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Aio Wireless to Take on Sprint’s Framily Plans, Intros New Group Plan Discounts

Sprint’s Framily plans give groups of people the opportunity to save money per month on their wireless bills – when more people join a group, the less their bills will be. You have probably seen the silly commercials on TV that Sprint has released, so let’s go ahead and cut to the chase. AT&T’s subsidiary, Aio Wireless has introduced their own form of group rates, but sadly, they don’t have an awesome name like Sprint does with Framily.

Group Save Discounts allow up to five additional lines on an account, with each additional line on top of the primary account bringing in a monthly discount. The first eligible line has no monthly discount, but the second brings $10 a month in savings. The third line will nab you a $20 month discount, with the fourth and fifth eligible lines each bringing $30 in monthly savings. 

The maximum monthly discount is $90 for the entire plan, as long as you have five lines attached to the account. The only way this differs from Framily is the pricing of the plans themselves, and the amount of additional lines you can have on the plan.

At the end of the day, the only real noticeable difference is the actual service you get with your phone on AT&T’s Aio Wireless network versus Sprint’s.


Via: Aio Wireless
  • MotoJer

    Anybody had success with the Moto X on AIO? I’ve heard that there has been some problems with data dropping and 4.4.2 was supposed to fix. AIO Customer Service folks have told me that it is not yet resolved (I’m skeptical of their answers)

    • middlehead

      I just switched to AIO last Monday, using a Moto X. I haven’t had any problems, but I did catch the 4.4.2 update over my wireless before I even activated with AIO. I haven’t had much cause to use cell data either, so it’s still possible I just haven’t hit the right circumstances.

    • Raikou

      I just switched this Friday to AIO from Straight Talk, no issues at all on my Moto X. However mine is the global unlocked developer edition. I can’t believe how much faster and reliable AIO is compared to Straight Talk, even though they both use the same backbone network (ATT)

  • chris125

    Good to see more of these prepaid carriers getting in on the action. Gives me a lot more options once my contract with verizon is up. Plus this is a little better than TMO for the added coverage that comes along with att’s network

  • fallsgable

    The the F@#& is a Framily??

  • Guest

    Been trying to port number from Straight Talk to AIO for a month now, always fails

    • Aaron C

      I had the same issue with T-Mo from Straight Talk when I went to port my number from ST to T-Mo. The issue was that my number was already a T-Mobile number (only on Straight Talk). Is there a possibility that you had an AT&T Straight Talk account? It would have been either AT&T or T-Mobile. You might have run into the same issue I did, only with AT&T (AIO). A supervisor at AIO should be able to help sort this out. Or not. I left AIO after two months (and I even had a free third month) because of the horrible customer service.

    • Dan K.

      I just did the Straight talk to AIO port. Start the port online, and yes it will fail, and it should give you a number to call with port problems. I think I had to do a page back, to see my original info I put in, and it showed the number to call. You end up at customer service in GA, and they put the port through by hand. Had a sim in two days, called back, was activated in 5 minutes.

  • epps720

    Actually there is another difference from the Framily plan. The Framily plan allows everyone to billed separately, so you don’t have to worry if some random Joe Schmo is in your Framily as they handle their own bill. For aio everyone must be on the same billing address. This makes a huge difference.

    • epps720

      Not that Sprint allows this (that I know of) but they also won’t provide you with the $5 discount for signing up for Auto Bill Pay

      • middlehead

        AIO doesn’t give you the $5 auto pay discount for a group plan either, the group plan negates it. Two lines will cost the same on either group pay or individuals with auto pay. The group doesn’t pay until you get 3 lines.

        • epps720

          I agree, in my post I was referring to AIO not offering the $5 discount but reading it back it wasn’t apparent.

        • jimaschao

          The auto pay discount actually does still apply, but it’s just once for the entire account.

          So, for two lines, you get $15 discount ($10 for group plan, $5 for autopay). Still a better deal.

          • middlehead

            The group plan terms page flat out says that the auto pay discount no longer applies. Not that it only applies to the master account, but that it’s just gone if you convert to group.

            “The Auto Pay credit does not apply to accounts receiving a Group Save discount”
            The discounts don’t become 15/35/65/95, it’s 10/30/60/90 as they say in the chart.

  • enigmaco

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  • Guest

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    • Albert

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