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“All New HTC One” to be Available Minutes After HTC Announces It on March 25

We talked at length recently during a DL Show about how we were starting to wonder if HTC would try to release the “All New HTC One” to the public, the same day that they unveiled it. That day, as you know, is going to be March 25 (next Tuesday). According to Carphone Warehouse, a UK electronics retailer, they are indeed going to make the phone available for purchase at six of their London stores just minutes after HTC unveils it to the press. 

Carphone Warehouse didn’t mention specs or anything else in the release, this note was simply created to say that the phone will be available on “announcement day.” Customers can pre-register their interest in the device today.

At this time, we have no word from U.S. retailers, but with press events being held in both London and NYC, there is always a chance that we’ll see something similar happen in NYC or online or in select markets.

So much for HTC missing out an opportunity to launch the new One before Samsung released their Galaxy S5. It looks like they’ll clear Sammy by a couple of weeks.

All New HTC One Available From Carphone Warehouse From 25th March Announcement Day

March 18th, 2014

London, 18.03.14: In a retail first move, Carphone Warehouse has revealed that the new HTC One (M8) handset will be available from selected stores from around 4pm on Tuesday 25th March – just minutes after it is officially announced.

The new HTC flagship device will be officially unveiled by the manufacturer at special events in London and New York earlier that afternoon. Shortly after, the new HTC One (M8) handsets will be transported directly from the venue of the launch announcement to six Carphone Warehouse stores in London. Westfield Stratford, Westfield White City, Oxford Circus, Centrepoint and Tottenham Court Road stores will all be hosting special events celebrating the HTC launch with entertainment and giveaways as well as the first chance for customers to get their hands on the new device. Carphone Warehouse at Selfridges will also be stocking the handset from the same time.

Full information including videos of the new handset will be shared on http://www.carphonewarehouse.com and customers will be able to order the HTC One (M8) over the phone from the same afternoon, before it is available from all 770 Carphone Warehouse stores and to order online shortly afterwards.

A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson comments, “The HTC One is an award winning handset that set the bar for design during 2013 and made many sit up and take notice – the new HTC One M8 is likely to continue that trend and will cement HTC’s future as a heavy-hitting smartphone manufacturer. We know how keen customers are to get hold of the latest tech as soon as possible and that is why we are so excited to be able to offer the new HTC One so quickly after it is unveiled.”

Customers can pre-register their interest in the new HTC One (M8) now at http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/help-support/advice-and-news/news/launchpad-rumours/htc-rumours

Via:  Carphone Warehouse
  • HTC_quietly_brilliant

    buy HTc ! support HTC ! ~

  • cizzlen

    Saw this coming! Thank God for a company that has finally learned how to release a phone!

    • LionStone

      After the DNA was announced, it was available one week after. I’ve been hoping the new One will be the same! Looks like it very well will be! I won’t complain if it’s sooner than a week after announcement

      • cizzlen

        I hear you man. My One is in bad shape and I desperately need to have this phone, at least to sustain me until the G3 comes out!

  • Laymans Terms

    I heard Soulja Boy will be Emceeing the event.

  • “At this time, we have no word from U.S. retailers,”

    You will never get such word from any U.S. retailers, let alone the wireless carriers themselves. They will release it most likely a month or two later as they usually do. Damn you, U.S. retailers and carriers, damn you!



  • flosserelli

    The title should be changed to say it will be available in the UK minutes after announcement. No word yet on availability in other areas.

    • PoisonApple31

      But then you wouldn’t read it immediately…

      • flosserelli


  • Chippah

    I just want a goddam LG G2 with that htc one “feel”. sigh.,.

    I couldnt see dumping the G2 yet for a new one, smaller screen + bigger Bezel.

    • Chippah

      But I Like This new ONE…

    • PoisonApple31

      You could show all your friends the amazing useless black bar with the HTC logo! Oh what fun!

      • Chippah

        I would rather show em my pecka than that!

