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Specs Leak for Google’s Upcoming LG-made Smartwatch

It’s an exciting year for wearables, as Google will finally release its vision for smartwatches. It was reported last month that Google would release a smartwatch SDK here in March, and even Google’s own Sundar Pichai confirmed the company’s plans, stating that the SDK would be coming in the next two weeks. 

Today, specs have reportedly leaked for an upcoming LG-made smartwatch from Google, with specs that won’t blow you away, but should be just fine for Google’s first rendition of smartwatch.

According to evleaks, the watch will feature a 1.65″ IPS LCD display, with a resolution 280 x 280. The watch will have 512MB of RAM, come with 4GB of internal storage, and that the device’s processor is still to be determined by Google and LG.

It’s mid-March now, which means we might only have a couple of months left until we see what Google has been working on, as the initial report suggested that the release of the device would happen at Google I/O in June.

Excited yet?

Via: @evleaks
  • ckeegan

    I want it to work like a Nest thermostat on my wrist, except with obviously more functionality.

  • Erik Grudzien

    Wont work. No smart watch will truly be functional until they use ePaper / eInk color displays like the Qualcom Toq watch. This is why Pebble took off, its B&W eInk gives it 1-2 week battery life (confirmed, I was a day 1 backer on Kickstarter). I almost want a Qualcom Toq but no dev support means it wont be that good.

  • Rodeojones000

    Very much interested. I want a smart watch, but none that have been released as of yet have been worth buying.

  • Alica788

    Thanks for this nice post.I hope every people learn important things here.I wish best of luck and please carry on your great effort.

  • Prox

    hope they add a heart rate sensor

  • Sirx

    Nope 🙂 It’ll look like every other smartwatch currently decaying in the market, have no additional or unique capability, and fail to elicit even a “Meh” of indifference from the masses. Google is no better than everyone else, in such a hurry to rush to market they refuse to actually take time to design something genuinely exciting (evidenced by all these “leaks” for a device that may not even exist yet). Whatever prototype will be rushed through production in time to appear at I/O or some other arbitrary deadline rather than when the damned thing is ready to actually go to market. And the beat will go on until Apple (hopefully) produces something that shows that they spent more than “Ooh, me next!”-minutes working on it.

    And I thought to myself: “Am I being too harsh? I mean Google produces really nice products off the bat, right?” Then I remember the story of what Android (and its first phone) looked like before the introduction of the iPhone. And then I go: “Naahhh.” #tiredofseeingthesestoriesthatonlytellmewhatI’llbedisappointedinnext

    • NexusMan

      And Debbie Downer has spoken.

    • Swifty

      Freaking Negative Nelly. Have a little faith will you?

  • Well, 240 ppi for a smartwatch is even high… And I’m happy this is a square screen so it’s not just one of these activity tracking bands we’re seeing these days. I’d rather have Pebble’s and Qualcomm Toq’s vision of what a smartwatch should be than these fitness things…

  • Denvertoad

    For me it’s simple: Useful Function, Price, Specs. In that order. Only problem I have is defining useful functions. To sell me a smartwatch it needs to fulfill a need. Given how well smartphones function I don’t need concurrent functions. I don’t need a smartwatch.

    • NexusMan

      That’s the case with any product. Some people don’t need regular watches, some people don’t need mobile phones, some people don’t need tablets. All of these things are luxury items or accessories, not necessities for many. I, for the longest time had no use for a tablet, until 2012, I found myself having use cases for them, so in late 2012 I finally got one. I also look forward to getting a smartwatch. I like stylish watches, as accessories, I like technology, I like Android, and I like the idea of interacting with notifications without having to pull out and stare at my phone each and every time, especially as I am often times in situations where I can not constantly pull out my phone. Any additional functionality, for me, will be icing on the cake. But I totally get that not everyone has the same situation as me, and for you or them, there’s no interest.

  • MH

    And I just bought a Pebble Steel. I hope it’s fugly so I dont have to spend more money.

