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“VERIZON30” Coupon Code Will Get You Two New HTC One (M8)s for $140

Verizon is currently running a BOGO (buy one, get one free) offer for the all new HTC One (M8) that is certainly something to consider, though you’ll have to sign a 2-year contract to get in on the deal. If contracts do not scare you, then to save some extra cash, there are a couple of coupon codes that could save you up to 30% on the $199 2-year contract price. 

A long-standing “VERIZON30” code has worked for both readers and our staff in the past. I actually tried it again this morning as a new customer and saw success, with the price of the One (M8) dropping to $139.99. That’s a whopping $60 off.

If for some reason that code doesn’t work, feel free to try “VZWDEAL,” which should drop the price to $149.99.

All codes are applied at checkout. “VERIZON30” seems to work with the BOGO deal, as seen in the image below.

Verizon Link

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.21.17 AM

Cheers Craig!
  • Allen Brown

    I jumped on the deal DL, thanks for the coupon code. When I tried VERIZON30 15 minutes ago the price was 189. When I tried VZWDEAL it was 149. I’m switching from T-Mobile, which I had no issues with, in order to get this deal. I can easily sell my current phones to cover the cost of what I have left to pay on the EIP plus the payment for these new phones. Verizon is $10 more per month than T-Mobile for me and my small data amount for my family. The small data doesn’t really affect me since I’m always on WiFi. I’ll loose the ability to Jump, my insurance, and the free built in visual voice mail (I’ll have to go back to using Google Voice mail) but I’ll gain what a lot consider is “better coverage.” Aside from the obvious plus of two brand new phones (and supporting HTC), I’ll get $100 x 2 for switching two lines over: a deal which ends tomorrow. If things go to the crapper and we’re entirely disappointed with service/coverage/overages, hopefully T-Mobile will keep their deal of paying $650 towards canceling contract lines and I’ll just switch back. I enjoy all the deals the carriers are throwing out their for customers. It makes it real easy to jump back and forth to try different services and new phones. I’ve never been with Verizon before, so this will be a new experience for me and my wife. I’ve been with the other three carriers and the only one we didn’t really enjoy was Sprint (but that was years ago). T-Mobile had better coverage in my house and great everywhere else I went in the city. AT&T had crappy coverage at my house but a little better coverage once I left the city. I travel a little with my company and AT&T and T-Mobile were sucky in some of the areas I traveled.

  • EricPitt01

    Also, new lines get $100 bill credit if you order by march 31 on Verizon

  • mz

    Can you use these codes in store? More than likely going to upgrade two GNex’s today!

    • fakegramita

      interested in finding the answer to this too… might just have to call and find out this weekend 🙂

  • Jeffccr

    Quick question, can I get the htc one with an upgrade the upgrade a different phone with a different contract with the second phone?

  • compujas

    It worked for me for a single phone, at least without actually checking out. Now the real question is whether it’s worth buying. I have an upgrade available but none of the current phones have interested me coming from an S3 that’s still running fine, so I’ve been waiting to see if something interesting comes out. With the camera though, I’m not sure this is it.

  • npompei

    I may be a complete idiot here but can’t you add 2 new lines, get 2 new HTC’s One (2’s or whatever the hell) and then cancel the 2 lines and pay the ETF’s? And ETF’s cost what? $250/line right? So you pay $500 in total but get say $1200 worth of new phones. Sell one to pay off your ETF’s and now you have a free phone. Right? Wrong?
    I have Unlimited and I could care less about this phone but I could essentially add 2 new lines, pay $140 for these 2 phones. Cancel after they are activated, pay $500 in ETF’s, so total that would be $640, which is basically what I could sell one of these for. Leaving me with a brand new HTC One M8 or whatever and I keep my unlimited data. Right?!

    • Denvertoad

      $350 ETF per line. Add $30 per line activation cost, plus tax. I’m in CA and tax for the phone is $58 per. $876 total. I’ll wait a few and EBay or Swappa for the M8. Right now I’m on a Note 3 I p/u’d on Swappa for $490.

      • tylerc23

        I’m just thinking out loud with you here, you seem like a smart guy. Say I add 2 lines, get 2 of these, use this code. I’m at $151.19 with tax here in NY. Then I ETA for $350 each line plus the $30pl, so $760. I’m at a total of $911.19. I then sell one of them for, say, $620 on eBay. I then sell one of the phones I have for $30, that leaves me at $261.19.
        So I would have hypothetically gotten this phone for $261.19 in the end? Your thoughts?

        • Denvertoad

          Off contract price for M8 is $600. You’d need a desperate buyer to pay much beyond $600. There’s two M8’s on Swappa @ 700 and the sellers already getting flack. Add in the buyers fee and I doubt much over 600 will sell. Won’t be long before buyers refuse to pay that much. Swappa rewards the patient buyer, not the greedy seller. Verizon policies… haven’t a clue.

