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Google Camera Update 2.1.042 Brings Back Photo Capture During Video Recording

A minor Google Camera update to build 2.1.042 is rolling out today with one added (or re-added) feature – photo capture during video recording. This feature debuted on the former stock Google Camera app long ago, but for some reason went missing when Google updated to this new stand-alone app. So now, when you are recording a video, all you have to do is tap the screen and it will take a still image of whatever you are looking at. 

Play Link | Download [2]

Cheers Paul and Derek!
  • What is the appeal of this feature? Surely it would be better to have it available during playback instead of risking bumping the device while recording. Being able to manually focus while recording seems to have far more utility…(with the same risk of bumping the device, admittedly). Regardless, some folks seem to want this, and that’s fine… so why can’t this be a toggleable feature? Why the all or nothing approach with people? Scared to have too many settings on the config screen? 😛

  • Scott Lantow

    Man do I hate the view finder not filling the screen and the capture button being pushed closer to edge…

  • sdfgdf

    now once they put time lapse and timer functions back in, ill update.

  • Marko Šaric


  • BlackHatMario

    all I want is a working camera app. Not an app with some useless effects or thousands of functions… It should work, be fast and be customizable in the common sense way like for example I want to be able to use my hardware buttons to take photos.

  • imronburgundy

    Diet Coke?? Dang, you want to die early son.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Ever since the last update to the camera my pictures are generally out of focus. Great update, Google!

  • I was in need of this feature last weekend when I went to the range.

  • CameronJHamilton

    This feature debuted on the former stock Google Camera app long ago, but for some reason went missing when Google updated to this new stand-alone app. So now, when you are recording a video, all you have to do is tap the screen and it will take a still image of whatever you are looking at.


  • grayson360

    So I was kind of wondering with all of these camera apps and new updates, can someone do a look back at the Nexus 7 2013 camera again? It looks like its gotten a lot better since I first purchased it.

  • Hershel

    Google was extremely stupid in removing it in the first place.

    Are some Google employees on crack?

    • miri

      When overhauling an app, the core features are launched first and the secondary/niche features are added over time.

  • Kenny Woodard

    Didn’t like the new update on my M7. It made the shutter button black instead of transparent and for some reason put black bars on the right and left side of my screen. I realize it will still take the full picture, but it was still unsightly and odd.

    • Hershel

      Google is like a little kid (or my father) and has impulse poblems.

  • Frustrated Android

    BURRRRRRRSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT MODE!!! how hard is that google??? :-/

  • nerds

    also, settings stick now. I used to always have to tick HDR+ on when going to camera.

  • All I want is to be able to shoot slow motion video… *crossed fingers*

    • Shane Redman

      I kind of miss time lapse

      • Oh yeah, I’ll take that too. Forgot about time lapse.

    • That’s really ALL you want? Well, you’re easy to please 🙂

  • I believe before this update you could tap the screen to refocus during a recording. Now it’s back to snapping pictures which I don’t really need personally.

  • Justin Van Nostrand

    New app force quits every time I try to turn on HDR+ on Nexus 5. Anyone else? Tried clearing app cache and data to no avail.

    • Working fine here. Nexus 5 as well.

    • brkshr

      FC’s on my nexus 4. Nexus 5 works fine.

    • andydrives2fast

      Same issue here on N5 running CM M6 and PA beta

      • turdbogls

        see my post above…can almost guarantee thats the issue you are having as CM doesn’t use the photosphere camera.

    • turdbogls

      running a ROM? I’m assuming something that doesn’t have photosphere or HDR+ on the camera?

      basically if you are running the AOSP camera (no photosphere, no HDR+) you are missing the libs for HDR+ to work.
      I had that problem when i would flash the PA micro modular gapps. had to flash a patch to install these libs….unfortunately, I got rid of my Nexus 5 and thus, lost that file. its out there somewhere though

      if none of the above is true, try clearing data and chache for the google camera.

      Edit: I found the link (thanks Push Bullet!)
      download and flash in recovery

      • Justin Van Nostrand

        I think you’re right. I’m running Carbon, photosphere works but HDR+ is broken no matter when version of Google Camera I’m using.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I just wish they’d allow phones with Jellybean to use it. Something tells me I’ll be replacing my GNex this year.

