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AT&T Finally Gets Around to Updating HTC One M7 to Sense 6, Rolling Out to Phones Today

Last week when Verizon announced that its carrier version of the One (M7) was receiving the update to Sense 6.0, one of our readers commented, “Your move, AT&T.” While we cannot confirm or deny that today’s news is a direct cause of that comment, AT&T’s update is rolling out to devices across the country. 

With today’s announcement, plus the following rollout, all of the major carriers have updated their M7 devices to Sense 6.0. This update has brought the new BlinkFeed to all customers, updated their camera gallery applications, and added in new features such as personalization options that were not present before.

If you have not received the update yet, keep checking your phone settings over the next day or so and it will show up eventually.

For a company that has a bad history with Android software updates, it is good to see HTC sticking to their promises for last year’s flagship. Keep it up, HTC.

Via: HTC
  • JohnBergman

    Anybody else with Sense 6 noticing that the quick settings panel (two-finger drag down) is really laggy?

  • Anthony

    I hope it breaks Google Play Services like it did for Verizon. Maybe that will bring more exposure to the issue so they can fix it!

    • steve30x

      do you “sense” that the battery just got a bit worse ..not much but noticeable enough though? I used to come home from work from a 12 hr shift at 23%-28% now at 4% or less .

      • Anthony

        Mine has gotten better. But then again, I did just do a factory reset trying to fix the aforementioned issue.

    • Aardvark99

      How is it broken on Verizon? I guess I’ve seen once a message about Play Services needing an update, or an error updating, or something… but after that everything seems fine.

      • Anthony

        Try and stream music over wifi in Google Play Music, or download a book in Play Books over wifi (find a free one to test). Then you will see how its broken. Tested this on mine and two of my coworkers and it doesn’t work. It says you must be connected to wifi, when you are. Called Google and they acknowledged the issue. Said they are working with HTC to fix it.

        • Tbiscut

          Having the exact same issue since the update. Only fix so far is to turn off mobile data and turn off the “stream only via wifi” option.

          • Anthony

            Hey thanks. That actually works. Just need to remember to turn those options back on when done streaming or downloading.

          • Anonymoose

            Same issue here. Logged tickets with HTC and Google. Affects both books and music.