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LG Doesn’t Think It is Making the Next Nexus Phone

According to LG’s director of communications Ken Hong, his company is not making the next Nexus phone from Google, “at least not yet.” In what appears to be a brief interview with Hong on a Dutch outlet, he states that normally, his company would have heard something from Google by now if they were going to be a part of another phone. Hong joked that maybe he “got ignored” or they are indeed not making it. 

LG has made the last two Nexus phones – Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 – and we have yet to see a company make three in a row. HTC made the original (Nexus One), then Samsung got two in a row (Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus) before LG took over. That doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else is due for a turn or anything, it’s just an interesting note. Also, keep in mind that there rumors of the Nexus program coming to an end – we may not see another Nexus at all.

I know that there was some disappointment initially at times over LG making the last two Nexus phones, but after seeing how much love most have for the Nexus 5, G2, and G3, I would guess that you wouldn’t mind if LG made another? Or is it time for someone new to step up? Assuming there will even be another Nexus.

Via:  Draadbreuk | PhoneArena
  • Mikobear

    Sony should give it a shot

  • TeeJay1100

    I want to see a Nexus 6 in the form of the LG3!! Bring it and quit playing Lg

  • Franz

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    If the Moto X had wireless charging, I’d be using a Moto X right now. Come on Moto Nexus!

  • chris125

    Because there is no more nexus only “silver”

  • Rodeojones000

    I’d prefer LG as I’d love to see a Nexus based off of the G3. With that said I’m OK with anyone other than Samsung.

  • Reed Kerr

    There’s been alot of talk about the Nexus phone line coming to an end, but what about tablets? What’s the latest rumor on that? Will there be another Nexus 10, or a Nexus 7, or anything in between?

  • Akashshr

    That was well known way before! Sony or HTC won the nexus program for this year!

  • Usaamah

    I think LG is making the best phones right now, hardware wise, and it’s not even that close.
    They are the no-brainer pick for a Nexus (if you had to pick) for me.

  • DanSan

    As long as its not HTC we’re okay. Nobody wants their phones.

  • DanWazz

    I don’t see why they should. Their G line is doing well for them, and I don’t see the need. HTC could really use the help that the Nexus line seems to bring to phone manufacturers.

  • droidrazredge

    With Google I/O being in 6 days and LG’s director of communications saying they’re not sure if making the Nexus 5. Motorola being bought by Lenovo could mean that Moto Nexus can become a real reality now. *crosses fingers*

  • Although i’d love to see and own a Motorola Nexus device, i’m still on Verizon unlimited, since it’s a safe assumption that history will continue to repeat itself, meaning no Nexus on VZW, I will leave the voting to those who can actually use it.

    • Omar

      Moto devices are already Nexus-like with much-welcomed features, amiright? Unless of course you want to unlock the bootloader and keep your warranty intact.

      • They are very close, yes. the warranty is one reason. to name a few more: support of the nexus program (although it seems to be more finite than we once thought), direct updates, google additives such as the new dialer app with auto-lookup, or even low end cost model for a no-contract phone (i don’t forsee the X+1 entering the game at the low end like the X is now, 10 months after initial release).

      • grumpyfuzz

        Moto x dev edition 😉

  • Michael Harrison

    LG wouldn’t be a bad choice again, but if not them I’d give the nod to Moto or Sony.

  • DimStyle

    I would like to see another Nexus by LG but Moto would be a good choice as well. No thank you Samsung or HTC

  • ROR1997

    I used to hate LG lol. I didn’t want to let them make a droid and sure as he’ll didn’t want them to make a Nexus.

    Total 360.

    I think they should let Motorola make the next nexus tho, they’ve always made good phones and they can put out a beast.

    • JayMars84

      Signed in just to let you know you meant “total 180.” 🙂

      • DanSan

        maybe he’s back to hating them again? lol

      • ROR1997

        Lol I had just woken up. I feel like an idiot now

  • master94

    More Proof that the Nexus program is gone?

  • Cruz R.

