we wanted and a good enough supply of free movies for the occasional time we wanted to watch one. And it was free. For us, Amazon Prime was better. YMMV

          Personally, I think all of their libraries are pretty bad.

          Why are you so sure Amazon will not have Chromecast support? And besides, isn’t it eventually going to be an Android wide thing to mirror your screen?

    • mxc

      Amazon has Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. You can’t even get that on DVD anymore.

      • Inquizitor

        *Amazon doesn’t have any content I want that I can’t get from Netflix, etc.

  • Daniel Walsh

    This better be true.

  • Finire

    It’s about time to see some evolution on this front. It’d be nice to have it on my tablet and wherever I am. For now I just stream it on my Xbox One.