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Here is a Recap of Motorola’s Hangout Focused on the Moto 360

Motorola hosted a special Hangout this morning, featuring the lead designer behind the Moto 360 smartwatch. The discussion started off rather slow, with most of the time going into the fact that the watch’s face is actually circular; not square as we are used to seeing in this sector of devices. Once we got past that point, we got into the viewer-submitted questions, concerning pricing, battery life, functionality, and more important topics. 

For the most part, Motorola was unable to answer any of the juicy details concerning the watch’s price, expected battery life, although Moto’s employees stated that focus on battery life was a top priority. Around the 11:30 mark in the video, the speaker begins talking about lessons learned with from the MotoActv and power management. As he states, the power management system from the Actv was a big part of the Moto X, and that all of the lessons learned from both devices on power management and sensors have gone into this watch.

A few other neat things to take away from the Hangout is that Motorola has developed a “secret” charging method for the device, as it is known that the device features no ports for plugs or anything of that sort on its exterior. So, will it be a type of wireless charging system? Our guess is “yes.” In addition, Motorola states that the watch will work with all Android devices running Android 4.3+, which means no one needs to worry about brand exclusivity. 

Other notes included that the watch is water resistant (not water proof), it will not feature a camera (dang, no nipple cam), and availability is slated to be global.

We didn’t get any real juicy details, but this is a good start.

If you missed the Hangout, you can watch the recording below.

  • John Huie

    WATER RESISTANT! hopefully it can handle sweat. i need to be able to run with it! I want to use this to track mileage/speed during a run without have to look at my phone, that’s tucked away. Runtastic, MapMyRun, etc. I would LOVE to train for a marathon with this watch! it could tell me directions to my map route, i could see how fast i’m going, if i need to pick up speed or not, etc. and reply back to texts without having to take out my phone!

  • john

    I like the way the “Gear Fit” looks, I think the more we tackle the watch thing the less we would need our phones. The more expensive these watches will become the less expensive phones should be. I like the idea that watches are becoming a fad but how much or better yet how much notification do we need that someone is texting us or calling us?

  • Jess B

    I wonder how much they will charge for the extra bands.

  • Lucki

    So one thing that annoys me is that people don’t know the difference between water proof and water resistant. Water resistant > Water Proof. My SCUBA diving watch is water resistant for a couple hundred meters (supposedly), many cheap watches are water proof (meaning they can get splashed a bit, but not submerged).

    I don’t have the time (no pun intended) to watch the video today so can someone reply with whether its proof or resistant, and if they stated a depth if its resistant?

    • Lewis Erbe

      They said water resistant but no depth

    • coh303

      No you have Resistant and Proof switched around. Proof is when it can be submerged at greater depths for long periods of time and not let a single drop of water in. Resistant is more to protect against small amounts of water, with some (but not extremely high end) watches for diving made to survive at pretty good depths. But when it comes down to it Water Resistant < Water Proof.

      • Lucki

        No respectable dive watch company will ever write waterproof (and its even prohibited in some countries to have a watch labelled as such) , though I have seen it on many cheap watches. Those were the watches that if they fell in the sink would stop working. I’ve had 2 watches that both were “Water Resistant”, one for 100m, one for 200m, and neither has failed me, though I’ve only taken the 200 on dives.

        But yes, as you said, there are watches that are water resistant for “50m” when in fact you could hardly go swimming in them.

  • William Oh

    SDK for both round and square wearable.
    So moto 360 won’t be the only round watch from the OEMs partnership with Google and android wear, they’re just the first to the party.
    Though I must say they’re doing pretty well with it.

  • Sirx

    “Other notes included that the watch is water resistant”
    *Places wallet on desk*
    *Picks up Droid Maxx*
    *Begins furiously beating wallet with Maxx*

    Oh hi, Moto! Please let me know if you have started receiving my money yet?! I believe this is the proper way to preorder this watch, yes?

    • MikeKorby

      I really hope that it is as rugged/water resistant as my droid Maxx. Last week, mine fell out of my shirt pocket into a puddle (that was maybe 3/4 of an inch in depth). I picked it up, wiped the gunk and water off with the underside of my shirt, and went on my way. It is still working flawlessly.

      Needless to say, my iPhone-touting coworker was astonished.

  • Matt

    What’s the expected battery life of these things? It’d be nice if they’re solar powered to help increase the time between charges.

    Do these also synchronize it’s time including daylight savings via radio waves from Atomic clock stations?

