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10 Ways to Make Your HTC One (M8) Awesome

Your new HTC One (M8) is a really great phone straight out of the box, we said as much in our review. But this is a phone that runs Android, which means it can only get better assuming you find ways to use it to its fullest potential. From 3rd party launchers to memorizing Motion Launch gestures and setting up a custom camera, the One (M8) is begging for you to personalize it and become more efficient with its features.

Below, you will find a list of 10 ways for you to make your HTC One (M8) more awesome. Similar to the list we put together for the Galaxy S5 earlier in the week, we will walk you through lock screen widgets, why you should take advantage of HTC’s TV app, the benefits of using a micro SD card, and of course, help you customize the device to your liking.

Let’s do it. 

1.  Install a 3rd party launcher.

Just like Tim did with his Galaxy S5, I’m recommending that you install a 3rd party launcher on your HTC One (M8), immediately. My reason for recommending this move isn’t because HTC’s BlinkFeed launcher is bad, by any means, it’s just that a 3rd party launcher gives you so much power over your home screen setup. You can install an awesome icon pack, tell widgets to overlap, increase your grid to fit icons perfectly or fit more info on a screen, change animations between pages, remove the dock if you would like, and even add gestures to accomplish tasks. Oh, and let’s not forget that a 3rd party launcher will give you a customizable app drawer, which means you can move yourself as far away as possible from HTC’s incredibly awkward, vertically-scrolling, drawer.

htc one m8 awesome-1 htc one m8 awesome-2 htc one m8 awesome-3 htc one m8 awesome-4

I have used Nova Launcher for years now, but Apex, GO, and Action are all well-reviewed and have their own sets of amazing features. If you are new to launchers, give a few a try. Thanks to Android 4.4’s new Home switcher, it is now easier than ever to test out a variety of them.

2.  Memorize Motion Launch gestures.

My favorite feature of the HTC One (M8) has got to be its set of Motion Launch gestures. From the lock screen on your device, and with device in hand, you can perform a handful of quick swipes to get you to places in your phone without ever having to press the top-located power button. For example, if you double tap on the screen, it will wake to your lock screen so that you can easily check the time or see if you have notifications. Another double tap will put your phone back to sleep. I probably use this gesture 1,000 times in a day.

htc one m8 awesome-5 htc one m8 awesome-6 htc one m8 awesome-7

The others are great too, though. If you swipe to the left with your screen off, your phone will unlock to your home screens. If you swipe to the right, it will unlock directly into BlinkFeed. If you swipe up, your M8 will unlock to the place you last locked your phone from (could be an app). If you swipe down, the M8 will allow you to place a call using your voice. Finally, if you turn your phone to landscape and press Volume Down, the camera will launch.

To access Motion Launch gestures, head into Settings>Display & gestures>Motion Launch gestures. Memorize them and your time with the M8 will become increasingly more efficient.

3.  Create a custom camera setup.

HTC with the M8 currently takes the crown for my favorite camera app. It is simple, yet advanced when you need it to be. But beyond the UI, my favorite feature built into the camera is its ability to save custom camera setups. For example, say you really love to shoot images with a vignette filter and “daylight” lighting. You can save those two settings as a camera preset, so that you can quickly turn on those modes with a tap or two, rather than having to find them each individually through the camera UI.

htc one m8 awesome-8 htc one m8 awesome-9 htc one m8 awesome-1 htc one m8 awesome-10

Or let’s say you really take manual camera setups seriously and find yourself constantly tweaking settings while shooting in Manual mode. You could save that as a preset too.

To save a camera preset, simply setup your camera with filters or modes or custom settings, then tap the Settings icon, scroll down, and tap “Save as camera.” Once saved, you will find the camera setup in the Modes button located just under the shutter button.

