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Moto 360 Charger Hits FCC, Confirms Qi Wireless Charging

A recent accessory filing at the FCC is giving us details on Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch that weren’t previously made public. According to a listing for a wireless charger that showed up days ago, it certainly would appear to confirm that Motorola will use Qi wireless charging to bring power to the 360. 

The charger is called “wireless charger” throughout the FCC documents, but the dead giveaway is the handful of references to the “Moto 360” being used to help test it. As you can see below, the test setup included the “wireless charger,” a “smart watch” that is also referred to as a “Moto 360,” and an AC adapter. Actually, the real dead giveaway is the mention in the cover letter that specifically says “This device is a wireless charging device, implementing the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) protocol, and is intended for use with the Moto 360 wrist-worn device.”

The note on this charger implementing the “Wireless Power Consortium” is noteworthy as well, for the simple fact that we are talking about Qi wireless charging. Most of today’s chargers and phones follow this standard, so we can’t help but acknowledge our approval of Motorola’s decision. There is a chance (though it might be small) that you may already have a charger that will work with the Moto 360.

I am personally hoping that Motorola has built the Moto 360 to be set on top of a charger to have it charged. Most wearables these days require an extra adapter to be attached to them before they can charge, which if I’m being honest, is a complete pain in the rear. If we are going to have to charge an additional device each night along with our smartphones, making the process as simple as possible should be an area of focus. Motorola may have realized that, something that can’t be said for Samsung and LG.

Good news?

moto 360 wireless charge

Via:  FCC | Liliputing
  • Mischa van Lieshout

    Yeah, this will work perfectly with my ZENS wireless charger which I recently bought! http://www.makezens.com/shop/zens-dual-wireless-charger/

  • djdsf

    Now, If only the rest of the world could get behind Qi and stop trying to make PMA happen, I’d be happy.

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  • Ajzen

    How to get it charge? Just lay it on these wireless charging pads like we do with our phones?

  • ckeegan

    Dear Moto, Is it on my wrist yet? No? Fix it.

  • jonzey231

    The FCC source link directs me to the Yahoo Aviate article…….

    • hfoster52

      Almost a Rick Roll. You been Yahoo’d!!

  • John Davids

    Also, don’t be so sure that Qi is going to emerge as the standard in wireless charging. Yes, currently Qi is the most-adopted in the mobile phone space, but lots of people are backing PMA which is not Qi compatible. Asus, AT&T, The FCC, Starbucks, Duracell, Samsung, Sony, HTC are just the start of a very long list of companies backing PMA.

    • tharealoc

      With the new chip coming out (qualcomm I think) it won’t matter much which of the 2 is used. It is said that the chip will support PMA and Qi.

      • John Davids

        Oh for sure. Ultimately these companies will realize that interoperability is what will make the technology actually take off. Here is to hoping.

  • John Davids

    Won’t be long before you can buy desks / counters / tables where 100% of the surface area is Qi compliant. There are concepts starting to come out. I hope for widespread adoption in a year or 2.


  • RGiskard

    Excellent news for those of us who already have a couple of Qi charges for our Nexi (and other phones)…

  • valapsp

    Was it a secret really? That was expected.

  • leDerp

    I could very well imagine them using a charger similar to this :

    buuuut made like a watch holder…making it like a docking station giving you time.

    • Gordo Howe

      The charger should be shaped like a hockey net since the Lenovo 360 appears to be the size of a hockey puck.

      • motorola made the 360…this is such a stupid comment i cant even deal…u must be korean

      • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

        Maybe if you have tiny stick figure arms.

    • needa

      i am hoping it is a circular pad sticking out to the side, four or six inches in the air. that way a metal band does not have to be taken apart.

  • Mike Aurin

    That watch is a guaranteed purchase if it looks like that. Hell, with those looks, I don’t care if it doesn’t do anything but show that face all the time. Beautiful.

  • M3D1T8R

    Yay! Another potential device to use my nice Tylt charger with. Big plus in favor of the Moto 360.

    • sirmeili

      with the lack of charging ports on it, I assume it will come with it’s own charger. perhaps a “Watch holder” that charges it. I don’t see them releasing this phone without a way to charge it.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Can’t wait!

  • Dt Bell

    sweet lookin watch, makes me a geek..This could save them, if it’s priced right.

  • Ray

    yes wireless charging for my moto 360, LG G3, and Nexus 7 now time to pick out some cool docks

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      OR! . . . one Gigantic wireless charger

      • Ray

        I have a few but there is a dyi table install that looks pretty cool

  • Don’t know if the smartwatch will be for me, but I’m still so excited for the Moto 360!

  • John

    So does it mean it comes with a charger? If not how would someone without a Qi charger charge their watch? It could be a problem if it is another expense on top of the cost of the watch.

    • I would assume it comes with a charger, like a phone does. Otherwise, yes, this could be a problem!

      • Vermin_Cain

        See the table, where the 3rd item is an AC/DC Adapter?

        • needa

          what does that have to do with the topic?

