Google Acquires Quest Visual, Makers of Word Lens

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The latest acquisition to take place down in Silicon Valley is the snatch up of Quest Visual, the makers of Word Lens, by Google for an unknown price. The Quest Visual team will join Google to help build the current Word Lens engine into Google Translate, further helping citizens of Earth to read signs not in their mother tongue. 

With Word Lens, users can snap a photo of a sign that is in a different language, then have it translated onto the same sign. For example, if a stop sign over in Germany is being seen by an English-speaking American, they can snap a photo, then the app will display “Stop” on the sign. That is a very generic example, and the app is much more comprehensive than only single-word signs.

To celebrate, the Word Lens app is now free to download for a limited time on Android, Google Glass, and iOS.

Have at it.

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