4.  Disable or hide all bloat.

Chances are that you own an HTC One (M8) that is branded by a carrier. If so, then you likely have dozens of apps pre-installed that you would like to get rid of forever. We call these bloatware. Thankfully, Android has allowed us to disable or hide these apps from our eyes for some time.

htc one m8 awesome-11 htc one m8 awesome-12

If you head into Settings>App manager and swipe over to “All,” you will find a list of all apps installed on your device. Scroll through there, find apps you want to see go away, and either tap “Disable” or “Uninstall” if the option is there. If an app doesn’t have either option, any launcher you use these days should have a “hide apps” option. The stock HTC BlinkFeed launcher has this ability, as do most third party launchers.

5.  Customize your settings Quick Toggles.

If you swipe down through your notification bar with two fingers, you will open your quick toggles menu. Quick toggles offer you shortcuts for system settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Auto Rotate, GPS, NFC, etc. On the One (M8), you can customize which toggles show in this menu and how they are arranged. Say, you don’t feel you need a toggle for NFC, but you do want a WiFi toggle setup in the first position (top-left corner), you can do that through a simple quick toggle editor. The editor can be accessed by pressing the button that looks like a pencil writing on paper.

htc one m8 awesome-13 htc one m8 awesome-14

I tend to keep mine simple by only having WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Auto Rotate, Airplane, Mobile Data, and Settings shortcuts, but there 20 or so for you to choose from.

6.  Enable lock screen widgets.

If you combine the double-tap Motion Launch gesture with Android’s lock screen widgets, you can setup your phone to present you with all sorts of information without ever having to fully unlock your phone. But first, you will need to enable them on your One (M8). Head into Settings>Security, and then check to the box for “Enable lock screen widgets.”

htc one m8 awesome-1 htc one m8 awesome-2 htc one m8 awesome-3 htc one m8 awesome-4

Once you have done that, head back to your lock screen. With a swipe from the right edge of your phone to the left, you will open up additional pages that can be filled with widgets. For example, you could put a calculator on a page to give you quick access when needing to know precise tip amounts. You could put your calendar there for quick appointment checking. You could even put a Hangouts widget there to give you simple access to your list of conversations.

Not all widgets work on the lock screen, but there are certainly enough to make your smartphone an information powerhouse.

7.  Install a 128GB micro SD card.

Even though Google wants to rid the world of micro SD cards and expandable storage on Android devices, HTC has decided that its users still want them. I, personally, am on-board with that idea. I love being able to toss in a micro SD card to save photos to, but can then take that card to the next device I am using without having to rely on the cloud. Call me “old school,” I don’t care.

The HTC One (M8) is capable of holding up to 128GB micro SD cards. Cards with that much storage aren’t cheap, but they may be worth the investment for those of you who store more than just photos on your device. If you don’t feel like spending $100+ for a 128GB card, you can always go with a much more affordable 64GB card and reap the same benefits.

8.  Install a new keyboard.

HTC’s keyboard has come a long way over the years, but it is still not quite as good as some of your 3rd party options. Google’s Keyboard is actually insanely good, as is Swiftkey. If neither of those is getting the job done for you, think about something a little more quirky like Fleksy. All of these allow you to blindly type in the vicinity of keys, while still managing to figure out what it is exactly that you were trying to spell. Many provide you with a swiping or gesture-like typing experience as well, similar to what Swype made famous. They also auto-correct like champs, learn your words and tendencies to try and predict what is coming next, and may even let you change up their look with new themes.

htc one m8 awesome-15

9.  Setup HTC’s TV app.

Both Samsung and HTC have included TV apps and IR blasters in their most recent flagship phones. It is probably in your best interest to use them, especially the TV app from HTC, since it is simply put, awesome. The app takes a few minutes of setup to find out who your cable provider is, along with some favorite shows, so that it can start recommending others to you. You can view live sports scores, while also seeing the channels that these games are being played on. You can have the app remind you to watch shows that are coming up later in the day. You can favorite shows, check upcoming schedules, see episode details, chat with others on Twitter about them all, and even do something as simple as scroll through a channel guide.

htc one m8 awesome-16 htc one m8 awesome-17 htc one m8 awesome-18 htc one m8 awesome-19 htc one m8 awesome-20

And let’s not forget that you can use your phone as a remote to control your TV and cable box, thanks to the massive IR blaster at the top of it. The remote can switch between inputs, control either your TV or cable box, access your DVR, change channels, pause/stop/record/rewind/fast forward shows, and be setup for multiple rooms. This is a fully featured TV app that I highly recommend you take advantage of.