  • SHunter

    “No watch on this device” LOL!

  • Mystery Man

    Why does Motorola’s site still say A Google Company?

    • JMonkeYJ

      Because the Lenovo deal isn’t finalized yet.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Even though the deal is not official yet. It’s already not getting any support from Google anyway. But then again almost everything they came up for the past year with was their own doing, not Google’s.

        A better term for them now is “inspired by Google” rather than “a Google Company”

  • bionichomer

    two words… energon cubes

  • anezarati

    Did they talk about how its going to connect to the phone or how it will get internet service?

    • needa

      no but it would have to use bt in order to have any sort of battery life. and to keep it from warming up the wrist. no sim slots. so no service.

  • James Burkett

    I Need Dis

  • doubleYOY

    can we get a recap of a recap of this new amazing moto watch. There has never been a watch like this at all anywhere in any sense, and i just wanna see more articles about it. MOTO-LIFE. Could we do a moto-life hangout where we all just speculate and talk about moto products, because they’re all just so perfect. I could go on and on all day about Motorola and all the great things they do. I may just buy two of these watches so i can multitask.

  • fritzo2162

    I put a belt chain on my phone and made a smart pocket watch. It’s MUCH more functional that this thing.

  • Brandon Hinson

    I learned nothing new from this hangout… zzz. so tired of “stay tuned”

  • Dave71

    Here’s what I got from the video. Talking about how anybody who makes a square one of these is stupid and it is in fact round “Which we already knew”. Then the question and answer period which consisted of questions that we have all been asking since yesterday and absolutely NO answers. If you haven’t watched it yet, DON’T. Complete waste of time.

  • StargateNH

    Now Im even more excited. And I am an odd one who grew up wearing my watch on my right hand EVEN THOUGH I am right handed. It just never felt right as a kid on my left hand.

    • sagisarius

      Ha, same here!

  • rals

    As positive as the product sounds so far, my concern is that it’s a Moto device. Meaning what is to become of this after the Lenovo merger? I know the X2 is also slated this year, but again under the Moto umbrella. I don’t know if i should still be excited for Moto or not. Thoughts?

    • Shane Redman

      Just as we didn’t want to take the last things in the pipeline when Google bought them (Razr HD, Maxx HD, Razr Mini) , I’ll gladly take everything in the pipeline from before Google sold them (MotoX, Droid Maxx, Moto360). I’ll be skeptical next year or year after.

    • Orion

      Like I stated with Abby, I’m not worrying about the lenovo acquisition right now. That will come next year. If all goes bad, I have Project Ara to fall back on.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Lenovo has stated multiple times that they really like Motorola’s product pipeline and direction, and want nothing more than to their manufacturing and distribution expertise (as well as some key regional mobile network operator partenerships) to scale their designs much quicker than Motorola could on their own. The only way they would step in and change things is if they lose any and all faith Motorola has any hope of actually turning a profit in the foreseeable future (2-5 years). At which point, must of us would have moved on anyway, Blackberry-style.

      • rals

        I really hope that is the case, because i will be happy to be a Moto fan again. As much as I love the S4, i am more excited to join back on the Moto band wagon again.

    • WickedToby741

      After seeing the positive attention to this, and provided they can pull it off, Lenovo would be stupid to change anything about Motorola’s current trajectory. Judging by how Lenovo handled the ThinkPad acquisition, I think they’ll only make changes when it’s sensible to make them. I truly do think Motorola will be in good hands once the acquisition closes and perhaps that Lenovo will allow Motorola to do even more. It always seemed that Google was cautious with Motorola to keep from stepping on the toes of their partners, but Lenovo is aiming for Samsung’s jugular.

      • JMonkeYJ

        On the other hand, there has been very little innovation in the ThinkPad line since Lenovo took over, opening the door to the MacBook’s success. That’s my fear for Motorola: Lenovo won’t mess with it, but they also won’t do anything with it.

  • Curtis

    Also according to Jim at the end of the hangout (21:20 area)… There is, “no watch in this device.”

    Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HpY8O5Zer78#t=1280

    • AbbyZFresh

      I don’t get it?

      Does he mean there’s only Google Now on it?

      • Curtis


      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Pretty sure that was a slip…he likely meant “no camera in this device”.

        • Curtis

          There is no doubt that is what he meant.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I just wish Google kept these guys. Now the Chinese are gonna ruin them with 99 cent store material and bloatware. This watch looks great and modern. i hope moto made sure it lasts more than 24 hours.

