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“All New HTC One” for T-Mobile Makes a New Video Appearance, Compared to One Max Too

Samsung managed to keep the Galaxy S5 out of public view until the press got a hold of the 2014 flagship and mistakenly outed it less than 24 hours before its official unveiling. HTC on the other hand, still hasn’t officially announced the “All New HTC One” (One 2014), yet we have seen the device in a 12-minute video and more images than we even know what to do with at this point. HTC sucks at controlling leaks.

In today’s set of leaks, we not only get a new video of the phone in action, but also in a series of photos that shows off its exterior trimmings and how it compares in size to the HTC One Max. 

The video is quick, but we do get to see both the SIM and microSD slots. The leaker also takes us into Settings where we can see the phone’s codename of “M8” and a mention of Sense 6.0. And last, this is a T-Mobile model with plenty of bloat. If there are already carrier versions floating around in what appear to be random rep’s hands, that has us wondering if HTC will launch this phone immediately after announcing it?

In the photos (below the video), you can see the size comparison of the new One to the One Max. There isn’t much to take from the photos other than size, well, except for the fact that the USB port on the bottom isn’t centered like we were all hoping. It’s off-centered, right next to the headphone jack. OCD readers, have fun with that

HTC-One-2014-CM002 HTC-One-2014-CM005 HTC-One-2014-CM007 HTC-One-2014-CM006

HTC-One-2014-CM0013 HTC-One-2014-CM0012 HTC-One-2014-CM0011 HTC-One-2014-CM0010

Via:  Nowhereelse.fr
  • kelly1519

    T-Mobile added
    nearly 4.5 million subscribers to its network last year and 1.6 million in
    the last quarter alone after years of losing out to its three larger
    competitors http://bit.ly/1hJ9j2t

  • rotard777

    if you guys didnt miss HTCs facebook post after the s5 launch they posted this.
    stating we could see it, hear it, feel it- basically implying that we can purchase and have it on the 25th?

  • Alec

    OK, did he just call the device “Mate” as opposed to M8? Only the highes echelon of human beings can get a hold of these phones…

  • Ray

    For some reason chrome on my phone won’t play the sound for embedded video?

    • LionStone

      Is your Bluetooth on?

      • Ray

        Yep but it’s connected to my galaxy gear which isn’t a media device

        • Tim242

          There’s your problem.

        • LionStone

          That’s all I got then, check your Bluetooth settings and try with it off, if that isn’t it then something else…

  • Chris

    is this the first CLEAR shot of the phone?

  • tylerc23

    Anyone else confused on why the on screen buttons are clear in the home screen but when you go into like the app drawer or Music, the background turns to black? I thought Kit Kat was clear just about all the time? It makes the screen look even smaller

  • Guy Pierce

    Whether it’s for T-Mobile, Verizon etc… It still looks like crap!

  • Milind Shah
    • flosserelli

      He says the camera is “still a 4 ultra pixel”…as in 4 MP?? Seriously? *smh*

      • Gigan

        Don’t be sad, it isn’t like android is ios and you only have 1 option a year.

        • flosserelli

          Aye, but this may be HTCs last option.

          • Gigan

            Yeah well I have no remorse for those who sink their own ship.

          • Chris

            keep dreaming

          • Tim242

            They are dead.

  • Kieron Quinn

    Got a pre-release phone, QUICK, BREAK OUT THE BAD CAMERA (I’m guessing it’s an iPod?)

    • Don’t forget to TURN OFF ALL OF TEH LIGHTZ!


    It’s amazing that the people that are getting their hands on these before release are people who seem to have no idea about phones (noobs), like he calls it the ONE MATE Lol. It would be nice to see someone show us the details we don’t already know and the real changes from the original.

  • Daniel

    Ugh, am I the only one who hates having the USB port on the bottom, meaning I can’t plug it in in my car and then sit it down on my console upright showing directions the way I have with multiple phones with the charging port on the sides? :-

    • nope

      No, you’re not. I also hate having the headphone jack on the opposite side. Can’t put my phone in the cupholder unless I lay it sideways…

      • KingofPing

        Cup-holders are for cups. 🙂

        • rawr

          Muffins fit too

    • Get a GTR NISMO

      A lot of States are banning the use of the cellphone for anything other than hands free calling anyway. Get yourself a car circa 2000+ with navigation.

      • Chris

        or just a dock…. no need to spend a ton of money…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s definitely not a real issue there… Get a car dock.

    • KingofPing

      I like it better this way…all of the cabling is coming out of the same side since it seems they moved the headphone jack to the bottom now as well (ala Galaxy Nexus).

      Definite improvement, IMO.

    • Chris

      1. buy a car dock.
      2. your eyes need to be FOCUSED on the road, not your phone

  • bogy25

    Dude needs to turn on a light! I mean if you are going to do a video like this make it presentable at least – sheeesh!

  • Eric

    Off-centered usb port. Different sized/unaligned speaker grills. It’s an OCD nightmare!

    • A Game of Throws

      Seems like HTC actually wants to go bankrupt so Sony or LG can buy them.

