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Google Services Experiencing Issues – How are Yours Holding Up? (Updated)

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We are hearing a number of reports from readers who are experiencing issues with Google services. From Google Play to Gmail to Hangouts to Maps, many are not able to access information, receive messages, login, or install apps.

We are experiencing some issues in Gmail, but not in our Google Apps Droid Life account. The Google Apps Status Dashboard is showing green lights across the board.

Let us know in the comments if you are experiencing issues as well. We will update this post as we have more.Β 

Update 3:19PM: Β Many users are still reporting issues even though Google’s Apps Status Dashboard still shows green lights everywhere. We are hearing that some are having luck accessing Google Services if they are connected to WiFi rather than their carrier’s data connection. Hard to figure why the difference in data connection would matter, but feel free to give it a try.

Cheers Brian, Jason, Justin, and everyone on Twitter!
  • Another issue noticed, my application is failed to get the purchase receipt from google after buying subscription. This is impacting my live production app.

    Doing more investigation on this.

  • Kenei Misty

    Phone says trouble Connecting to Google services.

  • Melissa Crowley

    Gmail says I’m not connected constantly. But I am in fact connected. Very weak if any voice signal as well. Data too. Wifi is fine. Not happy ..at all.

  • Taimoor

    My gmail is not working neither play store. Literally, google services are not working.

  • Don’t use my real name thnx

    I do not even read my google emails, as it is impossible to get thru them w/o in&out constant – annoying is not even a good enough word to tell you why I will not use my google a/c anymore!

  • Brendon

    I am having issues accessing Google Play store and services.

  • liwop1

    Is anyone else having problems with Google Chrome. For the past two days every action taken looking up different web sites, “Google Chrome NOT RESPONDING. Then after a few seconds it does what it was asked to do. repeat’s the process constantly.

  • christine

    Suddenly, when I log into gmail, i get a page all in Turkish. I don’t speak Turkish and can’t see any option for English. I have tried all the options, though I don’t know what they mean, but none of them allows me to proceed to my messages.

  • Jodi Talbot

    I can’t access play store, hangouts, or some apps that say they are installed. Am finding you need build version 4.5.16 but can’t find a way to install. Have Uninstalled google services accounts and play, rebooted and reinstalled. Unsynced all. Rebooted and resynced. Shows server error on main account sync screen but each one individually says synced. My third android and usually I love them but if I can’t work this out, I’m out! Anyone?

  • jumpinjack

    Gmail, hangouts, and google play are all down on my galaxy s5

  • Chris

    I can’t access Google play at all on WiFi, and only for up to 30 seconds immediately after rebooting on my 4G connection. Gmail and maps are working, I’m not using any other G-Apps.

  • Teresa

    There is something major going on with google because 10% of my data was used last night while I was asleep. I have never used that much data in 1 day, NEVER. I don not have auto updates on my phone, I have not added any new apps, my information has been the same for the last year and now all of sudden I am using far more data than normal. 10% while I was asleep, oooh helll no. If I go over my data, me and google will have a problem.

  • Teresa

    I am having problems connecting to all of my google apps on my Android phone. I can’t access anything via wifi or data.

  • Paula

    Iv have had trouble getting on google for days now every time I go on it it says no internet connection please retry but I have wifi and everything else is okay on Internet fed up with it now

  • Nestor Estrada

    It won’t let me enter the play store on my nexus 7. Then YouTube stopped working. Wiped everything then when I tried to login to my gmail it did not let me

  • melissa

    gmail unable to fetch new messages. chrome not being redirected to Internet login site, alternate browsers working fine. Gmail is primary email, hoping for a quick resolution. 3 days without email is long enough.

  • Danica Muller

    I cannot open the Google Play store. I get a pop up that is telling me that Background Data must be enabled and then the only option I have is to click on “Enable” or “Quit”….well I’ve got news for you, my background data is already enabled. If I choose to click the “Enable” button, it takes me to a list of my email accounts and then upon choosing one of them, it opens that account where I can SYNC. Upon my attempt to SYNC (any of the accounts as I have about 6) I get a message at the bottom that says that SYNC is experiencing problems and will be back shortly……REALLY?? SHORTLY?? Its been days…….

    PS ~ This is all on my New Galaxy s5 πŸ™

    • AL E.

      Exactly the same here.. down to the phone. I’ll just keep digging for info.

      • disqus_BT68PJqA20

        I keep getting told ‘error receiving info from server’ have tried all kinds of things even tech 2 support at verizon…..VERY frustrated, just got the damn phone yesterday πŸ™

  • kpskrishna

    Google services not working . can’t even access gmail in the browser. What’s going on do I have to do a factory reset?