    • jboogie1289

      Yep, so it’s the G-Nex and the Note 3 that are “stuck” on 4.3………sigh and Lol!!!!!!! I guess it could be worse, we could be on 4.0

    • Jeremy Martin

      Install CM 11. KK and GNEX fun 🙂

      • How does the ol’ girl handle the Kit-kats?

      • Franklin Ramsey

        CM 11 just isn’t stable enough for me. I got tired of running anything besides stock as things just keep crashing or having little things I have to “work around” instead of just working.

        • Jeremy Martin

          I can understand that. What about one of the other non CM based AOSP roms? Assuming you are using a VZW GNEX look here http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-nexus/verizon-develop I believe Shiny ROM is a non CM based AOSP rom.

          CM 11 is still a work in progress and the M builds are the “stable” ones that you can report bugs to. If you dont want to use custom roms then upgrading will be your only hope for KK.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Oh I’ve run other Roms. None have been Stable enough for me. I guess I’m just tired of fighting little bugs and just prefer stock since it just seems much more stable. Yup, I realize I’ll have to upgrade to get KK, but since I’m assuming some new version will be released around June, I guess I’ll wait a little longer. lol

        • j

          Shiny ROM.. just works. I won’t touch CM with a 10ft pole either, but I’ve been running Shiny for over a year on my GNex and it’s the sole reason I still have the GNex (cuz.. well, everything just works)

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well, everything still just works on my Stock GNex, though it has started to run a little bit slower recently. I’m just going to upgrade I think, as I got tired of fighting bugs in Roms and pretty much swore them off anymore. It was fun in my younger days. Now I’d rather spend my time doing other things than flashing updates or different roms and restoring all my stuff.

    • Blue Sun

      Install Shiny ROM (3/9/2014 build). I left CM on my GNex & have preferred the quality & stability of the builds on Shiny ROM.

  • Shane Redman

    darn moto gestures keep making me forget I have this shooter.

  • IrishSid

    Liking this camera a lot.

  • j

    I enabled the option to set the exposure time, but the + and – options are not selectable from the menu (it stays locked on 0). Is there some special mode I need to be in to set the exposure? time

    • Turn HDR+ off.

      • j

        I don’t see any options for HDR in any menu. Swipe from left, option gear, or three dot menu

        swipe from left: select camera mode (panorama, camera, video etc. option gear comes up, but nothing anywhere about HDR even in Advanced)
        Three dot menu brings up exposure, grid, flash, and switch camera.. no HDR.

        I’m lost.

        • Are you on Nexus 5?

          • j

            GNex. Shiny Rom. the camera app was auto updated from Gplay. I think I’m just going to uninstall and go back to ‘stock’ rom

          • That’s the problem. Gnex doesn’t have HDR.

          • j

            alright..thanks. back to AOSP camera. slower, but exposure control is a must on the GNex since the camera overall is weak.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’ll stick to my stock camera. Thanks

  • Joe Zollinger

    Anyone know if there is a way to turn off the shutter sound on this app?

    • Nexus_FrEak

      Creeper Status!

      • Joe Zollinger

        ha! says the guy with the annonymous avatar!

        • Nexus_FrEak

          ahhh… Touché

    • Yeah, put your phone on silent.

    • brkshr

      You have to be rooted and delete (or rename) the .ogg camera-click file in system/media/audio/ui

    • sdcoiner76

      That is usually a setting that is not made available because in some areas you can be fined for not having a sound when taking a picture. But, you can easily just put your phone on silence and take a pic.

      • michael arazan

        Why does it need sound? There is no sound repetition while recording videos

        • sdcoiner76

          This has to do with people that take upskirt photos and photos in dressing rooms of other people (don’t know why they are not worried about video). I don’t think it went anywhere but last year there was a bill proposed in the US that would make it mandatory that all mobile phones has a shutter sound that could not be disabled because of this. Since there are laws like this in other countries some manufacturers just make it so you can’t turn it off to cover all areas. I believe it is South Korea that had such a problem that not only does a camera have to have a shutter sound it has to be at least a certain loudness.

    • Mr. Easy

      put your phone on silent

    • Joe Zollinger

      Thanks for the phone to silence suggestions, unfortunatly this doesn’t turn off the sound.

      • LionStone

        The camera settings on stock Android are bare bones, for instance on the DNA, the shutter options available are Tap to Focus and turn shutter sound ON/OFF.