    • KingofPing

      Thankfully, the majority of the planet’s population can function just peachy with things being off-center and not exactly aligned.

      tip: Folks complaining about this should probably try and avoid art museums and the like. Could have serious negative consequences… 🙂

      • Oh yeah, it is SYMMETRY

        You do know what the perception of beauty in humans relies on right?

        Is it asymmetry?

        No… That can’t be it…

        • KingofPing

          Abstract, my man. Abstract. Look. it. up.

          *dons sunglasses*


          • but thanks though

            If someone was walking around looking like La Femme au pot de moutarde people wouldn’t go “yeah that is something I want to see everyday”. Now the Vitruvian Man? Yeah I’d put that in my pocket.

          • KingofPing

            Plain and simply put:

            You are incorrect if *anyone* likes the design of the HTC One. By this very conversation, you are proven wrong in your overly broad generalization.

            …but keep on posting as a guest account how much you know that the infinite subjectivity of human perception is actually finite and that *you* know the one and true definition of beauty.

            At the very least, it’s mildly entertaining.

        • malcmilli

          yeah… and people call ferrari’s and lamborghini’s ugly because the gas cap isnt located in the middle of the car.

    • Cael

      yeah they might as well have put the usb port in the middle… its like right there!

  • T4rd

    I’m betting that SD card slot disappears for the US carrier variants. Would be awesome if it doesn’t though.

    • Frisi

      Well, if you want an SD card slot, get the T-Mobile version then. Apparently that one has it….

      • T4rd

        Not sure this is the (US) T-Mobile version though since it says China Mobile on the back of the phone.

      • Chris

        i’m pretty sure all of them have it….

    • The Narrator

      T Mobile is …USA?

      • T4rd

        Yeah, missed that part, hah. Maybe a special pre-release version then..? It says China Mobile..

        • The Narrator

          Yeah. Wait a minute, it has T Mobile bloat but branded differently

          And i just read T mobile serves a few countries, oops

  • paul_cus

    Most leaked phone ever.

    • My guess is because HTC plans on launching this phone as soon as it is announced. Would explain why it seems so many people already have it. The fact that this is a T-Mo version with preinstalled T-Mo software helps that theory.

      • The Narrator

        That buyers remorse and HTC Advantage. They are on a roll

        • With what appears to be the addition of the same 4MP UltraPixel camera (based on what leakers have stated), I don’t know if I’d label it as a “roll.”

          • The Narrator

            In terms of marketing. But specs wise, pls dont be 4mp 🙁

          • Their marketing appears to be okay, at least on social media. Would still like to see a better TV presence.

          • Simpsons Did It

            From the fedora wearing community – “EDIT 1: Our rep didn’t provide us with any internal specs, other than
            that the main camera is still a 4 ultra pixel. The phone didn’t have
            any slowdown and felt fast while I was using it”

            Keep on hating the S5 The_Narrator, at least those tiny improvements are improvements.

          • The Narrator

            The S5 is still plastic and bloated. No thanks.

          • M3D1T8R

            32GB on board.

          • MichaelFranz

            Thats a let down if that is the case. I’m sure more people where hoping for a 6-8 ultrapixel range. Unless its a 4UP accompanied by the 2UP secondary camera….ayi yi yi

          • flosserelli

            More like a “troll”.

          • LionStone

            If the camera turns out to have some cool sh*t (optical zoom/refocus) then quick release after announcement, SD card and fat battery, they could be on a serious roll! Key word…”could”…

      • LionStone

        Yea! One week after announcement like the DNA would be nice!

    • Robert Boluyt

      Hey now, at least they didn’t lose an m8 in a bar.

  • Bionicman

    with all these videos, its crazy how nobody can show the camera features and why the heck there are 2 camera lens’s on this bad boy.

    • jnt

      $100 says that guy didn’t even know there were dual cameras…

      • morteum

        I don’t see why you would think that.

        • jnt

          It was definitely a generalization, and maybe a bit hyperbole – but he sounds like he’s spouting off info told to him by someone else.

          • morteum

            That’s a good point.

    • bogy25

      I couldn’t agree more – show us some stuff!! Camera – internet – apps – pull downs – whatever…. what is wrong with these guys?

      • Robert Boluyt

        Um, Non-Disclosure Agreements.

        • Bionicman

          doesn’t the NDA say you can’t show anything? i mean, you might as well spill the rest of the beans because everything else has been shown. I’m also willing to believe that the software isn’t ready yet. it just seems like they don’t even try.

    • The Narrator

      As shown in the previous video. Pre release software doesn’t seem to be working

    • Cameron Laudick

      does anyone have any idea what it could do? even a guess?

      • tylerc23

        After you take a picture, you will be able to adjust the zoom while still maintaining the high quality.

        • no.

          This makes zero sense. How would having two cameras accomplish this?

          • michael arazan

            2 cameras is needed for 3D video capture, but it’s going to need a ton of software to make it look right, more than what the phone probably holds.

      • My guess is two cameras, one a low-resolution “ultra pixel” camera for low light shots, and the other a high-resolution camera for daytime shots. The phone recognizes the lighting conditions and then picks the best camera for the job.

  • Alec

    Maybe Kellen could actually be right when he said there would be six reviews out before the phone was officially unveiled.

  • Gue2

    It’s like a minute long and he still manages to flash IMEI…