  • Deus ex

    Motorola RAZR M. I’ve been unable to access Google Play and You Tube for a couple of days now. This quite a bother.

    • Deus ex


  • StargateNH

    I was one of those affected on Android Gmail. And yes the moment I got home and had WiFi, Gmail worked fine again. Odd.

  • rishik

    I am not able to access google play store and google apps like youtube using wifi, but able to use them on 3g.

  • Google Voice

    I can’t play my Google voice voice-mail messages!

  • alissaknight

    The problem is confirmed by Google according to Tmobile. It’s a problem apparently affecting specific devices, she mentioned Samsung Galaxy S’ s and Notes, probably others?

    I am on a Note 3 and can’t use Google Play, Music, Gmail, or Maps.

  • Meghan G from SC

    I had issues getting mail through my Gmail app late yesterday, between 5:30 – 6 pm Eastern time. Took over 30 mins before the email my husband sent me showed up on my phone. Also, I’ve gotten several request notifications from all four of the gmail addresses I control that it is having trouble signing in and then asks me to approve linking to Picasa web albums. I went into the settings for the individual Google accounts and turned the Picasa web albums off and that seems to have stopped it.

  • prachi

    All my gmail accounts are not opening, it is showing that username pasword does not match, but I hv not changed the password or anything, plz help me witn this problem.

  • Randyr9

    9:14pm PST and Google services still not working on my Metro PCS phone (T-Mobile) however, everything has been fine on my Boost Mobile phone (Sprint) all day. Same Google account on bothe phones, I thought that would be interesting to Y’all. Why would google apps work on one cell service provider and not the other?

    • Randyr9

      Forgot to mention, I’m in Washington State…

  • rich

    I came across this thread trying to fix this very problem with my mom’s phone. No gmail over Verizon but WiFi works. I have ATT and am having no problems with mine.

    • Rich

      Oh, and for what it’s worth, my mom has an S3 on Verizon, I have an S4 on AT&T. My wife also has an S3, she isn’t having any problems on AT&T either.

  • I did a factory reset today because I thought Xposed dod something to my G2. I had LTE and could pull 60Mbps, but no Play Store, Device Manager or Hangouts. Then I connected to Wi-Fi and boom. So I just did a reset. By the time everything was said and done with my reset, they must had fixed the issues…

  • me

    I just bought the Galaxy s5 on Tuesday and have been trying ever since to get Play Store to work and I keep getting Google has stopped working message… if this can’t be fixed I am going back to the Iphone…!!!!! I have tried all the “tricks” posted such as delete cache, etc…. grrrrrr frustrated in WI!!!!!

  • Jacob Dagenais

    No issues here… But maybe Google is preparing Android Silver!!! Maybe all Google services will not count towards data use!!!! A YouTube dream. Sadly it will always be just a dream πŸ™

  • JD Thayn

    I wasn’t able to access the Play Store or Google Play Games earlier, but everything seems to be working fine now.

  • Executor

    The only issues I’ve had today were while trying to order a Moto X through Moto Maker. I got ‘cannot find server’ errors for a few minutes while trying to login to Moto Maker with my Google account, and then the Moto Maker site itself was sluggish and unresponsive. Got it ordered in the end, though, an all-black 32GB model with a walnut back.

  • WeaselClubber

    Every one of my Google Play apps (five different ones) on my iPad haven’t worked for weeks now.

    • JWells

      It’s an Apple conspiracy on the part of Google! πŸ™‚

      • WeaselClubber

        Don’t know but it does seem strange that all of the apps quit working.

  • me

    Just got a new phone and can’t get any app because the store isn’t working


    Everything on my end seems to be working… wifi or network. I have vzw

  • JWells

    Yep, domino effect today for me. My work’s guestnet Wi-Fi was down due to bad weather last night so was using Verizon 4G. Gmail, Google Play, account sync would hang up, you name it. Soon as I got home to my Wi-Fi everything healed!

  • Daniel Jenkins

    Trouble with Play services on mobile data. No trouble on WiFi. I noticed it after I installed the new Play store. VZW Moto X 4.4.2

  • subiedude85

    Only works on Wi-Fi for me, thought my DNA was on the Fritz again until I saw this post.

  • Finire

    I’m not having any issues with Google Services… But I am having serious ones with Motorola services. Can’t check for updates, or use Motorola Connect.

    • Viralsense

      yeah im having some issues with that also