10.  Get the most out of BlinkFeed.

Tip number 1 told you to ditch HTC’s BlinkFeed launcher and switch to a 3rd party launcher like Nova. You should still do that, even though we are now telling you how to get the most out of HTC’s news aggregator. You see, even though you are using your own launcher, you can still access BlinkFeed whenever you’d like by setting up gestures in launchers like Nova to pop-up BlinkFeed in case you are like me and use it for quick news reading.

htc one m8 awesome-21 htc one m8 awesome-22 htc one m8 awesome-23

For example, I went into the BlinkFeed launcher and deleted all home screens except BlinkFeed. I then set a swipe-up gesture in Nova Launcher that launches the BlinkFeed launcher, so that I can quickly check the latest in my customized feed. To set this up, go into Nova settings>Gestures and Buttons>Swipe up>Shortcuts>Activities. Scroll down until you find “HTC BlinkFeed,” tap on it, and then find the specific HTC BlinkFeed instance that says “Launcher” underneath it. Done!

So, to get the most out of BlinkFeed, I would first recommend that you decide if you would like any of your social networks to be included. I use Instagram and Facebook in mine, but you could choose G+, Foursquare, or LinkedIn if you want. I also tell the TV app to send me recommendations. All of these customizable options can be found by swiping out the left panel in BlinkFeed, tapping the settings button, and then heading into Services & Apps.

Enjoy your phone!

Any other tips you would like to share with fellow HTC One (M8) owners?

  • Jerome

    Hi, anyone can give me the link to download the launcher use in figure .1 ?

  • SwizzleMeUp

    Just curious…which launcher program is that shown in the first
    picture? The one that reads out the time in words. I’ve download and
    installed/unintalled all the ones listed and am not seeing any settings
    to recreate that screen.

    • jxll

      nova launcher with zooper widget pro and zooper by beard

  • Quazzie Quinn

    What homescreen/lockscreen is shown in the first set of pictures. It looks amazing

  • Elizabeth Ponce

    I LOVE my new HTC and use my Swype keyboard extensively and it has it has always worked fine and now all of a sudden out of no where it types and does what it wants to. It’s IRRITATING because it’s only a month old and I use it a lot and this just started out of no where. Please help!!!!

  • Matthew Chan

    What’s the icon theme in the picture?

  • Matthew Chan

    Hey what’s the icon pack in the picture?

  • Travis Faulkner

    I had a tough time figuring out how to still use blinkfeed in a 3rd party launcher cause I love Nova and I prefer it. But I did a little searching and all you have to do is create a shortcut back to Sense home and clear out all the pages in Sense but Blinkfeed. It now sits as an app on my Nova home screen. You just cant do the whole swipe left thing for it. I do like it a whole lot better than Google Now though.

  • KvinlonWeldon

    Just root and instal viper Rom and you get it. It’s quite amazing. My m8 last days now

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  • LosttsoL

    Is this phone worth buying today at $99 on contract or waiting for LG or Motorola’s new offerings? I don’t really want an S5 and don’t want to pay $200 for a new phone either. I think it goes back up in price tomorrow on Verizon.

  • Sophia Patel

    The HTC One can be lying flat to use motion unlock. I do it all the time. You just have to make sure you press your finger firmly down and don’t just tap with the tip. http://youtu.be/T_QDvD2Qa54 Also, the best thing I like about the remote app is you can program additional buttons! If your tv remote has a button that you want, you just point your tv remote at the htC IR sensor and hold both buttons on each remote at the same time. You can even name the button what ever you like.

