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Monday Poll: Do You Use NFC on Your Smartphone?


When first announced for Android devices, NFC was a pretty exciting feature. It allowed for tap-to-pay services to launch in stores, it brought Android Beam into existence, and allowed other devices to quickly connect to Android phones and tablets via Bluetooth with no user input needed. Times were good.

Now, in mid-2014, we find ourselves using NFC less and less. Services like Google Wallet and Isis haven’t been taking off like expected, and we find that the convenience of NFC isn’t actually worth having the feature enabled on our phones. Sure, it has its time and place, but for the most part, NFC is still kind of useless to most users.

Our question to you is, are you using NFC these days? Back in February of last year, we asked this same question, with the results not showing much loveĀ for NFC. 53% of people who answered said they did not use NFC, 33% said yes, and 14% of poll responders didn’t even have a phone with NFC built in.

It’s time to update our results. Share your experiences with NFC in the comments below, and tell us if you think there is something that could make NFC better or more desirable.

Do you use NFC on your smartphone?

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  • jasonacg

    I would use Google Wallet more often, if it was available in more places. Whether or not it’s true, it seems that it’s a more secure way of providing payment information, compared to using a card’s magnetic stripe (how often do we hear news of another card skimmer being found?). If I go to a place that has an NFC reader, I’ll use it…and often, confuse/amaze the clerk behind the counter, who has never seen it used before.
    As others has mentioned, the gas pump is the #1 place that I would like to see it implemented, but here in Central Florida, there’s not a single pump with a reader.

  • Israel Fabian

    I used it almost everyday until google stopped supporting non-kitkat. I tried using a kit kat rom but it still doesn’t work. I have a Gnex FYI

  • Rupali Jadhav

    i think zapkoo.in

  • Jonik Cannon

    i have a nfc/bluetooth device that connects to the car radio and makes pairing my phone to car seemless

  • James Vincent

    Love NFC. Make payments with it, set Tags for switching functions on and off. its so under rated

  • Keg Man

    I want to use it but there isn’t enough products that I would use it with. There are lots of potential that have never started with NFC

  • Jesica

    NFC on smart phone!!!! Really great work and more useful.

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  • yobibyte

    I use NFC every day when logging into LastPass Mobile with my YubiKey Neo two-factor authentication hardware token.

  • Jason B

    NFC Unlock on my Moto X, some Google Wallet usage (useful for places that don’t take Amex since it runs as a virtual MasterCard), and Android Beam for transferring selected pics to my Nexus 7 (2013).

  • Jacek

    I’m waiting for Google wallet in UK, untill then nfc tags speed up my everyday setting changes between home, work, outdoor, etc…

  • No, because Verizon Sucks!!

  • StrattHacks

    No, but i don’t pin that blame on phone makers. The problem is nothing uses it, and i need to go out of my way to find something that does. It’s still cool to get some tags and tie actions to them, but it needs adoption.

    *Raises shields*

    I hope Apple does implement NFC (and in a universal way) so we can all have nice things. As much as it sucks, nothing will get market traction unless Apple puts and i in front of it.

  • NorCalGuy

    Now that I got my moto stream I use NFC every day when I get to work kinda nice. It does for old boom boxes what Chromecast did for all TVs that were not “smart” bit had HDMI. Its also pretty funny watching people stare at you controlling a 20 year old stereo with your phone and no cables connected.

  • AS

    I’m still hoping for the return of the car home and nightstand launchers the nexus one had. Seems to me that NFC is perfect for task specific configuration, the device would know which dock it was in and could change accordingly.

  • Pakmann2k

    I custom program NFC tags and business cards if anyone is interested I can show you how. Cool stuff.

  • bibbyboi

    I use it when stores are set up for it most of the time. The one problem I have is sometimes the people working there don’t know what to do. It “didn’t work” at footlocker and mcdonald’s a few times when it first came out. Just bought my GNex and was hyped to try it out. My wife’s friend works at Jamba Juice and told he had to do something extra to get it to work that first time. I guess nobody had used it before. I think that was the problem the first few times I used it, they needed to initialize it or set it up first because it worked sometimes at McDonald’s. Now I haven’t had a problem with it not working but I still have that little doubt in the back of my mind. It is pretty embarrassing when it doesn’t work.