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OnePlus Opens New Contest to Give Away 2,500 Invites, Plus a Free 64GB One

Since the only way to get your hands on the OnePlus One is to be invited to buy one, today’s news might come as excitement to some of you. OnePlus is hosting a contest, allowing everyone to enter to earn a chance to win a free 64GB Black OnePlus One (just like we unboxed yesterday) or win a chance to purchase one for yourself. How exciting! 

OnePlus is running their giveaway not unlike how we do here at Droid Life. Sign in with either your Facebook account or email and you will be entered in the running. There are 2,500 spots open for invitation so if you are trying to get yours, completing their tasks will earn you extra chances. OnePlus is also giving away a Black Sandstone One to a lucky contestant, so if you are feeling lucky you might want to enter.

If you are on the fence and need some convincing, be sure to check out our hands-on video from yesterday before putting your name in the hat.

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  • Prasanth Hari

    I want it

  • TheKatMaster

    I dont know why all of you are hating on the PHONE when its the COMPANY making bad decisions. If you get an invite, why not take it? You just got an invite to get a great phone! AND you can give a few invites to friends to!

  • sublime

    I agree we have done what they want and nothing happens what contest no one wins at all I now I did what they want just like others and I didn’t win its just a joke

  • Ashton

    Meh Whatever

  • Ryan Hume

    If they want to go a different route and not sell through carriers they are either not to bright or without us knowing yet an innovator in the smartphone buisness.

  • renebi


  • TC Infantino

    I won! I won!!
    Congrats! What did you win?
    I won a chance to buy a phone with the same or lessor specs as other phones that I could have already bought.
    Uhm….How is that winning again?

  • ScoobySnack

    230000 entries! HA, not even worth my time liking and tweeting some stupid nonsense.

  • calculatorwatch

    They should really be called SixPlus, i.e. the number of months that pass between when a phone is announced and when you can actually buy it.

  • lmao…every time i see an article about the oneplus one i laugh out loud…what a joke we are having a contest to win a chance to buy our product at full retail!…the fk they think they are? lol

  • yummy

    They treat their potential customers like so many trained fleas, interesting.
    At least we know where all those missing used car salesmen are now.

  • TopXKiller

    Note to other small businesses, this is not how you sell things

  • MH

    If they sell 5000 of these, they’ll be lucky.

  • ams165

    This is like TMZ and the Kartrashians…………..


      LMAO you just made my day AHAHAH

  • T_Dizzle

    Waiting for the general release. Cool phone and idea for a company. Love that it comes with Cyanogen.

  • Specter597

    Meh … I won’t say “no” to a free one.

  • shooter50

    I would rather pay 600.00 to Samsung or LG for a phone with proper support than 300.00 for a decent phone sold by a horrendously disorganized company. Can you imagine trying to get warranty service from this band of misfits?

  • reyalP

    They must have the stupidest marketing team on the face of the earth. First off, they have the so called smash the past campaign which backfired. Now, they think the product is in such demand that you have to be invited to actually buy one. Screw the one plus! Take your piece of garbage and stick it where the sun don’t shine.


    This could be the “One” to get me off Verizon! I’d love to have it… great camera, great specs, great everything!

  • ajftl250

    i dont get this.. they losing soooo much business

    • PSU_DI

      Would you rather have weeks, if not months of backorders and unhappy customers. They are doing this because they obviously don’t have enough stock to support the current demand they have for this phone.

  • morgan boyle

    dead phone walking.

  • Dave

    It’d be nice if everybody stopped posting articles period about this train wreck phone.

  • Dave

    After the stupid contest they did, if I won one I’d smash it to pieces and post the video to their page.

  • Tell you what, I’ll take any phone for free. So I signed up for that tiny chance. But if you give me an invite, it’ll be wasted b/c I won’t spend my money to support this campaign. If they let me rent one for a penny for 14 days before I make my decision (giving me the option to give it back), I’d probably play that game too.

  • Anthony Edward

    Huawei ascend mate 2. Baby! Yes a midrange phone with mid range everything but only 300bucks! and this company is doing everything right to advertise in the USA, and how to videos on YouTube with special gifts for preordering! No gimmicks just preorder and when released it will ship. Can’t wait.

