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Google’s Project Zero Looks to Make the Whole Internet Safer, Not Just Their Products

We know Google has high hopes for the Internet. They want it to be a wonderful destination, where everyone can feel safe while browsing the millions upon millions of sites out there, purchasing goods, sharing information, and connecting with people from around the world.

Unfortunately, the tech-savvy world we live in is quite dangerous, with cyber attacks, bugs, unauthorized monitoring or communications, and the list goes on. Google has taken a lot of steps, while also investing a lot of money into making their own products secure for all users, but the company is now turning its focus to the Internet as a whole. 

Google has announced Project Zero, a group of specially-tasked security researchers who will hunt bugs, track attacks, and begin to report anything they find that could leave people at risk.

Google’s team can explain their goal much more easily than I can, so here is a snippet from their introductory blog post.

You should be able to use the web without fear that a criminal or state-sponsored actor is exploiting software bugs to infect your computer, steal secrets or monitor your communications. Yet in sophisticated attacks, we see the use of “zero-day” vulnerabilities to target, for example, human rights activists or to conduct industrial espionage. This needs to stop. We think more can be done to tackle this problem.

Project Zero is our contribution, to start the ball rolling. Our objective is to significantly reduce the number of people harmed by targeted attacks. We’re hiring the best practically-minded security researchers and contributing 100% of their time toward improving security across the Internet.

Google goes on to state that there are no particular bounds for Project Zero. Using the data their researchers accumulate, they will work with vendors to fix dangerous bugs, while also study the techniques, targets, and motivations of would-be cyber attackers.

If you are interested in following Google’s work with Project Zero, you can sub to their blog here.

Via: Project Zero
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  • Shawn John

    Google PSA: Yeah We can the make the interwebs safer for you to browse, just give us all your personal info so we can increase our advertising verticals bottom dollar and well create a crack team to ensure only us are targeting you for your information. We want to make the internet safer, but you must help us monopolize it.

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  • Kerb

    I hope this means pornography and junk alike! Would love to see a internet free from that as well, so my kids can be safe from pictures and predictors!!!!

    • Kayungjoo

      Uhm you should kill yourself. How about you stop trying to regulate what goes on the internet and regulate instead what your kids access? Blaming the internet for having inappropriate content is basically walking up an down the street yelling at people that don’t dress the way you do. Yeah they’re different, but have you ever thought that they don’t like what you wear also?

    • predictor

      You want your children safe from people who predict?

      • ryguy1860

        I knew you’d say that…I told myself YOU were going to say that!!!!

    • Richard Wolff

      There is something majorly wrong with you if you think removing porn and censoring people is a good idea, or beneficial to anyone.

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  • Evan Schulz

    What a joke. Grow a pair droid life.

  • elemeno

    What? No 20% time?

  • Fer

    Google and internet safety, no still don’t match

  • jak_341

    So…one of the bigger offenders of data storage leaking and selling your data is concerned with Internet vulnerabilities? I’m sure the NSA will love to see how they are addressing these vulnerabilities.

  • TC Infantino

    And…..shortly after the team started to find and plug the insecurities, they all disappeared. The NSA has refused to comment.

  • antinorm

    I wonder how much the NSA will “ask” Google to “cooperate” with them on this.

    • yvonnerchandler

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    • jordanchernandez

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    • SS

      Yep. Google is evil. F ’em.

      I always use alternative ROM and do not install any Google apps.

      • ipowyourface

        Why even bother with an android phone then?

  • Omar Amer

    this is kind of a very large under taking. even for google.

    • velocipedes

      I think the advancement of AI will contribute greatly to the security of the internet. An AI that lives in the internet can act as a sort of watchdog…keeping humans from abusing each other.

      • ryguy1860

        Sorry, President’s Bush and Obama have proven that AI doesn’t increase security.

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    Really happy to see Google caring about the internet as a whole. Not just for there users but for everyone

    • HinderignInnovation

      Still would like to know why Google made all searches mandatory “Safe Search” with no way of turning it off. People should have a choice, not a Google Nanny. If parents and Puritans didn’t like it they could always change it themselves, and lock it.

      This has hindered finding accurate searches by blocking any words that could be labeled as adult themed, and not only for porn, but real researching on all subject matter, this has hindered innovation of internet searches.

      • Tyrian

        You are hindering the formation of sentences with your run-on.

    • Shawn John

      Of Course they care about it, a large portion of their wealth comes from advertising verticals, if people are paranoid about making transactions online and clicking ads, it hurts their bottom dollar, Sooooo to keep the dollars moving, they HAVE TO ENSURE their playing field is safe for everyone to contribute their cash. Don’t think for a minute their just interested in making it safe. It’s their money machine, it would be in their best interest to ensure safety.