    • needa

      24 hours i have no doubt. its three day and seven day that i wonder about.

    • Orion

      I’ll worry about Lenovo next year. As far as 2014, moto will be ok

      • AbbyZFresh

        It’s already the ending of March bro. 2014 will fly by before you know it.

        • Orion

          LOL already. Still ways to go.

    • Curtis

      Lenovo offers some of the highest quality products on the market. I will concede to the bloatware. While it’s not annoyingly present, it is still everywhere on the device.

    • WickedToby741

      Have you used a modern ThinkPad? They’re usually very well designed and use high quality materials. And Lenovo has been wise not to drastically change the ThinkPad formula since they purchased the brand. I would much rather Google have kept Motorola, but Lenovo is about the next best suitor in my opinion. I think Lenovo has tremendous respect for Motorola and will only make sensible changes. Lenovo will leverage everything Motorola has already been doing well and scale it to compete with the likes of Samsung.

  • sirmeili

    “In addition, Motorola states that the watch will work with all Android devices running Android 4.3+, which means no one needs to worry about brand exclusivity. ”

    You mean a manufacturer out there finally “gets it”? Brand exclusivity keeps me from buying things like this because I never know what my next phone will be. Normally docks are the only exception to this.

    • kashtrey

      Almost all the smartwatches EXCEPT the Gear “get it.”

      • sirmeili

        I was thinking of manufacturers who make phones as well, the Gear especially and likely the Apple version when it comes out (if it comes out). Qualcomm released the Toq, but they don’t make phones, same goes for the Pebble. There is also Sony, which I just didn’t think of until now. I can’t really think of any other phone manufacturers that also make smart watches.

      • When the MotoActv was first released you could only get notifications on Moto devices. Took awhile to open it up for other devices.

  • sr_erick

    I’m really, really hoping it uses the Mirasol display tech. I want an always on watch face first and foremost, and I want it to look good (high res, full color). The rest of the stuff comes secondary to me. Motorola is definitely on the right path with how they went about developing this product.

    • StargateNH

      I was thinking the same thing using a Mirasol type display. If this is only 24 hrs battery, Im out. And I was also thinking I wanted an always on BLACK watch face. Preferably one that looks like the one they have shown, just swap the time zones for the current date & digital time all on the same analog watch face.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Well, they’ve already said the display responds to arm movement (specifically, tilting it towards your face), So between that and the fact that in the presentation above the display is visibly giving off light while he’s scrolling around, I’m going to go with “a snowball’s chance in summer”.

      • sr_erick

        Around the 9:00 mark the guy says this…”with this watch you’ll always be able to tell what time it is”. I guess I can remain hopeful it uses the Mirasol tech, but if they have figured out a way to otherwise make the time available without lighting up the screen for every twitch of my wrist, that would be nice too.

        Another reason I’m shooting for Mirasol is that a watch, as a time piece, as a style accessory, says a lot based on the watch face. If it isn’t always clearly visible you lose a lot of that.

  • BRIM

    RIP Galaxy Gear

    • Sean Walton

      Ain’t that the truth lol.

    • BenG

      I thought the Galaxy Gear was a stillbirth.

    • Kevin

      It was DOA.

    • Daistaar

      How about the Gear 2, Neo and Fit? (Can’t…. hold…. back…. the grinnn….)

    • Leroy

      So the guy in the pic is meeting his boyfriend at The Manhole for happy hour?

    • Dorian Brooks

      I thought it was donated for stem-cell research like all other aborted fetuses.

  • Charlie R.

    It was also mentioned that it will have interchangeable straps, which is a plus.

  • Sean Walton

    ” (dang, no nipple cam)”

    Love that! LOL

  • rdrizzle

    What if….it used your general everyday arm movement to generate electricity and did not need to be charged UNLESS you were simply not active for a day. I can see this being done.

    • Sean Walton

      Or it takes in natural and artificial light and converts that to energy? My watch currently does this.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Both of you may be dancing around the truth. Motorola has a patent for embedding a solar cell in/behind a mobile device display, and there are definitely plenty of kinetic and thermal charging techniques developed in recent years to take advantage of.

        I would be insanely happy if, during their big reveal, they brought a charger on stage, then trashed it, saying you will never have to charge the device. Ever. How many minds would that blow? The tech exists, the only question is if they were able to make it work.

