Facebook Introduces Slingshot, a Snapchat Competitor Based on an Odd Idea

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Facebook Creative Labs introduced their new app today, called Slingshot. This app has been rumored for some time as a Snapchat competitor, in that you can send short videos or images to friends that will disappear shortly after they view them. Slingshot is different in a way, though. In order to view images or videos received, you have to first “sling” something to the friend who just sent something to you. Wow, that was as odd to type as it sounds. 

Let me try to explain. If a friend “slings” a photo or video to you, you can’t view it. In order to view it, you have to first send something back to them, even though you haven’t seen what they just sent you. So you aren’t reacting to whatever they just sent, you are are simply sending some random thing that you happen to be doing at the same time without knowing what they are doing. How does that make any sense? I do not know. But that’s how it works!

You can react to items received, comment on them, share new images or videos with a few people or a bunch, draw on things, type on things, etc. Once you receive an item and swipe it away, it is gone forever. And that is Slingshot.

Ready to try it?

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Via: Sling.me



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