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Google Runs Through Initial List of Android L Features Before Tomorrow’s Launch

Google may have announced the Android L Developer Preview today, but they aren’t letting any of us get our hands on it until tomorrow morning. Until then, they have put together a list of most of the features announced during this morning’s keynote, along with a couple that didn’t have a chance to shine on stage.

Things like the new advanced camera API that were confirmed to be in the works back in November are a part of Android L. There is also a mention of multi-networking, mixed into recaps on Material Design, Project Volta, BLE Peripheral Mode, and enhanced notifications.

To make sure you are ready for tomorrow morning, be sure to read up. We have included their whole list below. 

  • Material design for the multiscreen world — We’ve been working on a new design language at Google that takes a comprehensive approach to visual, motion, and interaction design across a number of platforms and form factors. Material design is a new aesthetic for designing apps in today’s multi-device world. The L Developer Preview brings material design to Android, with a full set of tools for your apps. The system is incredibly flexible, allowing your app to express its individual character and brand with bold colors and a variety of responsive UI patterns and themeable elements.
  • Enhanced notifications — New lockscreen notifications let you surface content, updates, and actions to users at a glance, without unlocking. Visibility controls let you manage the types of information shown on the lockscreen. Heads-up notifications display content and actions in a small floating window that’s managed by the system, no matter which app is in the foreground. Notifications are material themed and you can express your brand through accent colors and more.
  • Document-centric Recents — Now you can organize your app by tasks and present these concurrently as individual “documents” in the Recents screen. Users can flip through Recents to find the specific task they want and then jump deep into your app with a single tap.
  • Project Volta — New tools and APIs help your app run efficiently and conserve power. Battery Historian is a new tool that lets you visualize power events over time and understand how your app is using battery. A job scheduler API lets you set the conditions under which your background tasks and other jobs should run, such as when the device is idle or connected to an unmetered to a charger, to minimize battery impact.
  • BLE Peripheral Mode — Android devices can now function in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripheral mode. Apps can use this capability to broadcast their presence to nearby devices — for example, you can now build apps that let a device to function as a pedometer or health monitor and transmit data to another BLE device.
  • Multi-networking — Apps can work with the system to dynamically scan for available networks with specific capabilities and then automatically connect. This is useful when you want to manage handoffs or connect to a specialized network, such as a carrier-billing network.
  • Advanced camera capabilities — A new camera API gives you new capabilities for image capture and processing. On supported devices, your app can capture uncompressed YUV capture at full 8 megapixel resolution at 30 FPS. The API also lets you capture raw sensor data and control parameters such as exposure time, ISO sensitivity, and frame duration, on a per-frame basis.
  • New features for game developers — Support for OpenGL ES 3.1, gives you capabilities such as compute shaders, stencil textures, and texture gather for your games. Android Extension Pack (AEP) is a new set of extensions to OpenGL ES that bring desktop-class graphics to Android. Games will be able to take advantage of tessellation and geometry shaders, and use ASTC texture compression across multiple GPU techonolgies.
  • Android Runtime (ART) — The L Developer Preview introduces the Android Runtime (ART) as the system default. ART offers ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation, more efficient garbage collection, and improved development and debugging features. In many cases it improves performance of the device with no action required by the developer.
  • 64-bit support — The L Developer Preview adds support for 64-bit ABIs, for additional address space and improved performance with certain compute workloads. Apps written in the Java language can run immediately on 64-bit architectures with no modifications required. To support apps using native code, we’re also releasing an updated NDK that includes 64-bit support.

To catch up on some of the SDK announcements, hit up the preview site.

Via:  Android Developers
  • what are the odds we can get this on an unlocked moto x today or soon as in asap lol…give me a reason to unlock my bootloader 🙂

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  • tylerc23

    What’s tomorrow? I’m confused

  • jim

    not a big fan of the new softkeys or the recent apps

  • Tres Waters

    I found it a little amusing that TouchWiz beat them to the punch with a couple of features like power saving mode (the exact same thing in TouchWiz. Even the menu looks exactly the same) as well as the pop-out incoming call notification while in other apps/games, (once again appearing exactly as it looks in TouchWiz)

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Pretty much every mobile OS except stock android has a power save mode – HTC, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, even most custom ROMs have it baked into the OS. Heck, back in the days of Android 2.0 we had root apps that could extend battery life based on low battery status. How they managed to not have that as a stock feature for so long has been a topic of debate for years, sadly.