    This sounds familiar. Last year LG said they hadn’t talked to Google about a Nexus. And that if asked they would be on board. And that they weren’t making one. And look what happened. So you never know it could still happen. But two months after November is not to long from the Silver line of devices. Since Google is thinking first quarter of 2015 for that line up.

  • Alan Paone

    hot damn i hope this is true

  • Rick O’Shea

    Eagerly waiting for a Nexus phone compatible with all US providers.

    Can you hear me Verizon? (Harumph … I didn’t think so…)

    • Michael Harrison

      Google has no interest in this after the way Verizon totally fucked over the Galaxy Nexus.

  • JD

    Even though everyone hates on Samsung I would love to see Google give them Another Chance, The Main issue with Galaxy Devices isn’t so much their hardware but the software.

    A Nexus device with expandable storage and removable battery and a 13 or 16mp camera with a 805 snapdragon and a 3000 Mah battery would be perfect.

    • needa

      i feel just the opposite. i can almost get over the software lagging everything down, but i cannot get over the lack of signal strength and half assed speakers. when i am at my mothers, the at&t signal (verizon is marginally better) can only be picked up by iphones and moto xes. the gs2,3, and 4 (haven’t had a gs5 here) can rarely place a call. much less hold onto the call. and when i go out to my family in ocean shores, wa… coverage is spotty at best already. the need for strong antennas is paramount. the speakers part is self explanatory.

      • JD

        weird sounds more like a carrier problem not a device problem as I have owned the Galaxy S2, Note 2, Note 3 and Galaxy S4 each for a few months. Maybe its where you live idk.

        • needa

          it is a blend of both. it takes a phone with great reception to pick up the limited signal. sprint, at&t, and verizon are all weak signaled out here. i have to assume t-mo isnt much better. one day ill grab a t-mo straighttalk sim and give it a try.

        • DanSan

          the radios in that device were just…. bad.

          I loved my Gnex until the day I got my S4 and would totally go back if I had another shot with a nexus on VZW. (which we know isn’t happening)

  • Bryant Laney

    I love LG but they’ve made two great nexus phones and two great flagships it’s time Google gave another manufacturer a try my vote goes to HTC.

  • MikeCiggy

    I think Google brought the Nexus program to LG and showed them how to greatly improve user experience. Giving them the Nexus program is what got them to release a phone like the G3. I think if the program continues bringing the Nexus program to a different struggling manufacturer could have huge advantages and maybe shake up how HTC, Samsung or even Sony designs/implements their devices. I just have to believe that LG got to see and understand how Google intended for their software to run and that is why we’ve seen so much love for the G2 and G3.

  • XvierX

    I never got to enjoy a nexus device on Verizon so I’m hoping that these Silver Android devices will be an option on big red.

    • PoisonApple31

      I didn’t either and I had the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

      • Franklin Ramsey


  • Detonation
    • PoisonApple31

      lol well done sir

    • r0l

      I thought this sounded familiar.

    • James_Kernicky

      Is it Wong or Hong??? One of these isn’t correct.

  • Please drop the Nexus Garbage and bring on the high-end Android Silver line. Hopefully they’ll come in Phablets also. If Google wants the “Nexus” line to have some respect or recognition in this market they need to beef this thing up big time, I’m talking 13mp cam, 3gb ram, nice processor, stock Android but with extras. The whole enchilada baby!!!

    • JD

      honestly the Nexus line is great as is, even with it being 1/2 the price of most flagships it can run with the big boys, my only complaint is battery life the camera is a heck of a lot better than people say it is especially after the last few updates very crisp photos. I have no issue with gaming or performance yet the Galaxy S5 even with top specs would lag during gaming my Nexus never lags..ever.

      Also the Nexus line was never really meant for competing. Google has always used new hardware to showcase the bigger software updates, and the devices were more for devs. The nexus line actually become more popular than Google was expecting it to thats why they priced the device so low, their not trying to make a profit.