          • tylerc23

            I can’t find anything in their policies. I’ve been checking Swappa every 10 seconds lol I saw the 2 $700 guys, they’re nuts. I mean can I wait like 2 weeks, yeah. But if I could get one while this BOGO deal is going on and come out paying about half, I would….if I knew the policies on what happens to ETA’d free phones

          • Denvertoad

            Go for it. You’re only short by $291 if Verizon is says no then sell it @$500.

          • tylerc23

            What do you mean? Can you explain?

  • tylerc23

    Anyone wanna sell me one for $550? lol

  • rotard777

    so you need 2 open and ready contracts to actually get the BOGO free deal right? cant buy one on a 2year and update another line for a 2yr even if that contract is not up?

    • chris125


  • ravenofdoom

    I’m tempted to take the upgrade I’m entitled to (nix my unlimited in doing so), sign up for a second line for the GF… then immediately terminate the contract, having T-mobile pay termination fees…. then sell the $1300 (less cost of phone with this deal) phones to sock it to Verizon.

    • Dfigs23

      T-Mobile would take the phones and give you trade in credit

      • flosserelli

        And since they are VZW, their trade in value would be essentially nothing.

    • John Davids

      Yeah I had that idea too until you realize that to get T-Mobile to pay your ETFs you must surrender all of the phones from VZW to T-Mobile.

  • RoboCop

    Can two people on a separate plans do this in store together?

  • BenG

    Does anyone know if you transfer a upgrade to a different line that is already tiered data will the original line of the upgrade stay unlimited? Hopefully I didn’t make that to confusing.

    • SilverUberXeno

      The lines that are actually available for upgrade are the ones that have to accept new contract terms. If you have an unlimited line and are using THAT upgrade for a different phone number on the plan, I believe you will lose the unlimited.

      • SilverUberXeno is a dumbass

        You are blatantly wrong. I transferred an upgrade from an unlimited line to one with tiered data and did not lose unlimited on the line which had an upgrade available. Currently to lose unlimited data, you would have to upgrade the line with unlimited data directly. This has also been extensively documented on this site and many forums.

  • The Narrator

    That aluminum is just so beautiful

  • Royal2000H

    Is there a way to combine BOGO with the trick that keeps unlimited (upgrading on a basic line)?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Probably not. Is Verizon giving the 2nd phone free if the first is bought @ full retail?

      • The Narrator

        2- 2 year contracts only

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Ah yeah I figured as much.

    • Big_EZ

      If you have a line without unlimited data, yes, or you can add a line. I did this with 2 unlimited data lines, and a feature phone line. All I did was transfer the upgrade to the feature phone line then upgrade and activate the first phone. Once activated put a SIM card from another line in the first phone and transfer the second upgrade to the feature phone/none unlimited line and activate. You have to have two lines with available upgrades, or add a line in order to do this because you have to sign two 2-year contracts (even though this can be done on the same line)

  • scott62185

    So, now we have to put up with ads with audio on this site with no way to turn them off? That’s a shame

    • droidiac13

      The ads on the site are out of control. But, I suppose they have to recoup some costs somehow.

      • scott62185

        Yeah, I can understand them needing to make money. That’s a fact of life. IMO, having ads with audio that you cannot silence is obtrusive and going too far. Still a Droid Life fan here

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Are you on mobile? I never had that on mobile, but there are more ads now than usual. On the desktop I have an ad blocker

          • scott62185

            On desktop right now. I thought I had ad blocker on, but maybe not…

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            I don’t remember what plug in I have on Chrome but it works. Maybe you need to update

          • rawr

            Get ABP and NoScript as well as Ghostery… there are more to secure your browser from the evils of the internet but those are a good start.

          • michael arazan

            Not on mobile for me either, but on desktop the audio ads suck, which is why I use adblock plus chrome extension, eliminates all ads including flash ads.

        • We don’t necessarily choose the ads that get to run on the site. We, like all sites, belong to networks that fill ads as they can. We have some control, but not as much as I think most assume. With that said, if you see ads that autoplay audio and are super obnoxious, let us know, screenshot them, email them over, and we can then try to stop them going forward.

          Also, keep in mind that the way we make a living, and continue to keep the site free and do this every day, is through ads. While no one likes ads, that’s just the way it works.

    • tk

      Yeah, stinks that there’s absolutely no way to turn them off. If only there was a way to block ads — and adblocker, if you will. But not just an adblocker, no that wouldn’t do enough for me. It would have to be and adblocker PLUS additional features. If only something like that existed.

    • flosserelli

      Adblock. You should look into it.

      • laheelahee

        exactly. i was like “what ads?

        • flosserelli

          Maybe he was talking about the mobile version of DL, but there are workarounds for that too. I see no ads on my desktop nor my phone.

  • MichaelFranz

    Its tempting but i am hearing to many not so good things about the camera. To be honest my next phones camera needs to be better then what I already have. Sucks because i love the build of this phone.