    • KingofPing

      Or use root it and run ElementalX kernel with the motion requirement disabled. No tricks needed at that point. 🙂


      • DLAROC

        That’s cool. But I’m not using any tricks to use it now while flat and unrooted. I have the Tmobile version and don’t know if that makes a difference but I can let my phone sit all night and double tap to turn on with it still laying on my table. I never knew that it’s not supposed to do that until the other day when I came across another review that says your supposed to pick up the phone before you can do it. I’ve been doing it since I got my phone two weeks ago without picking it up. Someone on YouTube started trying to call me out like I was lying so that’s why I made that video.

  • lonestaroc

    HTC SENSE 6 is really doing it for me. I uninstalled NOVA because found i was missing sense sytle. I might get nova again once i get bored on sense 6.. but imagine sixth sense prime? Hope HTC keeps surprising me.

  • The Motto

    “Call me “old school,” I don’t care.” no that would make you old fashioned.. old school means your still cool.. old fashioned means your just dumb..

    • DLAROC

      Are you saying he’s dumb because he still like using SD cards? SD cards are a good thing, not bad.

      • KingofPing

        SD cards area great.

        Just not in a phone in 2014. 🙂

  • tehfingaz

    I’ve tried to like this phone, but that HTC logo at the bottom irritates the hell out of me. I have no clue why but there needs to be a lot less going on, on the front of the phone. Maybe I’m just to picky..

  • urfbounder

    New android user here. Just curious, does anyone know the name of the icon pack in that first set of four photos? Secondly, how would one go about installing them/?

  • Nugget

    How many people here dogging the M8 actually have one and didn’t just read a random bad posting from an anonymous person on an internet board? I’m guessing none.

    • cizzlen

      lol this

  • Daniel

    How do you get your lock screen to look so awsome?

  • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

    Thank you droid life for that last tip. Now I have HTC blinkfeed setup in nova on my moto x.

  • If only for that black bar how id love this phone…my ex needs a new phone and shes not trying to pay vzw to get butt raped for using netflix to upgrade so ima take her to tmobile to see if she can deal with the size(although size hasnt been a problem for her, bazinga) but seriously she loves the moto x but i think tmobile makes sense for her to save some money monthly n still can grab an m8 so ima let her check out the phone if not ima see if this guy at bjs will do the 6gig(edge) plan for an upgrade like he told me he would…we see

  • Comeon

    I have an aversion to 3rd party launchers. The OEM launcher is still running right? So then aren’t you running a launcher on top of a launcher?

    • Matthew Merrick


    • Rod


  • dannyyang524

    Anyone know how to make the navigation bar on Nova the same transparency as the one in Blinkfeed? It’s been bothering me ever since I switched 🙁

    • Tyler

      Nova settings, look and feel, bottom option will enable transparency.

      • dannyyang524

        I already enabled that. I meant that when transparency is enabled on Nova, its a different level of transparency. Its darker than the one on blinkfeed

  • Karan Shrof Karan Shrof

    hi it was awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing this information

  • Hershel

    my sprint m8 came with very little bloatware. most were uninstallable.

  • William Peterson

    Can you use the Blinkfeed app if you are using a 3rd party launcher? I’m not seeing it when I look for the widget using Nova Launcher. Sorry if it’sa stupid question but I just can’t find it.

    • Hershel

      nope. its part of the sense 6 launcher.blinkfeed can be disabled though.

    • KingofPing

      From the article:

      “For example, I went into the BlinkFeed launcher and deleted all home screens except BlinkFeed. I then set a swipe-up gesture in Nova Launcher that launches the BlinkFeed launcher, so that I can quickly check the latest in my customized feed. To set this up, go into Nova settings>Gestures and Buttons>Swipe up>Shortcuts>Activities. Scroll down until you find “HTC BlinkFeed,” tap on it, and then find the specific HTC BlinkFeed instance that says “Launcher” underneath it. Done!”

