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OnePlus One to Feature Swappable Backs Made of Kevlar, Bamboo, Denim, and More

More info is popping up on the OnePlus One smartphone from overseas, as the company is actually feeding into the hypebeast machine instead of running from it. Announced this morning are swappable backsides, ones which will come in a variety of different textures/materials and colors. It will be much like the Moto X, except they are replaceable by users, and they won’t be just colors. 

As stated in the company’s forum post, where they do most of their announcements, the backs not only help protect your device, but will bring a flavor of personality to them. The backs confirmed so far are made of Bamboo, Denim, Kevlar, Sandstone, and Silk.

To ensure the best look, feel, and level of protection, these covers will actually be made with their own respective materials (not silk or sandstone though). Are you someone that drops your phone often? Why not get a tough, rugged Kevlar back cover for protection and durability? Do you want the feel of something soft and natural? How about an eye-catching, elegant bamboo back cover? Want a nice texture that feels like it will never slip out of your fingers? The known grit and feel that denim offers may be what you’re looking for.


Specs confirmed for the OnePlus One by the company are as follows.


  • Customized version of CyanogenMod
  • Sub $400 price tag
  • 5.5″ 1080p display
  • 3100mAh battery,
  • 13mp Sony Exmor camera
  • Snapdragon 800 CPU
  • Voice wakeup capabilities
  • Global LTE
  • 16/64GB versions

We must say, this device is becoming more and more attractive as the days pass.

Via: OnePlus Forums

    If droid life doesn’t, I will get one and let you know how it is. I have been wanting to see if we’re missing anything good in the US. I have already talked to my local cell company and they said that if the phones run on their bands, they would be happy to try and make ANY phone that I bring to them work.

  • Omar

    This is the phone of 2014 I’m currently most excited for

  • Orion

    I’m very interested. Definitely adding this to my wanted list.

  • So Oppo Find 7’s worst nightmare?? it’s cheaper and not all of us need the 2K screen

  • danger2u

    a copy of Droid maxx and Moto X

  • who cares…no one will have one and noone we know will…silly gigantic china phone that wont work on the biggest network in america

    • Grasshopper239

      I care. This phone is sounding better and better. I will probably get one, not because I need it, but because I want to support this company that seems to be getting it right, right from the start. They will sell a lot of these, if the price is right, and it appears to be…
      As for not coming to VZW, I don’t care. I left them over a year ago, so I could buy whatever phone I want. I haven’t noticed a single problem with not using their network, and it is saving me enough to buy a new phone, even if I don’t need it

      • nwd1911

        I too care, Grasshopper. I left VZ the beginning of the year…so happy. I do not get as good of coverage on T-Mobile, but I enjoy supporting companies that I believe in. While T-Mobile isn’t a dream company to support, I support their shakeup in the mobile space. OnePlus may be joining the list of companies I support with my wallet if the reviews are favorable. Right now, I’m excited.

  • StargateNH

    I keep getting excited about this phone. Then I remember I am on Verizon…then I get sad.

    • Suman Gandham


      • StargateNH

        Every other network in my area is worse than VZW. And the other one that is closest is another CDMA network. So same issue.

    • QPHALO

      Will it not run on Verizon’s bands?

      • StargateNH

        I would assume they are not going to put in the CDMA antennas. The LTE will probably work but they will have to make it as a US only Version with the CDMA. hope I’m wrong

        • QPHALO

          I don’t know all the specifics, I thought that if a phone could operate using CDMA and has a Sim card that it could work anywhere. My Verizon branded note 3 uses CDMA and has a Sim. If I take the Sim out, I can still make calls but my data doesn’t work.

          • StargateNH

            Right . but the phone has to be built with the CDMA antenna for Verizon specifically. Maybe they will put antennas with the different frequencies required for you to not work. I hope they do

          • QPHALO

            Ah, OK, I thought that the CDMA radio was the same in all CDMA devices and was just programmed to use certain bands so if you wanted to go to a different carrier you just had to have it reprogrammed. Thought it worked almost the same for Sim also. Thanks for clearing that up for me. So even if a phone is quad band, it might not work on every provider?

          • StargateNH

            of that I’m not 100% sure, but Verizon does not have a habit of randomly allowing phones on their network unless they are specifically approved by them for their network. so verizon would have to have a hand in it. Weather we could just buy an unlocked version? I doubt it because I have yet to see International unlocked version that will 100 work on Verizons network. do even know yet if this phone is going to be a overseas release or if it’s also going to be released in the US? I can’t remember what they said or if they have said anything

          • QPHALO

            As long as the text on the phone can be displayed in English, and bands are the same as some that my provider uses, there are a few Chinese electronic stores here owned by Chinese that I’m sure could get it for me if I have trouble being able to buy it. We are really close to Japan and China.