      But the Nexus line growth in popularity by the playstore selling out several times I think google finally realized the potential for Stock Android devices, thus the Reason Android silver is coming. I am all for the Android silver, but I don;t see why google cannot still offer at least a mid range level Nexus device for a great off contract price for those who want it and a Higher end options like Android silver and carrier contract pricing.

      • You make good points. I personally have never been a fan of the Nexus line or mid range devices in general so that’s why I always come down so hard on the Nexus line. I personally wanna see Google take this program next level and see a real flagship Google phone to the potential I know Google has. They can take Android to the top but I understand they don’t want to step on the toes of the other Android manufacturers

        • Dan

          How is Nexus a mid range phone? The only thing mid range about Nexus is its price. I think you are fooled by the logic that because it costs more it must be better. At the time Nexus had the same processor, screen resolution, Ram and battery size of competitors. The only thing Nexus was beat on was the camera (which isn’t important and like the poster above said, is much better than advertised).

          Nexus phones are competitive to all other flagship phones when they are released. I guess in your mind if it doesn’t cost $600 plus it must be an inferior product.

          • Camera isn’t important in your mind and competitive to other flagships? You are out of your mind. And I don’t ever recalled the Nexus and words like high end or flagship being used in the same sentence. It was a mid range device. Period.

          • Dan

            It is competitive after the update. Name one thing other than the camera that is not “flagship” or “high end”. Just cause people label it mid-range doesn’t mean it is. Like I said the only thing mid range is the price. It is fine by me if you want to pay double the price for a phone with virtually the same specs because someone told you it was a high end and not mid range phone.

          • Never used one so I can’t say. I’m just going off reviews and comments. I mean because people do use reviews to determine if they want a product right. Not that I ever wanted one or base decisions solely off reviews but yea.

    • Orion

      I wouldn’t say the Nexus is garbage. But I do agree on bringing on the high-end Sliver line. A phablet on that line would be the dream phone I’ve been waiting for!!

      • Yea I always get a bit extreme with the verbiage.. Lol

      • grumpyfuzz

        Sony z ultra gpe.

        • Orion

          No thanks. Too much bezel and I’m not into Sony phones.

  • Chris Doerman

    The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have been the best phones in the Nexus program. They definitely elevated my opinion of LG.

    • DC_DaComposer

      Highly Agreed!!

    • needa

      if the n4 is considered the best… that does not say much for the nexus line or lg. that thing was/is a piece. the n4 is the reason i will not go back to a nexus.

      • Justin W

        Not the best now, but the best at the time. Which could be said for each device prior to the succeeding devices’ making, since the follow-ups were always better than the preceding device.

  • ceejw

    Probably because there won’t be a next Nexus phone.

  • JD

    Could be because LG is pegged to be the First Company to Make an Android Silver device in 2015.

  • I would be fine with LG making another. They’ve done an excellent job with the last two. If it moves to another OEM, I sure hope it’s HTC. I want no part of a Nexus made by Samsung, Sony or Moto.

  • Omar Amer

    Sounds like Silver Program imminent.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I don’t care who makes it, I’m just happy there’s going to be another Nexus.. I thought Google killed the Nexus Program..

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Nothing has been confirmed or even rumored for a new Nexus yet, in tablet or phone form. There were a few rumors of HTC making a new 10″ tablet, but those seem to have fizzled out.

      I am with the rest that the Nexus program has run its course. Let’s face it, when it comes to hardware, Google is a great software company. The OEMs are running circles around the Nexus devices in terms of stability, optimization, and battery life, so it is time for Google to refocus completely on delivering a stellar software experience, and let the OEMs troubleshoot the hardware/firmware.

      • JD

        actually their has rumors for both a nexus 8 confirmed by the codename “flounder” as google names their tablets with fish code names I also heard they found one for the Nexus 6 I just don’t remember its name.

        Also consider this. Android silver doesn’t start until 2015, Android 5.0 is coming in the Fall and Google always uses new hardware to showoff The Next Name change update. There have been many rumors about 5.0 being a major update and I doubt Google would release a Major update without new Hardware.

