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HTC Posts Q2 Guidance – Plans Domination of Mid-range Market, One (M8) Already Selling Better Than One (M7)

HTC issued guidance for its Q2 financials today, and the news was mostly positive. The Taiwan-based company said it projects revenues to dip slightly, down 2-8% from last year with $2.16 billion.

However, the company’s anticipated net income of between $31 million and $115 million, beat analysts expectations. As HTC Source points out, Q2 of this year could be HTC’s most profitable in more than 2 years.

That growth is partially fueled by strong sales of the HTC One (M8), which HTC CFO Chialin Chang said is already selling better than its predecessor. The mid-range will hopefully also be a source of steady profit, as Chang stated to Bloomberg, “We intend to dominate the mid-tier. We believe we have the capability, the combination of factors in terms of what consumers need.”

In a report from Reuters, HTC’s CEO is quoted at stating that his company resolved many of the manufacturing issues which they ran into with last year’s One (M7). With those fixes, HTC’s customers can rely on consistent, well-produced devices; regardless of whether they are flagship devices or mid-range handsets.

All in all, things are looking up for HTC.

Via: HTC | HTC Source | Bloomberg | Reuters
  • Mark Knight

    up to I looked at
    the check which was of $6861 , I be certain that my friends brother was like
    realie taking home money in there spare time on their laptop. . there uncle
    has done this for under fourteen months and at present repaid the mortgage on
    there apartment and got a new Lancia Straton . look at here now W­ o­ r­ k­
    s­ 7­ 7­ .­ C­ O­ M­

  • pyro74boy .

    I hope HTC sells theses phones faster then they can make them because it’s Android that is winning the war in the smartphone world. In a few short years people will be saying who is Apple oh the fruit LOL

  • Brock Johnson

    I love my HTC first one I’ve had. Fastest and greatest battery life I’ve had in a phone. I was a 3rd generation Sammy user on VZW

  • T4rd

    Did someone put the HTC logo on the back of the Moto X?

  • Cory Pitkavish

    YES! this is great cause if they can take back some market share we can have better compitition which means lower prices (potentially) and more innovation. this is good regardless of which company you support

    • michael arazan

      As long as carriers are involved, it will never be about lower prices

  • Ryan B

    It’s because it is way less ugly.
    Take those ugly top and bottom weird separator lines out and then it will really sell.

    • PuzzleShot

      Those lines are the antenna.

      • Ryan B

        That isn’t the only way to have an antennta on a device…

        • PuzzleShot

          It’s an aluminum body. As far as HTC has said, it’s the most effective way to have an antenna on a metal phone without having a perpetually poor signal.

          • Ryan B

            Aluminum, yeah there is another anoying thing (in my opinion). They need to have a variant that doesn’t look ugly and have aluminum.

          • nkd

            You just hate the phone, we understand. I see nothing wrong with black lines on the back. I guess you know better to implement something than engineers at HTC who have said repeatedly that this is how they eliminated all the antenna problems with the design. Ugly? I am sure you are in the minority of the people that hate the design. I have galaxy note 3 as personal and htc one m8 as work phone, by no means this thing is ugly even with the bezel in the front and so called black lines on the back, this thing is a beauty. I guess there is a reason they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But you seem to just purely hate the phone for what it is. I am sure the next iteration of the phone will probably reduce the bottom bezel as the design language improves.

          • Ryan B

            I am a graphic designer and design is my life. I don’t hate the phone I just thinks it’s super ugly and think they have room for improvement.

          • Hershel

            anything has room for improvement

          • Ryan B

            Boom. There ya go. And I’m telling you its the design that has the room for improvement. Mainly my opinion but im willing to bet that I’m not the only one that feels this way.

          • Hershel

            You are the only one. Trust us.

          • I’m a graphic designer, I have an M8 and I love it. Best looking phone on the market.

          • Hershel

            and the bezzel isn’t THAT big to begin with.

            I love the design of the m8.

          • Hershel

            remember the iphone 4?

    • Hershel

      those are the antenna. clearly you forgot about the issues the iphone had

      • Ryan B

        Lol I don’t care about the iPhone.

        • Hershel

          It had antenna issues.

        • George264

          The iPhone is a huge player in the game. Whether you like apple or not if you completely disregard it, you’re missing a chunk. The gold color that the 5S brought back, the fingerprint sensor that HTC and Samsung jumped to copy. I don’t like Samsung, but I definitely care about them because of how big they are. You seem like an incredibly ignorant person. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Just because you don’t like the black bars doesn’t mean other people have to think the same. HTC can’t eliminate the bars without reception issues. I love the bars on the M8. Having it in my hand, it is gorgeous. It adds a seperator and a distinct line that cuts through the metal and be bold. Like if you were wearing a white shirt and white pants you have to have a bold color belt to break the white.

          • Ryan B

            Apparently having an opinion is being incredibly ignorant…
            Us, as humans, should never stop pushing the envelope. Sure I am pleased with a lot of the latest and greatest technological releases, but I don’t believe in being so content to never want vast improvements. With every release of everything ever, there are downsides. And to me, the downsides/draw-backs of this phone are the aluminum body and the antenna that comes with it.

            Now here is why I think I am so right in having this opinion. Since this Droid-Life post, they(HTC) have released a plastic bodied, invisible antenna variant of this phone. HMMM… IMAGINE THAT, idiot.

  • morteum

    I guess those Gary Oldman ads are better than everyone thought.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I really doubt that terrible ad has much to do with anything.

      • morteum

        It has to do with everything.

    • Pedro

      blah blah blah.. Old man blah blah

      Get off my lawn!

  • The Narrator

    And all they did was add a second camera

    • Hershel


  • epps720

    Nice to hear that HTC is having some type of success. Now if they just remove that black bar, and get rid of the 2 camera mega pixel nonsense they would have a real winner.

    • Hershel

      the backbar isn’t that bad.

      • epps720

        It is b/c it seems like a waste of space. It’s a very tall phone and if they could get rid of that it would be much more manageable. If they need the bar due to space for the internals I wish they would have gone the 1+1 route and given you the option between capacitive or on screen buttons b/c that really is a waste of space.