        • Dominic Powell

          Even if they said if you are “active” you will never have to charge the device – that would be huge, and have a supplementary charger for the “less active” among us.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            “So long as you wear this device for a total of 10 hours per week, you will never have to charge it” *mind bits all over the floor*

            And yes that is an absolutely ridiculous and very unlikely things to happen…and yet, something feels like they may be able to actually pull it off.

          • Dominic Powell

            AS a lazy SOB myself, I would run 30 minutes a day, if it kept me charged near indefinitely.

        • WickedToby741

          It does have a pretty crazy looking back from the various videos they’ve done. Don’t know what’s going on with that purplish blue back, but something is up. Hopefully it’s something revolutionary.

        • JoYu

          No. You will never get enough energy out of these techniques to power this watch. Just think, a tiny watch battery can last several years before it dies. That is the kind of energy you are going to produce using these techniques.

          Now think about how long a backlit screen will last with this same watch battery (not very long if it will power it at all). You might be able to supplement power with these techniques but it is not going to buy you much.

          • steven taylor

            so what you’re saying is there is no innovation or future for powering an Android Wear watch. seems a little naïve.

          • michael arazan

            Had a casio digital watch with a solar charge panel on it back in the 80’s, and back then solar was barely feasible to charge anything. Took it out of a box after 15 years and started back up again, except the screen was missing a numeral panel

      • kashtrey

        As much as I’d love that, I think it’s highly unlikely. The power needed to run a traditional watch VS what will be needed to run a smartwatch aren’t even in the same ball park. I don’t care how optimized it might be, it just can’t possibly be close. I’d love to be blown away though. I’m pretty certain it’s just wireless charging, hence the purple backing (which I’m assuming is some type of plastic to enable the charge to pass through). I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something like what you mentioned to give it extended life, but there is no way it will be the sole method of charging.

        • Sean Walton

          I hear you but I really don’t know how much energy my watch holds by doing this method. All I know is that it can store enough to last 6 months without any use and sitting in the complete dark. I mean maybe and just maybe if they went the Citizen route or similar maybe the 360 could only hold that energy for 2 days instead of 6 months before it needs natural or artificial light, I don’t know.

          I hope it’s not wireless charging but if it is I’ll still get it for sure. I do take my watch off each night so sitting it on a QI would not be a deal breaker for me. Hopefully they just WOW us all with something none of us have even thought of which would be cool.

      • anezarati

        sounds nice, but i would think it is going to take much more power to run the smartwatch than a regular watch.

    • StargateNH

      Or if it uses conductive electricity from the skin/ human body to supplement battery. Not fully charge it, but extend life.

    • ButcherChop

      Uses your body as a charger?

    • Alan

      My current watch uses kinetic charging. I have another one that’s charged using solar energy. In the years I’ve had both of them, I never needed to replace the battery.

      It’d be nice if these smartwatches can make use these to at least extend runtime. I have to charge everyday, I’d probably skip on thee watches. Their usefulness wouldn’t outweight the constant charging.

    • michael arazan

      Automatic watches have been doing that for years, but doubt they could generate enough energy to power a display.

  • Disco

    Does it have and independent GPS?

  • Charlie R.

    I really hope this doesn’t retail for $249 or higher, but I’m scared it will. I would personally hope for around $199. (Lower would be nice too.)

    • The Narrator

      The Pebble Steel, Fitbit, etc are all around $150-$250. Expect it to be above that, close to Galaxy Gear pricing

      • jbdan

        I agree. Think N5 pricing

        • T4rd

          Indeed. Or close to iPhone-with-flappy-bird-installed-pricing. =p

      • Charlie R.

        That’s exactly what I alluded to.

      • Woopwoop

        What I don’t get is how those things are so much, when something like the Garmin FR220 – a far more capable device that can integrate with numerous BT and ANT+ devices (heart-rate monitors, foot pods, bike power meters), and has a freaking GPS unit in it, is $250!

    • root4life

      I’m with you. Anything more than 250 and I’m out. This stuff still isn’t ground breaking and doesn’t warrant anything more than that in my opinion

      • Sean Walton

        I would go up to $300, that’s what was in my mind. $249 or lower would be perfect!

        • jamaall

          I would throw my wallet at the screen if it was $199. But if it was at $249, I would have to think about it first. At $299, no way.

    • Matthew Rebmann

      IF it is that much or more… There’s always a chance Moto could pull an “X” on us.. I don’t mean it necessarily to be funny but they dropped the Moto X in price dramatically over the course of several months

      • Charlie R.

