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This is the OnePlus One.

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The OnePlus One is now official. In this 2:35 clip, you’ll see the design finally unveiled, along with the list of specs that have been slowly teased for weeks.

We’ll have more in a minute, as the company is still running through it’s press conference.


    Crysis 3?

  • Dustin Casper

    Also, as soon as I get my M8 this video surfaces. I hate that I’ll never be satisfied.

  • Dustin Casper

    Nice Crysis 3 theme.

  • Nathaniel Marrufo

    I was literally just playing Crysis 3 and just got out of it and watched this video. I though my game was some how still running so i Pushbulleted the vid to my phone and my mind was blown. Scary.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    Lemme guess no Verizon right =( just point me to the nearest cliff plz *sigh*

  • Liderc

    Beautiful device, 1080P IPS panel? Yes please.

  • Colin Huber

    They must have some serious cash behind this project. Decent marketing, excellent product for the sale price.

  • Minh

    Global 4G support? What does Verizon have to say about this?

  • mcdonsco

    And of course…no Verizon.

  • flyinggerbil

    can’t wait to root and restore to stock

    • flosserelli

      Restore back to…CM?

      • flyinggerbil

        stock. hate cm.

  • Nick Norman


  • ianxcom

    “Haha. Nope!” – verizon

  • Awesome video, the beginning, with the music game me the chills.

  • Anonz

    100000x better than these stupid flagships M8 and GS5….

  • weedface

    Did anyone notice it’s equipped with a Li-po battery instead of Li-ion?

  • JZ

    Is that the theme for Crysis 3 playing in the background? XD

  • Ryan N

    OKAY OKAY. I’m sorry but… @0:37

    and then this


  • flosserelli

    This commercial kept my attention much better than HTCs Gary Oldman and Robert Downey Jr snoozefest. I still want my 60 seconds back from watching those.

    • a) youth.in.asia

      Blah blah blah blablah blah

  • Luke v

    I wonder if they payed for the rights to that music, or simply stole it from Crysis?

  • Ryan N

    1. The phone looks great and has great specs.

    2. Let’s not get all gaga over it until we have a better idea of the support it will get.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Support?….. The thing is running CYAN. That should answer that.

      • Ryan N

        Sorry, I didn’t specify. I didn’t mean on the software side. I meant more from a business standpoint. Carriers, accessories, etc…. You know, things that are usually synergistic with larger companies… I have no doubt about its potential… Just not getting my hopes up as it’s been how long since a new entrant into the market had huge success.

  • Jeremiah Hawkins

    Is it water resistant? Saw it in the video I think

  • mbagasao

    I want!

  • Jake W

    The phone is alright, but that music…….goregasim

  • midas617


    • The Narrator

      My man Obama, love ya homie

      • mcdonsco

        Its official; you’re a douche.

        • The Narrator

          Because I like our President of the United States? Oh man. I knew the GOP was bad, but not that bad.

          • Rick Ramey

            Our debt has doubled under him, as well as warrantless domestic spying. Not to mention his kill list. But keep telling yourself that is all about race.

          • The Narrator

            Bush started the spying. Already confirms your ignorance.

            Has Obama started false war, killed innocent Americans, ran us into a financial collapse? Nope.

            He’s also not trying to throw the mythical bible down our throats.

          • Rick Ramey

            I never said Bush didn’t start it, which confirms your inability to read and/or reason. Domestic spying has become worse under Obama and only and idiot would claim otherwise. And more Americans have died in Afghanistan under Obama than Bush. Is citing facts racist?

          • The Narrator

            Lol become worse under Obama. Keep drinking the kool aid.

          • Welfare Mama

            I’m pretty sure Obongo is the only one drinking kool aid, grape and flaming hot cheetos.

          • neo

            Bush started the spying? It goes back a lot further than him. False war? Obama and Hillary both voted for it. At least Bush went through congress unlike Obama with regard to Libya. So you blame Bush for the financial collapse? What was the main cause? The housing bubble. And what led to that? You need to stop being so “ignorant” and go do a little more research, mainly on the “National Homeownership Strategy” started back under Clinton. Bush actually tried to pass some regulation but it was opposed by the democrat controlled congress.

          • decayo

            Our debt has doubled under him? Are schools no longer teaching kids about the three branches of government? Do you imagine that the Presidency is analogous to a king? “Cut spending and raise taxes” said Obama and the Republican opposition cowered and bent to his iron will. The national debt is a function of spending for programs enacted by law, the income generated by the tax code that is enacted by law, and the health of the economy which is rooted in historical trends; laws that enact/repeal programs and the tax code are both under the purview of Congress. The economy was in shambles when he took office; the idea that he could get around Republican opposition to enact some sort of magical program to instantly reform the economy is one born of an overly-simplistic worldview.

          • neo

            Republican opposition? Pelosi and the democrats controlled congress for the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency, so why didn’t they do anything about it then? Oh ya shoving health care reform down out throats was more important than the economy crashing. Also I find it interesting that back when the debt was about to hit $8 trillion, Obama, Pelosi, and the rest were yelling how bad it was to raise the debt limit and it was a “failure of leadership”, but now it’s OK that it’s more than doubled since then, and they want to spend more. Now even “Republican opposition” doesn’t stop Obama from doing what he wants he just goes around them and has said he will. Add to that all of his flying around the world and spending millions of taxpayer’s money on his first class vacations while he preaches that everyone needs to pay their “fair share”, he’s beginning to look more and more like a “king” every day.

          • Dustin Kear

            Dude, why do you comment on nearly every article? Maybe take a break…

          • terrorist96

            When a president begins his term by saying he’s not going to prosecute the previous administration for their crimes and that we need to “move forward”, understand that he’s going to commit those same crimes.

          • DDar

            Keep playing that race card, Narrator. Or you could list King Obuma’s accomplishments. Oh wait, now I know why you can only play the race card. Worst president in US history.

          • neo

            It’s easy why he always plays the race card, it’s because he has nothing else. He can’t defend failed policies, so he throws out the race card.

          • meijin3

            Clearly you’re an idiot. Not everyone who disagrees with you and doesn’t like what the President does is a racist. Democrat leadership is more racist than anyone else. Do you think Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or anyone else like them actually gives a crap about minorities? It’s all politics and they thrive off of manipulating minorities to vote for them.

            Hopefully that’s the last time I discuss politics on an Android website but I’m really tired of people using retarded arguments.

  • Gabriel Copp

    if anyone missed the launch, there was also an awesome promotional rap video. it was completely in Chinese, so I’m assuming it was promotional…everyone was holding up their index fingers at the end of the video. oh, not awesome, sorry, AWKWARD. Still excited though.

  • JonathonFlores

    If I tuck it in my belt line nobody can see it right???

  • ramifications

    I love when manufacturers release design videos!

    The One+ in particular looks quite beautiful. A great camera, display, processor, and battery. Seems like it will be the phone to beat (at least until the next group of hero phones arrive like the G3 and Moto X2, etc.)

  • Jason Melling

    This phone was already released by Oppo.

  • Nick Floria

    350 dollars for a 64gb phone.

  • monkey god

    Looks like an updated Nexus 5

  • Captain Spaulding
  • tharealoc

    Looks like a pain to hold, I’d call that a compromise…

    • damnit, a menu button?! i missed that

    • Gabriel Copp

      luckily for me, i’m still using the Droid RAZR, so I’m more the accustomed to capacitive buttons, a menu button, and the back button on the right. I guess I can thank Moto for that one.

    • Dominick White

      I believe it as both. Capacitive and on screen. Can turn the capacities and use the on screen, so something for everyone

  • Kevin Esser


  • Tyrone Biggums