  • Justin Faluotico

    Kellex, do you use the default HTC lockscreen?

  • paul_cus

    TV app is really great, agreed.

  • David Dudovitz

    Enough with this crap about vertically scrolling drawers. I have always felt that it is more natural and intuitive, and on of the few things that pre-ICS Android got right. Props to HTC for realizing that, and furthermore, when I do use a 3rd party launcher, I immediately change it to scroll vertically. So there, Kellen and Tim.

    • Hershel

      a drawer comes out vertically anyway.

      but i think kellen and tim are in love with their moto x

      • Turner

        I love my Moto X, at least until the G3 is available, but I have always used Nova and made the app drawer vertical. Dave’s right, horizontally scrolling is NOT intuitive. Also, still a month before we can get our hands on your flagship phone LG? WTF?

    • gingerbread 3d app drawer for the win!

  • Ray Charles

    its a solid phone!


  • Daniel Russell

    I’m pretty sure install third party launcher is what everyone suggests for every phone, regardless of the UI.

  • Chris King

    What about Google launcher ? Do you guys put nova on things like nexus or moto x? I’ve never used nova but using gl I quickly started to miss all the extra stuff tw does I switched back

    • jabarri2

      i love GL because of the google now, however i love the customizations of nova, it really does tear my apart when deciding, but I go with GL in the end, i use my google now more often than I need a new icon

      • PoisonApple31

        The last time I tried GL there was hilariously big icons on my phone, not cool.

        • LionStone

          It’s perfect for grandma to see those big icons!

      • Dokta

        If you’re rooted and not on ART….Xposed Framework, and Xposed GEL Settings work pretty well to let you make the GL launcher customizable. Not up to Nova standards or anything, but enough for me to justify keeping GL (and so keep “OK Google”). Xposed GEL Settings was broke temporarily with latest Google update, but is working again. Man I hate those freaking huge icons on stock. Not greatest solution, but you can make custom icons with Desktop Visualizer (free) or some other 3rd party apps.

    • Cesar

      Nova was literally the first thing I installed on my Moto X when I got it.

  • Kevin

    I don’t see add a better camera to that list.

  • Guy Pierce

    #11. Buy the LG G3!!!

    • Mike Aurin

      Yeah…buy the phone that isn’t available yet nor mentioned in this article.

      • Guy Pierce

        Just keeping the hype beast going! Why so serious (joker voice)?

    • Hershel


    • Stole my thing lol

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “1. Install a 3rd party launcher.” The entire point of an HTC device…is Sense UI. It’s pretty much the best Skin. Blinkfeed isn’t an issue…since you can remove it

    • JSo

      Don’t forget the keyboard. Change that too. 🙂

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Well of course. Swift Key is mandatory!

        • Hershel

          love swift key.

          • LionStone

            Is OK, not too impressed, there’s been lots of words it doesn’t spell out, whereas the stock KB on my DNA spell out words better.

          • Hershel

            Works fine here

        • cizzlen

          I like Swype and the stock keyboard on my One

        • KingofPing

          Google keyboard. (Used purchased SwiftKey until Google released theirs with “swiping” to the market)

          • HarvesterX

            Exactly. The only thing Google needs to add now is spit screen functionality as well as letting us resize the dammed thing. The Google keyboard is far more accurate then Swiftkey at the moment and that says a lot.

      • johntb

        is that the HTC stock keyboard?

        • JSo

          The one in the image of the article? No

          • johntb

            I do like that layout… does anybody know what that Keyboard is in the photo above?

          • JSo


    • Hershel

      but of course. sense 5 was the issue. sense 5.5 allowed you to remove it and sense 6 as well….

      sense was great back then when android looked like dog s h i t and even today after cleaning up that s h i t its so nice to use a “protective layer” of something that looks better.

