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This Week in the Life of DROID: 7/11/2014

This week has finally come to a close, with plenty of good stuff taking place over the last five days. For starters, we published our full G Watch review (we put up our Gear Live review last week), went hands-on with the AT&T LG G3, and threw up a ton of Android Wear quick tips for all of you new smartwatch owners out there.

As for other top Android news, Tinder is now on Android Wear (oh yeah, baby), Google removed a few GPE devices from Google Play, Verizon finally gave us pricing and availability for the G3, and there is now an LG G3 “Prime” model headed to Korea.

Here are the highlights from this week if you missed anything.

Have an awesome weekend, folks!

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  • Chester

    Monsters Ate My Android!
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    What the f*ck, Droid Life?

  • chris_johns

    dafuk…is that

  • martyjones100

    Buy the G3 or wait (til September?) for note 4?

    • Suicide_Note

      Wait until late October/early November for the Nexus 6.

  • boredatwork

    Im working saturdays now.. i need my DL fix

  • flosserelli

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  • Rajput Rana

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  • Trevor

    I poo a little every time I see that Android guy.

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  • Shaunwin

    I would love to have that Toothy! DBY

    • raddacle

      Really? Its making me nauseous

  • Lucky Armpit

    All I want to know is, where can I get that totally AWESOME Andy with the big teeth?!

    • TopXKiller

      he stole it from a little kid

    • Trevor

      I want to know, too. I figured it was part of one of the many Android figure sets, but a Google image search resulted in naught.

    • It’s an uber special one-of-a-kind mini from Deth Becomes You.


      • Lucky Armpit

        Holy cow, that is awesome. Thanks so much for the link!!