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Google to Launch “Google Fit” at I/O, Will Announce Wearable Partners Too

According to a report out of Forbes, Google will unveil a new service called “Google Fit” at its I/O developers conference in a couple of weeks. The service will collect and aggregate data from fitness trackers and health-related apps; think steps or heart rate or other fitness activities. Google is also said to be ready to announce partnerships with wearable device makers at the conference. 

No mention of who those partners would be was included, but we already know that that Motorola and LG have Android Wear smartwatches on the horizon. Companies like Samsung, HTC, and Asus are some of the other Android Wear partners.

The report could not confirm if Google Fit would be a part of a new version of Android or as a standalone app. My money would be on a standalone app or service, since we have seen Google continue to pull pieces of Android out and place them on the Play store over the last year.

Google Fit’s arrival in two weeks couldn’t have better timing, with Apple announcing HealthKit at WWDC a week ago and Samsung also recently unveiling its own wearable platform. Health tracking is the new hot topic in mobile, especially with wearable devices on the verge of exploding.

No other details were mentioned in the report other than the service’s existence.

Since Google  has major Android Wear plans for I/O, you should probably dress appropriately on June 25 and 26. I’m talking headband, sleeveless shirt, jock strap, knee high socks, and Chuck Taylors.

Via:  Forbes
Cheers Tony!
  • biggie

    All this chuck taylor talk and nobody has commented on the 360 the guy is rocking? Looks great. A little thick, but the diameter looks fine. Can’t wait for this “watch”.

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  • Anon

    I would love to have a replacement for the Nike+iPod system.

    I need something that works like an accelerometer so you can use it on the treadmill; a Garmin doesn’t do this, nor do other GPS-only based units, since you don’t go anywhere. I have allergies and would prefer to run indoors, with AC so I don’t cough my guts out on heavy pollen days, and can run in bad weather.

    Something like this would also let me stop using an iPod and instead use my Droid MAXX for my music. Which would let me ditch iTunes. I hope Google and some of the wearables makers truly do it right.

  • Sean Lally

    Good timing for me too. I’ve been using the fitbit site to aggregate my data even though I no longer have one.

  • Chippah

    With all the hype being created with the LG and Moto watches and Google glass the less I care..

    • BeerManMike

      Tss Tss with all the post about tha watches you would think they were hyper or sompthin’

  • tu3218

    Thinking they need to combine Android Wear and Fit. It will confuse people too much to have different services separate like that(the average consumer). You know Apple’s device is going to have it all in one, Android needs to do the same.

  • ChuckTaylors

    Wearables are not going to explode soon.
    And there’s a number of reasons for that.

    • Charles Walker

      Maybe not explode, but I would imagine large scale adoption by the end of the year once the G watch and Moto 360 are available. Once people start seeing them on the street, it will spread like wild-fire via word of mouth. Many people are craving something new, and Android Wear is promising. Look at what FitBit and other fitness trackers have been able to achieve. Now throw in Android Wear with far more features.

  • Trevor

    My jock strap is waaaaay past it’s prime.

  • jim

    Who over 15 wear chuck Taylors period

  • Brandon Nicholson

    Who wears Chuck Taylors to work out?

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Kellen, if he wears shoes at all

      • Kevin

        I thought for sure Kellen was sponsored by Nike. :p

        • Brandon Nicholson

          Sadly, Nike owns Converse now :/

          • HealthKit

            Converse has been a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. since 2003.:)

          • Kevin

            What? God damm is Nike trying to have a shoe monopoly?

          • michael arazan

            I remember back in the late 80’s early 90’s when converse almost went out of business, when reebok, Nike Jordans were the number one shoes to have and ruled marketing campaigns. I went into Sears to buy some converse and they hadn’t had a shipment in months to replace any of the sold out converse because no one was buying them

    • Mario

      power lifters,bodybuilders do for heavy dead lifts and squats, they give you a good foundation for lifts.

      • jim

        No they don’t. Lol

        • Mario
          • jim

            Look at what he is standing on , his feet wouldn’t slip if he just had socks on. guess you don’t spend much time in a gym. Lol

          • Mario

            not trying to argue with you, but it is known in the workout community as a great shoe for those exercise and yes i go every day to the gym.

          • Mario
          • buckley101

            It’s not because of traction. It’s because it’s a flat sole versus a normal shoe where your heel is higher

          • Freddie Pringles

            Hey, someone who actually knows what he’s talking about! The flat sole and low heel of the Chuck Taylor is more stable on big compound lifts like the barbell squat and deadlift. Kudos to you, sir or ma’am.

          • buckley101

            Hey thanks lol

          • this guy gets it

        • Mario
          • jim

            Must be in a gym in San Fransisco

          • dude…stop it…ur not funny u just look dumb…and prob small phsycially…every time i lift i wear chuck taylors and thats the only time i wear them and im from ny…if i go to the gym and im not doing power lifts ill wear arimaxs or other comfy running type sneakers

          • Chris M

            Extremely dumb

        • u obvioulsy dont lift

      • this guy get it

    • g2gsr

      Chuck Taylors are basketball shoes…….really old basketball shoes, but still basketball shoes.

      • jim

        They weren’t called that back then , they were just called Converse

        • Chris M

          They have always been Chuck Taylors. Get some facts before spewing nonsense.

          • jim

            They were called converse back when there was no such name as chuck Taylors

          • Chris M

            Man you are ignorant. Based on both statements.

          • jim

            You want ignorant . look In the mirror

          • Chris M

            Funny I saw you

          • jim

            Should just be called gay ahoes

    • Raul

      The soles are flat and they do not compress easily making it optimal for dead lifting and squatting.

      • michael arazan

        We used those mats all the time, even back in High School, for dead lifting and squatting

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    They’ve been working on that activity tracker for awhile so I’m interested in what other activities it will be able to pick up on

  • Tony Byatt
  • DroidzFX

    My Body is ready.

    • TechTinker11

      This is for Google health not Nintendo health. 😛 Whenever their really going to announce that.

    • Ryan N

      Everybody has been bashing the size of the 360.

      It doesn’t look bad at all in this picture.

      Am I right?

      • Charles Walker

        I was just thinking the same thing! Looks sexy!

      • Doo Che

        I think its appropriate that a watch like the 360 that has fitness capabilities is the size of a hockey puck. Its the 21st century style version of having a calculator hanging from your belt. Now just need a pair od google glasses to complete the ensemble.

        • Ryan N

          Are you basing your opinion on other people saying “hockey puck”, or the picture above? Because it doesn’t look too large in the picture…

          Unless of course that guy has elephantitis of the hand, in which case you’d be correct.

  • ddevito

    I’ll believe it when I see it…as in hardware partners lining up. Android always gets second billing to iOS for add-ons.

    • Android_09

      Well when the hardware partners are oems that run android on their phones there is a good chance they will be lining up.