        • forname

          And it would make sense for the nexus 6 to be the final phone, as they can’t go any higher in their numbering without it being a different product.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          There are plenty of devices developed but never released; plans change, and sometimes scrapping a project is the best course of action, no matter how far along it is.

          It is entirely possible that Google will wait until the Silver program is ready to release the next major (X.0) software update, as a new software and hardware direction being announced simultaneously would make for a much larger media exposure.

          Remember, absolutely positively nothing is confirmed until whatever company makes it official via a live announcement or press release. Excellent example from this morning: the “Galaxy F” turned out to be the Korea-only Galaxy S5 LTE-A.

          • Marikel

            I agreed with you until you mentioned the Galaxy F. The rumored Galaxy S5 prime (which was the LTE-A) and the Galaxy F aren’t the same device.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            You are correct that this device is not the Galaxy F, my apologies.

            But nor is it the S5 Prime. Looking back, that had always been rumored as having a metal casing, which this device does not have. The S5 Prime branding made way for the Galaxy F branding a month or so ago.

          • grumpyfuzz

            This also means android silver could never release… At this point with silver and nexus it is all speculation and rumors.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That is correct. Personally I think it sounds like a more reasonable business decision for Google than keeping the Nexus line going, but that’s just my opinion. Silver could be a rebranding and expansion of the GPE program.

            However, the person I was replying to was trying to state rumor as “confirmed” facts, which is just silly.

  • silver_arrow

    I would hope they change up the OEM. LG learnt a lot since they got the original Nexus 4 and are making great devices now. Now it is time to give it to another company that could use some help. I’d like them to go with HTC as they do need the assistance.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    HTC or Motorola wouldn’t be bad. LG seems to be on a roll though. Samsung gets it and I will get a Motorola or LG for sure.

    • Dominick

      I agree. I hate samsung, just my preference

      • Patrick Crumpler

        I had the Gnex on VZW and before that the Droid Charge. Lol. So not the best experience. But it seems like the Samsung Nexii are the least fondly remembered. Totally different experience since I dumped VZW and went with the N4. Night and day.

        • Dominick

          I would dump them but no service with anyone else in my area and I still have my unlimited.

        • Tee

          The Samsung Nexus S was a great phone for it’s time. It’s just kind of old now so maybe not as remembered, but at the time everyone loved it.

          The Galaxy Nexus wasn’t a bad phone either. People just had a problem with it because if the way Verizon handled it really…

        • grumpyfuzz

          GSM Galaxy Nexus wasn’t bad, at least for me.

  • Dominick

    I love the idea of the nexus or the android silver idea, whatever they decide to go with. The only downside I have to mention is that I am currently with big red. So seeing all these phones come out is just a tease.

    • Android_09

      Maybe Verizon getting the Silver phones is the surprise that was mentioned a while back to occur between Google and Verizon in 2014.

      • Dominick

        I seemed to have missed that article

        • Android_09

          I forget when it came out, I wanna say end of 2013, but I think it was after a lot of people were furious that the n5 didn’t come to Verizon. One can only hope, but I think it would be awesome to get another nexus on Verizon.

  • Danmheadache

    I’m really hoping Sony hardware and Google software = new nexus!!
    If possible, this could help Sony too..

  • sralj

    I just hope there is another Nexus, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a Motorola Nexus.

    • Oblivion_of_Mediocrity

      isn’t Moto X, G and E enough cheap and “stock Android”?
      What’s the point of Motorola Nexus? Sounds good?

      Xiaomi Nexus is what Google needs: cheap clone design with hi-end specs for $299.

      Motorola is being sold to Lenovo.
      It’s not going to be “assembled in the USA” anymore, 90% probability.

  • Colton

    Honestly, I’d be interested in another Samsung Nexus and let the Moto X+1 release so I have to make a tough decision

  • Dan

    I say the next one should be made by Nest. Since all the internal components are sourced, I would love to see Google bring the design of the phone in house and do it all themselves. I think a Nest design inspired phone would be cool.