      • LionStone

        Geez, still going on about that!? Did you consult with HTC designers and engineers and confirm they somehow ended up with some extra space so they just added a black bar for the hell of it? Yea, I’m pretty sure you didn’t

        • PG Man

          No, it’s HTC’s DNA, I say it again and again, look up my profile pic, I put I JUST for THAT reason!

          • PG Man

            It’s called HTC diamond, 7 years ago, before iPhone, 281 gdamn PPI, magnetic stylus, 3D sense, stuff from today. the logo, and just the whole front is found in the latest One, it’s a legacy of ….sexy, like Samsung has the legacy of cheap.

        • PoisonApple31

          HTC changes their buttons around each time from the One X, One, and All New One – and that is the best they can do design wise this time? We have this empty space, so lets put a logo there? It’s only an extra 2 mm, no one will notice. HTC needs that logo, right? Because so many other phones have front facing speakers out there.

          • LionStone

            One X – Back Home Recent (Capacitative)
            One VX – Same
            One X+ – Same
            Droid Incredible 4G – Same
            Droid DNA – Same
            One ’13 – Back Home
            One ’14 – Back Home Recent (Software)

            So they changed it 1 time then went back to 3 keys (software). Way better than what LG (Menu?) and Samsung (Physical Home?) are doing imo. Design wise, it’s the same as the Nexus 5. Do you know there’s a big black “bar” under the keys there too? But nobody goes on and on about that right?

  • greyhulk

    Doesn’t pretty much everyone already have one by now anyway? Some guy on Ebay, some random kid, etc. I mean, they obviously have plenty of stock, so all we’re waiting for is official channels to buy them.

  • paul_cus

    HTC definitely needs to get the jump on Samsung.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Herpes To Customers

  • Would be great if they made the GPE version available at the same time, as well.

    • htowngtr

      Not for $650

      • Cael

        Google needs to make payment plans.

        • The Narrator

          Lol with the way their store works, that wouldn’t work, at all.

          • ButThatsJustMe

            They already have subscriptions, a payment plan is just a monthly subscription until you pay for the device.

        • joseph barrientos

          thats what they want to avoid I think. feeling trapped in a phone payment is the last thing google wants to push to its buyers of GPE.

          • Cael

            I’m not saying force it as the only way to get the phone. It’s a viable option for people who would like to buy a device from them but can’t afford the full price all at once. They have Google Wallet, they can come up with something.

        • LionStone

          Get a credit card?

          • Cael

            The same thing as a payment plan pretty much…except with interest.
            There’s nothing wrong with Google offering this >_> Motorola does it and HTC does it. Anybody bad mouthing that?

      • KingofPing

        For any cost.

        So long as we were able to get the ROM from it on our “non-GPe” editions…who cares what it costs? (Running GPe ROM on T-Mobile HTC One)

        • htowngtr

          Disagree. I think $650 for this vs $350 for a Nexus 5 is insanity. Sure it’s not the same “design” and such, but the whole purpose of the HTC implementation is the software layer and Zoe camera.

          • KingofPing

            I have a Nexus 5 and an HTC One. I’m using the HTC One and I gave my son the n5. I’ll likely buy an M8 on release-day. It’s not just the software implementation (I never used Zoe). It’s not insanity – It’s the hardware, the design, the look and feel, and a million other things both subjective and otherwise.

            It may not be *your* cup of tea, but judging by the number of GPe ROMs out there, I’m far from alone.

          • htowngtr

            I bought the HTC One Developer phone the first day it was available and owned it till October when I sold it in anticipation of the N5. I liked the One a lot, but I like stock google significantly more plus the price point difference. HTC’s iteration won’t have constant updates on-time like Google.

          • KingofPing

            I like the One and the Stock Google experience, as well. I kept both. 🙂

            As for updates, the GPe version of the HTC One damn near beat most other Nexus devices for speed of updates after the n5 was released.

            (My son loves his n5. The only complaint he’s had has been the speaker. Turns out one of the grills is Mic and the only one for the speaker gets covered by his hand while playing some games)

          • greyhulk

            CONSTANT updates? As in the 1-2/year you get from Google (one of which is bug fixes)? And who keeps their smartphone longer than 1-2 years anymore?

