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Spotify Introduces Darker Theme for Android

Spotify announced a new update for Android this morning, one that introduces their new darker theme, along with refreshed typography and rounded iconography. In Spotify’s words, “Playing your favorite music has never look so good.”

Spotify notes in today’s announcement that they introduced a new feature called Your Music within the last few weeks because they know how much you love playlists. Your Music helps you save, organize, and browse your favorite tunes. Finally, they are improving the Browse feature to make it easier to find specific types of music, whether it be something to fall asleep to or the perfect playlist to “get you geared up for the big night out.” 

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Via:  Spotify
  • naos

    Well I would care a month ago, but since Spotify doesn’t want to support Chromecast I already cancelled my subscription and moved to Google Music All Access.

  • Chris B

    “Never looked so good”. haha. What!!??

    Go check out the forums on Spotify and see there crazy amount of hate for the new look. The problem I have with it is that it’s dark. In the past, I LOVED dark themes. But, since I ‘acquired’ a bit of an eye disorder (Keratoconus), I still like them, just my eyes don’t. It’s a bummer that they don’t simply theme the app rather than force the all black look down your throat.

  • s2knj

    I will be switching from Google Play Music to Spotify simply because GPM does not want to work on my G2 (VZW) after the kit kat update. Constant errors. Sent complaints to google 4 times and not one answer. Tired of paying money for a service that barely works

    • GamePunk429

      I have been having the same issue and I have a ticket open with Google, I have sent them logs and everything and yet to hear back. It is unreal frustrating to get 3/4 way through a song and have it stop. Luckily for me it doesn’t happen often when I am streaming music but it happens on every song I pin, which sucks because I don’t get a signal in the gym.

    • Naos

      I had similar problems with Spotify playing Pink Floyd albums, the music stops playing at random moments and skips to next track. No app is perfect. I switched to All Access recently because of lack of Chromecast support in Spotify. The only thing I miss is the popularity rankings, that was really useful in Spotify.

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  • Skipp Thompson

    Any side loading options out yet? Both tablet and phone haven’t updated so far.

    • Joel Conde


  • Rob

    Have they also included metadata to show up on bluetooth devices such as stereos yet? This is the feature I wish for the most.

  • MarionHNunn

    Spotify announced a new update for Android this morning, one that introduces their new darker theme, along with refreshed typography and rounded iconography. In Spotify’s words, “Playing your favorite music has never look so good.” http://sn.im/28v1ckw

  • dsignori

    The new app is gorgeous !!! Wow, what an improvement. Very Nice job Spotify !

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I made the decision to Dump Spotify for Google. 2 things. Chromecast, and the ability to upload local tracks to Google Servers which is the perfect way around not being able to stream local music files.

    I had both for a while.

    • Arian

      You can stream local files with Spotify!

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Stream to where? I’m talking about streaming to chromecast.

        • Arian

          Woops I was thinking about phones.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            lol okay cool. I thought the removed playing local files from Spotify though? Is there a work around?

          • supergrover1337

            You can cast your desktop tab to Chromecast, but it is a lame workaround at the moment. I am waiting for Chromecast support through the app before I switch back.

          • lanisan

            I’m going to try the Bubble UpNp option above. I loved spotify but couldn’t justify paying 10.00 for Spotify and 8 for GPM (got in early and get a discount I guess). I used to use Spotify on my mac which would airplay to my airplay devices and use a spotify remote app on my phone to listen to tunes downstairs/upstairs (where the stereo is vs the computer). Then I tried GPM and got a chromecast. I love that I can play tunes to my chromecast and it houses my entire library, I can use my phone or tablet as a remote but Spotify just *knows* what I like to listen to better. It does a better job of organizing and suggesting music and it’s layout isn’t as clunky and unfinished feeling. At lesat if the above solution works i won’t have to pay to stream spotify at home and I can use both solutions.

          • Arian

            No workaround necessary. I just add my local files to the playlists I need them in, and they show up on my phone once I sync! Very well integrated.
            Pic 1: Drag and drop your local files from your computer to Spotify.
            Pic 2: Add local files to playlist! You can stream them with your other songs
            Pic 3: Sync and boom on your phone. I can listen offline too.

