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Moto 360 Prototype With Screen on Makes Appearance, Looks Hefty

moto360 prototype

The Moto 360 in “prototype” form with its screen on made an up-close appearance today, thanks to the official Android Developers blog. The new image of the 360 comes courtesy of Googlers Roman Nurik and Timothy Jordan, who have the watch on wrist while testing a new Android Wear app in preparation for Google I/O. The image itself doesn’t give us new features or an understanding of its magical charging powers, but we can see how it looks with the display lit up, on someone’s wrist, in a real life situation. 

Up until now, we had really only seen this device on the wrist of Motorola executives who refused to power it on for media members or in fancy press renders and promotional images. While this is marked as a “prototype,” I don’t think I’m out of line in saying that this thing looks a lot bigger than I originally expected. That’s not to say that it doesn’t look  incredibly awesome still, but just keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a small watch, unless this prototype is incredibly old and Moto has worked out some magic to reduce its size. Be prepared for big.

In the GIF below, you get another look at it with some movement next to the LG G Watch.


moto 360

Via:  Android Developers
  • TheBigOldDog

    Nobody wears small watches anymore. 45mm -52MM diameter (not including crown) are common men’s sizes with sports/casual watches almost unanimously 47mm -50mm.

    • LutherZBlissett

      Rolex Daytona: 40mm. Omega Speedmaster: 40-42mm. Royal Oak Offshore: 42mm. Seiko Monster: 42mm. The idea that Panerai MMs set the new standard is just silly.

  • needa

    moto 360 on josh tapolski’s wrist during the tonight show. not so massive.


  • PK

    That animated gif is the most annoying thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s just shakey enough so you can’t actually focus on anything.

  • Maybe a dummy box, I mean circle.

  • tdurden64111

    Fcuk! That looks too big! Praying to god that it will look differently on my wrist.

  • Frettfreak

    wow.. well i was really excited fo rhte 360. Now i am just kinda excited. I dont have gorilla wrists. this thing looks MASSIVE

  • Chris M

    Phones are big in nature. Not sure what everyone was expecting? A Swatch or one of those free watches you get out of the gum ball machine?

  • Colts5609

    Thats a HUGE bitch! If that is the actual size of the watch, I am 100% out. I’ll just tape my wife’s old Droid Incredible to my wrist.

  • its a prototype so its not a finished product so cant judge it yet….but i like larger watches so i have no problem with the size

    • needa

      pics from last night above. just replying so you can see them and be relieved.

  • Kayonesoft

    And his watch grew 10 sizes that day!

  • Having a couple friends who are into watches as a thing in general, it’s about on par for what a lot of the non-smart watches look like. I don’t see the problem.

  • don’t quit your day job to try and make gifs…

  • droidify

    I really hope its that big. I won’t buy a smartwatch until they are atleast 48mm. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but small watches went out of style in 02. Most mens watches are 2″ diameter now. Pebble looks like a 1985 casio. Maybe they will make a small one for all the girly arms and a man-size for all the people who are average height and above.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Bring that SHlT to the hood get yo SHlT jacked NlGGA

  • Kyle

    Looks very similar in size to a Casio G-Shock watch….although probably not as rugged…

  • flosserelli

    The dude in the top photo has some serious jaundice.

  • ryguy1860

    Whew! FUGLY

  • needa

    if it is that big i will not be buying it. that is stupidly large.

  • Anthony D Palumbo

    its really not that big… he has a 10 year old girls wrist most likely …….I understand why many wouldn’t want such a big size it makes other things look small…. its ok go ahead and admit it…. the screen size is to be 1.8 inches…really isn’t that big next to many name brand watches

  • BeejRich

    It seems people missed the word “prototype”

  • Brian Wolfman

    oh damn that does NOT look as good on the wrist. Doesnt look like a “watch” hidden as a smart watch. Looks like a toy watch worn by my son. The LG actually looks better!

  • J

    And we are done here, whommp whommp wannananan no thanks for this trash. Lenovo will scrap it by its drop date any ways. My wife works there for USA side and said it is kinda a inside joke you fan boys are tards lusting over it hahahahahahahahah

    • Laki S.

      Your wife? I didn’t know they hired blow up dolls.

  • xpyroxcorex

    Yes!!! I love big watches!!! Makes it even better!!!

  • Justin Strickland

    Fine by me!

  • Nerds Logic

    Way too big for me. I was really looking forward to getting this. Now I am back to the whole “smart watches are stupid” logic.

  • I think this will be a fun experiment but I think the Pebble Steel looks better.

  • StargateNH

    Oh come on. It cant be that big! Hopefully this guy is like 4 feet tall and perspective is off.

  • meh

    Doesn’t look any bigger than those ginormous Invicta men’s watches or women’s ceramic watches which are made to look like big bracelets.

  • TC Infantino

    Holy Man-hole cover Batman! Well, there goes any interest I might have had in getting a smartwatch. Moto 360 was the only one I thought looked good enough to drop that kind of money on something that I don’t really need. Now, not so much.