      • Tres Waters

        True. The reason I found it amusing is mainly because of how the option in L looks EXACTLY like it does in TouchWiz. I think Samsung must’ve had an early copy and baked it in to Kitkat.

    • i find it amusing you found your comment relevant

      • Tres Waters

        I find it amusing to picture your mother eating a bowl of dicks

  • Reggie Wallace

    Is it just me or am I the only KY one concerned with how were going to get this up and running on our phones tomorrow?! It says “developers”. Rarr

    • Jeremy Turnley

      There will be instructions all over the web on how to get it and load it. If it’s a signed stock image and you are on a stock device, it should just be as simple as putting the file in the root of SDCard and booting into recovery to flash it.

      • Reggie Wallace

        You good sir, have made my evening. Thank you for easing my impatient tech enthused mind.

      • Do we have a reasonable expectation that everything will work on the Nexus 5? Or is this going to be half baked with things borked? I’m just curious, this is the first “developer preview” I’ve seen in my 4 years on Android.

        • hoosiercub88

          It’s unprecedented territory.. we don’t know exactly what to expect. Just sit tight and hold on, and wait for a flashable.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Yeah, I don’t think anyone knows that, this is a first. My guess is that it will be a bit buggy but mostly fully functional like the dev preview builds you get from Windows and Ubuntu.

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    Don’t see anything on this list about ‘do not disturb’ or usb audio. Besides the lock screen notifications, these are the two I am happiest to see in stock android.

  • True Radiant Free

    I’m just appalled that Google would use the old stock Launcher2 in the Nexus 7 picture instead of the Google Now Launcher, which I assume is in the Nexus 5 picture.

  • Finally when I was losing hope in Stock Android, they won back my interest with this L release.

  • Aooga
    • True Radiant Free

      Is this a really good recreation of it or the real thing found somewhere on the Android website?

      • Aooga

        It’s real I assume. I just found it on Google +.

        • True Radiant Free


  • Travillion

    Broke my Nexus 5 last week, now relegated to a backup Moto X. Perfect timing….

  • roguereversal

    I like everything so far, i just wish they would implement flat icons like the moonshine icon pack which I currently use. I think it looks much better than the current stock icons

  • Liderc

    If my nav buttons turn into those retarded symbols I’m going to be pissed. Someone please tell me how to keep my normal nav buttons.

  • R.I.P to custom roms. I think with this new version of Android I will no longer have a need for custom roms. Thank God. I’m tired of them really. This is the version of stock I’ve been looking for. NOW GET ME A HIGH END NEXUS PHABLET NOW!!!!!

    • Maranello Santiago

      That’s what I temped to think with ICS in a way. That didn’t come true.

  • Christian_23

    Stock battery percentage and be able to edit quick settings tiles on the next version of android would be great

  • Mike Aurin

    I can’t fathom how OEMs are going to implement this…

    • droidrazredge

      at least we know Motorola can implement this with their near 100% stock version of Android :). Motorola phone owners should rejoice.

    • Tres Waters

      What makes this release any different than any other new version of Android? OEMs will do what they always do: take it, throw a UI on top of it (At least since Kitkat Google has implemented a limit of what modifications OEMs could make to preserve a more stock feel), load it with a ton of unneccesary features, and out the door it goes.

      • Mike Aurin

        The whole Quantum Paper thing is kind of a brand new element in terms of interaction. Androids always been “one layer”… Curious to see how OEMs adopt this method of usability.

        • Tres Waters

          Was that mentioned in the keynote? If so, I must have missed it. Also, I’ve toned down my Android obsession over the past year or so, not reading every article on Droid-Life/Android Police as soon as it’s published. I just read up on it, and yeah, that looks like it could be pretty tricky, although I don’t know enough about programming to make any kind of statement or judgment on it’s implementation by OEMs.