  • Disqus_n00b

    Very happy with LG’s work on the last 2 devices. Hopefully Google sticks with a major high-end player like Samsung, Moto, etc instead of Asus.

    The Nexus branding and sales strategy may change, but the concept of unlocked Android for a low price will survive.

    • JD

      I actually heard a rumor of $100 off contract Nexus kind of like a Moto G. IF thats the case it could be that Android Silver will take over and google will still have a Nexus but it will be a lower end device. Just some food for thought.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    What’s one better than a Moto X? Moto Nexus. Moto X + 1 = Nexus?

    • Lol

      Motorola lost MORE THAN $2 BILLION since Google’s acquisition.
      #strategy #fail #lol

      Motorola by Lenovo is its future. Cheap. Poorly designed. Generic. Faceless. Moto “insert letter”.

  • Of course they won’t say they are making it. You can’t talk freely about development plans, though I don’t think there will be another Nexus if the Android Silver rumors are true.

    • JD

      why not? Android silver is in 2015, Google’s whole original purpose for the Nexus line we to showcase updates more than anything else and with 5.0 coming in the fall which many are touting to be the Biggest update ever. I doubt google would use old hardware to showcase such a massive update.

      Also why does everything think its either Silver or Nexus? Why can’t it be both? Android Silver I think is more of a way to get Google Play edition devices on Carriers. Thats my Guess.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Topping ICS is a pretty hard thing to do 😛

  • gorgor

    I think Motorola should finally have a swing at it.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I think it would be interesting, but honestly an HTC M8 sans-BoomSound (aka no bottom chin extending the device) would be my choice It’s already a gorgeous device, so trimming up the bottom bezel and reworking the design a bit would be just about perfect.

      • tallpom


      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        No boomsound? That’s madness

        • Justtyn Hutcheson



        • epps720

          They should just go with 1/2 boom. I think just 1 speaker would suffice and would definitely get rid of some of that size.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Both speakers are needed or else you’ll get unbalanced sound. And the quality wouldn’t be as good. The size isn’t really a big deal.

          • Android_09

            never go full boom

      • Ray

        That wouldn’t happen since all recent nexus devices use wireless charging which doesn’t work with a metal phone.

        • JSo

          Yeah, I couldn’t live without my wireless charging.

          • Ray

            Me either i was actually just watching some DIY night stand installs last nigh on YouTube.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          In which case they could use the E8 as the basis. Same device, just a nice polycarbonate unibody rather than a metal one.

        • Smartss

          E8 is an M8 minus the crappy camera and metal body

          • Android_09

            Your name shines through on this comment, but I was thinking you should change it to just plain old jackass or even better! – dumbass.

        • michael arazan

          Also they have a GPE device in the Play store

        • Android_09

          shutup ray gay.

      • Al-Burrit0

        Yeah I want a nexus that looks like the m8 minus the black bar and camera specs

        • T4rd

          Take a M8 GPE, cut the black bar out with a sawzall, and tape it to a Sony RX100. 😉

          • Al-Burrit0

            Lol sounds legit

          • gfere96

            If you have any suggestion to get rid of the bottom bezel, you should look for a position as an HTC engineer, but i’m pretty sure thay know what they’re doing, and the bottom bar wouldn’t be there if there was a possible way to get rid of it.

      • MH

        The boomsound has little to do with the “chin”. It’s the HTC logo bar. Not sure why they dont just etch it onto a rectangular space in the center of the top boomsound speaker. it would look lots better.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          BoomSound is wholly responsible for the black bar because the lower speaker assembly takes up almost the entire space under the black bar (the bottom chin). The infamous black bar is the functional equivalent of the bottom bezel on something like the S5 or G3. HTC sacrifices a relatively large amount of internal space for the speaker and resonance chambers necessary for the BoomSound system to sound the way it does. Remove the BoomSound speaker assemblies and their resonance chambers, and you can easily remove the black bar and pull the “chin” up to the bottom of the screen, or you remove the chin and leave the branded bar. Either way, doing so eliminates the size gain moving from the M7 to the M8.