  • Muji Samovar

    As someone with unlimited data on all lines (and one dumb phone line) is there a way to retain unlimited in the “usual way” doing this? I can’t think of a way to retain unlimited on one line. Am I missing something?

    • Muji Samovar

      Sorry, I meant I *can* only think of a way to retain unlimited on one line.

    • T4rd

      The only way is to buy the phone off-contract at full retail price, or have another line on the account to transfer the upgrade to (and that line will have to be on a new tiered data plan).

    • MichaelFranz

      Pretty sure you are screwed. Unless you open new lines with shared data or sacrifice the unlimited for it

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      If you go thru Verizon you definitely won’t keep your data. I’ve gone thru Costco with a guy who knew how to swap the upgrades.

      • Muji Samovar

        As far as retaining unlimited data, all the responses here are untrue. You transfer the upgrade to a dumb phone line, upgrade on that line, then never activate the phone on that line (thereby never actually activating a data plan). You take your old SIM, stick it in the new phone, and go on your merry way with unlimited data. I thought this was common knowledge. The in-store mooks will try to tell you otherwise, however.

        The responses above do confirm my suspicion: you probably need two dumb phone lines with corresponding upgrades, and two smartphone lines with unlimited data, in order to end up with two HTC M8s with unlimited data.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Wait so how do I transfer the upgrade from the unlimited data line to the dumb phone? Online? Ive tried over the phone in the past and they told me I’d lose the data, so I got scared and just had the rep at costco do it. How about if I transfer the upgrade online but get the phone @ Best Buy? would it work? Thanks

    • fakegramita

      Sorry to be a noob, but can someone explain to me what the issue is? I have a friend that has unlimited data, and every time he’s changed his phone so far he’s been able to keep his existing plan. I don’t think he’s ever broken contract, so I assume his contract expired first and then he upgraded and signed to a new one, but not positive about that part.

      If you’re with verizon already and you’re off contract (i.e. it has expired but you’re still paying for the same plan) you should be able to take advantage of this coupon code, is that right? Or does it actually have to be a totally new line, not just signing a new contract on an existing line?

  • That’s $1200 worth of phones for $140!

    • nate

      But about $3740 over the two years..

      • John

        Does anyone know the percentage of customers that buy brand new, just released, high end phones on a standard 2 year contract compared to off contract on the 4 major networks? I put in lots of factors but you know what I mean.

        • The Narrator

          Very few people pay off contract.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Ive done it, but not new. I had to wait and buy it off CL.

      • $3600 for shared 4GB and $3840 for shared 6GB over 2 years. Compare that to T-Mobile at $2400 for 6GB shared over 2 years. That’s a savings of $1440 per 2 years. However, factor in buying phones at full retail at T-Mobile and you’re looking at $1200 in phone costs, so the end result is only $240 more per 2 years for going with T-Mobile over Verizon. IMO, $5 more per month is worth the much greater coverage of Verizon.

        • T4rd

          Yes, but you’re trading better coverage for unlimited data. That’s the issue with a lot of people.

          • Read closer, this is comparing 6GB plans on T-Mobile and 6GB plans on Verizon. If you want unlimited data on T-Mobile, you’re looking at $3360 per 2 years + $1200 in phones.

          • T4rd

            The difference being that T-Mobile’s 6GB plan is still unlimited after 6GBs, just at slower Edge speeds. Whereas Verizon will just charge you another $10/GB afterwards.

          • True, so you just need to compare pros and cons. Go with Verizon for fast LTE in even the most rural areas but be limited to 6GB (or pay overages), or get throttled data after 6GB with T-Mobile but be forced to use GPRS/EDGE (if you’re lucky) in small cities and rural areas.

          • The Narrator

            T-Mobile will be on par with the rest of them by the end of 2014, early 2015, and their LTE is in huge cities where people rarely leave.

          • fakegramita

            Where did you get that info from? I’d be willing to bet people in huge cities do a lot more traveling than people who don’t. They’re usually traveling to other big cities, so your point probably still stands, but jut seemed like a strage assertion to me.

          • nate

            Verizon’s the only major carrier with any presence in my area, and they have fast 4g so I have no other choice.

      • fakegramita

        I never really put much thought into having to have a contract, because I imagine I would be paying that money anyway. As long as you have an account with *someone* no matter who, you’re still paying roughly the same every 2 years for a similar plan, right? Is buying off contract just for people who like to switch to the latest phone often or take advantage of particular carriers plan offerings, or is there some other advantage I’m missing?

  • mMuk23

    Two 2 year contacts needed for BOGO?

    • Yes, one for each line.

      • Curtis

        +1 This is something I think most people don’t/didn’t understand about the BOGO deal. Each phone has to have a 2-year contract.

        • No offense to them, but who would think they’d give them a free $600 phone with no contract attached?

          • Curtis

            Some guy on Slickdeals yesterday was saying he was selling the free phone he got from Verizon and went on and on…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Of course. This is Verizon.