          • Mike Aurin

            So you questioned me without watching the keynote or researching any of the new UI features. OK lol.

          • Tres Waters

            I did watch the Keynote, I just didn’t remember using the words “Quantum Paper” until I looked back at it, hence “I must have missed it.” Also, I wasn’t being a dick about it.

        • Tres Waters

          Ok, now I see where it was in the keynote. Yeah, I see your point.

    • I’m not speaking directly to the L release, but I for one really hope that the Android One program takes off like wildfire. Everything about it sounds like the ideal scenario for OEM’s, carriers and customers. Google builds the software and keeps it updated, allows carriers an easy way to add their junk, and consumers get the latest and greatest with no delays.

  • You_Have_To_Be_Joking

    Still no stock percentage on battery?!

    • hkklife

      Absolutely ridiculous!

    • cadtek91

      Remember it’s a preview, and something like that is a very minor change, plus it’ll be an option, it won’t be default.

    • Is battery percentage that important? Do you need a number to tell you how much battery you have left, is the icon not enough?

    • Um….pull down the quick tile….

    • lol good point

  • Carlos Lopez

    I wonder if they’ll add a new way to get to the quicksettings, i wasnt a fan of the two finger swipe down method

  • Alan Paone

    I like the new buttons, I think they look fun

  • Alan Paone

    Very, very excited to never see HTC’s horrific attempts at noise reduction ever again.

  • Mal

    It isn’t looking to good for my poor nexus 4 🙁 .

    Btw- The Google Slides seems to follow the new design scheme consisting of circle user icon, elevated button, and circular menu dots instead of square.

    • Alan Paone

      it’ll be more than 18 months old by the time this drops, but you’ll be due for an upgrade, so there’s that

    • True Radiant Free

      Yeah I noticed that, Slides is looking good!

  • Jayayess1190
  • ThatFool

    I say new hardware will be announced with the release tomorrow

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s the most far fetched thing I’ve heard all day. I mean if they were going to announce hardware, it’ll be today. Nothing else until official release in the fall

    • You realize it’s not an actual release tomorrow right?

      • ThatFool

        Yes. Someone had to say it.

    • Carlos Lopez

      It would make more sense if they released new hardware with the consumer release in a few months rather than the dev release tomorrow

  • Dan Bonebright

    Hey Jason Purp, I also wouldn’t be mad if someone hooked us up with that wallpaper from the L release demo. *looks around, hoping, waiting, wishing*

  • lol

    i don’t like the new buttons but I think Ill get used to them. all in all, looks great!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i just want to say, I called the chrome tabs in recents.

    • chaoslimits

      3 internets for you…
      (also lambo!)

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        hey, it’s my first time guessing something like this right. Not just an area of it, i was spot on.
        (and lambo is the man)

  • mtaylor924

    They didn’t answer the most important question of all though. What does the “L” stand for?!?!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Lapdance. . . one word

    • Kevin

      Someone said Lasagna.

    • JSo

      “L” if I know….From one of the speakers mouth at Google I/O

    • Ryan O’Neill


    • Mouli Jayanthi


    • jabarri2

      lemon lime, licorice, lolipop, im curious to know as well

    • The “L” word.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Probably nothing, they are probably moving away from codewords. Besides, the lawn was getting pretty full of ugly statues.

      However, someone else noticed that L is the roman numeral for 50. Which would be pretty clever for Android 5.0

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Knowing how much you guys love iCon Packs etc.. . . . I’m fully expecting ya’ll to take a baseball bat to the TERRIBLE navigation buttons. Google WTH?! Man are they ugly.

    • Jared Denman

      Those were hideous!

      • tylerc23

        Yeah, that was the thing that I really judged in the beginning and said “I knew this would happen! They got better and better and they went to far.” Luckily, I kept watching but yeah, they are kinda bad. I prefer HTC’s style

    • Alan Paone

      I like them

    • JMonkeYJ

      They look too Playstation-like to me.

      • Liderc

        Exactly, they look like crap and I hope someone makes an app to switch them back asap.

    • XvierX

      I like the refresh.