    • NexusMan

      LOL. I hope not! Have you received the Pebble Steel yet? I’m curious how you feel about it in person. I planned on getting both, but didn’t jump on the Pebble yet, due to them dragging their feet with their Android app. They’ve taken so long, that its very likely I won’t get the Steel anymore.

  • Tony Byatt

    I’m shocked there’s a smartwatch article after last night’s show…

    Oh yeah, Tim wasn’t on…


  • Roubaix

    Still love my MOTOACTV!!! Would love something like that in a band style though.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Just make sure it isn’t bulky and ugly

  • XxPixX

    Listen google, try and get right what samsung didn’t (meaning do it from scratch): We want it to show notifications, emails, alarm clocks, timer, clock etc. – keep it simple. Otherwise I will one day get a Pebble 😉

    • NexusMan

      So, a Samsung Gear Fit?

  • evilfatcow

    Was expecting the watch to come out way later after they announced that they’re releasing the SDK AND was thinking about getting the Qualcomm Toq. Heard the mirasol display on it was crazy good. I don’t need to talk to my watch, something like the Toq is perfect. Notifications that I can read, music controls, pedometer, always on display that lasts up to a week. The only thing holding me back is what Googles going to do! But I guess I only have to wait a few more months!

  • Screen concerns me. Part of what I love about my Pebble is the constant visibility. Not sure I’ll be willing to switch to something that doesn’t have that.

  • A.J.

    I bought the original Sony Smartwatch recently from NewEgg for $65 and I was pleasantly suprised. It’s a little limited (which is to be expected given the price), but good for the price. Having a G2, I would be interested in this as long as it’s not $250-$300 like the rest of the smartwatches that are out there right now.

  • mechapathy

    Nexus 1.65!

    • They usually round the numbers like in Nexus 10 and Nexus 4, so I guess we’re back at Nexus One again?

      • jimt

        Closer to Nexus 2

        • Nexus 4 was closer to 5 at 4.7 inches

          • Justin W

            Google knows not how to round.

  • TSY87

    I’m starting to lose hope in a new nexus 10….

  • Intellectua1

    This is really the only smart watch that has caught my eye. Unfortunately I have a feeling it’ll be another 3 years before we see something this beautiful hit the smart watch arena.. Oh I love the Razor Nabu too but this baby more..

    • litobirdy

      agreed, GOogle’s watch is most likely going to be the typical square/rectangular stuff

    • Skrewee Lewee

      That watch makes me happy.

    • Raven

      I will take 1 in titanium gray with a metal band please.

    • Rob

      It looks great, but too bad it’s just a render and not a real device. Yet.

    • Nicholas Alexander

      Hey Google… make this damn watch!

    • The Narrator

      Have fun paying $400+.

      • Raven

        Gladly, I am already wearing a Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium that costs somewhere around $300 and does nothing but tell the time and date (and looks nice). I would gladly buy a $400 smartwatch that looks as nice (and has decent battery life).

      • Rodeojones000

        Not a problem. Some of us are OK with paying a premium for a quality device.

        • The Narrator

          I didn’t say it wasn’t a quality device. I guess i have better things to spend my money on.

      • Nexoduss

        Have fun being an arrogant douchebag your whole life.

        • The Narrator

          That doesn’t make sense. But okay.

    • Nikuliai

      I would buy this but the problem is that it’s not functional (at least in the concept)

      yeah it looks amazing, yeah it has great integration with the phone and makes everyday use a lot easier, but the round screen, the pixel density and the battery size on the device would make it a no deal (need to develop a new way to show the screen, you need a lot of hardware to power up that pixel density and a battery that size won’t hold that much), right now the only real option to me is the pebble steel (functional, good phone integration and actually wearable) but I don’t really think this is the year to buy it, I think 2015 or 2016 will be the year of FUNCTIONAL smartwatches, right now is too much noise and almost nothing that fits the description WEARABLE, for cool designs I think we’ll wait a loooong time (hope I’m wrong tho)

      I love the concept and I really hope the OEMs go into that direction, but I highly doubt it’s on the next years since it requires too much of investment for a product that didn’t really sell that well, when we get to the top on the smartphone arena (2 years imo) we’ll see real interest from OEMs, right now it’s just the backup plan to get some extra income, and let’s face it, most smartwatches are designed by 5 year olds