      • michael arazan

        This is the type of phone Verizon has been fearful of, it could crash and take over their network!

        • QPHALO

          Isn’t it proprietary but only for them in the US? So in other parts of the world, someone else can use it. So if this manufacturer wants to make a phone using, what is it, 2000? , then they can. Will Verizon deny a customer service because the phone isn’t made specifically for their network? I know everyone says that Verizon is evil but, cmon.

      • Dorian Brooks

        Is that a trick question?

  • Adrynalyne



  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    they are almost trying too hard. i hope they get their name out.

  • T_Dizzle

    Bring it to AT&T as I’m about to leave Verizon.

  • motolifedogg

    One+ sounds pretty cool, but they’re no Motorola, amiright motolifers?

  • Daniel

    But is there a MicroSD slot??

  • JSo

    Denim? To match my awesome jean jacket?

    • cjohn4043

      It’ll go great with my jean shorts.

      • geedee82

        You mean your daisy dukes?

        • Cael


        • michael arazan

          The LG Curve Display couldn’t conture to that

          Reminds me of the women posted on worldstarhiphop

  • avyfa

    If it optimised like Moto x – best deal.

  • EricMayBell

    Seems like a lot of companies/developers are starting to copy Motorola now.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ohhhhh…okayy. Thought the Find 7 was this..so confused. Anyway. Looking good so far.

  • danix180

    I like! Hopefully it will be sold on Amazon here in US!!

  • Fresh360

    This is a very intriguing phone…From the founding of the company, to the use of Cyanogenmod, to the specs/pricing/coordinated leaks; this just seems right on so many levels…I really hope they don’t fumble, this will be my next phone if they pull all the promises off…

  • Timothy Bracken

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to start talking about the OnePlus One on the Droid Life show.

    • Why exactly? And it’s an honest question.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        See, what TIM here is saying is……….”Why exactly?”

      • Steve B

        Because it’s the first official phone built for CyanogenMod.

        And because this is the “Nexus” device we all wanted. I assume this will be an “open” device, has anyone heard?

        • we all want a 8″ nexus phone? bc i dont….and why do people love cyanogenmod so much…it adds like basically nothing that stock android has…its only used as a basis for better roms

          • Ryan

            Not necessarily true. It is stock android, with features baked in. There are things CM has that stock does not. I’ve used it for a couple years starting on the Droid X, but I’ve recently got off the CM base as, personally speaking, I don’t like the direction they’re going currently, especially after being Inc. and such.

            Course, I’m still not getting this device since 5.5″ screen is WAY too big for my tastes. Just basically another phablet like the Note series or something.

          • JSo

            In his defense, CM doesnt have THAT many features over stock.

          • Grasshopper239

            if you think that CM adds nothing to stock, then you haven’t used CM or haven’t used stock

          • Steve B

            8″, 5.5″. Same thing right?

          • Suman Gandham

            That’s what we should convince all the girls, right Chris? 😉

          • Steve B

            For me, the fact that CM doesn’t add every single useless feature is a bonus. I like stock android with minimal tweaks.

            This phone sounds like the perfect marriage of the Nexus 5/Moto X/S5.

        • The Narrator

          The Oppo N1 was first.

      • Timothy Bracken

        I am interested to hear what you guys think about the specs and their marketing strategy. Not just the tacky images they have made, but the whole campaign of “leaking” information a little at a time.
        Personally I am excited to see what materializes. I am cautious however because we have seen so much vaporware, so much so that I occasinally want to punch marketers.

    • Orion

      The did mentioned it last time but kind of brushed it off lol.

    • notsarcasm

      Why talk about a new company or phone when it clearly copies and wishes it could be a moto x. There’s no need to talk about anything else. MOTOLIFE man get with it.

      • Steve B

        Except Moto clearly wasn’t worth the TP Google wipes it’s @$$ with.

  • imlip

    They should rename it OnePlus X

  • Jeremy Martin

    Cool idea…wonder if Verizon is on board with this product.

    • The Narrator

      *with their logo and bloatware added

      • TheRealCBONE

        I wouldn’t hold my breath on Verizon getting anything in a timely fashion, unless they Verizon it up and make it suck.

      • JSo

        Verizon logos….Verizon logos everywhere

  • Kevin

    It’s nice to see the Moto X has an influence on other phones with personal customization.