    • Josh Jones

      They look like those nav buttons every OEM was tweaking back when ICS first came out. At least they’re not as bad as the Asus, Acer, and Sony nav buttons. Yeesh!

    • cizzlen

      The current ones are ugly, plain, bland and boring. Glad they changed it. Also matches the fluidity of the new design.

  • guest

    64-bit ABI’s huh?

  • Jason Purp

    I’m assuming devs will be able to see in the code what the “L” stands for in this release? At least what it’s referred to internally at Google.

    I really want that stock wallpaper.

    And I really wish those nav keys were different. They should have stuck with the ones they were going to use before the official release of ICS: https://lh6.ggpht.com/l1J856IwIQa5hMoM1mQwCs7vTLhauDGECGRSSQfLRwqE2hBO0DR7jkJTFlUzZZMp8Yg=h900-rw

    I’m using them right now and they’re the best looking ones I’ve ever used.

  • Nexus_FrEak


    • randomblame

      and nexus 4 owners – it’s hard to win

      • Pete Labozetta

        And Nexus 7 (2012) owners.

        • Armyof2

          Moto X owners don’t regret either…I think we’ll see this pretty quick just like last time around.

          • i hope you are right

          • Sandra Chris

            I’m fully expecting ya’ll to take a baseball bat to the TERRIBLE navigation buttons. Google WTH?! Man are they ugly.

          • Tres Waters

            I’m with you on that. My only complaint about “L”.

          • NexusPhan

            Ya. But it’ll in the the fall. Not tomorrow like the Nexus 5. And I want tomorrow.

          • Pete Labozetta

            I have a Moto X, so that’s good. Although I’m impatient and wish I could use it tomorrow.

          • iNomNomAwesome

            I was all for the fast updates on my Moto X, until they ruined the BlueTooth music and battery life

        • athom07

          its not coming to the 2012 version?

          • Pete Labozetta

            I don’t think so. I haven’t seen it confirmed that it won’t be on the 2012 version, but it seems like the consensus is just the 2013 version and the Nexus 5.

          • WickedToby741

            My suspicion is that the 2012 Nexus 7 won’t get it. Reason being that it currently doesn’t support ART and ART is the default for the next version. I think it has something to do with Asus/Nvidia using cheap memory.

        • Nexus Rules

          I’m just happy my nexus is still getting updates and support. Just got 4.4.3, and now I have a new Update on my N7 2012 I have to install, I can’t believe I got it over night!

    • Guy Pierce

      Problem solved… Paranoid ROM LG G2!

    • landon

      It will get ported to plenty of other devices.

    • Kevin

      I don’t regret my Moto X. 😉

      • Guest

        AND MY AXE

        Seriously, software updates for axes are a bitch.

    • Mark Luna

      Yes. Yes indeed. I feel it.

    • BillySuede

      not really.

    • Not really, Cyanogenmod kills that regret. Definitely not better than stock from Google but it’ll do. Besides I could never imagine dealing with Nexus hardware and specs. God no

      • Tres Waters

        2.3Ghz Quadcore, 2GB Ram, 2300mah battery, and a 5″ 1080p display not good enough for you? Sounds exactly like every flagship that just came out over the past 2 months.

        • I keep hearing that but I think its programmed in my head to dislike Nexus. Never been a stock fan until today. But if I were to get a Nexus it would definitely need to be 5.5+ and have a micro SD slot which won’t happen so I can’t do the Nexus line.

          • Tres Waters

            I hear you. I’m not a huge fan of bone-stock, either, but that’s what custom roms are for. Most of them have almost as many features as Samsung devices. Also, I’ve always loved being able to get the latest version of Android as soon, or sometimes even before, it was released. My S5 is the first phone I’ve had that didn’t have an unlocked bootloader and stock Android. However, I’ve loved my S5, which was actually pretty unexpected.

    • Tres Waters

      My Facebook status this morning almost verbatim. I recently purchased a Galaxy S5 on VZW, simply because there’s 0 T-Mobile/ATT coverage in my area or I’d have a Nexus 5 in my hand.

    • poop

      It’s not even regret with me; it’s just the fact that I’m on Verizon 🙁

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