      Either way I will look forward to Google’s and Motorola’s approach of smartwatches, since right now I’m kinda horny for a Pebble Steel but I know they may release something interesting soon so I should probably wait 6 months

    • 213ninja

      just as we are seeing smart watches get dressier (pebble steel) i think we might start to see watch makers try to incorporate smart features into their watches. i’m not sure how easy or cost effective it will be, but it seems like there is an appetite for it. i’d rather have a regular watch with a few smart features than what is coming to market today as a true fully featured smart watch, which basically looks like a computer on your wrist at this point…. (i’m a galaxy gear owner and a watch aficionado). i think it’d be awesome to have a TAG with a little OLED or something that scrolled my texts and calendar reminders….

      • michael arazan

        But once Visual devises like Google Glass come out and are Toned down to not be so obvious, why would anyone need a watch then?

    • NexusMan

      Judging by the upvotes, I’m sure I’m in the minority on this, on this site, but I actually prefer the more futuristic watches. I love technology, and I feel like technology should look like technology. It’s all a matter of taste, I am not into skeuomorphism. I don’t like what Apple has long done with those design cues, and I won’t like it here either. I’m not really into the “let’s pretend this is old fashioned,” approach to design. If I want a watch that looks like that, I’ll buy a “real,” watch that looks like that. I’d like to own both. A regular stylish watch, such as the one pictured here, as well as a high tech, stylish, smartwatch that looks sleek and future forward.

  • BK

    It seems to me specs mean almost nothing at this point. Design, battery life, overall ease of use, connectivity, and features – that is where a Nexus smartwatch will live or die.

    • The Narrator

      Yeah, I’m not looking to play Crysis on my smart watch

      • stevie tomatoes

        hopefully someone will port Doom, though.

        • The Narrator

          I’d pay for that.

          • Kevin

            I’d tap that… With my credit card.

        • mustbepbs

          Considering they ported Doom to a frickin TI-83, you better believe it’ll be coming to watches.

      • The Narrator

        Sweet dated reference bro

        • The Narrator

          Obvious troll is obvious.

    • NexusMan

      Aren’t all of those things DIRECTLY related to specs?

  • J Davis

    I’m not convinced on the specs alone. If it looks like a watch with “smartwatch” functions and can last more than a day I’m in.

  • Seems like Google is staying with LG for all their devices these days, not that I’m complaining though, I like what they’ve been producing.

    • hkklife

      They can do it cheaper than anyone else while still maintaining an eye on quality. Lenovo can turn out some real turns on their mainstream and budget devices and Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Moto all likely command higher prices and/or couldn’t meet Google’s requirements.

    • vitriolix

      Yeah, they seem to deliver good quality at low cost (and I assume lower Drama than working with Samsung). Makes sense.

      • The Narrator

        After The Galaxy Nexus with Verizon and Samsung at fault, they probably want to stay away. Except for the Nexus 10.

    • kyle

      Nexus 7 2013 is a pretty amazing device that Asus clearly spent a lot of time on.. I think Google forced them to up the ante.. I don’t feel like we’ve seen that with LG yet. Good but not at the level of the new asus nexus 7.

  • Garrett Sechelski

    I’ve been waiting on Google to release their smartwatch. Gear 2 just isn’t doing it for me, and I’m not sold on the Pebble without a touchscreen. If Google & LG nail this, I’ll buy it.

  • markgbe

    ill take it

  • nicholas cusmina

    worried about the design though, its either gonna be super minimal looking, which is cool or it will look like a samsung mess of a product…

    • vitriolix

      Google has been nailing it in their design department for a few years now, I think its likely to be very modern and minimal. Take the Chromebook Pixel as an example of how good their in house design can be.

      • nicholas cusmina

        I fully agree with you, I’m big on product design. Most manufactures get lost in the spec war, they don’t understand design is what makes a product, specs are part of the design not the whole reason to buy a phone.

  • nicholas cusmina

    GIve me