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Samsung Reportedly Preparing Gear Glass for Debut in September

New reports out of Korea claim that Samsung will be announcing their own Google Glass-like wearable units in September of this year. The news comes from Business Korea, who spoke with a Samsung representative that stated the company will be ready to “roll out Gear Glass” in time for IFA 2014. 

This year, IFA is being held in Berlin, Germany from September 5 through the 10. The Samsung rep went on to say that Gear Glass would be equipped to run with Tizen OS, Samsung’s own operating system, instead of anything Google has put together up to this point.

The unnamed representative went on to say, “following the roll out of our smartwatch Galaxy Gear last September of last year, we are slated to roll out Gear Glass this September.” Samsung has had a lot of experience with unique glass display devices in the past year, and they seem to believe that the Gear Glass is just another step in that process.

Whatever Gear Glass ends up being, we hope it is somewhat less dorky looking than Google Glass.

Via: Buisness Korea
  • Shawn John

    Android Wear or Tizen?

  • TrevorKai

    Is that a “scouter” from Dragon Ball Z?

  • Finire

    *compatible only with the Galaxy S6

  • mcdonsco

    Soooo…Google has been running with this openly for what, 2-3 years? Now Samsung is going to beat them to market on it?

  • creed

    Gear glass running tizen… Can’t wait.

    • michael arazan

      Cue Revenge of the Nerds them Song

  • callumshell1

    At least it isn’t a full pair of glasses like Google’s.

  • Jonathan Ly

    If the Galaxy Gear and and Gear Fit are any indication……..that’s going to be an expensive POS.

    • michael arazan

      And lag harder than Alzheimers

  • brkshr

    Came here for the lulz… was not disappointed

  • flosserelli

    It will lag like molasses and all the notifications will block your view. But people will still buy it for the removable battery and memory card slot.

    • Nonono

      don’t forget their BAND-AID “design” strategy!
      DImpled blue, gold and black Gear Glass.
      With Tizen.
      With Touchwiz.
      With carrier bloatware.
      With carrier logos.
      With pimple camera.
      In a “wooden” box!

      The next dimpled thing.

  • I won’t knock it until it’s released.. The only bad thing that can come out of this is if it runs Samsungs versions of Google Apps which I have a strong feeling it does..

    • Mark Aaron Collado


      • Yea or Tizen but I’m kinda doubting it’ll run Tizen

        • Ryan

          Considering that it doesn’t sport the Galaxy brand, I would assume it will indeed run Tizen instead of Android.

        • learn to read

          “The Samsung rep went on to say that Gear Glass would be equipped to run with Tizen OS, Samsung’s own operating system, instead of anything Google has put together up to this point.”

          • Why read it when I can get an idiot like you to quote it for me.


    One step closer to xray vision. Creepers rejoice.

    • Voltism

      x-ray vision would show you someone’s skeleton, I don’t think anyone gets off to that…

      • jabarri2

        pretty much haha

  • Travis Erickson

    3 hours of battery with no use

  • William Oh

    Can’t imagine anyone wearing this on the street except at a anime convention cosplaying as a Saiyan warrior

  • Jason Kahn
  • Guest

    It will be so filled with features you won’t be able to see where you are walking

  • Mark Aaron Collado
    • T4rd

      Lol.. “Galaxy, how many ideas has Samsung ripped off from other OEMs?!”

    • Abrahamlinksys

      I came here to make sure someone made this reference. Noice

      • calculatorwatch

        That’s exactly what I was doing. Noice!

        • Jaybeezy


  • thunderbird32

    Now we’ll know if someone’s power level is over 9000.

    • Jonathan Williams


  • T4rd

    Well they can’t call it TouchWiz then.. PupilWiz? EyeWiz? Lol…

    • Kevin


      • ratnok


    • Jeff


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio
    • The Narrator
      • Dimpled_suit_commitee

        but the tiger was born this way, so it’s not ugly.:)

        While ugly SAMSUNG’s “designs” are conscious DECISIONS of their “designers” OKed by their executives.

    • RosinaBroadgym

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  • Maxim∑

    Apple with touch ID now Google with Glass what’s next?

  • antwonw


    • AbbyZFresh

      What lawsuit? Google and Samsung share patents now.