  • Mickmayi

    I just wanna know what clock that is and where the wallpaper is from hahaha

  • Brandon Shaw

    Kellen, I love the idea of the swipe in Nova to get my Blinkfeed. Question thought… I dont see Blinkfeed as an option in any of the Nova Gesture settings. Can you elaborate?

    • Yeah, sorry about that. Added to the post, but here you go:

      To set this up, go into Nova settings>Gestures and Buttons>Swipe up>Shortcuts>Activities. Scroll down until you find “HTC BlinkFeed,” tap on it, and then find the specific HTC BlinkFeed instance that says “Launcher” underneath it. Done!

      • Brandon Shaw

        MONEY! Thanks for the info!

  • The Narrator

    11- Don’t buy it


    • Matthew DiGiacomo


  • Jordan Jax

    Tip to help save battery life even more: Turn Location Mode To Battery Saving- It comes Preset at High Accuracy which burns data and battery.

    1. “Settings”
    3. “Mode”
    4. Switch to “Battery Saving”

    Have a great day!

  • hackthis02

    1) S-Off
    2) install custom recovery
    3) flash GPe/CM ROM

    • grumpyfuzz

      or full gpe convert to get updates ;P

      • hackthis02

        Sadly that would only be an option for GSM versions.

      • Hershel

        htc devices get updates just fine.

        • grumpyfuzz

          Kitkat: Sometime in November for gpe htc one, sometime in February for htc one on carriers. big difference for some, but htc is pretty good at updating.

          • KingofPing

            To add some perspective: HTC’s GPe KK update damn near beat out some Nexus devices, and they beat *everyone* else out of the gate with the updates on the carrier models.

    • Hershel

      Stock is boring

    • TechWings

      I bought the GPe and installed Sinless Rom’s Sense. I love stock on the Nexus 5, but it just seemed like I was missing something not running Sense.

  • Xavier_NYC

    This list should be called, ‘1 Way to make your HTC One (M8) better’ 1) Root it….

    • Jkdem85

      do you happen to work at a Dunkin Donuts in NYC? I talked to a guy who looks like you about rooting phones a few years ago. Incredibly random I know.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Haha no I work in the Tech industry..

        • bprichard

          Damn. Was hoping you could hook me up with a job at Dunkin Donuts.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    It’s an HTC device. It’s awesome out the box.

    • Nexoduss

      Your nose is growing

      • JRUIV


    • tu3218

      Yeah I wouldn’t go that far. You’re thinking of a nexus or nexus like device.

      • aQuickBit


      • Kane Desousa

        Right because the camera, Speakers, and call quality on nexus devices are perfect.

        • tu3218

          No, they’re not perfect on the nexus devices, but I think stock android software is just that significant. Though, I do give it to HTC for not dismantling android as much as samsung does. I played with the M8 in the store, while software was very fast, the device is just too damn awkward. Like length wise, just didn’t work for me. At that size and dimensions, I’d just go for the note 3.

    • moew

      I’ve got these room temp ribeyes marinating starting now. Should I look for more hot avatars and get details?

    • ShadowGTX

      Really now? Explain my HTC Eris, HTC Thunderbolt, and HTC Incredible… All garbage phones never buying HTC ever again

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        -_- you’re talking about 2 year + old HTC devices. Any android device more than 2 years old ran like junk. Android as an OS has only recently smoothed out.

        • michael arazan

          My D1 ran pretty awesome, still does

      • Eric R.

        The OG Incredible was the best in 2010

        • ShadowGTX

          Maybe your incredible was good, but mine sucked.

      • Hershel

        Android was junk back then

        • ShadowGTX

          Android wasn’t junk back then you just didn’t know how to use it properly. If it was junk I would have gone iphone, BBerry, or even that horrible windows

          • cizzlen

            Lol use it properly? How would you know how he used it? And please don’t say oh he should have rooted and rom’d it. That’s an invalid argument.