          • MH

            That does not make sense, as the top speaker would also require the same and it does not have the bar.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Cubic space is cubic space. The speaker and the resonance chambers take up a finite amount of volume that is not being used in similar devices. Therefore, the extra volume needs to be provided by increasing one or more dimensions. In this case, they gained the volume required by expanding the device downward enough to fit the speaker assembly.

            You said it yourself: the bottom speaker assembly (speaker + resonance chamber) is basically the only thing under the lower speaker grill. Remove that, and the resonance chamber under the upper speaker, and you can completely get rid of that bottom colored section, leaving only the black bar, an area roughly the size of the bottom chin on the G3.

          • MH

            Or just use the goddamn bottom speaker as the chin, and call it a day. That black bar has no purpose.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I’m starting to think you’re just trolling me.

            You are saying that there is zero free space inside the device (“It does not use the “air space” in the rest of the case (there is none).” – MH) and then attempt to say that you can remove some finite amount of internal volume and have everything still fit. Those are completely contradictory statements.

            Either you need the black bar to give the device the necessary internal volume, or you remove the black bar and there is not enough room for all of the components. You can’t have both.

            If you remove the speaker assemblies, you gain enough free internal volume to completely remove the bottom chin and make it a “regular” sized device.

            It is simple geometry. Opinions and hopes don’t change mathematical fact.

          • MH

            My apologies, I deleted a key part in my edit by accident. They’d have to reconfigure the mother board and reshape the battery, to fit everything in the shorter case. Maybe add a mm or two in thickness. The speaker can easily double as the lower chin, and they can hide the digitizer behind the screen like they do on the rest of the smartphones on the market today to make up for the lack of black bar.

          • gfere96

            The digitizer IS behind the screen, but on all phones the digitizer is larger than the screen area, sthat’s why we can’t get rid of the top-bottom bezel yet. I still don’t see how the bottom bezel can double as a chin to hide the digitizer without ending up with a muffled speaker.

          • MH

            How did samsung have room for the home button then. Look at the pic I posted of the GS5 above.

          • gfere96

            The chin is basically above the screen, look hio far the digitizer stretches on the top bezel on my pic, the GS5’s screen doesn’t sretch all the ay to the earpiece.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            No worries, it happens. Disqus eats my comments and parts of them all the time. 🙂

            I’m certain that they explored different designs (when they showed the in-depth design video their design office had at least 50-60 mockups sitting int he background), but ultimately, for whatever reason, they settled on what we now know as the M8.

            Personally, I’m actually in favor of the bar; in person, it’s really not that big a distraction. In addition, I’d actually argue it is a little bit better ergonomically because of it, as the screen is then biased a little bit more towards your thumb, meaning it is less of a reach down to the bottom of the display, somewhat mitigating the “shimmy” that makes large phones like this feel so large.

          • gfere96

            If they used the bottom speaker bar as the chin then then the bottom speaker wouldn’t work, the bottom chin needs to be there for the digitizers (it’s the same for all smartphones), no offence but i think that HTC engineers know how to build a phone, and if there was a way to get rid of the chin, they would, but it’s not possible.

          • MH

            The speaker would work perfectly fine. Look at the pic i posted of the GS5 teardown. No digitizer anywhere near the home button.

          • gfere96

            It’s on the top

          • MH

            Exactly, and there is no black bar to hide it either. HTC can do better.

          • gfere96

            Take a look

          • calculatorwatch

            The black bar isn’t for the speakers it’s for the screen. I believe it’s called the digitizer. What he’s trying to say is that the black bar performs the function that the chin performs on any other phone. The Boomsound speakers are unable to perform that function since they’re 100% speaker.

          • MH

            The screen is the digitizer. There is no need for a chin when you can just use the speaker cover. The bottom speaker appears to only encompass half the width of the phone. Complete waste of space, as the speaker is perfectly grippable.

