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Tizen Update Available to Original Samsung Galaxy Gear Owners

A pre-release version of Samsung’s promised Tizen update for the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked two weeks ago, but we have not heard a peep about it since. That changed this morning, with Samsung releasing the new firmware via the web and its Kies desktop software.

The update, version 2.2.0, completely replaces the Gear’s Android-based OS with the Samsung-developed Tizen. The change is not as radical as you might think, though. Most of the changes lie beneath the surface, as the user interface is nearly identical to the Android-based software.

Still, in tow with Tizen are many of the Gear 2  and Gear 2 Neo’s features, such as improved battery life, OS performance, new apps, sleep monitoring, and theming options.

The fastest way to upgrade your Galaxy Gear is by using Samsung Kies. If you would rather avoid installing Kies, though, SamMobile has the firmware available for manual installation.

Warning: the update will wipe all data on your Gear. Also, some third-party apps have not been updated to support Tizen, so be aware that some of the applications on your Gear might not install after the upgrade.

Via: SamMobile
  • Vincent Le Riche

    how long does the gear update take as mine is still showing the update icon after 4 hours 🙁

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  • Kevin Meldrum

    the screws not going the same way would drive me nuts every time i look at it

  • jim

    Give them a year or two , will be worth the money then

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  • jim

    all these things are still to primitive to waste your money on

    • 213ninja

      you mean “your” money. i didn’t waste mine.

    • aznmode1

      To you maybe. I love my gear 1 and use it everyday. When I work on my car or busy doing things, I don’t have to take my phone out of my pocket to answer any calls and I can see whos calling right away and whos texting me and respond via s voice. You know you can also say “answer” to make the watch answer without touching it. Having the watch vibrate on my wrist if I couldn’t hear or feel my phone in my pocket is awesome. I rarely miss any calls anymore. When I went on vacation, I was able to record and take pic of my zip lining since regular cameras are not allowed. Or when I went parasailing. You can also say “cheese or shoot” to take pictures or video without touching the watch. These are just a few things but there’s so much more to the watch. It definitely was not a waste of money for me.

  • Zach Cline

    Kies just says my firmware is up to date

    • 213ninja

      they failed to mention it’s not available in the US yet. you can download the UK or any other country of your choosing from SamMobile and apply it manually using Odin.

      • Zach Cline

        That’s what I figured ..I’m sure the US will get it within the next few days ..I’m can wait . Not sure if I can use Odin with my mac

        • 213ninja

          ah gotcha, not familiar with mac support. i was impatient, so i installed the UK version. works well.

        • n900mixalot

          If you’re on a Mac, you would need to install stock with Heimdall, but make sure you install stock BTU (UK rom) and no other one. Changing the CSC (region code) is very hard to do. I’m stuck on some stupid version that doesn’t have an update available.

          Anyway, then you would install Kies on your Mac, and connect the Gear to your Mac and it should update to Tizen.

  • James

    The speculation is that Samsung is trying to dominate wearables with their own OS, much in the same way Android does with phones. This is part of the reason why they rushed out the Gear series and is now transitioning this device to Tizen.

    Personally, I hope Android Wear crushes this effort before it becomes anything.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Well Samsung is also an Android Wear partner, and they have that “deal” going with Google. So I don’t expect Tizen to dominate. I fully expect Samsung to bring an Android Wear device.

      • James

        They may well do so. But that doesn’t mean they are also working behind the scenes to cause a bigger shift. One piece of the Google-Samsung deal (as I understand it) was to encourage Samsung to lessen their tweaks to Android. Who knows how that extends to wearables? Also, it obvioiusly doesn’t prevent them from trying to bring out a competing system.

      • wollac11

        Yes, I see this as simply a unification effort. Android in standard form wasn’t best optimised for smartwatches but it was the most ready option for the launch of the first generation Galaxy Gear. With subsequent versions they launched with Tizen which is a platform they control so we able to have it adapted more easily without waiting for Google. Now that Android Wear is being readied to make more powerful wearables Samsung will almost certainly make Android Wear devices. These will likely become Samsung’s main wearable devices and I suspect will retake the Galaxy name.

        The original Galaxy Gear is unlikely to be well suited to the new Android Wear and Samsung isn’t going to want to continue to support what would effectively become a forked version of Android for the first generation Gear, Tizen on subsquent models and then Android Wear on the latest devices. It is far easier to unify all the existing hardware by making a barely noticeable update to the Gear to bring it over to Tizen and then develop future wearables designed for the new Android Wear platform.

        • JohannaHolkhamred321

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          • Adrian I.

            Are u sane? Is your brain working? WTH are u talking about?

      • Kevin

        What “deal” ?

    • Droid Ronin

      This. Same way that Google Now has crushed S-Voice.

      • n900mixalot

        You still have to say “period” to end a f-cking sentence using Google speech recognition. Pffft. What a joke.

        • michael arazan

          period, comma, question mark. Doesn’t even recognize quotation marks or parenthesis in voice. After my D1 keyboard broke from over use, I have used voice functions for everything, much faster than typing, but a LOT of mistakes.

      • duffyhatesyou

        Gotta put down Samsung to feel big lololololol

    • duffyhatesyou

      Why do you hate Samsung? Oh yeah.

  • 213ninja

    done. be aware that once you do this, the gear 1 is no longer compatible with S health……and forces you to use Fitness with Gear (unless you have an s5). hopefully samsung will update S health for the rest of their phones to version 3 soon….

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I would be pissed if I had one of these then all of a sudden you’re changing my entire OS, my apps are no longer compatible, how do they think this is okay?

    • 213ninja

      it’s not being forced. also, there aren’t many 3rd party apps to be upset about…for me personally, it was worth the improved Samsung features. all i need now is for Samsung to update S Health for the Note 3.

      • PoisonApple31

        The only people that will be upset by this update are the ones who don’t own a Galaxy Gear.

        • 213ninja

          i tend to agree.

        • Paul Houseknecht


    • crazed_z06

      Meh, the Galaxy Gear doesnt have many apps anyway lol.. I dont even use any apps on mine. Crappy apps and lack of apps are the biggest weakness of the watch.

      Mostly I use the built in functionality… Notifications, Camera, Clock, timer, stopwatch, music player, phone, S-Voice control, etc, etc.

      The Tizen upgrade supposedly improves battery life and introduces some new features, so I welcome it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Man! Where all all you Gear owners popping up from. How much do you find yourself actually pulling your phone out when you’re out and about even with the watch on?

        • crazed_z06

          Heh.. I think a lot of us picked them up through various sales. Despite the pathological hate, the device is very functional..

          It definitely keeps your phone in your pocket. If I ever forget my gear, I end up looking at my wrist every time my phone vibrates..

          The media player , phone , and camera are super useful to me..

          • Max

            I was the shmuck who bought it at full price. Its a great device but my Neptune Pine will blow this watch ouy od the water if i ever get it.

        • PoisonApple31

          I get the most use out of the watch while working. Looking at my calendar, media player and notifications on my Neo. I love how everyone is excited about this Android Wear and shouting comments to their wrist. If you don’t use voice commands on your phone, you sure as hell aren’t going to use them on your watch. I prefer quick response templates to S-Voice when responding to text messages on the watch.

      • 213ninja


  • crazed_z06

    Awesome to see Samsung still supporting the watch!

    • Aooga

      It hasn’t even been a year since they released it.

      • PoisonApple31

        Considering they released 2nd generation so soon, Galaxy Gear owners were worried they wouldn’t get support.