          • Ray

            because it looks like the packages comes with a watch,wireless charger and the ac/dc adapter.

          • needa

            this filing is on the charger, not the 360 and packaging. the point of that is to show that the 360 was sent to be tested on the charger. there is no mention of documentation etc. other things that ‘come in the box’ per se.

          • Ray

            I guess we will find out tomorrow. I would think this needs its on separate qi charger since the coils on the ones i have are at least 2 inches wide.

          • needa

            i have no doubt it will come with the charger. i am just saying that chart up there is not the clue.

          • Ray


          • needa

            the guy was trolling below. i was trying to get a rise out of him.

        • Anonymous Coward

          Not sure if serious but… That AC/DC adapter you speak of does necessarily have to be connected directly to the watch optionally or at all. It is most likely the AC/DC adapter connecting the wireless charger to the wall and the watch uses the wireless charger exclusively.

          • Vermin_Cain

            You have a point.

        • Razma

          the adapter is most likely for the charging pad and not for the watch itself. kinda like an external hard drive that uses an ac adapter

          • Vermin_Cain

            See below.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      If the only way to charge it is wirelessly then it’ll come with a charger. Either way it has to come with a charger.

      • Ray

        exactly my thoughts

      • Razma

        will probably raise the price then, at least another 50 bucks i’d think. as it is people believe the watch will cost $250 for some reason, cause of that whole contest, but it didn’t say anything about the cost of the charger. Im guessing about $400-450 for the entire package. Which in my opinion is a fair price, considering the design of the watch and the fact that it’s a Watch, people pay thousands of dollars on watches that dont have anywhere near the functionality this does

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          If the rumored price from the contest is $250 why wouldn’t that include a charger? There must be a charger in the box whether it’s wireless or not. . MSRP includes everything in the box. And a watch won’t sell for $400 to $500

    • hkklife

      The Moto E comes with a .5A charger with a fixed microUSB cable (charging only, no data). Reviews for that device have said that if you ever let the battery becomes fully discharged you’ll have to find a 1 amp or larger charger because the stock one is just a trickle charger. And doesn’t the Moto G in certain markets ship with a microUSB cable only? Would not be an unprecedented move to sell just the watch and suck a few extra $ out of clueless consumers who don’t know about cheap generic Qi chargers.

      Keep in mind Motorola’s history of horribly overpriced accessories (Lapdock, Webtop adapters, multimedia docks, car docks etc)

      • mike

        Yeah and unlike the cheap docks… they are still around and working almost like new… my OG clock dock still going strong.. and with the lapdock … well inovation comes at price

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    GREAT news. I really hope we see this thing at I/O . . . And not to peddle another site, but really looking forward to Josh Tops review since it looks like he’s had it for a while.

    • leviwhite9

      If this thing gets good reviews right out the gate I’ll buy it so fast. I’ve even got some money set aside for it. 😉 I’m anxcious.

    • Vermin_Cain

      Don’t expect a great review form the Verge.They only give those to Apple products.

      • needa

        that must be why they get so many google and motorola exclusives.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I’m not a Verge hater. Especially when it comes to Josh himself. He gives great reviews. He usually does all the Nexus reviews/other important reviews. He’s very even.

        • tharealoc

          Agreed, Topalski has had the 360 for a couple weeks already. I expect a good write up from him on launch day.

          • B Geoff

            Who cares?

        • Bob G

          Not really true.

          • Eclipse

            He’s the most fair out of the whole Verge staff I think, Though he has one hell of an ego at times.

      • tharealoc

        Topalski already has one, and has been using it for a few weeks. He is a pretty big android guy. If he writes the review, it may be a bit better than the other writers.

        • Qbancelli

          He might like Android but loves Apple.
          Plus that site is Apple’s pockets.
          That’s why one of the biggest Apple fanboys in the planet is in charge of reviews.

          I’m sure he will find one fatal flaw with the Moto360 that will make it inferior to the iWatch.

          • tharealoc

            So you’re saying the guy who has been personally testing it and is one of the founders of the site would use it then allow the apple fanboy to write the review? I understand the annoyance with them lately. The reviews are heavily appl bias. But, if there is one guy on the team to give google a fair shake, it is Josh.

          • Qbancelli

            I never said the other dude would write the Moto360 review, did I?
            We all know Josh does almost all Nexus and Google stuff.

            Just that letting an iSheep do most reviews makes sure that Apple products get favorable scores, and everyone else gets a beating. Get it?

      • No, it really depends on the person. Josh used a MotoX as his daily driver for months, and is now on the Nexus 5 from what I hear..although with no Vergcast, it’s hard to tell for sure now.

      • iVerge

        I enjoy the tech News at Verge, but their reviews suck worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

    • needa

      i am also. i hope they release a review for it on release day. i also hope android wear is good enough on announcement day that they can give a full review on that also.

    • Don’t worry about peddling another site – whenever I am trying to get the most accurate/detailed info I typically turn to other sites to verify what DL claims.

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