          • calculatorwatch

            I didn’t mean the ergonomic function I meant the mechanical function. It definitely wouldn’t be possible to shrink the entire device by removing the black bar but I don’t know that they couldn’t have just extended the screen. Maybe it’s just tough to manufacture screens with weird aspect ratios.

          • MH

            Or just use the extra screen to display OSK and keep the usable display space 1920×1080. Kill 2 birds with one stone and keep everyone happy.

          • calculatorwatch

            That I can totally agree with. It doesn’t make sense to have on-screen buttons when you have a perfectly good place below the screen to put them.

            EDIT: I think I misread your comment, but mine still stands. They should have just not done on-screen buttons.

          • MH

            yup, or extend the screen and use the extra pixels as dedicated space for OSK

          • gfere96

            The black bar is needed for the digitizer, on all phones the digitizer takes more space than the screen area, it’s impossible to get rid of it, not with today’s technology. Just look at the digitizer of the One M8, the GS5, and the G2, just to name a few.

          • MH

            It might be something to do with the IPS display type, as the GS5 does not use a chin to hide it’s digitizer. It’s behind the screen itself.


          • gfere96

            Look at how far the digitizer stretches on the top bezel, i don’t think that the screen if the S5 reaches the earpiece.

      • a) youth.in.asia

        I’m sure Google has reviewed HTC’s M7/M8 sales and would rather give it to Nokia then to HTC. Motorola would make a great NEXUS. NEXUS MAXX?

    • Yosh Yosh

      Agree big time. Moto x was in many ways better than the last nexus. X + 1 should be a great platform for a possible nexus 6

      • AndroidPlatinumPrime

        1. Nexus was NEVER supposed to be “based” on something, especially on something expensive or flagship.

        2. Nexus WAS a specially created device(s).
        3. Nexus was never supposed to have hi-end specs or something great/unique/differentiating.
        4. Nexus is a mid-range mid-price hardware with pure Android for developers and a small group of tech enthusiasts.

        • UniBroW

          Source? Cause the Nexus 5 is pretty high end aside from its price

        • T4rd

          Most of the Nexus phones have been based on the flagship of the manufacturer that Google went with; Nexus S shared the Galaxy S hardware (and name), Nexus 4 shared the Optimus G’s hardware, Nexus 5 shared the G2’s hardware… all flagship phones with high-end specs for their generation. So while the Nexus phones may have never supposed to have been “based” on something, Google certainly didn’t restrict themselves in that aspect of the Nexus hardware.

    • JSo

      I approve of this statement.

    • mcdonsco

      they should have made the last one

    • Ralph Bretz

      I’d love a Motorola Nexus that some how incorporates the Moto X Active Display. I’ve tried AOSP ROMs on my Moto X with other Active Displays and they just don’t work as well for me. Also like the shake the camera on feature. That’s pretty sweat in my opinion also. Those two little features plus the Touchless Controls is why I keep going back to my Moto X instead of the bigger spec phones. My Moto X works just as well for day to day operations. Don’t much care about benchmark tests. Real world test is a better indicator for me.

    • G3_Prime

      agree with you, Motorola should manufacture Nexus 6 and file for BANKRUPTCY finally.

      It is losing TONS of money each quarter with those Moto X/G/E/B/D/N/P/C low-end awesomeness for 100,000 enthusiasts.

      • On2Vegas

        I think Motorola just needs a little more time for their new line of “Moto” phones to make an impact. It’s a new Moto, I think. They “shipped” more phones this past quarter than the previous several ones, led by the G. I’m hoping the money will follow eventually. Even the Galaxy line took a little time to take hold.


    • MH


    • Pootis Man

      The only reason I wouldn’t is because it would have an amoled display. I prefer lcd

    • a) youth.in.asia


  • Craig

    Remember how LG originally claimed they weren’t making the Nexus 5?

    • Higher_Ground

      Yeah I was about to say, “Isn’t this exactly what they said last time?”