Aio Wireless to Take on Sprint’s Framily Plans, Intros New Group Plan Discounts

Sprint’s Framily plans give groups of people the opportunity to save money per month on their wireless bills – when more people join a group, the less their bills will be. You have probably seen the silly commercials on TV that Sprint has released, so let’s go ahead and cut to the chase. AT&T’s subsidiary, Aio Wireless has introduced their own form of group rates, but sadly, they don’t have an awesome name like Sprint does with Framily.

Group Save Discounts allow up to five additional lines on an account, with each additional line on top of the primary account bringing in a monthly discount. The first eligible line has no monthly discount, but the second brings $10 a month in savings. The third line will nab you a $20 month discount, with the fourth and fifth eligible lines each bringing $30 in monthly savings.  (more…)

For a Limited Time, Sprint Lets Customers Upgrade Phones at Any Time With Sprint Easy Pay

This morning, Sprint announced that will allow all eligible customers to upgrade their phones today as long as they sign-up for a program called Easy Pay. Easy Pay sounds like your typical early upgrade plan that the industry has fallen in love with over the last year, in that it requires you to make a downpayment followed by 24 additional monthly payments until the phone is paid off. Should you decide you want to upgrade before 24 months is up, you can pay off the balance of your current phone in one payment, and then upgrade again (with a down payment, and additional monthlies).

Should you decide you want some extra cash at the time of upgrade, you can trade in your phone through Sprint’s “highly acclaimed” Buyback plan.  (more…)