HTC Posts Q2 Guidance – Plans Domination of Mid-range Market, One (M8) Already Selling Better Than One (M7)

HTC issued guidance for its Q2 financials today, and the news was mostly positive. The Taiwan-based company said it projects revenues to dip slightly, down 2-8% from last year with $2.16 billion.

However, the company’s anticipated net income of between $31 million and $115 million, beat analysts expectations. As HTC Source points out, Q2 of this year could be HTC’s most profitable in more than 2 years. (more…)

HTC Bee and Desire Dummy Phones Arrive in Alltel Stores

It looks like that HTC Bee ROM that was floating around with Alltel branding on it wasn’t lying.  The shot above is of HTC Desire and Bee dummy phones that are beginning to arrive at Alltel Wireless stores meaning the devices will be available in the coming weeks.  The HTC Desire is sort of a surprise and our sources have it actually launching as the “Spitfire” or at least something along those lines.

A lot of us thought Alltel was dead, but they are starting to put together quite a nice Android lineup which already includes the Motorola Milestone.

Cheers Alltel!