          • Chris B

            ..you can’t stream, you can Cache your (local) music to the device.

    • Rob

      Doesn’t Google only upload songs they don’t have in their catalog and scan/match those that they do? I know before in the early days of GPM you had to upload everything though.

  • Alex Boro

    Racist! JK

  • EC8CH

    I wish we could get the option for Dark and Light themes on more apps, especially Google apps.

  • Colin Huber

    Chromecast or nothing. That’s the only thing keeping me with GPMAA.

    • Derrick Jefferson

      What interests you in the other streaming services?

      • Colin Huber

        I get a number of crashes with Google’s app when surfing around for music while it’s playing. The music will continue to play, but the app will shut down. I run it mostly on a Note 3. But that’s not the biggest reason. I use Spotify’s collaborative playlists a lot to make playlists with friends. I’m also prepping for a wedding here in a few months and would love to use that feature. Spotify does that — and other social aspects of music — much better. However, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I use a Chromcast to run music all the time, which is an awesome feature. Until Spotify bakes it into their app, I’ll stick with Google. (It hurts me to not side with a Google product.)

        • TSY87

          the social aspect is one of the major factors keeping me with spotify.

  • I just want Chromecast support then I will be happy! I would switch to Google Play music but Spotify is half the price with the student discount. $4.99 a month is a steal.

    • Derrick Jefferson

      That is a reason I understand.

    • Craig P

      That’s the only reason I switched from Google to Spotify

    • Eric R.

      I don’t get why you can’t just use a Bluetooth speaker? Chromecast is meant for videos I thought.

      • @disqus_Gvat1sx2k7:disqus Because a bluetooth speaker does not equal the 5.1 surround system I have hooked up to my Chromecast. And I prefer to use sonos for multiroom audio since it creates a mesh network. (spotify works great on sonos).

    • D. Sharer

      I use BubbleUPnP to cast Spotify to my Chromecasts. It works perfectly, not to mention everything else the app can do.

    • Chris B

      While I agree, I really want ChromeCast support, I don’t think it will happen. There are kinda taking a different route w/ getting hardware partners and don’t see this in their cards to allow “free” casting to a cheap cheap dongle.

  • Derrick Jefferson

    Please don’t get butt hurt because I am genuinely curious… Why would anyone choose Spotify over Google play music all access?

    • Ray

      not sure they have licenses for all the same major labels

    • JD

      Spotify has a free option?

    • Brandal Wagener

      I enjoy sharing music with friends and making a playlist and sending it to their inbox has never been easier

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Google can’t…./Won’t allow sharing to sites other than G+ . . . I think Sharing what you’re listening to to Facebook users/friends is a cool feature.

    • Arian

      A lot of my favorite artists heavily use Spotify to premiere new music. One of my fave producers released an album last year with two bonus tracks specifically to Spotify. That’s why I (and others) use it. More options, more artist support.

    • Daniel Ogilvie

      Desktop client.

    • Stephen D

      GPM doesn’t have a desktop client, and I only pay $4.99 a month for Spotify with my student discount.

      • Jem

        Desktop client? Why do you need an app? Seriously curious. I just go to my bookmark at https://play.google.com/music/listen#start_pl and play whatever I want.

        • Paul Hansen

          Bitrate is much lower but I do this in a pinch.

        • Stephen D

          I listen to music while playing games, and my keyboard has controls that work the Spotify desktop client. I’ve used GPM, and the keyboard controls don’t work, so I have to minimize the game. I know that’s minor, but it’s enough that I went back to Spotify.

        • ceejw

          The desktop app lets you save music locally for offline use. There’s no way to do that when using google play music on a computer.

    • TSY87

      collaborative playlists, desktop client, the ability to “listen along” with a friend is a novelty, but fun.

    • Chris Friend

      iOS devices + my personal computer and school computer application (Windows + Mac), better UI and interface, cheaper if you have a student discount, larger library, app support in my car, supports my keyboard controls, etc.

      It’s so much better.

    • thunderbird32

      Social tie-ins. Particularly Last.fm and Facebook. Not that I post what I’m listening to, to Facebook rather that I like seeing what my friends are listening to in app. Mostly Last.fm though.

  • Kane Desousa

    It’s sexy.