  • Damon C. Walden

    Wow, apparently there’s around 30,000 people still interested in this. Put ’em on a boat and sink it. (The phones…geez)

  • Silky Johnson

    Everyone complains about their invite system. I agree, it absolutely sucks…. HOWEVER if/when this becomes readily available i’m sure plenty of us will still buy it (possibly including myself). It’s a 5.5 inch device with great specs, a good camera, good battery life, and comes running cyanogenmod out of the box with 64gb of storage FOR $350. I’m frustrated and i think its ridiculous but I’m not about to call this a bad phone.

    • JoshGroff

      The price point is what makes it, and I don’t mind waiting. My Nexus 4 is good enough to handle most of what I need anyway.

    • truth_cutz

      The problem is….By time you can buy them phone without this invite foolishness, it will be old technology. At they rate they are going, I don’t expect for it to become available until sometime in 2015.

  • moelsen8

    it’s just annoying at this point.

  • “OnePlus Opens New Contest to Give Away 2,500 Invites, Plus a Free 64GB One” And I still don’t want one, not even for free. I’m not jumping thru hoops to spend my money with any company..

  • BustNHeadsDaily

    This should’ve been their original launch campaign. But it’s too late #LG G3

  • Xavier_NYC

    So let me get this straight, you want me to go out of my way to give you my money… HA!!!! Good luck being successful with this strategy..

  • I think everyone has had it with their invite system.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Been a member on their forums for months and I still don’t have an invite.

    Guarantee some random new members who join for this contest win and I won’t lol That’s just my luck!

    • Member number 2788 (March 27) here and I haven’t seen anything yet. This company is complete garbage. What a waste of my time.

  • Kane Desousa

    Honestly, F*%& this Company, and this phone.

    • xsirxx

      Seriously, I am going to switch to T-Mobile from Sprint, so I am going to buy my phone outright. Right now i can pickup G2s for 180$-200$ on craigslist in my area… Used? yea but who cares.

      • Willie D

        You mean you are going to stay with Sprint since T-Mobile is being bought out by Sprint.

        • PoisonApple31

          Sprint’s parent company wants to buy T-Mobile. That doesn’t mean it has been bought out yet – “reportedly” is typically a great indicator of this.

          • Willie D

            They accepted the deal – thats being bought out. Regulators have to approve it to make it final, but the deal is A-ok’d making them privy to information and operations they werent before. So again, T-Mobile = Sprint.

          • xsirxx

            Umm the deal still isnt finalized and they are still courting regulators. They have absolutely NOT been bought out until the sale goes through.

          • Shawn John

            And if the sale doesn’t go through TMO wins more billions in the failed attempt

          • xsirxx

            Its being *reported* that the break up deal is 2 billion for T-Mobile.

          • michael arazan

            I read it was only $1 billion for the Sprint deal if it fails

          • master94

            Not if, when. I feel like tmobile is trolling the other carriers by accepting mergers knowing it wont work and talking the billions for the break up fees

          • michael arazan

            But it won’t be as much as they made off ATT

          • PoisonApple31


          • Tony Byatt

            Not a done deal since they are officially still two different companies…

            So, T-Mobile > Sprint…

          • Tee

            How did it go when AT&T accepted the deal to buy T-Mobile? You should look that up. Nothing is info until it’s final.

          • michael arazan

            All signs may be pointing for the deal to pass, both companies may have to stay independent of eachother

      • RXG9

        GSM G2 for $180-$200? Please provide a link. They are going for $300 on swappa.

        • HarvesterX

          Sell you one of my two G2s for $125. Gotta get a screen though as it’s cracked. Digitizer still works I think cause I can still manipulate the screen with it turned on. With costs to fix the screen, it would run you around $225+- or less if you do it yourself.

          Was only a few months old before it fell and cracked. I never sent it back in lol (they never charged me).

    • Willie D

      I feel the same way. At first I was all about it, but then I kept seeing that people literally have to be circus acrobats to jump through flaming hoops of fire or special tech bloggers to get their hands on an invite for this phone. At that point, I realized, OnePlus has no intent to actually sell the phone, only drive hype to see if they CAN sell ANY device. With that said, they have alienated a ton of fans and potential buyers now that the Samsung GS5 and LG G3 are out. Looks like Ill be sticking to the good ol’ boys and not buying the OnePlus brand, not that I could if I wanted, they arent actually selling them to REAL people.

    • One plus one equals zero

      Dear Oppo, Thank you for inviting me to pay money for your cheap chino designed pos phone. Pass.

    • Gr8Ray

      I’d like to send them an invite to kiss my ass.