        I thought about that as well. Very true.

      • jamaall

        When they were talking about their experiences with the Moto X and Moto Active, I would assume that they are going to put price into a high consideration. They really have to think about what an average consumer would pay for it.

    • WickedToby741

      The thing to realize is that watch wearers out there are already used to spending hundreds of dollars on nice watches. All it has to do is be competitively priced with nice watches, be competitive in material quality and style with nice watches, and offer vastly expanded and intuitive functions compared to nice watches and watch wearers will be lining up (myself included). iOS compatibility wouldn’t hurt them either as I’m sure a lot of watch wearing iOS users out there are drooling over this.

      That being said, Motorola has proven to be very cost conscious, so expect this to be fairly priced, but they do appear to be using very high quality materials (stainless steel and real leather).

      • Markmark0101

        I don’t think iOS compatibility is going to happen. It is based on android, its notification system and the google now card ui witch probaly provides the meeting info and travel advice.

    • jamaall

      I am thinking it will be $199. Remember what motorola has said about their experiences. They lowered the price of the Moto X pretty quickly because the market was demanding it. Also, with $200 you could buy a brand new Nexus 7, or with $179 you could buy a brand new Moto G. Why would a consumer drop more money on a smartwatch when they could buy a high end tablet or a decent smartphone at that price? Us tech nerds would most likely still buy it at $249 and even some at $299, but the market as a whole probably wouldn’t justify pricing above $199. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Eric Sorensen

    Needs a front facing camera. Skype would be a nice – I wonder if blue-tooth 4.0 can keep up with the high data rate?

  • casytsm

    Whose basement was that interview in?

  • Shane Redman

    I hope it’s powered by kinetics…..

  • Aaron

    I want it. I love my pebble, it has quickly become apart of my daily life. I do wish it had more functionality such as sending texts, better fitness support, Google Now, ect. Do this right moto.

  • Ralph Bretz

    I really want to know about battery life.

  • michael bourgoin

    Huge waste of time – dont bother watching it. Good marketing i guess though? Would have been nice to at least talk some details.

  • needa

    it seems pretty ‘out of tune’ (read: of moto) to think that wireless charging is a secret. or something that should not be 100% expected in 2014. they read through the comments, no doubt on this blog, everyone was saying wireless. for these reasons, and her expressions, i have to think they have something up their sleeve.

    • Evan Mote

      Kinetic charging.

      • needa

        from everything i have seen and heard… kinetic isnt enough. but maybe it is enough to add in another day of use. dunno.

        • Sean Walton

          Natural and artificial light absorbed then converted to energy? That would work for sure.

          • Adam

            I wouldn’t say “for sure.” A device like this with a full color display and with some always-on functionality would draw quite a bit of power. Sure, there are calculators and watches that can get by on the charge generated this way, but those devices require an order of magnitude less power from the same surface area.

          • Sean Walton

            True saying it would work for sure is a stretch. All I know is it works with my watch and my watch can hold that energy for 6 months without use and it can be sitting for that 6 months in the dark. But as you stated the 360 will have graphics and color so that could draw quite a bit more power.

          • Woopwoop

            A handful of LEDs to display a clock is not even comparable to the power draw of one of those displays

          • SchwannyT

            Yes but if it could run it in “standby” mode then only the awake time used your charge. That would be super cool!

        • WickedToby741

          Doesn’t really need to be enough to run the device, just enough to extend use like you alluded to.

    • Brian Klippel

      Maybe they are using tiny Peltier (thermoelectric) generators to charge it off the the heat of your arm.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        They’ve also made some pretty amazing strides in mechanical nano generators in the past decade.

        Too soon?

  • Ground Level

    The two wins I took from this: water resistant (YES) and wireless charging. Looking forward to more and more leaking out as we get closer to release.

  • sciwizam

    GIF of it working

    • kashtrey

      Not that you can judge smoothness from a gif but that looked pretty nice. The nice thing is that it also doesn’t look ridiculously huge on what I can assume is a normal sized adult male wrist. Actually looks quite good.

  • n900mixalot

    It. Looks. Bella. Big.

    • Evan Mote

      The case is thick, but the diameter is perfectly reasonable.

  • hyperbeatser

    Perhaps some sort of inductive charging with the metal band around the watch?

  • r0l

    If there is any change it’s <=$200 they won't be able to keep them in stock.