  • Alton Purnell

    I’m definitely gonna rock that !!!! I don’t care how much it costs lol !!!!

  • P Norris

    Just looks like an oversized watchface to me. People buy watches with big faces all the time.

    Think they’re in trend at the moment, could be wrong there.

  • XvierX

    I’d still wear it. No biggie. :p

  • iamwolf

    Just for comparison, here is a standard watch size I receive from the Watch A Month Club, and it looks pretty damn comparable, if you ask me. And based on the fact that this masterpiece of a timepiece might very well be the go to screen to look at notifications, I don’t mind a slightly bigger screen. Regardless, I feel that no device will ever meet everyone’s expectations, regardless though, it being the first of it’s kind, even if it’s for you or not, we should all be excited about it.

    Plus, we don’t even have dimensions yet, so quite the negativity, arses.

    • GJV

      Watch of the Month Club? That’s a thing? That’s some nice plastic they sent you there.

  • João Ricardo

    I Want a LG G Watch!

  • Alix8821

    I love larger watches…. So If anything, this makes me want it even more. Which i didnt think was possible… Obv not everyone likes large watches, and it might be to much for the female Android-ers out there. But, I am personally still excited.

  • EvanJ2462

    As long as it doesn’t exceed 43mm I’m in. All the watches I own are 40-43mm.

    • WitnessG

      In an interview they said that it was 46mm.

      • EvanJ2462

        Well damn. I’m a pretty big guy and anything over 43mm looks absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. I hope they make it a bit smaller because they would be shutting the down on a huge customer base. You need Popeye forearms to pull off a 46mm watch and not look like a total bafoon.

        • WitnessG

          Yeah. I have really small wrists so I might have to pass on this one because I can’t rock a 46mm at all. I was hoping for it to be around 40-43mm as well even though 43 might be pushing it.

          • coolsilver

            I have small wrists. I ended up some time ago buying a watch that is 45mm. Doesn’t seem too awkward to me after wearing it a while. Though bezel is fairly tapered so looks smaller on face than it is.

  • Borbor Carzola

    Oh HELL NAWL. And this is what is supposed to replace my Movado watch?

  • Joshua Rewerts

    I suspect that the size is related more to battery life and screen real-estate vs. style/personal preference…
    Note that a standard small watch is only meant to display the time, or the time and date (usually without ‘screens’), while these devices are being asked to legibly display time, date, icons, text previews/notifications, etc. simultaneously while maintaining 24/7 Bluetooth communication, touch screen interface, activity tracking hardware, and an always-on color display that works in all lights and environments that that will not need recharged for days or weeks (while most of our current devices only last days at best and have more space for bigger batteries than this).

    I feel like we’ve lost track of the fact that these are first/second generation products, with just short of moon-shot feature requirements that they’re very nearly providing, and then we complain about the price/size/features. While I’d like to see manufacturers create the ideal product on their first attempt, with massive hardware specs and just the minuscule size, the technology and adoption rates simply aren’t there at the price point we can all live with. If we can’t afford it, we probably didn’t really need it anyway, or can wait for the version of the device that meets our qualifications.

    We don’t all need to be on the bleeding, or even cutting edge…I don’t want last year’s product, or next year’s product before it’s ready or cheap enough, I want to wait quietly for these devices to get to the point of current cell phones: nearly all have decent specs for a decent price, now it’s a choice between styles and gimmicks. Let those that wish to spend too much on early adoption of glorified fashion accessories do so and the rest of us will wait for the products to evolve into something where our desire to buy the device and our ability to afford it intersect. Have confidence that it will happen, just as it did with the original cell phone technology, and modern smart phone technology, and probably all the other products we use daily.

  • John Clausen

    Yeah, it’s big. Bigger than what I expected it would be. But it’s still handsome looking. I’ll still order one on day one (only if it comes with a Day One achievement, though)

  • Laki S.

    Want. Don’t care, it still looks awesome. I even want that LG one too now.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    The first image makes it look a LOT bigger than the second image does. So I’m thinking it’s just perspective that makes it look huge. But I don’t mind a large-screened watch like this, all it means is that I don’t have to bring my watch super close to my eyes to make out finer details.

  • Guy Pierce

    Whelp your fired!!!

  • Garrett Sechelski

    Looks pretty massive, but I’ll wait for more leaks & seeing it on my own wrist to judge.

  • jeff manning

    But has really tiny wrists

  • Allen Kronenwetter

    Does it tell time or does it just continue to tell me I’m right?

  • AMTrombley89

    God you guys…it’s like you’re TRYING to find a reason NOT to get the damn thing…

    “It’s a big watch…NOT getting it, because NOTHING it can do is worth a BIG watch!”

    “It’s not gonna be free with the next Moto X? NOT getting it! Because NOTHING it can do can merit a price tag comparable to a REAL, REGULAR (Not no Target $20 crap) Watch!

    “It’s gonna need to be recharged on a regular basis (This isn’t even CONFIRMED yet!)? NOT getting it, because NOTHING it can DO will ever merit me needing to CHARGE it!!!”