            The “swift update” argument is hardly relevant anymore. You get a lot more features from the manufacturer skins than you do from any update to stock android. I don’t understand the obsession with wanting to put stock Android on everything. Sure, stock android is nice and it’s fast, but it also has the worst camera experience (with no really good app replacements) and it’s pretty boring when you install it on literally every device you have. HTC’s camera software alone is worth having Sense, never mind their enhancements to contacts and the gallery.

          • BMC123

            completely agree.

    • The Narrator

      $600+, no thanks

  • Shadowstare

    After all these leaks, it better be.

  • J Davis

    Get em’ while they’re hot..

  • AbbyZFresh

    Sounds to me the new innovation will be the type of hype and marketing rather than specs from now on.

  • Gato Mafioso

    Pretty darn good of HTC if true. However, I never get devices right after they launch. I always give it at least a month in case any hardware issues arise and OEMs are able to fine tune the manufacturing process.

  • Logan Jinks

    I’m sure the HTC event will probably go something like this.

    “Here it is!” drops mic and walks away.

    • Cael

      “You’ve already seen it leak multiple times. The only new thing we have to say is…Here it is!” drops mic and walks away.
      I fixed it for you 🙂

      • LionStone

        Uh, no…

    • KingofPing

      You laugh, but it would be funny as hell and would probably be replayed a billion times online and on news shows. It would certainly be better marketing than they’ve had lately… (that last bit wasn’t sarcasm…)

    • The Narrator

      Hopefully they’ll speaker better English than Samsung

      • KingofPing

        “Hopefully they’ll speaker…”


        You did that on purpose, didn’t you. :p Nice.

        • The Narrator

          That’s embarrassing lol

      • FYLegend21

        not if Peter Chou does it…

      • PG Man

        The phone speaks to me already!

    • CHRIS42060

      They will probably just show the excellent review video by that kid that got leaked a few weeks ago, but with their voices over top describing the features.

      • flosserelli

        Maybe HTC will have that kid come on stage and do a real presentation. He’ll start by saying “We did it for the lulz…”

        • michael arazan

          while playing soldierboi

      • PG Man


    • greyhulk

      I think it would be hilarious if they dropped a totally different phone on us. The way leaks are anymore, if I was in charge of releasing a new smartphone, I’d “leak” a totally false device (prototype and everything), then announce something else entirely when the time came. Maybe I’d even hire M. Night Shyamalan to do the announcement. Sure, the “secret” actual device could leak, too, but that would still really keep people on their toes, especially if most of the leaks pointed to the fake device.

      • Jeff McLean

        I’ve thought about this…. Leak like 10 different variants. Then during announcement people are like WTF?!?! Oooo ahhhhh wowowowow?!?!?

      • PG Man

        I was thinking the same thing!

      • michael arazan

        How about HTC cut out the middlemen Carrier prices and sell the phone themselves for $450 off their website, bank

    • joseph barrientos

      anything less than this will be a disappointment!

    • flosserelli

      Michael Bay would be perfect for the job.

      • greyhulk

        And all you’d have to do is break is teleprompter.

        • michael arazan

          They can just load the script on the phone, but he’ll probably forget his reading glasses

  • I really hope this happens in the U.S. market as well!

    • Getting some word in that Verizon could have landed the exclusive on the launch day. Looking for confirmation. 🙂

      • Mike

        I thought Verizon was already selling them on ebay….

      • jnt

        I guess they needed to “test” the popularity of the One last year before deciding it was worth the effort? Assuming your info ends up being true…

  • Ben Murphy

    If carriers don’t start selling it before…

    • glimmerman76

      I said this a month ago HTC would beat samsung to market. There have been to many leaks with retail packaging

      • LionStone

        Nice… I didn’t say anything while everyone was capping on HTC saying they can’t do anything right, blah, blah, blah… love it!