          • ShadowGTX

            I never once said that did I? OG Droid which was one of my fav phones was first to support flash for android. Meaning you were able to access much more sits then on apple. That alone is was amazing for me since my job always has me on the go.

        • TSY87

          not complete junk, but not really all there yet… I agree with you mostly.

      • ShadowGTX

        That doesn’t matter one bit. Your comment said “it’s an HTC device. It’s awesome out of the box” stating ANY and EVERY HTC device. You didn’t say “it’s a 2013-2014 HTC device. It’s awesome out of the box”. Which is why I made my statement. Like I said to me (my opinion) HTC is garbage and will forever in my eyes be garbage. Even their tech support was horrid. F U HTC never

        • XTGwodahs

          I can see how stupid! you are just by looking at you name ….so how did you get here eh! ….ten tips about you HTC one m8 ??? …it’s not rocket science he is obviously talking about the M8 you stupid fellow of life !!!

          • ShadowGTX

            Had to post as anon cute… ofc he was talking about the M8. Yet he stated HTC devices not just the m8. Since you are so stupid, and a waste of time don’t bother replying back to this I won’t read it.

          • Benito

            I agree, he has no clue. His comments are garbage. Why is he even here??? Stop hating leave. Who cares what his opinion is. HTC is the shtttt.

      • Davis

        I bought the incredible and loved it. The design was cool. The camera was horrible but phones at the time were. Android was early and so was sense. It was great to use. Only had one issue which was the display after 9 months.

      • Nugget

        Not sure why you bought the first two, hated them, and then went back for a 3rd……

        • ShadowGTX

          Yes like I said I learned my lesson never again with HTC.

      • malcmilli

        My Evo 4g and Evo LTE were excellent phones… but you cant bash a company’s 2014 phone because of a phone it made in 2010. Otherwise i could say samsung sucks because my mother’s old Samsung Instinct was garbage. Or the LG G3 will be ass because the LG G2x was bad.

        • ShadowGTX

          Ofc that was and is my personal opinion on HTC. I used to work for best buy, and I know people who will never buy Samsung androids again due to the Droid charge. Know some who won’t ever touch LG due to the low end Optimus’. Motorola due to Bionic, Atrix, D3, and the spirit version forgot the name. Everyone has their own opinion.

          • malcmilli

            i understand, you have been burned, as i have with toshiba laptops, i’m just saying it wouldnt hurt to keep an open mind going forward as a lot of companies have really stepped up their game.

          • ShadowGTX

            Got to say it is refreshing having a nice reply convo like this. Droid life IMO has turned into fanboy central. Moto vs Sam vs HTC vs lg vs whatever else is out there. So it’s nice to have the replies once in a awhile. Even though HTC won’t be for me I still do give good honest opinions to family and friends. Even though HTC isn’t for me I have recommended th M8 to a few friends and they like it so far

      • TSY87

        actually, the OG incredible was… incredible. I still have fond memories of that phone, my first android. And that camera was really before its time. I still think it performed just as good if not better than the s4 I had and the note 3 I currently have.

    • sj0808

      HAHAHAHAJA you wish

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Facts only

      • Hershel

        2011 called. it wants you back.

    • chris

      Oh, but I thought blinkfeed was a “COOL FEATURE”. HAHAHA…
      We all know HTC is perfect just because the phone has a “METALLIC BUILD”.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Nobody liked Blinkfeed.

        • Matthew Merrick

          Really? Because though I don’t like it, most reviews (both user and professional) I’ve read say otherwise

        • clackarelli

          I love BlinkFeed and although there are apparently ways to incorporate in all android phones with a launcher I’m tempted to get a one m8 or max rather than wait for the G3

    • rabi143

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  • Kane Desousa

    Funny, no animation tweaks or anything to improve the speed… Haha